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  1. Thanks for the advice folks, 2nd ferret turned up in one of our sheds this morning, obviously very scared as When here sister came to say hello she went for her big style. Both in separate cages for now until she’s rested and fed and calmed down. @Walker570my son (11) was in tatter, fortunately with the positive outcome, the best thing is that he learned a seriously important lesson. thanks again for the suggestions .
  2. Thanks Dave, I did actually root a pair of heavy gloves out first thing. Amazingly one of them is back home after it was spotted on the sofa of a nearby glamping pod - I really hope her sister is near by.
  3. I I got up this morning to find that both my ferrets had gone due to my son not locking the hutch door after playing with them last night. At the moment I've left the ground level door open with plenty of meaty food and I've also set a cage trap nearby to the hutch. I don't have a lot of experience with ferrets so if anyone has any suggestions or ideas of other things I could be doing to hopefully get them back I would really appreciate it as I'm absolutely gutted that they've gone.
  4. Jonty


    That’s a fantastic press mate! I wanted to build a press but my wife said she’d get me one. The 5 litre capacity little basket press that turned up wasn’t quite what I was looking for 😀
  5. Thanks, I’ll take a look. Just spotted the first grey in the garden in years and we’ve had sightings of red squirrels in the village so want to get back on top of the greys.
  6. I need a cage trap for squirrels, could anyone recommend a decent manufacturer/supplier please. thanks in advance
  7. I managed to snap one of the sections of my favourite river fly rod the other day, completely my fault (involving the tailgate of my pickup). I’d registered the rod with Greys warranty when I bought it over 15 years back and one thing they offer is replacement sections if they have them in stock. With the age of the rod they didn’t which I understand was a long shot, but they offered me a new rod at a discounted price. I’ve now got a new similar spec rod coming to me with just over 50% discount. I would have loved to have had a replacement section, but as a plan b for a 15 year old rod I m
  8. Roadkill, it was some years back but I had a day with a company called Tweedguide- it was my first day ever salmon fishing and the guide/ghillie Provided all the kit and some double handed casting tuition, I’ve just looked on their website and they still offer the full package so to speak. As I said, my experience was a good while back but it was a very good day and if they still operate as they did then, I would thoroughly recommend them. The guide got me my first ever salmon, followed by four others!
  9. Chris, I did exactly the same - like drinking a bottle,of perfume!
  10. Well done on your first salmon, you’ll never forget it.
  11. That’s a cracking day on a cracking river blackpowder. The one and only time I have ever fished the Whiteadder was my first ever day salmon fishing. My wife bought me a day’s tuition with a ghillie. I ended up with 5 fish..... never had a day like it.since!
  12. My wife was cycling along a track in the Forest of Dean on Christmas morning and her way was blocked by a territorial Rhea, caused a few chuckles at the control room when she rang 101.
  13. If you fancy something different on the bbq, give this a try. There’s plenty of great videos on YouTube on how to bone the leg out - I learned by watch I one n]by Scott Rea. Gave it an overnight in olive oil, garlic and lemon and then cooked it over wood - bloomin lovely!
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