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  1. There were subtitles mate - admittedly he’s a man of few words but there were definitely subtitles available.
  2. Jonty


    This mornings attempt - not my best ever loaf 😀
  3. Watched it around lunchtime, I was actually salivating - they looked amazing. I’m going Tom get one of the frames knocked up, I have a fire pit (well ring of rocks) in the garden that I sometimes cook on and I think one of those would be a cracking addition.
  4. Shearwater, we used to have this every Sunday. Half the onion and then thinly slice it in the alignment that would make rings if it were whole (hope that makes sense) then for a bowl of vinegar maybe 4 inches across by 1 inch deep, mix about half a tspn of sugar into brown malt vinegar. Leave it to soak as long as you can, my mum used to make it in the morning for a 2pm lunch.
  5. Thanks for the heads up - never heard of him before, but I’ve just watched him cooking lambs over an open fire. That’s left me drooling!
  6. Jonty


    It’s honestly worth it - was absolutely top drawer
  7. Jonty


    Small world! It was hanging in a pub called the Crown at Kemerton, if you are in the vicinity and haven’t been lately, I had the best Pub Sunday Dinner I’ve had in a very long time - it’s well worth a visit
  8. Jonty


    A few weeks back I met up with my in-laws in a pub in Tewksbury and I was taken by a picture hanging on the wall that was for sale - it was called ‘Loyal’ and really made me think about my much missed old springer. It was my birthday this week and I was blown away when the picture turned up courtesy of my mother in law. I absolutely love it.
  9. I agree, a couple of years back I’d shot a Canada goose near Keighley and a pink foot in Leven, we roasted them both side by side and out of 6 of us, the Canada won 6:0
  10. If you’ve not glad it before and you want it for Christmas, I’d recommend boning it out and combining it with a couple more birds and some stuffing/sausage meat for a 3 bird roast - as others have said, they can be a bit hit and miss but combines as above they are great.
  11. Supermarket own brand 5 litre spring water comes in what are effectively plastic demijohns and cost around a quid each.
  12. Anyone else remember spangles from the old compo rat packs? You invariably had to eat them paper wrapper and all - you might have to adopt a similar approach.
  13. Hi SW, I’m not exactly sure how long I smoked it for as I didn’t time it as I was cooking it to a target temperature rather than time based. I think it was maybe 3 - 4 hours. I smoked it at 95 C until the meat hit an internal temp of 60 C - I use a remote temperature probe to follow its progress.
  14. I don’t own one personally, but I do get to drive these three pretty regularly. They are all 130’s and loaded to the gunnels with a multitude of Kit & equipment which makes the handling ‘interesting‘.
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