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  1. They bake the resin that is used for carbon fibre rods at 170 c so anything near that temperature should be avoided even though I presume the rod is glass fibre / boron from the colour? I would measure the internal diameter of the broken spigot, get a piece of the nearest m whatever mild steel threaded bar and epoxy it in to give you something to get the spigot out with..Then try gently pulling, you might get lucky. If not I would try boiling water to try and help loosen. Escallating to putting two nuts on the threaded bar and holding in a vice and twsting/ pulling with 2 hands. If that
  2. 6 years - the new old - what a world we live in
  3. All about the prep with chemical anchors
  4. I find 50 plastic balloons for every 1 lantern remains but at least a balloon does not cause a fire. Both litter the countryside with no comeback on those who releaee them so whilst I am fundamentally against banning things there seems little other choice.
  5. If only that had been for a rifle, I had my fingers crossed, looks quality to me. Decent quality leather seems to be £300+ these days
  6. Pin boned, skinned (I love the way this process sets the scales to the skin), trimmed and packed. The trimmings are going in a omelet with spinach and spring onions for lunch. The sneaky taste preview I have had reminds me of the proper sides of wild smoked salmon from my teenage years, good flavour and a lovely firm texture. The only question I am asking myself was why I did not make the effort to get this done years ago!
  7. Just get both and have fun learning the differences between them
  8. After a couple of false starts, getting the level of the dust right and removing the top hanging bar to create a couple of extra inches of ventilation a full burn was achieved last night. I will be taking the dremmel to the adjustable ventilators today to take out some of the mesh. Minus 2 here overnight so everything stayed lovely and cool.
  9. I must admit that as I mainly eat game and venison for meat the idea of brisket now and again does appeal.
  10. I went to Black Dyke fishery yesterday, only half an hour from me. Took 3, let another 4 go and missed 4. Could not get touch on buzzers or nymphs so went 'feathering' with a couple of cats whiskers and a long tailed olive damsel and had a double hook up straight away. After catching 6 I put a team of 3 dries on as there was a tiny sedge hatch and caught 1 and missed 2. All this in 5 hours, it felt a lot colder than the 8 degrees hende the relatively short time
  11. A friend has lent me his hot smoker so I might give some brisket a go, how long do you give it? I am using a mixture of oak and apple for the trout.
  12. Depends how fast you want to sell, slow £150 - fast £120 it is a good cabinet and brattensound have excellent after sales service
  13. I have cz 452s in .22 and .17hmr, both bought second hand without testing first and both fine use eley subs in the .22 and hornady in the 17 have never had any ammo issues. The one thing I would say is that the bolts are almost identical so I make sure I have the right one if only taking out one calibre. I put in the lighter trigger springs available from rimfire magic and this made the world of difference to my accuracy. I had a howa 1500 in 243, hogue stock also bought second hand, unfired and it had done a fair bit of work as a foxing rifle, it was very accurate with federal powashok 1
  14. Having snaffled a very cheap, decent table saw off fb I am now able to rip down some of my 6 x 2 stock into more usable thicknesses hence finally getting around to my cold smoker project. Not seasoned yet but I have a few brined trout fillets just drying off in the new dry store that I will smoke tonight. With the doors open at both ends it is a decent wind tunnel in the new store and it certainly feels cold enough.
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