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  1. Yeah, the mixing wasnt great. Tried to be overly clever, turned out messy.
  2. I had it with a few snacks......and 3 other stouts thats were 10% I dont drink very often but I know what you mean. I dont really drink many beers below 6% or 7% unless is Timothy Taylor Landlord or some cheap Hobgoblin.....or Rolling Man Pale by Deya (probably best beer of its style in UK).
  3. Cracked this La Catrina 11% spiced stout by Wander beyond last night, its been in my cupboard for about 2 years. Thick like used oil, loads of vanilla and cinnamon up front, ginger in the middle and a slight kick of chilli at the end. The head was so thick and had so much tension it looked like it had a skin. Its the best stout I've had since Even More Death by Northern Monk and Evil Twin. Anybody else had any good craft recently?
  4. The 1100cc V-Twin had straight through Cobra pipes, the noise was immense. The 790 is getting dropped off next week!
  5. Just sold my old bike, thats just gone and bought a nice 790 with under 1k on the clock.
  6. Tenet, the whole film was a mistake. Love Nolan, absolutely hated Tenet.
  7. Oh yes, what its all about.
  8. Ive still got a drinks fridge full of dank IPAs and a couple of hobs.
  9. Hate a crowded plate, need some operating room.
  10. Not game, but after a hard week its time for a phat roast. Potatoes boiled in beef stock then roasted, beef cooked to 40c and rested to 45c. Gravy made from a tin of Hobgoblin and beef stock reduced down. Yorkshire popped on top and a sweet roasted onion.
  11. Pangolin


    Thats what I used, MFP is great, justvwatch out when scanning barcodes as they are not always accurate.
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