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  1. I’ve just come to a similar arrangement. I’ve just had my cocker bitch mated with a stud dog and we’ve agreed the price of a pup for the fee. However, the owner did say that he wanted to wait until my bitch had whelped as if she only had a couple of pups he didn’t feel it would be fair to take the whole fee - I couldn’t see fairer than that.
  2. Thank you very much 👍
  3. There's some cracking looking food there mate! Could I ask what is it that you've used for the food grating/grill in the offset cook chamber. I'm looking to make something similar and have been looking at different grill options - yours looks spot on.
  4. Good call mate. I like to try and have a go at new projects but after I costed up the flue, register plate, building regs and how long it would take me to install, it worked out far more cost effective, and in my eyes logical, to get someone in. I used a local chimney sweep firm and they did an excellent job in probably 1/4 of the time it would’ve taken me to do.
  5. Just reiterating what ditchy says - you need to really look,at your house insurance. If you do it under the radar of building regs and hetas certificates, you could be scuopered if you need to make a claim for something fire related down the line.
  6. An ex girlfriend's grandmother lived in the same street as Bobby and Jack when they were young lads, I always smile when I remember her telling me ''that Bobby was a canny lad - he'd do anything for you, but that wee Jackie was a proper little b88888d''😀 Sounded even funnier coming from a little sweet 75 year old grandma
  7. It’s really easy mate, if you need any pointers with the cure drop me a message and I’d be happy to help. Although, from your amazing bacon thread, I suspect you’ve got that sussed.
  8. I’ve let these breasts dry out a little more than I would have liked - completely lost track of time. But, they are absolutely delicious, like rich prosciutto with a sweet aftertaste of duck fat. Definitely worth a try as they are incredibly easy to do.
  9. Ouch! that's going to be painful after all that time and care. In my old house I had a meter cupboard that was perfect conditions for hanging them - when my daughter was around 4/5 her common question to visitors to the house was 'do you want to see Daddy's pigs legs'?
  10. Ahh, good stuff, if it’s suitable for corned beef it would be grand for bacon - sorry Pangolin, I wasn’t trying to teach my granny to suck eggs . how did the prosciutto turn out?
  11. Pangolin, just make sure your curing salt is Cure#1 or a mix specifically for bacon before you start with It mate. The stuff for prosciutto is different to what you use for bacon & cooked meats.
  12. Cheers Ditchman. I put a new electrode holder and earth clamp on it and when I put a voltmeter across it, it’s bang on with the specs shown in the 1977 version of the users manual I found on line. I’m now spending a lot of time on YouTube welding channels.
  13. Not quite a reservoir by our club's little hill tarn is only a mile or so from my home so I have been able to get out on the water. Tight lines chaps!
  14. I was cleaning the dead spiders out of it Figgy. I cleaned it up and gave it a coat of paint and its welding beautifully - well it would be beautiful if I could actually weld properly 😀
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