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Picked up a couple of duck breasts on sale today, I thought I’d have a go at air drying them.  They’re not massive so the whole-hole process shouldn’t take very long.  I’ve made a basic dry cure of salt, Prague powder, juniper and garlic.  They’ll sit in the fridge for a few days then I’ll rinse them off and hang them to air dry - hopefully.



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1 hour ago, Pangolin said:

Are they up and drying?

They’re still in the fridge mate.  I think I’ll give them another day or two before hanging them in the shed erm curing chamber.

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I’ve let these breasts dry out a little more than I would have liked - completely lost track of time. But, they are absolutely delicious, like rich prosciutto with a sweet aftertaste of duck fat.  Definitely worth a try as they are incredibly easy to do.



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14 hours ago, 243deer said:

Looks lovely, gonna have to give those a go

It’s really easy mate, if you need any pointers with the cure drop me a message and I’d be happy to help.  Although, from your amazing bacon thread, I suspect you’ve got that sussed.

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