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  1. I've got one,not sure what there worth
  2. Anyone been shooting branchers yet
  3. Just had FO on phone,about my SGC AND FAC RENEWAL, after a few questions she said my cents would be posted to me,she also said that if I go shooting at this time,(lockdown)for the protection of crops and live stock, could I make sure that I continue with social distance, so therefore I for one are now looking forward to being able to go out shooting, (straight from the horses mouth)as the saying goes, so branchers beware, so once again I have to say, WELL DONE NEWCASTLE FIRE ARMS DEPT,
  4. That's what we said last year
  5. Just had a call from one of the farms I shoot,farmer has asked me to stay away, until further notice, gutted as there are thousands of corvids already nesting, look like another year not shooting branchers, hope other farms don't react the same way
  6. Not bothered how it's done,just as long as I get it in time for branchers,I have been to 2farms,and there is thousands of blacks,all nesting,so looks like a number year
  7. Well my visit is 16th April,FEO just phone the other day ,and booked appointment
  8. ladyjack


    went to a couple of farms today,looking forward to branches,birds are all building nests,and there are thousands of them, also had my feo on phone today,to give me date of my visit,for renewal, thank goodness Northumberland police have not followed other forces,in asking for doctors letter, well done
  9. I have just received phone call from feo,he gave me my visit date,Northumberland police must not be asking for letter from doctor, as he never mentioned this
  10. Take it from someone who knows, your cautions from your teens,will not be spent,they will show up when they do there checks, as for anti depressants, they are used for many different things,if your doctor explains why you take these,then there should be no problem, ATB.
  11. I put my renewal in about 6 weeks ago,haven't heard back yet,I handed my paper work to FEOand she checked and photo copied everything for me,she never mentioned anything about a doctor's letter.
  12. I've got one not sure what its worth
  13. ladyjack

    CZ 452. 22lr

    Like I said, seems cheap, was thinking of selling my set up, but could not let it go for that sort of money
  14. ladyjack

    CZ 452. 22lr

    £150,christ that seems cheap, I paid £500for my set up
  15. Thanks oldun ,I was shooting crow Jay magpie jackdaw feral pigeons, and wood pidgeon, rooks, GL34/GL36, thanks Dave
  16. So if you don't need to renew, or apply, so do they automatically send them to everyone who held these lisences, last year, which end 29th of Feb, or do we just carry on shooting
  17. Pidgeon, crow,Jay jackdaw magpie, rabbit, basically all vermin crop protection, and livestock protection
  18. Can anyone point me in the right direction, for renewing my GL,for vermin,as they finish 29th of Feb 2019,thanks dave
  19. Can you use these over ,normal glasses
  20. There's one on freeads, I've just had email from them
  21. ladyjack

    Bipod and mag

    Hi strimmer,just seen this,I've got 3 mags,so don't need any more, thanks for letting me know, finally got rifle sorted,Mansfield guns paid for it to have all seals renewed, now shooting spot on, really pleased with it, had some cracking shots out to 120 yards, also rang feo,and gave him new farm details, he emailed me back about an hour later, and said everything sorted, I can now go ahead and shoot new farm,with FAC,so things now looking good.
  22. Go for obsilete calibre, muzzle loaders, can't go wrong, they look stunning ,in the right place Living room wall
  23. Spoke to farmer no problem putting my fa on his land,so will fo on Monday as they dont work weekend
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