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  1. I'll have to look into that - I didn't know that was a possible option. Thank you
  2. I don't understand it either - there must be thousands of pickups being used as family cars rather than commercial vehicles.
  3. Just a heads up if anyone is currently insured with morethan van insurance. I had a letter recently that they were stopping providing cover at the end of the life of my current policy and they's partnered with Swinton so my pickup insurance could be seamlessly transferred over. The new premium was just shy of £500 which I thought was quite steep so I phoned and had a moan and they offered to knock it down to £380. I did an online comparison and could get the same cover with Swinton for £260 and there were obviously a couple of cheaper options too. Don't even get me started on the 'where's the benefit in customer loyalty' aspect - but I just though it was worth a nudge if anyone is is in a similar situation with morethan cover coming to an end.
  4. Ow that’s a Bobby Dazzler game king - can’t beat a health dose of vitamin P.
  5. If you’ve never had one, a liver, bacon, onion & brown sauce butty is to die for. Best eaten whilst wearing gralloching sleeve cuffs.
  6. I know what you mean mate. Pre Covid I was there once a month or so with work, I don’t think I ever made the alarm in a morning - there always seems to be a trade waste bottle bin being emptied outside my window irrespective of where I’m staying.
  7. My take on this is similar to @bigroomboy The dog has to know that any tension on the lead around his neck results in not going forwards at all, and 100% of the time. As soon as the lead goes taught, you need to stop dead and initially correct the dog into the heel position before starting moving again. When he goes ahead and the lead goes taught, repeat and continue. Eventually the dog should start to correct himself and you will see progress. It can take an age to move any distance initially but in relatively short period you should be able to walk him on a loose lead. I used this method with my springer dog and it worked an absolute treat. Be sparing with the heel command/prompt until the dog is in the correct position so he associates the word with where you want him to be rather than making him immune to it via over use when he's not where you want him. You do have to be 100% consistent on the no movement when the lead is tight on his neck so the workaround for quick walks etc when you dont have time to train is to use a harness, he can pull all he wants on the harness for a month or so but once hes walking to heel well on the lead you can ditch it. i know there are many schools of thought out there, but from my own experience, this method worked really well for me and produced great results quite quickly.
  8. Do you use Microsoft office? There's a floorplan template in Visio if you do
  9. Great minds think alike Ditchman. I built myself a 2wt nymphing rod using my patented banana box whipping jig. I also jammed a fly tying thread bobbin through the side of the box to hold the whipping thread under tension - it worked a treat.
  10. I’ve just made up a couple of first aid kits which are smaller than the ones I have in my hill walking rucksacks. One of them will be going in my shooting bag. For me personally, I don’t think I need to be able to cover every medical eventuality such as splinting a leg or having a bespoke sling. My main focus is being able to deal with a big bleed and then having some gauze/plasters etc for patching up minor cuts until I can get somewhere to deal with/have them dealt with properly. I also carry some simple analgesia, based on the knowledge that if you do turn or break an ankle out in the woods/moors,/hills with the best will in the world it’s going to be at least an hour until medical attention gets to you. In the interim, a combination of paracetamol and brufen will take the edge off. Also, if you are remote and the ambulance service request assistance from the local mountain or fell rescue team, if the MR team get to you first, they can give stronger pain relief but they are limited to the doseage they can administer, however it works really well in conjunction with the paracetamol and brufen as a ‘holy trinity’. On top of those two drugs, I also, and reccomend my friend to, have some aspirin. I’m sure a lot of us are ‘of a certain age’ and being able to chew on aspirin at the onset of getting chest pains could literally be a life saver. I think I paid about a quid for a pack of each of all three in Morrison’s last week - I reckon they are definitely worth the expense! On the celox front, if you are considering buying some, take a look at the gauze strips over the granules, you have the ability to pack it exactly where you want, but also, in a strong wind of sideways rain, it’s much easier to administer/use than the granules. Like a true sad sack, I vacuum packed my new kits to keep them waterproof and compact - I have to say, vacuum packing random stuff is really satisfying - I might have to make some more up 😀
  11. Jonty

    Whelping Box

    DIY whelping box 1200mmx1200mmx500mm. Made by myself and used for just the one litter. It’s in good condition - just don’t look too closely if you are a time served joiner 😀. It’s got a slide in insert panel to keep the pups in when they become mobile and the 50mmx50mm pig rail worked really well with my cocker and her 6 pups. I’ve also got a piece of Lino which is the footprint of the box, I’m happy to throw that in too if you need it. I’m happy to email further pic if needed - due to the photo size, I can’t post any extras on here. I’m located in BD24, near Settle North Yorkshire £35 collected
  12. Where are you based? I'm near Settle North Yorks and if you are anywhere reasonably close you'd be more than welcome to use my bench drill rather than spend money you don't need to. If you're not near me then maybe the PW massive has someone near to you who could help?
  13. Just be careful leaving your Bradley unattended. This was my mates smoker a few weeks back - we think one of the pucks caught fire and flared up in the cook chamber.
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