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  1. 243deer

    140 diameter Lightforce IR lens cover

    Maybe someone on here knows if a Deben one will fit? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Deben-Tracer-Lightforce-Sport-Lamp-Filter-140-170-210-Red-Amber-Blue-Green-IR-/251019576086
  2. 243deer

    Don't trust all vets

    Sorry, meant to add to the above post but work beckoned. All complaints will have to start with the vet practice, it will have a complaints process that it must follow. I would personally call the RCVS first just to ascertain what I should expect from the process. Opening a complaint would, I feel, be the best way to achieve your goal of wanting avoidance of further pain for others by way of their standard operating procedures being reviewed. I would just happen to mention that you are opening the complaint after taking advice from the RCVS without labouring the point - just so the practice are aware that you do expect that your concerns are taken seriously. An official complaint should have a specific timescale for a response and an escalation process. I would hope that the practice would offer to do an autopsy for free in your case once you have informed them of your concerns and what you expect your complaint to achieve which appears very reasonable. All the above is all very well but mainly thoughts are with you and your wife for your loss.
  3. 243deer

    Don't trust all vets

  4. 243deer

    Minute Book

    For what year would you need the diary?
  5. 243deer

    Potatoe famine.....

    The 'white' powder was probably fusarex - it was an anti sprouting agent - was a contributor to why I have COPD now (along with spraying in orchards and rather too many roll ups) as I used to apply it with a shovel and no thought of ppe in those days. You have reminded me of the stench of the Egyptian potatoes we used to have to riddle out when they first arrived in the UK just before Jersey Royal and Thanet new potatoes - they were hand loaded into ships - obviously the ones in first at the bottom were not in a good state when they arrived here.
  6. 243deer

    I really don’t get it

    +1 correctly burying game that has been spoilt for whatever reason and is not fit to enter the human food chain is now considered not only best practice but is a legal requirement so it would appear that the shoot could well be showing a very responsible attitude and not sending unfit birds to the dealer. Most shoots now have at least one person who has done their game meat hygiene course and is up to date with the current requirements.
  7. 243deer

    VW Golf rant

    Peugeot 308 2009 flavour just on 100k also with a 1.6 TDi with a DPF - 1 x bottle Forte DPF cleaner and regenerator every 4 tankfuls of fuel = no problems for us cruising up and down the A11 at 60mph / 1800rpm Without the Forte = engine management light every 2.5k miles or so.
  8. I had a 2004 TD4 - bought it at 107000 just sold it at 164000 after 4 years pretty much daily use with almost no problems. 40mpg with a steady right foot but it hated supermarket fuel so I ran it on Shell v-power. Had in that time a new alternator and battery, an ABS sensor that was a b****** to remove (apparently as I did not do it). Front pads, 2 new tyres and an aircon regas. Purchased by someone into Freelanders who had 2 blown head gaskets on petrol engine versions so I guess avoid those - you should be fine with the TD4. I don'y know about the TD4 in the FL2 but the TD4 in the FL1 has a timing chain which I did not touch as it was not broke.
  9. 243deer

    222 ammo for ROE

    for roe in Scotland No minimum calibre is stated but the round must meet the following minimums bullet weight of 50 grains; muzzle velocity of 2450 feet per second; muzzle energy of 1000 foot pounds https://www.bestpracticeguides.org.uk/firearms/rifles-ammunition/
  10. 243deer

    Whatever next yet again!

    Seems to me that qualifies as a racially motivated hate crime due to the use of the word 'white'. She should be arrested and tried according to our current laws as this would send out the correct message that hate crime is wrong and that the law applies to everyone. Not holding my breath that this will happen though.
  11. 243deer

    Its Never Easy

    But you do not get the 'easy' days sitting at home - you have to be out and about and watching so in a way you have worked hard for your 'easy' days.
  12. 243deer

    Car keeps getting a flat battery

    Had a similar problem on an old car - had a broken connection between alternator and battery hence battery not charging - presume you have checked with a multimeter that you are getting charging voltage when engine running?
  13. 243deer

    Travel of steel shot

    Wymberly, having studied mathematics at uni I would be very interested in what assumptions are being made with regards to your empirical formula, is it the result of significant testing? I once did a project on the 'ballistics' of a golf ball on the moon assuming the moons gravitational pull and zero resistance (this was the nearest I was allowed to get to proper ballistics without upsetting folk - even way back then the snowflakes were gaining hold), the best angle for a drive turned out to be approx 40 degrees.
  14. 243deer

    Travel of steel shot

    Cannot comment on steel shot only lead Mate and myself decoying a nice few birds on rape stubble on the top of a hill. Strong wind and all missed/startled/scared birds were exiting downwind on the same path. Knowing there was a ditch 300 yards away from the hide and around 50 feet below it, I ambled down in pursuit of mopping up some extra birds, safety glasses on as at that time I did not know exactly how far 30g of lead #6 shot would carry, plastic wad as that is all we used back then, . I could hear my mates shot hitting the stubble I guesstimated 50 - 75 yards away. During a lull in birds he attempted to get the shot to land as close to me as he could - we had 2 way radios and I acted as spotter. We never did manage closer than 50 yards to me. So in my very limited experience it seems to me that max range for lead in #6 shot is 250 yards indicating that the oft quoted 300 yards gives a 20% safety margin. Would be interested to hear other folks real life experiences as safety margins are always useful to know when backed up with more than theory.
  15. 243deer

    Direct Line insurance

    Recently changed from a Freelander TD4 to an L200 - Compare the market class the L200 as a van So rang my current insurer, LV, no probs whatsoever with LV just an extra £27, £25 of which is their standard change fee anyway, took less than 5 mins on the phone. Only issue I have with LV is that they do not do an any driver policy so will switch in January at renewal time. Maybe try LV and see if they have more of a real world attitude.