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  1. Like most of us my decoying stuff would cost a few quid to replace. Am fully insured but do not wish to make things easy for any herberts that may be around About to move, possibly a less secure area than where I live now, time will tell. Are there any padlocks out there that will hold up a ne'er do well for more than a second and will last more than 5 mins in our weather? My mrs had lost the key to her bike lock - that took 1 second with the bolt crops. thanks for any suggestions
  2. 243deer

    BREXIT - merged threads

    My somewhat alternative view is that we are already part of a global market. We are receiving no protection at all from manufacturers outside of the EU - the evidence is there on an hourly basis in all the large container ports in the EU. Raising internal EU standards is pointless, it handcuffs manufacturers and adds enormous unnecessary levels of cost, manufacturing to a price point and quality that folk around the world will pay is what is required. Restricting our market to the EU is short term suicide.
  3. 243deer

    Crazy gun behaviour apparently okay?

    If it achieves nothing else it will now give those 2 particular policemen a far better understanding of how the public feel. They at least had the benefit of a trial. The last time we caught shoplifters clearly on camera in the shop the pcso's without hesitation said that they recognised the thief yet the police did absolutely nothing.
  4. 243deer

    Mobile phone networks

    I do not get monthly contracts - how much of what you are paying for is left over at the end of each month and wasted? Tescos pay as you go - credit never runs out. I have a £10 phone that calls and texts, even has a colour screen. I use it as an emergency phone when out and about on the farm when working on stuff where risking a more expensive phone would be daft. I put £5 on it 4 years ago - still has £4+ credit left. I also have a 4 year old Moto G that I think cost £110 - I put £30 a year on it. The cheap phone has a far better aerial on it than the expensive one or maybe less interference - either way it gets the best signal and they are obviously on the same network.
  5. 243deer

    The EU Conspiracy Theory

    Just taking a view on one product group - wine https://www.statista.com/statistics/303297/uk-wine-imports-leading-5-countries-by-value/ Once we leave the EU and there is a terrible downturn in trade (as promised continuously and consistently by every remoaner that I have spoken to) we will obviously have to import all our wine from elsewhere in the world ....... or not about time the scare tactics stopped and politicians started acting as grown ups there will inevitably be some changes but trade will still go on and police will still talk to each other. I have not seen any plans by P and O to sell off ferries or or the tunnel, rolling stock. Don't politicians love their own self importance
  6. 243deer

    Tractor tyres

    Farming section on autotrader is where we usually look
  7. 243deer

    Early PCP air rifles

    Plenty about them on Wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_gun - 800psi approx apparently to answer your question Great post - I never realised pcp was such old technology
  8. 243deer

    Clay ground fall out

    pm sent
  9. 243deer

    Elf and Safety

    Does he have a degree?
  10. 243deer

    Horse fly bite

    We get a lot of the pesky things on the farm and despite being bitten a lot I still get a bad reaction if I do not take the anti histamines quick. To stop the itching I use ammonia - search the bay for After Bite Classic Handy Pen 14ml
  11. 243deer

    Steel Shot or Wasting My Time?

    I have watched a pigeon fly the best part of half a mile and then drop stone dead. It was shot at (obviously not brilliantly) with 30g #6 of lead. Dog retrieved it and upon inspection it had one pellet pass through the lungs and exit with no other hits. When I used to shoot large quantities of pigeons they were breasted out for sale to pubs and restaurants in order to value add, rarely was shot found, it nearly all passed through. I have only used steel on duck and geese but have not really noticed any difference in kill ratios to when using lead. I would hope and expect the majority of shot to pass through my quarry in order to minimise the possibility of tooth damage. I think shot passing through quarry or not is a complete red herring to the op's issue. If I were you I would go and shoot some clays, preferably skeet as there is such a good mixture of shots, and thus improve your confidence in steel and possibly identify any type of shot that might need some work.
  12. 243deer

    Rabbits ?

    hundreds of young kicking around me at the moment too
  13. 243deer

    Signed off work with depression

    Very best of luck getting over this quickly. I believe that the police usually like guns out of the way in depression cases just because the licence holder might be a danger to themselves rather than anyone else. They would be seriously castigated by almost everyone the worst happened so in a way they are damned if they allow retention and damned if they do not.
  14. 243deer

    Rifle Range in Essex/Suffolk

    Kynamco is pay and play indoor 100m - you need to book though If you are a member of the BDS the Euston range days - up to 180m 2nd Saturday of the month until September - except July when it is on the 7th
  15. 243deer


    The greed lies fairly and squarely with our government