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  1. Welsh1 - I feel for you The judge could have handed down 5 years yet showed you, as the victim, very little respect in my opinion.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-51205548 Life sentence that means life needed, I know it is the maximum but the guy has had his chance before, clearly a very dangerous individual who, if let out, will probably kill someone next time
  3. I am sure most folk will agree that there are some things here that could be done differently. I know of several land owners that prefer gralloch removed due to high levels of dog walkers and it should be common sense to upset as few bambi lovers as possible when culling if it is avoidable. When approached by someone upset I would certainly take the view that it is an opportunity to try to educate rather than confront head on, I accept that not all folk can be educated as my mrs still does not get deer management but that does not stop me gradually trying. The guys could have calmly pointed out that they liked to leave the gralloch for the local owls, buzzards, red kites, badgers, foxes etc. - of course we were not there and only have one side of the story so all of this could have been tried. There does appear to be a fair bit of shall we say 'poetic licence' in what the lady is saying though as being covered in blood up to the elbows when gralloching is difficult to believe from professional/semi-professional stalkers - no stalker likes getting blood on themselves at all and does everything they can to avoid it. Lots of blood tends to happen when you are learning in the first few grallochs and I cannot believe these guys are inexperienced. As for the child statement - lots more kids see dead deer at the side of the road due to county councils not clearing them up - even after humane dispatch when they have been informed that they are there by the police.
  4. Just a quick tip - 1st class recorded only has £50 compensation, I would respectfully suggest that you use Special delivery with £1000 cover which is £9.25 if it weighs under 1kg - just in case it gets run over by a truck which is not unheard of. Great price though.
  5. The league against cruelty to cacti will have something to say about that Anyway hasn't eley already done this? https://www.eleyhawkltd.com/media-events/press-releases/eley-hawk-launches-the-first-disolvable-and-biodegradeable-wad-
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    Climate Change

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    how some other folk see Brexit and Nigel
  8. £50 a tube sounds like a bargain to me. Going to have the full choke on my sbs taken out during the summer as it has always whacked the second pigeon too hard and I now want to be able to future proof carrying on using it on game shoots with steel - all this changing over to bismuth when shooting ducks in land and not even over water is a pita.
  9. 243deer

    White Island

    "Earlier on today apparently a woman rang the BBC and said she had heard that there was a hurricane on the way. Well if you are watching, don't worry, there isn't." I guess that it will not be the last time someone gets something wrong
  10. Many is the time I would have preferred fish and chips when eating out - the mrs agrees so we rarely go out to eat now apart from a trusted cafe for breakfast, we would rather spend the money on a good meal at home.
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    So the people have spoken - emphatically - nothing more to be said really as the vote has said it all, lets get on with life now, put differences behind us and make this country stronger
  12. This year, as the pressure on shooting has increased I have joined BASC, NGO, GWCT and BDS. None of them are perfect but I do not have time to contact all MPs myself and letters that I have written to my local MP have been responded to with standard replies. I therefore feel that I need representation as part of a group as I feel that this will have more impact. I also do not have time to look at all the proposed legislation or where public consultation is available for me to contribute. It is mainly BASC that informs me about what is going on and I rely on all the organisations to represent me in Westminster. The organisations (barring the BDS) , all contacted me about the latest consultation on General licences in plenty of time for me to contribute, which I did. If folk who are not members stopped whinging about these organisations for one minute and engaged their brains they would realise that, as Konor says, if everyone joined we would have a far stronger voice. If you are a member of course you are allowed to whinge and have your say. I do so regularly into the ear of my local BASC rep but it is mostly about the lack of communication regarding what they are doing rather than the lack of effort. A typical case in point is that today I would expect to be able to go to the BASC website and see a synopsis of where each party stands on hunting and shooting in its manifesto. BASC must have done this research but unfortunately have not published it. Joining a shooting organisation should not just be about the insurance, if that is your only motivation then you should be ashamed to call yourself part of the shooting community.
  13. Whilst a boning knife is good you could also consider a good butchers saw, a vac packer, mincer, sausage stuffer, meat slicer, red high density chopping board or at the cheaper end blue nitrile gloves, vac pack bags, labels and pen, plastic see through boxes to keep all the butchery stuff in a clean state in a shed or garage - the list goes on. Also consider a set such as this https://www.tamarackoutdoors.co.uk/PBSCProduct.asp?ItmID=9530312 - they are not the best nor the worst knives in the world and do need a touch on the steel regularly - the big advantage is that they come with a belt and holders so when you are skinning and butchering your knives are to hand rather than being put down somewhere just out of reach or being accidently knocked on the floor thus requiring cleaning.
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    I thought this was social media.
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