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  1. It’s a shame you’re not closer, I’m just waiting for this little one to come into season. She’s such a lovely nature that we would like to have a pup from her to add to the family menagerie.
  2. I have a 58 plate Ranger 3.0 wildtrrack that I’ve owned for the last 5 years. It’s a second car so it doesn’t get used every day but it’s a great vehicle, comfortable, nice to drive on road and very capable off road. I’ve spent a couple of weeks travelling around Harris and Lewis and I honestly think a Ranger would be perfect on those roads and tracks. For the longer runs, I have stalking in Argyle & Bute and the truck sits happily at 70-80 on the motorway on my regular trips up north from Yorkshire, it’s definitely not a chore to drive longer journeys. I may have got lucky with mine,
  3. They’re still in the fridge mate. I think I’ll give them another day or two before hanging them in the shed erm curing chamber.
  4. Picked up a couple of duck breasts on sale today, I thought I’d have a go at air drying them. They’re not massive so the whole-hole process shouldn’t take very long. I’ve made a basic dry cure of salt, Prague powder, juniper and garlic. They’ll sit in the fridge for a few days then I’ll rinse them off and hang them to air dry - hopefully.
  5. We picked up a brand new car on Tuesday, took the kids with us as a ‘family outing’. On the way home we treated them to a McDonald’s (rarity for them) only to find that with 26 miles on the clock the engine warning lamp had come on and we had to return the car and arrange a replacement. The sales guy was beside himself when my son stepped out of the shiny new motor with all of the food wrappers. At the start of lockdown, we were drinking so much that I left these out for the bin men on glass recycling day.
  6. Strimmer - that's a brilliant design.... I may have to poach it! 900mm is brilliant for a wheelchair, most chairs are suitable to fit through a standard door width of 760mm so the spare 140mm goes to save rapped knuckles whilst manoeuvring in an out of place. My wife uses a chair and she gives it the thumbs up 👍
  7. My heart goes out to Chris Lewis and his family, including the extended family of his team mates. I'm a Mountain Rescue team member and the absolute last thing you would ever imagine as you respond to a shout would be something as horrific as this happening to either yourself or a colleague. The response to the appeal to provide him with financial support is fantastic - it genuinely is humbling to see how generous the public have been.
  8. Plus 1 on the HG mould cleaner - it’s really effective. Stinks of bleach but it does a great job.
  9. Looks awesome, nearly as awesome as your butchery terminology @Benthejockey 😀😀
  10. Jonty

    How's the snow

    This is the view of Pen y Ghent in the dales from a couple of hours back.
  11. Jonty


    That is a very tricky issue as most of the time, you are dependant on the casualty actually having the good will to contact the team and let them know as there is no formal chain of communication once the casualties are handed over to the Ambulance service - if it was an avoidable rescue such as this one or many of the current lockdown shouts, there's not much chance of that happening.
  12. Jonty


    A truly avoidable incident with devastating results for the team member involved. Yet another example of self entitled people thinking that the rules don’t apply to them.
  13. Hi mate, I’m in the Yorkshire Dales, but I’ve already had a very kind offer of help, I wouldn’t want to start taking the Micky. Cheers
  14. Hi TC, realistically probably a couple of hours or so - family commitments etc
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