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  1. Thanks for the feedback folks. You’ve reiterated what I was suspecting. Once things get a little more flexible, I’ll get them looked at.
  2. My in-laws are moving house and having a clear out. We have ‘inherited’ a couple of swords, a helmet and a shield that all came from Persia when the great grandparents lived there some 100 years back. I’d love to clean them up a bit but don’t want to damage them. Any suggestions on how to clean them up,would be appreciated. The metal almost feels like it has a galvanised coat at the moment. We’ve done a little bit of research and the scimitar could be quite old,, but, we’re not sure if they are authentic pieces or replicas yet.
  3. I’m looking forward to seeing how you get on with these. They are very effective. I’m a huge fan of barrel traps but these are really useful, especially in really close to the surface runs when you can literally see the mole moving the grass as it travels the tunnel. Also, they are great if you dig into a run at a point with a bend/change of direction.
  4. I’ve got a few spares - happy to post a couple if it puts you (and the mole) out of your misery - that said, it is quite enjoyable reading! edit - just realised you’ve already one on the way from Walker 👍
  5. Jonty


    Blast! One can dream I suppose !!
  6. Superb - brilliant post, thank you. I bought a cheese mould ages ago and have never used it, this post has prompted me to pull my finger out and give it a go. Well done 👍
  7. Jonty

    Kids Waders

    Many thanks for the responses both - I’ll take. Look, cheers
  8. Jonty


    I’m aching all over after spending Saturday dismantling and transporting an 8x12 shed that is to become a woman shed in my back garden. After getting shed envy at mine, my wife decided she wanted her own little craft room in the garden. Once the footings are in it will be insulated and boarded out etc. Be great to get all of the blinking wool she keeps buying out of the house !
  9. Jonty

    Kids Waders

    My 13 year old daughter has started coming fly fishing with me and really enjoys it. At the moment it’s been small Stillwater fishing but I’m keen to get her onto the river. I’m Never going to scrimp on safety with her so a high quality self inflating life jacket Is a must. But, whilst she’s still growing I’d rather not spend a fortune on waders until she 1) still shows an interest 2) stops growing so I only have to get her one really good set. In the interim, I’d like to find some reasonably priced without buying tat - I was wondering if any of you folks had bought any for kids that you could recommend. Many thanks in advance.
  10. Jonty


    As a massive long shot If she’s anywhere near me (Settle) I have plenty and would happy give her a couple. Failing that she can mail order from The Flat Pack really high quality Yorkshire made and a great company to deal with.
  11. Jonty


    It’s definitely solid alright, I wouldn’t want to carry it all day, or have to defend myself in a fight for too long. I also wouldn’t want a clout from it either.
  12. I was amazed today to see just how much effort an oyster catcher will go to when building a nest - this one certainly isn’t going anywhere 😀
  13. Jonty


    Finished - and one happy lad! I had some old nails (100 years plus) that a friend pulled out of his house. I used them as rivets to hold the boss and the handle on....... wooden sword next
  14. Back peddling furiously, with a workshop like that, and if he owns the landy in the avatar, I bet he can weld 😀
  15. Oops - better get my glasses on😀
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