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  1. I usually dry them to keep for stews or to give away to people, I freeze them to make pico de gallo most of the time. I like growing them so dont mind giving them away.
  2. Then south african peppadews are like that, lovely things, you can sometimes get the patented seeds online. Yellow Trinidad Moruga Scorpions are my favourite, hot af but have a massive citrus aroma, I love them diced in pico de gallo or use them to marinade chicken thigh fillets. My Mrs hates them, she would die, but as @D_shooter said, its about tolerance and that tolerance builds pretty quickly.
  3. I wonder if they shot it together like the pottery scene in Ghost whether it would be legal or not? 😄
  4. If his mate has it on his ticket why would he not be able to use it under supervision when his mate is there? Edit - it would seem not, seems like the rules are a bit behind the times of LBP....
  5. Sound, thank you very much. The mag issue will be a pain.
  6. Good to know, thanks. I also looked at one of those.
  7. I see plenty of review saying they are pretty good, just after long term opinions if theyre reliable or any parts failing that's all. Id love to have a go, I'm in Shropshire.
  8. Does anybody have one of these or has owned one, cant find many long term reviews? Thanks
  9. £295??!! Just get them a cheap one, im sure they wont mind. My dog has a bed but prefers the wooden floor.
  10. Afternoon, sorry bud. Ill have to close this as a friend came earlier for them.
  11. Anybody want some free plants? I have grown the following from seed and are all going spare. 2 Roma VF Tomato 2 Vintage Wine Tomato 1 Thai Basil 1 Genovese basil 1 Kashmiri Murch Chilli 1 Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Chilli 1 Paper Lantern Chilli
  12. This just popped up on the Nature is Metal page on Instagram
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