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  1. Jonty

    What 3 words

    As a mountain rescue team member I have very mixed feelings about w3w. I can see the benefits in urban and rural areas for getting a vehicle to the right door etc, but for people out on the hills a good old 6 figure grid ref is what we like to see. Firstly it would indicate you had a map which means that maybe all you need is a little assistance or local knowledge to get you right. Secondly, it saves us having to translate w3w into a grid ref (MR, coastguard and air ambulance do not navigate by w3w). In the last couple of months we have had 4 locations provided by w3w, 2 were accurate, the other 2 put our casualties in Alaska and Northampton when in fact they were actually in the Yorkshire Dales), they do get mixed up in translation/repetition. We have now adapted our incident management platform to translate w3w into a grid ref, we don’t necessarily like it in our particular field of operation, but accept that it’s here to stay for now.
  2. Jonty


    Sam, cider goes through another process in the bottle called malolactic fermentation. The harsh Malic acid giving it that raw taste converts to lactic acid which is softer. Give it time to age and you should see a change in flavour..
  3. Jonty


    Before I moved into the sticks, I had a Larsen in my garden. A neighbour reported me to the RSPCA and when the ‘inspector’ knocked on my door I was about to tell her to sling her hook, but as I knew I was doing everything legally, I let her in to take a look. I was really surprised with her reaction after telling her I’d caught 15 birds so far - she was really pleased and supported protecting the song birds. I completely disagree with how the RSPCA operate and try and conduct themselves as an official/enforcement body, but I was genuinely taken aback by the reaction I got from the woman who turned up at mine that day.
  4. Jonty


    Sadly you can’t as it is illegal with the crime being ‘endangering an aircraft’. I was helping a lady with a broken leg in the summer and we had some numpty (out of sight) hovering a drone 10m above the casualty - amazing how selfish some people can be. that said, im in the middle of nowhere and would have no qualms giving it a couple of barrels if it was hovering over my house
  5. Jonty


    Every Christmas I fire up the smoker to make smoked salmon for my mates - they drop off the fish and I cure and smoke it. It’s surprising how good a ‘product’ you can make with even the cheap deal salmon you can get in the supermarkets at this time of year. Anyhoo, I’m taking care of my own family salmon before the rush next week. This fish was my first attempt at fillet in a whole fish - experts, please don’t look too closely. So far, the pics show the salmon being rubbed with a 70/30 salt/sugar cure. The sides go into the fridge for 12-24 hours to cure. After that they will be cold smoked. This is a really easy process, if you’ve ever fancied curing meat etc, this is the easiest route (in my opinion) into having a go. i think curing/smoking is seen as a dark art - it really isn’t, it’s worth a try if you are that way inclined.
  6. I’ve got an icotec 350, performance wise I can’t fault it. What I do like the look of the 500 for us it has an illuminated handset - if I was buying a new caller, that would be a major selling point for me.
  7. Jonty

    R.I.P old friend

    I’m really sorry to hear that mate. You gave him the best life possible and a far more dignified end than many of us will experience. After 14 years of loyalty, you did the best by him at the end.
  8. You fly them on a private pilots licence Ben. It was 40-50 hours airtime plus navigarion&law training when I did it. God knows what the costs are now to hire a machine.
  9. I can’t answer that for anyone else, in my case it was because I split up with the daughter of the guy who owned the Gyrocopter 😂. I should have treated that lass better!
  10. I agree, it really gives an insight into what people are hopefully going to do. It’s the curve ball ‘hang on whilst I crawl down this road and get reverse parked’ that leave me hand on face!
  11. They are. I learned to fly a gyrocopter years ago. Back then there was a glitch in the legislation that you could only fly solo so all early tandem training was on a gyro with no engine that got towed up and down the runway on a rope (protected inside a hosepipe) tied to the back of a landy, we called it the flying bed frame. After a few hours of that, it was ‘you’re in your own now ‘. Great fun to fly, and fairly safe due to the rotors not being powered - less to go wrong so to speak.
  12. A major chunk of blue light driving training is about the blue light driver positioning or driving the vehicle in a way to get drivers in front to do what you want them to do. Doesn’t always work and sometimes the reactions of drivers to the blue lights is quite astounding.
  13. Here’s the little beast in action
  14. I took a LANTRA ATV course yesterday for a sit in/side by side. I have a 4x4 shooting bus and also drive land rovers on some pretty taxing ground so I’d say I’m fairly competent off-road. Every day;s a school day though and I have to admit that I still learned some new stuff and found it really rewarding. It’s also really interesting to see what these vehicles will and won’t do - we had bought a Honda Pioneer 700 and after the day, I was far more comfortable about being in a position to decide whether I’d be jumping in the landy or the Honda. If you’re in need of any formal,training, I found the LANTRA course far more than just a box ticking exercise.
  15. We burn a mix of hardwood and ovals called ‘supertherm’. The wood is great and the boss likes it for the flames - I like it as it burns down to virtually nothing with very little ash. The supertherm banks up and provides a constant heat for donkeys - with the vents closed it’ll stay in for ever. The only (very slight)downside is the ovals produce a lot more ash - and because they burn for ever, it can sometimes be a faff trying clean it out with still hot coals in the grate..... you definitely need a metal ash bucket.
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