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  1. He he he...... From a bloke in Lincolnshire 😀😀😀 I wish I'd taken a photo, moondoggy, - it was very 'normal for yorkshire' 👍
  2. My uncle Bob was a bit of a rogue. Just at the end of WW2 he and a friend/fellow black marketeer broke into a large castle. Once inside, it didn't take them very long to realise that it wasn't a castle and they had just broken into the local prison. Fortunately (for them) my uncles mate was batman to an officer and used to 'borrow' his uniform for such excursions - on this occasion it literally was their 'get out of jail card'.
  3. A friend of mine works in a local pub which has just recently changed hands. The previous tenants left it iwith the private accommodation in a really rough state. New owners went tomrefurb it room by room, when they emptied one bedroom, on shifting the bed they found that the room had been recarpeted around the bed so there was a bed shaped patch of different carpet where it had stood.
  4. Jonty


    Best Christmas present I got this year..... it was incredibly well wrapped in bubble wrap so the penny dropped it was a mahoosive Cross cut saw before I saw the detail, I had a good couple of minutes trying to maintain a smile whilst unwrapping it whilst thinking ‘what the hell has she bought me one of these for?’
  5. It does sound like snipe to me. They tend to squawk when taking off, which would fit in with the dogs disturbing them.
  6. Jonty


    I’ve had a 3 year hiatus from brewing after I moved house. Man cave etc was quite down on the priorities list. I eventually got my shed up (8’x24’), converted a section into my home office and the rest is beer, shooting and fishing related space. I made the brewery kit some years ago and it’s made some good beer - I usually make smaller batches but it will produce up to 70 litres at a time.. I’ve just finished plumbing it in so the vessels fill from a mains feed rather than having to use hoses or lift heavy sloshing tanks about.. I’ve a couple more tweaks to make but hopefully should be up and brewing in a week or so. Must say I’ve really missed it and can’t wait to get back started.
  7. I'm not a plasterer but I recently paid £300 for a room of similar size to be skimmed. 1 x door 1 x window, existing plaster and plasterboard ceiling. It took one day.
  8. Folks, I'd like to have a litter from my cocker bitch. I've never had any involvement in breeding before so any help is gratefully received. I'm only after a single litter to keep one pup from (mum to be is a lovely temperament) and then sell on any other pups to good homes just for a fee that would make people think about buying a dog rather than to make a load of money out of. I think my main queries would be about finding a stud dog - how you go about paying? Is it after a mating/proof of pregnancy/birth of pups? Also is it normal to pay a fee or offer first choice of a puppy etc? My bitch from very good working stock and I'd be getting all pups docked - so maybe a clue as to how much the average vet costs are for a litter would be good too. thanks in advance
  9. Jonty

    Dutch Oven

    Brisket, that's got my juices flowing - thanks.... I'll do some research
  10. Jonty

    Dutch Oven

    Now the picture posting is working again....... Figgy, my wife is also quite ungrateful whenever I give her a Dutch oven too!
  11. Jonty


    Whenever I've made it from scratch, I've pressed the apples, added a campden tablet to the juice and then fermented with either cider or champagne yeast. The key is to let it mature after its fermented out - I'm not a cider expert but there's a secondary fermentation or the like that really softens the brew as it ages.
  12. Jonty

    The Wild Life

    Hi samboy, it’s yours mate. I’ll post it hopefully tomorrow
  13. Jonty

    The Wild Life

    Folks, I've just finished my copy, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's not the type of book I would re-visit so if anyone would like it, I'd be happy, as my good deed for the day, to put it in the post for the first person to say 'yes please'.
  14. Jonty

    Dutch Oven

    Thanks for the advice, I'll get it seasoned. I have a fire pit that I cook on in the garden so it will get plenty of use. When we moved into the house (it's got plenty of space and a beck at the bottom of the garden) my wife pointed out that I'd dug/built the firepit before I'd got around to assembling the kids' beds!
  15. Jonty

    Dutch Oven

    I got a dutch oven and tripod as a gift from my wife & kids today - I'm really looking forward to bagging a couple of bunnies and trying it out. I've never cooked in one before, does anyone else here use one?
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