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    terrorist's ?

    the younger generations are completely right again - obviously
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    Sub 12 or fa

    My personal preference for bunnies is a .22 rimmy with subs, walk/stalk round rather than use a vehicle, IR spotter and scope on a windy, cloudy, dry night with low light, shoot them at 30 yards (you have every advantage stalking into the wind so 30 yards is no problem), no runners, efficient - shoot until you do not want any more to carry or prepare for the table - in my case a max of 10 - just go more nights if you need to. I get that some folk can hit the eye of a fly at 52 miles when shooting at paper - paper does not move unexpectedly. When a rabbit is feeding its head is down, it will often lift its head for a gander around, its head moves upwards and backwards, you cannot predict when it will do this. If you are on the right spot for a head shot and it lifts its head as you shoot you are looking at a lower jaw shot and a runner - that is not ethical in my view.
  3. what a load of ********. there is no difference between a circus and a county show, Crufts, Burghley, Badminton, Hickstead, long distance horse trials at Euston, picking up dogs etc - all use trained animals for the enjoyment and entertainment of us
  4. It would be truthful to say that 100 clays only cost £7 as £10.50 per box of 150 quite an easy to find price if you buy enough at once
  5. 30% of my business sales are through ebay, I sell worldwide with the exception of a couple of countries so I have daily experience of ebay. 99% of the time it is great but of course there are dishonest and lazy folk out there and the 1% is a pita. Always make sure that your return address is on the outside of any package. If it is not delivered it will at least be returned to you - the RM have become much better at doing this in the last couple of years, we also get many overseas orders that are not collected returned as well. If you do not want hassle on ebay then always add in the cost of suitable tracked postage to your item price. Never refund until you have received the goods back and inspected them. Sometimes buyers do not even bother to return or package things badly and they get damaged. Buyers have a duty of care until such time as you receive the items back. We have never had a RM recorded or special delivery go missing completely where it was not either delivered, collected or returned. In the UK Up to £20 with Royal Mail you just need to get proof of postage in order to make a claim from the RM - no ebay seller protection as no tracking so you will have to refund if the buyer says not received - and then add them to your blocked buyer list! If you make a successful claim from the RM they will want to 'pay' you in stamps - just so you know - MarshMan I think this applies in your example and you will need to refund and make a claim with the RM - https://personal.help.royalmail.com/app/webforms/claim Up to £50 then you are covered with RM recorded delivery, if any problems with ebay then you are covered by Paypal seller protection - as soon as you mention this to any ebay agent they suddenly become compliant! Over £50 then use Special delivery and your protection is as above Overseas we always use tracked, signed or tracked and signed with the RM We do not have to refund any order UK or overseas where the tracking shows that the buyer has failed to act and any negative feedback (which can still be left by buyers) is also removed by ebay in these circumstances.
  6. I am not getting an issue using pc, chrome, win 7 and BT fibre which probably means that the slowness is not due to the site server. Everyone will have the pages they request routed through many different browsers, devices, switches and servers. Perhaps if folk gave this information it might narrow the cause down
  7. pretty much everything that booms out of open car windows in the summer
  8. worth a look https://www.nfumutual.co.uk/investments/isas/shrewd-savings-plan/
  9. https://www.eastcoasttruckers.co.uk/Convoy/ I seem to recall some angst regarding a cycling event near Norwich causing congestion - I am sure the truckers will be more than happy to discuss any issues with what they are doing.
  10. I would very much like to have a copy of the raw image - when you blow that image up it is difficult to see the main components of a slightly open fenn trap - to me it looks more like a closed fenn trap superimposed - the other day I was asked to take some writing off of an image (with the permission of the owner) - it takes about 15 seconds in photoshop.
  11. VG I think you might have been given wrong info - https://www.gov.uk/using-mobile-phones-when-driving-the-law
  12. If you take it to Norwich they will send it here https://planetscuba.co.uk/servicing
  13. Unless we get the answer to that very pertinent question based on recorded statistics this whole debacle is based purely on a political whim. Make the system simple, continuous assessment via a GP marker and a national database can equal licences for life - it works for vehicle drivers so no reason at all in this digital age why it cannot work for firearms. Some control can still be retained via needing good reason for an additional weapon, in fact firearms enquiry officers would have more time freed up for better checks and a far more efficient and user friendly service. I simply cannot understand why our politicians, police and shooting organisations are not collectively seeking a simple cheap system, it makes you wonder whether common sense is dead.
  14. Well I help run a diy syndicate on Forestry Commission land. They require insurance proof from all guns but they do not write to each one with permission to shoot. I somehow think they would if it was required by law. Some of my permissions are verbal, I hope the powers that do not decide to change things and require every one in writing as it has been working well as it is all my lifetime.
  15. The day that we feel we should have to apologise in any way for shooting pigeons (or any other vermin) to protect crops is the day we should all pack up and go home. I was once part of a team culling a significant number of rabbits at harvest time. We had antis call the police and some local residents looking on in 'horror' at what we were doing along with the usual sound bites. The police only made a phone call to check who we were and once the minority of antis had left we then had a vast majority of folk coming out to say hi and ask if they could have some rabbits! We duly gutted a few for them, of course. We should not generalise about the gullibility of the public and assume that an image will suddenly sway a huge majority of them into becoming rabid antis. It will sway some, undoubtedly, those who struggle to have independent thoughts and love jumping on bandwagons in order to feel part of a gang. On the other hand there are tens of thousands of gardeners out there who are definitely not friends of the pigeon who will wholeheartedly agree with keeping numbers down. Now is not the time to hide ourselves behind a camo net. It is time to keep telling everyone what we do and importantly, keep educating folk as to why we do it. We need as much positive re-enforcement in as many places as possible on social media in order to counter the anti's.
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