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  1. Thanks OPP - it's going to be a looong build!! I've never done any metal working so its a bit of a challenge, but should be fun. I'm planning to start some welding this weekend - I'll maybe start a thread on it if its of interest
  2. I just wanted to say thanks for all the suggestions - I finally managed to find some tube with 0.7mm more diameter than my steel bar - it works a treat. @Shambam1962 I thought I’d post a pic why I couldn’t use standard weld on hinges - thank you for your suggestion though, it would have been easier if I could have. I need some clearance at the hinge pivot point for a baffle (where the pen is in the pic) hence the need for something ‘bespoke’ so to speak. Thanks again chaps 👍
  3. Jonty

    Surf n Turf

    I used hickory for this one Lloyd - purely because it was the only flavour I had. On hot smoked food, I personally cant really tell too much of a difference in the actual flavour between the woods, only that stuff like hickory & oak have a stronger smoky taste than say, beech. Damp woodchips triple wrapped in foil (with a couple of fork holes) sat on the cooking grate over the coals works very well too.
  4. Jonty

    Surf n Turf

    Thanks Lloyd, i have a metal box that I put woodchips in, that sits above the coals and the fish to the side away from the coals so it hot smokes with indirect heat - it was very tasty. Thanks TC!
  5. Yorkshire Dales last night, just a 10 minute walk from the house to get away from ant security lights etc. we often get the lights visible from here, but usually it’s a vague glow to the naked eye which comes out far better via camera - last night there wasn’t much differentiation between the eye and camera, it was truly stunning.
  6. Jonty

    Surf n Turf

    Absolutely! Our AA stocks a 5 acre spring fed hill tarn and the fish grow in beautifully. The deer hitched a lift back home from Scotland with me a while back.
  7. From a couple of days ago. A nice fat rainbow caught the same morning and hot smoked indirectly (coals only on one side of the bbq). When the fish was done, I put some venison loin steaks over the coals to cook nice and quickly. We had a couple of friends over who’d never had venison - they loved it and were amazed it wasn’t ‘gamey’ as per the common misconception you can’t beat cooking meat over fire!
  8. I don’t know about the chemist, but you can get it at any sausage/canon making suppliers such as tong master or weschenfelders - I think they both also sell via Amazon.
  9. I have, and also,tried sanding it, it’s set pretty rigid. I’ll try a different approach next time.
  10. Thank you. I have a load of offcuts that I'm going to take up to my angling club hut for any fly tyers to take. I did send a message to a friend of mine who wrote a book on fly tying - he got back to me saying that he had plenty of deer had, but if I ever did shoot a leprechaun, he had a green fly pattern he's been desperate to try 😀
  11. Thanks Steve, I'll take a look at that. During lockdown my son and I made an authentic as possible at the time viking shield which is hung on his wall, i thought I might hang this behind it - seems like your dad and I have similar thought trains !
  12. We’re gonna need a bigger deer ! 😂
  13. On my last Stalking trip to Scotland I brought a small red hind's skin back home and stuck it in the freezer with a view to having a try at tanning it at some point. it wasn't the best skinning job, but when the skin was off, it seemed a manageable size for a first attempt. After more hours than I care to admit to falling down the YouTube rabbit hole, I went for the alum pickle tanning method. I did a lazy jetwash to flesh the skin (couldn't get the dogs away from the drive for days after that) followed by a week in a bath of alum sulphate, salt and water. After that it was a quick rinse in washing soda and then drip dried followed by stretching on a frame to dry out properly. I dropped a clanger i think at the next stage by painting it with boiled linseed oil before stretching/breaking the leather - once the oil soaked in there is absolutely no way you could soften it - lesson for next time. On the whole I'm pretty pleased - the fur is intact and doesn't shed and the process was pretty easy. if I was doing another one, I'd take more time/care skinning it, and look at how to soften the leather to get that buckskin type feel.
  14. Folks, I’m after some help or suggestions if possible. I’d like to make some hinges for a smoker in the same format as those in the picture. Basically I need either 10mm or 12mm bar and then some 10mm ID or 12mm ID tube. The only tube I seem to be able to find is quite thin walled at 1mm or 1.5mm. Ideally I could do with at least 3mm if possible. I’m no fabricator so I apart from some random googling, I don’t really know where to look. With the amount of seasoned fettlers on here, I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction of a supplier who might be able to help me out. thanks in advance
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