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    Pubs now open

  2. If moving decoys on wires is not legal I think we might have heard of this, just saying.
  3. I would not deliberately miss any if I were you, kids have this annoying habit of being a better shot 10 minutes after they have started. As for 9g carts - I use a lot around the farm ratting - they are surprisingly powerful
  4. Benelli make some really decent semi autos and have done for some time
  5. Ring ahead to whatever clay ground you are going to use and ask them if they can set up a slow, into the wind clay that can be busted at about 15 - 20 yards as it 'dies' for her as a beginner. I am lucky that I go to a privately run clay shoot and we always start the kids off with something that they can hit - confidence is everything.
  6. 243deer


    I seem to remember a similar speed personal vehicle was launched in the UK some years ago - Richard Stilgo wrote an excellent ditty about the Sinclair C5 which included a line involving Spanish trucks - now whatever happened to those?
  7. 243deer

    Crop ID please

    Before the pigeons get on them (unless downed by wind/rain) the deer will be having their munch, they love oats.
  8. For those that consider the table expensive let me break the price down into reality for you. I have no connection with A1 apart from having met them at shows now and again but I do understand mail order via ebay. Start with £19 as near as £3.80 goes to the VAT man Leaves £15.20 Ebay and paypal fees are £2.46 Leaves £12.74 Postage Costs £2.95 if you have a franking machine Leaves £9.79 So A1 have to pay for the product (likely to be a significant investment as you usually have to order a fair number to get a price) They have to pay for the labour to pack it, the packaging, the printer to print the label, someone to answer 'where is my order? What size is it? How long will it take to arrive? queries - even though that information is available in the listing. Cover the cost of the dishonest who claim that it never arrived or spend around £1 having it tracked. Cover the cost of damaged packages. I reckon if they can clear a fiver in profit it will be a miracle which means they need to sell 60000 units to afford their next roller - after all that is what all rip off retailers drive isn't it?
  9. I do not really see the point of picking one, the top 3 will be low risk because they will be in a very high state of awareness. I have no idea of the risks of a farrier, he or she usually works outside and can easily keep their distance from folk. It does not really matter as long as proper precautions are taken. I assess the biggest risk in my home as being the shopping. I am absolutely certain that not all shelf fillers will take proper precautions all the time. Nor do the folk shopping. In addition to this plastic is one of the surfaces the virus survives longest on. The absolute biggest risk I currently have is my journey to and from work and the absolute imbecils driving at ludicrous speeds and putting essential workers lives at risk.
  10. I would sell or to/from any of them. Gloves and mask worn by both parties, pop up table outside to do the exchange of paperwork on, items exchanged quaranteened for at least a week, table bleached. At least 2 metres seperation at all times. I believe that that will far exceed the precautions most folk are taking with their shopping from what I have seen and heard. I am with Scully just use common sense which in this case means taking proper precautions.
  11. progress, don't you just love it
  12. If they are going to offer a 7 year licence or a fee reduction and ignore the GP nonsense I would go for that
  13. I honestly do not know and would probably be unlikely to 100% believe anything told to me by a politician. I would not be surprised if steel cans were shipped half way around the world for recycling though
  14. The only things I do not use my local garage for are light bulbs, batteries and wipers. Bulbs in particular used to be so easy and quick to change. It is interesting to note that despite it being a lawful requirement in many European countries to carry spare bulbs the eurocrats never did anything as useful as making sure that there was a standard for all cars where the bulbs could be changed by the driver in less than 2 mins without tools and without requiring antiseptic and bandages for aftercare.
  15. When recycling first came in many moons ago I talked with my now departed dad about washing out cans. As an engineer his take on the most fuel efficient way to do this was that presuming the cans were going to be melted down in a foundry there was no reason at all why they could not use their waste heat to heat water in order to pre-wash the cans if needed. They could then filter and re-cycle the water. This would use far less energy than us all washing cans individually. He also pointed out that they would not bother any way - everything was going to be heated up to melting temperature and we should be far more worried about the BPA lining. So I have never washed anything as I feel that it is not environmentally friendly to do so.
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