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  1. Packing in the Fags.

    I gave up using wine gums - at the time I became a bit of an expert nerd on the value bags from all my local supermarkets for texture or flavour. For probably 5 years I still had occasional cravings but then they stopped I am glad to say. Big thumbs up for having a go - I wish you all the best and hope that you find the way it works for you.
  2. The illuminati

    Really? In my opinion they completely rely on politicians ignoring the public's repeated call for them to have to stand on their own 2 feet, publish what they are told to and tow whatever politically correct flavour of the month is current. Just take a look at all the pro shooting folk who have not had contracts renewed, anti-shooting folk who have and their continued biased reporting against shooting sports.
  3. Container for brining

    It was a fair while back I bought my container for brining (I experimented with boned out haunches of venison - munties and roe) I think it might have been from Wilko but anyway it is about 10l in size and I found this for you https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/shop/gb/groceries/sainsburys-home-97l-klip-lock-storage. I think that you will pretty much always get some leeching of the plasticiser out of any plastic container so maybe pop a strong salt solution in there for a week first and then discard it if you are concerned. What are you going to brine?
  4. Solo rabbit lamping

    I always assume there is a round in the chamber if the bolt is in and closed on any rifle. The technique that I use is to set the sticks a little wider than shooting height when mounting the gun and so slightly lower than my shoulder. The rests are cut so that the front of the rifle can be brought up and just over the front rest. I can then easily and smoothly lift the gun and rest the last little bit up to shoulder height and good shooting position. Go and try this in daylight, it is not so hard to do and costs very little in terms of time. I developed this technique as a result of having a bad shoulder for a bit as a result of an accident on the farm. Give it a go then come back on here and let us know if you now manage to mount your gun without ever pointing it skyward.
  5. Solo rabbit lamping

    Glad you are in Kent and no where near me. We all know .22lr subs ricochet badly off any type of ground which is why you have to allow for this and ensure as you bring your rifle on to your sticks you have a suitable backstop. With practice, which I have had a lot of, you most certainly can set your sticks and your rifle up to be pretty much on the rabbit, albeit not exactly on the head, even in the dark. Of course the rifle is loaded, no reason for it not to be, safety on and finger no where near the trigger, but rifle put on the sticks from a pointing down position and at no time pointing skyward. Next time you apply for your renewal please let your feo know for me that you consider it completely safe to spot with your rifle especially on the horizon I will be interested to know what the response is so that I can educate myself.
  6. Norfolk County Council Charging For D I Y Rubbish

    Alternatively ......... the list of all the folk at our local council earning 50grand a year plus filled a centre page spread of our local newspaper. Already heard on here of bin men getting pay cuts - ***??? They should be given a decent pay rise considering the work they do. We are no longer supposed to tip them at Christmas for turning up pretty much always reliably to get rid of our rubbish? A rule thought up by folk earning 50k a year plus - that is democratic then! Plenty of savings that could be made amoung the bloated ranks of the chiefs to keep services running if there was the will .....
  7. Solo rabbit lamping

    I use a very similar setup to most folks on here. T20 as a spotter with a red pill as it is lightweight and easily shows eye shine at 150 yards, it also only uses one battery so also carry a spare or two on cold nights. It is not really good practice to swing a loaded rifle around spotting. Quad sticks, happy with standard ones as I like to get close. Yukon on the rifle, .22 with eley subs - hence getting close for head shots to reduce runners to a minimum. I pick dry windy nights as you then have the best advantage as long as you go slow and work up/cross wind. If you have enough ground try and leave 2 or 3 weeks between trips.
  8. Pensioner arrested after fatally stabbing burglar

    It was very clearly self defense in the heat of the moment. Even if he chased him down the street he needed to make sure the scroat did not come back again. Just my opinion.
  9. Certificate for life - yes please - just think of the cost savings for constabularies! Updating the photo could, for most of us, be linked to Driving licence/passport renewals piggy backing on to an existing system at relatively low cost. A system which, almost certainly, already links the 3/4 documents anyway. Cost savings without any extra danger to the public. Sorry, apologies everyone, now returning to the real world of political waste and sound bites without any recourse to evidence.
  10. If protecting the public and stopping folk from committing suicide was the genuine reason that Lincolnshire police want a medical report then I assume that they are reasonably intelligent and can realise that their logic is fundamentally flawed asking for one report every 5 years. The obvious way of achieving the aims would be to have continuous assessment by your GP and that the police be informed if the GP had any genuine cause for concern as soon as it became apparent. If your GP has not seen you during the last 5 years (lucky you, I wish) then it could only be assumed that all was OK when the GP was to write a report. I am at a loss to understand what Lincs police wish to achieve apart from a publicity stunt.
  11. Who are you insured with

    BASC, BDS and NGO - all have their merits and issues but then none of us is perfect - I guess once I retire in a few years cash flow will dictate I choose just one but whilst I am still working I like to put a few quid where it might do some good for preserving shooting as best we can in this world gone mad.
  12. are cooey singles any good?

    Fond memories of the one I used as a lad, a single shot teaches you to concentrate and shoot well - now I have a 3 shot semi .............
  13. conveyancing

    Incoming PM
  14. conveyancing

    Do you mean you are looking for recommendations for a conveyancing solicitor?
  15. Boris Threatens Reprisals Against Russia.

    I have probably read too much John Le Carre but wiping brexit off the front pages for a few days benefits ????????????