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  1. If you look at the really big picture all of our recycling and fuel saving in general it is simply slightly slowing down the timescale for humans to make the planet inhabitable for our own species. Our population explosion seems to be being ignored by folk. Only a complete change in cultures leading to a significant reduction in world population will reverse the damage so whilst it is great that folk feel better by doing their bit it is only really worth doing if we also work on fixing the root cause of the issues.
  2. You are only allowed to have in your possession at any time a maximum of 150 rounds. Specifically your possession means the total of all rounds that you have with you and at home so if you have 35 rounds left at home you could only purchase 2 boxes of 50 and not 3. Likewise if you have 57 rounds left at home you could not then be given 2 boxes of 50 by a friend (with suitable entry on certificate) but he/she could give you 93. Sorry I should add there is no reason why you cannot buy 150 rounds, use them and then purchase 150 more. You could possibly do this more than once in a day - at which point, with good reason, you could respectfully request an increase in allowance.
  3. then maybe we should trial having a mandatory 2 week sentence for all 1st offences so miscreants get a taste of what is to come if they continue to misbehave. No idea if it would work or not but I suspect it would at least make a few think twice about repeat offending.
  4. Amazed he received a custodial sentence at all ..........
  5. I grew up near Dover - the layby on the A2 just before the Halfway House was a favourite drop off point - we regularly used to see 30 or so.
  6. Burger van on the A11 near Thetford called, and sign on the side very much in the style of, 'Carlsburger' - no idea if he is called Carl.
  7. I have had a similar problem in fields with cows in. I can spot my mounds ok where I have set traps as I put a small piece of turf on top and the mounds are distinctive, until a cow kicks one that is. So I also tie a piece of white ribbon in the fence at 90 degrees. First wire up - up to 10 paces, second 10 to 20 paces etc. As most traps are set on the way out to feeding areas or along fence/hedge lines where the moles are travelling between feeding areas and are close to fences in general this works for me.
  8. Respect your country, respect your laws, respect your speed limits, respect your community - there appear to be quite a few on here who are selective in their respect. In my experience aggressive and impatient driving often goes hand in hand with speeding as well as tail gating and putting other folks lives at risk through no fault of their own. My 38 mile each way commute now feels like I am on a racetrack in an F1 race - there was a time not that many years ago when it felt considerably safer. If you do not like the speed limits become an MP and change them. I lost my best friend at school to a driver speeding past the school, which one of you hero drivers that speed would like to defend that incident? He had been done for speeding several times over the years and had become an habitual speeder, he was obviously very sorry after the event when he went to jail. 2 families lives ruined. My challenge to all of you who speed is to time your normal commute then on the same journey stick to the speed limits, keep a decent distance between you and the car in front, sit back, relax (and save yourself a bunch of stress), put the car on cruise control if you have it and time your journey. More than 5 minutes difference on a normal commute?
  9. 243deer

    White deer

    I saw a couple up on the hill from Mannings Heath 20 years ago when out on a walk so I guess it could well be relatives/descendants. A herd of about 30 in all came to within 30 feet as I stood still until they winded me and cleared off. A wonderful memory.
  10. Had an einhell for the last 5 years after my ryobi died after 1 year - usage is 1/2 an hour a week around the garden in the summer and 3 - 4 solid days on the shoot each year running a blade - still starts easily and runs fine. Just over half your budget search for Einhell GC-BC 25 AS 27 cc Two Stroke Petrol Engine Brush Cutter and Grass Trimmer - Red on Amazon - lovely light machine
  11. As always things in life change and we now have 2 spaces available again for next season for guns with dogs Please PM me for details
  12. Pitsford on the 9th March - hoping for wind and rain
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