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  1. the classic example of the point motty has just made is the farmer saying his new drilling is grey with hundreds of birds when in reality there are 20
  2. I wonder if they will all have themselves neutered so they do not contribute to the world population burden
  3. Fact, in my case hugely better. I went from a very poorly fitting sbs which was all I could afford when I purchased it which was not checked for fit by the gun shop to a Miroku sbs which John Forsey did take the trouble to check mount and approximate fit out of a selection of around 6 possibles. Added 20% to my clay score overnight. If you have a gun that nearly fits and you shoot in the 90's then even a 1% improvement is going to be significant. One difficulty we have in the UK is the weather and so the different clothing we wear affects gun mount, possibly enough to make the gun f
  4. Retaliation for bullying by an ex friend could be a cause, or he only meant to scare him for a prank and is a carp shot. A sad event for which a lot of responsibility will be attributed to the gun owner rather than the 15 year old - although most of us on here, I suspect, were handling firearms at age 15 responsibly but those were different times with different laws. We had a knifing at our school. A lad was stabbed in the leg by a bonehead with a bowie style hunting knife, no warning and definitely no provocation involved. The bonehead showed all the symptoms of being a psychopath s
  5. We lost our freezer a while back - I was gutted to lose a lot of venison and pre-made meals - now going to create some space and get a second freezer. So having grassed a young, not particularly good cull buck a coupIe of weeks ago I decided to mince most of the meat (sacrilege to mince some cuts which were left out). I had some time off this week so yesterday I started off on day 1 with lasagnas 9 x 600ml containers with lids For the ragout 1 1/2 lb of onions 6 cloves of garlic 4lb venison mince 3 tins of chopped tomatoes 1/3 tube tomato puree
  6. 243deer

    Hands Up

    Hopefully the Royal mail will do its bit and you will know by tomorrow
  7. You can make as many arguments as you like not to do something. If the will is there to do it then a way will be found.
  8. 243deer

    Hands Up

    Possibly worth a call to John Knibbs then
  9. Not the way it works Vince, in the docks - it is all minimum turn around time. Foot passengers walk across the docks to border control or are sometimes taken by bus, by the time the French knew they were there they would already be on French soil. They would not be illegal passengers, they are being returned from where they came. If proof is needed we can just say we tracked the boat all the way across the channel - which we probably can considering the radar capability on top of the cliffs but whether our government will admit this is a different question
  10. 243deer

    Hands Up

    Depends if it is the original screw or a replacement
  11. So they have survived crossing the channel and folk ask what should we do with them? I like the idea that if they have genuine papers then we can consider them. Forged or no papers? There is a ferry from Dover to Calais every 90 minutes - the solution is obvious - return them to Calais docks. If the french complain then simply shrug our shoulders and claim they stowed away on the ferry and there is nothing we can do. The French will understand this as it would be their type of solution.
  12. The chinese way is to marinade in beaten egg white
  13. I am not getting hysterical at all - but I am talking from personal experience having worked in a restaurant both in the kitchen and front of house. My experience was that the folk were not transient at all, in fact entirely the opposite. The business I worked in was there for several decades, in true Italian family style everyone was valued and supported. The pot washer was a man with a wife and 3 kids - yes he could have been easily replaced with someone cheaper but fortunately there are some folk in the world that do not mind £20 a week less in their pockets in order that another family doe
  14. that is a callous and uncaring statement - the original folk who lost their jobs might not be lucky enough to get one once the recession bites harder - if we stop caring for those that fight hard to keep a job and devalue their worth to the community rather than the lazy *^*&^*^* that just want a handout we should hang our heads in shame
  15. It is very rare to see such a callous and uncaring orwellian attitude in a post on PW. I am disappointed in you oowee I thought you were better than throwing folk under a bus. Clearly you do not work in the restaurant trade which provides work for many folk often at the lowest rates of pay working unsocial hours but at least their job will still allow them to live with some modicum of pride and self-respect. Not to mention all the related trades and suppliers and the folk that work for them.
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