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  1. Whatever mix/recipe you make, fry a little up before you make your burgers or sausages just to check seasoning and texture
  2. A lot of shoots now have at least one person registered as having done the Lantra small and large game course via the NGO which gives you a hunter number allowing you to sell into the human food chain following inspection. It is no different to what we have always done, hanging game up to cool as soon as it is shot in braces, discarding game you would not eat yourself and ensuring it is cooled to 4 c or below at the end of the day and not allowed to warm up. If it is deer the only difference is cool to 7 c - but if you have a larder and set it to 4 then you are covered either way and the venison does not mind being cooler. It is such a load of ******** - I reckon pretty much everyone on here is perfectly capable through experience of handling and sorting game of all sorts. Possibly some have not done the deer but it does not take long to learn a few specifics and is not much different to rabbits.
  3. That does not quite fit with all the sea level and climate change predictions - it would seem that scientists may be at logger heads - anyway I am sure as long as they keep getting their grants they will continue to produce their 'peer reviewed' papers that are so oft quoted Doubling the population to 14 billion is around 100 years from now at current rates - that means your great grand kids will probably be alive - a sobering thought The human race will not be able to get to this figure and suddenly stop breeding which is why the change needs to start happening now. Economically it needs to be a slow reduction in increase and then a slow reduction in overall population. Anyway it does not matter a jot what I say as I have heard this spouting of the world being able to support all these people a lot from the younger generations and it is they who will make the future not me.
  4. well thats great, politicians can be seen to have 'done something' - I think most of us could write the Yes minister script
  5. The only way forward is to reduce human population, all other actions, including brexit or no brexit, will become irrelevant if we keep adding another billion every few years.
  6. I don't have a picture to hand unfortunately but my old 1971 flavour Miroku sbs has almost no bluing left where I have held it so many times. A quick wipe over with an oily rag with a bit of Legia stops any rusting in even the wettest of conditions - I understand the science but cannot see the need, especially not at that price, we have been looking after our guns very well for decades without this product. I suspect that it will either fall in price if they want high volume sales or remain some sort of snobby elite product
  7. Oh I thought that only candle wax did that?
  8. 243deer


    Home use high pressure, as in 300 bar, compressors suitable for refilling pcp air rifles and small dive cylinders have been coming down in price for some time now - items such as 223673103716 on fleabay are being tested out by air rifle enthusiasts and are getting reasonable reviews. You need to take your time with them and ensure that they do not overheat by doing short sessions but so far they have not been falling apart or breaking in the first 5 minutes and are a reasonable option if you have a long return journey to your nearest dive shop.
  9. 243deer


    I have been desperately trying to keep 6 ft under the sand as the ineptness of our politicians in coming to an adult agreement in over 3 years amounts to collective high treason in my view. My good lady read me out something last night which made me chuckle as many a word spoken in jest etc. I cannot remember exactly what she read out but it went something along the lines of .... It is 2123 and the british prime minister is visiting Brussels today to apply for the UK's annual extension to brexit. This has now become something of a tourist attraction although no-one seems to be able to remember why it is needed.
  10. Pretty much exactly the same on our street system, Anglia water also had to have a 'stern' word and touch wood, cross fingers etc we have been trouble free for 6 months now
  11. If you can get the time off work easily in case they want to inspect, keep asking for new bits of land to be cleared if you have enough perms, they have very limited resources at the moment 😉 It is a crazy system as you are either a conscientious and safe shot or you are not
  12. I was not aware there was any meat in greggs sausage roll
  13. I cannot quite work out why it is the tax payers responsibility to bring folks home. Surely those that have travel insurance should claim on that along with the oft advertised ATOL (flight based holidays) and ABTA (non flight based holidays) which I thought TC were signed up to and £1 or some such like of every holiday goes to ATOL/ABTA to repatriate in these circumstances?
  14. 243deer

    Long shot

    I do not hold out much hope but the shooting community do get around a bit and it might just have been left somewhere quiet to make sure it does not have a tracker
  15. 243deer

    Long shot

    A friend of a friend had his landie nicked last evening, he is only young and had worked and saved hard to buy his pride and joy
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