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  1. 243deer

    Keeping guns safe in vehicles.

    If I have to leave a shotgun or rifle in the car then I always take the forend/bolt/rifle ammo with me so I am only leaving the metal tube behind.
  2. 243deer

    Gun Safe-Which bolts??

    rawlbolts that need a 14mm hole use 8mm bolts and are more than strong enough, reason I know is that I have had to remove a locked cabinet with no keys (long story) from the wall. Needed a big bar and lots of wood for pressure spread to overcome them. 8mm rod fits easily through the predrilled holes in the back of your cabinet and allows you a little wriggle room. If you are chemical fixing you can simply put cabinet against the wall then drill then fix rod allow to cure then add washers and nuts and the job is a good 'un - no trying to line up lengths of rod at different angles! just my opinion
  3. We have now filled our requirements for the 2019/2020 season. If you wish to be added to our waiting list please do get in touch.
  4. 243deer

    2019 Chilli Growing thread

    If you are growing in a poly tunnel or greenhouse then the encarsia formosa route works as long as you have not used permethrin systemic based sprays and have sufficient temperature https://www.defenders.co.uk/pest-solutions/whitefly-control.html
  5. When you shoot a few rabbits at night it can be the devils own job remembering where they all are by the time you have walked 250 yards along the edge of even a modest sized field. I carry white plastic plant id sticks with me (the mrs thinks they are for my seeds .....) I then judge a right angle to the rabbit and put in a stick. I do not worry about how far out they are - easy to then see each stick with the headlamp on the way back and walk out until rabbit found. If I know I am going to shoot quite a few I take my roe sack with me and drop this off after 10 - 12 rabbits, I can then carry on and shoot another 10 or so - I will stop then as preparing that many rabbits for the table is enough for me in one go and everything I shoot gets eaten. I carry baler twine 'carriers' as I find it quicker than hocking. Each small bale loop can easily be made into 4 loops for 4 rabbits just by knotting.
  6. 243deer

    Police not being Properly Vetted.

    Is this yet another case of government saying something must be done and then not funding it?
  7. PM's replied to thank you for your interest.
  8. Due to retirement we have a couple of syndicate places available for new members with dogs for the 2019/2020 season Please PM me for details
  9. 243deer

    Crow shooting £65

    Maybe if they were paying £65 ......
  10. 243deer

    Humane dispatch

    If anyone is considering volunteering or you would just like a good day learning with someone who has vast experience of many HD callouts - I really enjoyed the course, there was stuff on it I would never have considered. You can book here https://www.bds.org.uk/index.php/training/training-course-dates New Dates for 2019 DVC Humane Animal Dispatch Courses The BDS Deer Vehicle Collision Humane Animal Dispatch Course is designed for all those involved in animal dispatch, be it at police control room level or the individual carrying out the task as an operator within an established police call out scheme. The cost of the course is £95 - this includes a course handbook, tuition and a Lantra award certificate issued on completion of the course. Dates for 2019 Cirencester, Gloucestershire – 17 March Wandsford, Cambridgeshire – 18 May Totnes, Devon – 15 June Cannock, Staffordshire – 29 September Cirencester, Gloucestershire – 13 October
  11. 243deer

    Rules..for the many, or the few ?

    incredibly lenient sentence, historically 8 months to 4 and a half years for an MP committing perjury - a pity the crown cannot appeal the leniency of the sentence - I hope that she does appeal as it would give another judge the chance to deal with her properly and in proportion.
  12. 243deer

    electricity supply 'Bulb'

    I switched to bulb last year - been very happy - laid back style of communication, a good daytime rate and they recently reduced my daily charge - am saving 25% compared with my last provider
  13. 243deer

    squirrel control

    The MK 1 S200 had a free floating barrel (I still have mine) then they improved? it with a lump of plastic to make it non free floating. I do not know about the trigger in the mk 2 but my mk 1 has a deliciously light and predictable trigger. It is very accurate with most decent quality pellets, I tend to stick to acupel as the combination just works. It is used to account for many squirrels and pigeons raiding my garden and many a rat around my farm permission.
  14. 243deer

    Drones over Gatwick

    Sorry JohnfromUK should have put some sort of irony alert in my post