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  1. 243deer

    Travel of steel shot

    Wymberly, having studied mathematics at uni I would be very interested in what assumptions are being made with regards to your empirical formula, is it the result of significant testing? I once did a project on the 'ballistics' of a golf ball on the moon assuming the moons gravitational pull and zero resistance (this was the nearest I was allowed to get to proper ballistics without upsetting folk - even way back then the snowflakes were gaining hold), the best angle for a drive turned out to be approx 40 degrees.
  2. 243deer

    Travel of steel shot

    Cannot comment on steel shot only lead Mate and myself decoying a nice few birds on rape stubble on the top of a hill. Strong wind and all missed/startled/scared birds were exiting downwind on the same path. Knowing there was a ditch 300 yards away from the hide and around 50 feet below it, I ambled down in pursuit of mopping up some extra birds, safety glasses on as at that time I did not know exactly how far 30g of lead #6 shot would carry, plastic wad as that is all we used back then, . I could hear my mates shot hitting the stubble I guesstimated 50 - 75 yards away. During a lull in birds he attempted to get the shot to land as close to me as he could - we had 2 way radios and I acted as spotter. We never did manage closer than 50 yards to me. So in my very limited experience it seems to me that max range for lead in #6 shot is 250 yards indicating that the oft quoted 300 yards gives a 20% safety margin. Would be interested to hear other folks real life experiences as safety margins are always useful to know when backed up with more than theory.
  3. 243deer

    Direct Line insurance

    Recently changed from a Freelander TD4 to an L200 - Compare the market class the L200 as a van So rang my current insurer, LV, no probs whatsoever with LV just an extra £27, £25 of which is their standard change fee anyway, took less than 5 mins on the phone. Only issue I have with LV is that they do not do an any driver policy so will switch in January at renewal time. Maybe try LV and see if they have more of a real world attitude.
  4. I have a bunch of 3in once fired cases waiting for a good home, if you want them drop me a pm. Free as farm pays for my cartridges.
  5. 243deer

    ashers bakery

    They (collective for all supporting this daft case) should have respected the bakery staffs right not to be bullied into doing something that they found fundamentally against their religion and beliefs. Glad the judges considered the bakery staffs rights to be equally as important as gay rights. Could have easily just found another bakery or maybe it was all a deliberate publicity stunt from the off. And the winners are ............ the legal profession - as always.
  6. 243deer

    Bins suggestions please

    I bought a pair of Vanguard Endeavor ED £128 3 years ago, these are good enough to see movement (deer or fox during deer legal times) enabling a shot with an 8x56 S+B scope, excellent value for money as if I miss seeing a deer in the gloom there is always another day.
  7. Mine loves federal powershok 100 gr. Little meat damage on munty and roe, foxes don't like them much either. Tried hornady - I think they were whitetail, they were about 1/4 moa worse than the federal but still more than good enough at up to 150 yards. Have not shot further than this to be able to comment further.
  8. 243deer

    Accident at round about

    He reported it because it was clearly your fault - fancy leaving your car parked where he wanted to drive Walshie, a ridiculous and thoughtless thing to do ...............................
  9. 243deer

    land rover descovery td5 53plate

    $%%^&^$ $£££ HOW MUCH?? for something that looks like a stick ferrule costing a quid! Good luck making something up.
  10. Thank you to those who replied to this and pm'd, it is really appreciated. Hopefully we are now sorted. Just a side note, it does pee me off a bit when folk have permissions and do not do a good job. Makes it hard for the shooting community to get good permissions when land owners get cynical. Yes I have taken folk out and have them try and steal my permissions, they only try the once mind and they have never been successful. Most folk are grateful for the opportunity and become good friends and a joy to be out with, so all of you out there with more permission than you can possibly cover on your own - please consider taking on another shooter or two.
  11. 243deer

    thorn apple

    http://www.thepoisongarden.co.uk/atoz/datura_stramonium.htm If your beaters that smoke decide to experiment keeping a straight line could be interesting - otherwise it appears low risk on brush past contact as long as everyone is aware what it is and that they need to hose down dogs and leggings to be on the safe side and wash hands before eating or smoking.
  12. 243deer

    Australia's Herald Sun Cartoon Controversy

    Classic guilt transference attempt when someone knows that they are in the wrong and are being too childish to accept responsibility and simply apologise. Not sure if it is tragic, laughable or sickening so I think that laughable must win as I would hate to think this would spoil anyone's day. Great cartoon, I must simply be too insensitive to see any race angle within it.
  13. Hi folks I have just moved to Norfolk and have a small rabbit control job that needs doing in Bury St Edmunds that I can no longer get to economically. Must have own insurance and although a large secluded garden that is part old orchard will need to be done with a moderated air rifle. Customer reports seeing 4 rabbits so it will be a fair few more probably. PM me please if you would like to take this on.
  14. 243deer

    Price per acre

    We are paying £1 + vat per acre this year
  15. 243deer

    Shooting on your own land.

    Sorry to show my age but was brought up with rods chains perches links and furlongs which is not really taught these days so not picking holes just helping folk understand the size of an area 3/4 of an acre is around 60 yards square or 3600 sq yards An acre is a furlong (220 yards) x a chain (22 yards) or 4840 sq yards. All irrelevant if there is a proper backstop as Graham says. Mentioning the use of a high seat can sometimes be useful in these situations