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  1. Jonty

    Are there any plasterers on here?

    I'm not a plasterer but I recently paid £300 for a room of similar size to be skimmed. 1 x door 1 x window, existing plaster and plasterboard ceiling. It took one day.
  2. Folks, I'd like to have a litter from my cocker bitch. I've never had any involvement in breeding before so any help is gratefully received. I'm only after a single litter to keep one pup from (mum to be is a lovely temperament) and then sell on any other pups to good homes just for a fee that would make people think about buying a dog rather than to make a load of money out of. I think my main queries would be about finding a stud dog - how you go about paying? Is it after a mating/proof of pregnancy/birth of pups? Also is it normal to pay a fee or offer first choice of a puppy etc? My bitch from very good working stock and I'd be getting all pups docked - so maybe a clue as to how much the average vet costs are for a litter would be good too. thanks in advance
  3. Jonty

    Dutch Oven

    Brisket, that's got my juices flowing - thanks.... I'll do some research
  4. Jonty

    Dutch Oven

    Now the picture posting is working again....... Figgy, my wife is also quite ungrateful whenever I give her a Dutch oven too!
  5. Jonty


    Whenever I've made it from scratch, I've pressed the apples, added a campden tablet to the juice and then fermented with either cider or champagne yeast. The key is to let it mature after its fermented out - I'm not a cider expert but there's a secondary fermentation or the like that really softens the brew as it ages.
  6. Jonty

    The Wild Life

    Hi samboy, it’s yours mate. I’ll post it hopefully tomorrow
  7. Jonty

    The Wild Life

    Folks, I've just finished my copy, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's not the type of book I would re-visit so if anyone would like it, I'd be happy, as my good deed for the day, to put it in the post for the first person to say 'yes please'.
  8. Jonty

    Dutch Oven

    Thanks for the advice, I'll get it seasoned. I have a fire pit that I cook on in the garden so it will get plenty of use. When we moved into the house (it's got plenty of space and a beck at the bottom of the garden) my wife pointed out that I'd dug/built the firepit before I'd got around to assembling the kids' beds!
  9. Jonty

    Dutch Oven

    I got a dutch oven and tripod as a gift from my wife & kids today - I'm really looking forward to bagging a couple of bunnies and trying it out. I've never cooked in one before, does anyone else here use one?
  10. Jonty

    Home smoked bacon

    Nice one Ginger cat - you can't beat home made bacon. If you need any help when it comes to making your own cure up, sing out as its really straight forward. the main thing is make sure you buy cure#1 (also called Prague powder #1) for meat you are going to cook rather than cure #2 which is for dried meats. If you vac pack or wrap the bacon joint in cling film for a day before slicing it really helps to get the smoke into the meat.
  11. Jonty

    VINTAGE FISHING TACKLE, any PW member use ??

    I don't use them myself but I have an elderly neighbour who has a huge collection of old cane rods. He asked me if I could set up a new telly for him and I was amazed when I went into his house, it was a cross between a bomb site and a treasure trove - you could hardly move for trinkets and antiques of all shapes and sizes. In one room alone there must've been at least 50 split cane rods, all in original bags. After sorting the tv out I asked if I could take a look and we spent a good hour taking a few out of their bags, they were mostly in immaculate condition and probably hadn't (and probably won't again) seen the light of day for donkeys. It was really great to see them, but it was also a shame to know they will just sit there. When I left, he offered me money for sorting the tv out, which I declined, I did half jokingly (with my fingers crossed) suggest I'd take a hardy as payment - his response was a wink and a smile which was probably a the firmest most definite sod off I've ever been told.
  12. Jonty

    The Wild Life

    I'm in the process of reading it and can concur it's a great book. What I really like is that it's all from his little patch and he's not off every other week with a "friend from Scotland with a red deer problem" or the like - it's a genuine living from his land approach.
  13. Jonty

    Extended Hedge Trimmer.

    I have a stihl petrol trimmer with an extension pole. It's not that heavy to use as it's pretty well balanced, I'd certainly buy petrol again over battery if I had to replace it. They are a great piece of kit generally - no faffing with steps etc, and you can cover a large area of hedge with relatively little effort. Great piece if kit.
  14. Jonty

    Lily pads

    Walshie, we did this earlier in the year. The stems on the pads were maybe 1ft, we put them (basket type) into 2.5ft water and they soon made their way to the surface.
  15. I walked past him on the way to the kitchen thinking it was one of my sons dinosaur toys at first. God knows how it got into the house! We’ve just released ‭him into our pond - hopefully he has some friends in there