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  1. That is a champion idea I had not thought of. I have a few roe I need to cull over the next few weeks so I will give that a go.
  2. due to very poor freeview reception where I live I use a Manhatten freesat 2 channel recorder. So if I am watching something recorded (almost invariably am so I can whizz past the ads) I can also record 2 channels at the same time. I get the full suite of programs as my dish points at a freesat satellite. Been going strong for nearly 8 years now.
  3. I am very fortunate to have one of my permissions just over my back fence so I am able to go stalking as I wish. I was a little late on parade this morning only getting out the door at about 7. The fog we have been suffering from recently had lifted a good deal and I had more than a field length in visibility which was a bonus. With a 3/4 bright moon last night I was not expecting anything much but needed to be outside and if I have learned anything about deer they are not predicable. So I set off for about 600 yards, wind was at my 10 o'clock so not ideal if it swirled as it wa
  4. the VFG rifle cleaning system has been around for a while now, same principle and also works well but expensive to run compared with patches
  5. they are only rumours and hearsay ...............
  6. 243deer

    PCP virgin

    That image is of a new style fill adaptor - your top picture is the original fill system s200 exploded diagrams here https://www.airgunspares.com/gunspares/airgun-spares/air-arms-air-rifle-models/s200.html
  7. John Forsey usually has a few in stock
  8. I presume you can gralloch a red from one of the gull wing doors if you prop it open with a bit of scaffold
  9. 243deer

    PCP virgin

    I still have my mk1 - you lucky man being given one you may have fixed it - crossed fingers you can slowly remove the cylinder from a mk1 with no detrimental effect - just make sure you are decocked first. now refill the cylinder - I would suggest no more than 180 bar (max recommended is 190) as I get the best 30 shots from 180 down after filling quickly pop the cylinder in a water butt or equivalent to see if you have any leaks. If air is leaking then you will have to make a choice between attempting to fix it yourself (trust me a 3ft lump of scaffold tube will be y
  10. up early to cross the field behind my place to get to the nearest wood. Cull a muntie, pop in the roesack and walk home for a well earned breakfast of fresh munty liver gently sauteed in butter along with a couple of fresh eggs from my chickens, finished with a few twists of freshly ground black pepper. Some food experiences you cannot buy, in even the best restaurant.
  11. 132676 uses of the word 'if' during the tv coverage of the election results so far and that is just on cnn. Unwatchable. I will tune in on Saturday to see the result
  12. one reasonably local clay club to me has batteries and promatic traps permantly up on scaffold. They are now charged using solar panels. They use 85 amp hour leisure batteries with each one needing a 30 watt solar panel to recharge the battery over the two weeks between uses. The trap would typically fire 250 clays on a shoot day. Batteries are kept on a pad of polystyrene in a plastic box to protect from frost. If you are not going to use solar then make sure you invest in a decent charger that is designed to input until full and then maintain.
  13. it is worth informing the police if several of you have to do pest control in a field where the occupents of some local houses are antis and ring the police every time you fire a shot. This is usually at harvest when culling rabbits concentrated into the middle of the field by the combine. Of course the occupents of the other houses usually come out and ask if they can have a rabbit or two.
  14. I have only ever built one, for koi, 10 cubic metres approx with a 2 ft shallow half which shelved down to a 7ft deep end. I lined it with sand and then old carpet to protect the liner (flints in the soil) and surrounded with paving slabs and floating anti heron grids, these need regular cleaning to keep them floating. In the bottom of the deep end I put in a 4 inch drain as a u tube which terminated in a decent valve a foot below the normal water level to the side of the pond. I used paving slabs as the walls of the chamber for the valve and a standard manhole cover . Underneath the valve was
  15. the debate on pet theft is on Monday
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