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  1. Any road up it was a great day. Lots of folk there I think the stalls did pretty well and the sun shone. I did get to whang s box of black powder down range just to keep everyone awake. Until the cold got to my fingers.
  2. Not too bad here. But gusty in the night and a sprinkle of snow this morning turning to drizzle. Just plain nasty. You Northern guys have my sympathy. I hate wins.
  3. If it all goes belly up. My attempt did! . Buy some "pick and pluck foam" off the bay. Very easy to use.
  4. I do apologies sir yes I have a quick temper, comes with being old and the present world. If I have offended you I am sorry I will get out the Hazel twigs.😃
  5. Lovely. I used to do this. Shame is folk expect you to just give them away.
  6. OK I am old and thick. You have lost me completely. Or are you just trying to be clever?
  7. Yep I have a beaut vintage and oiled leather will PM.
  8. Heads up for this event this Sun 28th. Should be a good day out. 10am to 4pm.
  9. Yep same problem, cured by finishing with a roll crimp spinner.
  10. I think the ageing bit is genetic. I am 85 and medium build, I shoot a 12g gun that weighs in at around seven pounds. I only shoot clays and I do not feel recoil with any cartridge I shoot at 28 gram. I usually shoot the cheapest on offer. As for exercise, if I feel the need for it I go and lie down till it goes off.
  11. MORA carbon. None cheaper good edge and you wont cry when you lose it.. Other than that one of the OPINEL range. None sharper.
  12. DUNKS


    If you fettle the trigger you can get it almost to match standard. There is info online "how to" Lovely guns.
  13. I agree but if so why has the fault followed the shape of the top barrel. Be very interesting to see the outcome of this one.
  14. With a bit of luck and a following wind my son and I will be there Sunday. We go about 2pm now. We dont shoot competition. We just have a bit of fun Last Sunday was hammerguns and black powder. Lots of smoke and flame and frightened clays. I am the old fella in a black hat! Be nice to see you there.
  15. Hi are the 12g Gamebore please?
  16. Ours is hopeless. Automated voice on phone still says "if you are sick for goodness dont come here. Try 999. 111, or get yourself off to A&E..
  17. FIFTY POUNDS? That's almost enough to blow up the government!
  18. DUNKS


    Great. Nice to see the proposed titles. Can I start off with a cheerful one? Just collected my X type diesel from a full service at local garage, I supplied the oil! No problems found and only £85. Joy.
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