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  1. start with the cheapest, making sure that sufficient stock is available if it turns out OK (I like to buy in batches of 100 once I have found a good one) then work your way up in price if needed - there are no short cuts - you have to put in the time, money and effort yourself to find the best for your barrel
  2. Sounds like I had the best evening - out for look around a new perm assessing Munty activity and impact
  3. I once commented to my Dr about homeless folk in Cambridge. His reply was a bit away from what I expected. He said that he used to be a GP in Cambridge and had dealt with the 'homeless' a lot. Apparently there are a great many empty hostel beds available in Cambridge every night. They are empty because you are not allowed drugs or alcohol inside. So it appears that sometimes homelessness is a personal choice.
  4. That is my bad - sorry folks - getting my lists mixed up - I hate getting old and slow - getting my head around stewardship is a bit of a mare. Glad you have some Turtle doves NB - a couple of years since I have seen one
  5. Best to put the all of the information rather than a snippet that might mislead Page 13 of GL36 u. Birds killed or taken under this licence may be eaten but, with the exception of the Woodpigeon (Columba palumbus), may not be sold for human consumption.
  6. I also took what you wrote in the right way - but then have seen a fair few of your posts so have the advantage over LB
  7. My House/contents renewal quote with NFU just went up by 50% - probably because the farmhouse over the road was done and they want to get their money back. After I informed them quite clearly that I would not be taking up their generous offer and to remove me completely from any further communication, their accounts department then proceeded to ignore all my rights under GDPR and try and email me with a bill. I USED to think that the NFU were pretty decent.
  8. Have not had a problem with fibre wads in an Armsan 610 - 30g 6's
  9. Just been contacted asking me to 'do the rabbits' again - this farm is on the Suffolk/Norfolk border - last time I culled was in 2016 so very similar experiences to everyone else I think. On my way to work this morning I saw a weasel chasing some young rabbits, something I have not seen for quite a while.
  10. Generalisations are very easy to make but I think every case has to be assessed individually. If two 14 year olds genuinely fall in love we (society) need to be pragmatic - I know of at least one case where they are now in their 60s, still together with some great kids - yet technically they both broke the law. I have also known two adult male teachers who preyed on young boys - shame we ever did away with crucifixion where they are concerned as the damage to normal life would have been lifelong. If a boy who has just turned 16 falls in love with a girl of 14 society is suddenly very hard on the sixteen year old boy who might be less mature than the girl. Now reverse it and the girl has just turned 16 and the boy is 14 - she is now a sexual predator? My line in the sand gets drawn at 18 when folk are deemed to be adults - it is at this age when I find far less reason not to chastise them for predating on an under 16 or ensuring that the person is genuinely 16 or over.
  11. We are still trying to fill the last 2 places on our small diy syndicate - no enquiries since the GL - so affecting shooting in general
  12. Try contacting https://www.thomasturner.com/ they should be able to give you info and value - they often advertise on the flyfishing forum
  13. Would a shell fuse not have a thread on it to screw it in?
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