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  1. you are very nearly spot on, that is exactly where the traffic jam starts every weekend to get to the beach. A nightmare for locals and if you did not live locally add 4 hours to your working day to get there on time and for getting home
  2. minus 4 here overnight in the brecks, did not see the temp climb above 10 today. I do know of a field of beans going in next week, right next to a decent roost wood. Pigeons have still not started on the rape, still feeding on berries and spread out.
  3. it was probably purchased originally from a1 decoys as that is where most of his stuff seems to have come from
  4. Easiest way is to go on a paid stalk for a cull animal which is not expensive. There are one or two really good guides in Sussex. That is what I did when I started. We had 2 munties hung up next to each other, the guide did one step by step and I followed. What species do you have on your ground?
  5. clay shoot, syndicate shoot or any other type of club, it is always the few that do all the work, often without the thank you. Hats off to all those that are part of the few
  6. I checked on one out of my 2 feeders yesterday when out stalking, not yet touched this year. I did see 1 big buck nearby who's days are numbered. I will need waders to get anyehere near my other feeder as we have a new stream and marsh that will take a while to receed
  7. you know someone is good when they use the word 'just' about their work. Wish I was 'just' that good at anything.
  8. I spent most of my formative years on a 5 acre smallholding doing the good life thing before it came on the TV. With a dwindling market and therefore price for wool a goat becomes a more productive animal than a ewe for a smallholder. For some reason goat meat has never caught on in the UK although that is changing with different ethnicities arriving, maybe it is just historical as such vast fortunes were made in the 19th century from wool with the by product being lamb
  9. Owned a Freelander 1 TD4 for around 80000 miles commuting without a problem apart from a pita brake sensor. My Freelander had less ground clearance than RRs/Discos etc which was a bit of an issue on badly rutted tracks. I drive a farmers Freelander 2 and it is pretty good on slippery mud, all computer controlled you just press a mode button, it is a joy to tow with. Sold my F1 because an L200 truck came up at a price not to be missed. I concur about the roller covers leaking but they do go nicely over a plasterer's tub to cover up dead deer. Have sold my trailer as simply do not need it with
  10. I grew up eating goat on a regular basis, young is good but on the odd occasion we had older meat it was not so bad, better than no meat. I never minded goat's milk either. The tangy soft cheese that was made from the milk was a particular favourite. Useful animals in the UK, goats, especially for clearing overgrown areas, as we have them mostly fenced in. From what I have read the wild ones are not very welcome in NZ.
  11. If only they became financially independent at the same time!
  12. One set has sold but unfortunately I cannot change the listing at the moment due to a site technical issue. One set left
  13. This item has sold but unfortunately I cannot change the title at the moment due to a site technical issue. Apologies for the inconvenience opening this if you were hoping to purchase.
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