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  1. I would thoroughly recommend an ozone generator if you can beg steal or borrow one, or I don’t think they are too expensive to buy. Some years back I loaned my caravan to my sister and some selfish b……… smoked in it. It stank and I went ballistic. My sister bought me an ozone generator and after 4 hours with the generator in the van, the smell had completely gone, including from the upholstery. I was really prepared to lose my rag if there was even the faintest whiff, but I honestly couldn’t smell a thing.
  2. Thanks all. I don’t get the chance to get many woodies here so I do really enjoy them when I get a couple. @mel b3- I could have eaten double but I’m trying to shift some timber. @old’un - Dave I poured the reduced port over which is a lovely sauce, but being a food porn photo tart I didn’t want anyone thinking they were leaching blood - you’ve caught me out good and proper !!!
  3. This is my absolute favourite way to eat them, quick touch of a hot pan, a splash of port and the plonked on a pile of new potatoes sautéed with chorizo and black pudding - food of the gods!
  4. I have private insurance through work. I’ve not really used it in anger myself but I have found it absolutely brilliant for getting quick and easy access to physiotherapy when I’ve had a couple of joint/back issues - a quick phone assessment and then no fuss, no waiting, just make an appointment with your own choice of private therapist and away you go. I was admitted to hospital for the first time in my life last year via A&E for an urgent condition and I have to say my treatment was fantastic and in that situation, the NHS performed brilliantly and apart from having a room to myself and probably better food, I’m not sure how private treatment could have been any better in my particular situation. My wife has used our private cover a few times, she has MS and has had a few orthopaedic issues due to impaired mobility etc. where the private cover has excelled is in the speed in which she has been reviewed, had scans etc and then being treated. Facing the prospect of an 18 month wait whilst in pain must be a tough situation to be in, and for me, the private cover is a huge comfort.
  5. As said above, it’s to keep your head back - PC if you look up ‘slashed peak’ or variants of it you’ll probably find more info online.
  6. That was my first thought too.
  7. Yes. The hairy bikers had a recipe for it - it looked really good and I thought it sounded a nice change from the faitly standard gravy based braises I tend to do. I sort of followed the recipe but left out the mushrooms and used some extra wine to thin it out at the end because mine was quite thick. It's really good from slow cooking it with the bones in - I could have just scooped it out of the pan with fresh bread and skipped the pasta! Recipe Link
  8. put 5mm static cord or 5mm accessory cord into google and it will bring up lots of hard wearing climbing cord. I find the sheath on the climbing cord works really well as a slip lead - hard wearing and slips well. I use an old 10mm static rope (no stretch) for mine.
  9. Really glad to hear you’re doing so well with the bacon production mate 👍
  10. Good move, once you have that, you’ll be able to make a variety of different curries really easily.
  11. Thank you mate - I’ll make sure cheers
  12. I've seen a cool way to make a tandoor oven out of 2 x large terracotta pots and a dustbin. I really don't need one but I really think I need to make one !
  13. I'm in the same boat as you - no chance of a delivery and no takeaway to stumble into after a night in the pub. I make a similar base gravy and then its dead easy to knock up a takeaway style curry in no time. There's a great oldish book called 'The Curry Secret' by Kris Dillon that's very useful for this type of BIR style cooking. I'm sure you'd agree it's quite good fun and very satisfying. The only thing I bottle out with is the breads, i can make chappatis easily enough, but for Naans, i buy the clay oven brand, they're the nearest reheat at home I've ever had to a restaurant bought one.
  14. I completely agree - I have never owned a copy until three days ago when Amazon somehow sent me a copy instead of the wind vane I had actually ordered! I had a quick look through (to bake sure it definitely wasn't a wind vane) and was surprised that in this day and age, the bird images were drawings rather than photos of actual birds.
  15. @Walker570 I've seen your ferret idea in action.... I work for an IT cabling company and we do a lot of external fibre cabling through ducts etc. Years ago we were on site at a spot in York and we found a duct running under a brige with no draw rope. Our guys were just about to head off to HSS or the like for some rods when one of the guys who worked at the site 'nipped' home and came back with one of his ferrets and a sea fishing multiplier reel - 10 minutes later he was reeling in a new draw rope into the duct 😀
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