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  1. Ive put vanilla pods in bottles before and did a vanilla and coconut vodka. It works well, the coconut and vanilla was like an unsweetened Malibu.
  2. I did this to fix a dent in my AYA, I used a 1/4" socket wrapped in foil to the correct diameter and lots of oil.
  3. Dont worry, ill look at the size guide online now I know the brand, thanks.
  4. Morning, What brand are these and do you know the sizes in inches? Thanks
  5. Do you know the sizes in inches? (Edit, just checked and I think they are too big for me) Thanks
  6. Im doing the same again this month for a bbq on 22nd, I'll be starting the cook at 4pm on the 21st with an alarm on the temp gauge to wake me up and put more wood on through the night. I mostly use my smoker to do wood fired spatchcock chickens, they're lovely.
  7. @243deerget on youtube, have a look a brisket smoking, you'll be down a rabbit hole of brisket, burnt ends and Texas crutch in no time, haha.
  8. It really depends on how well the smoker holds the heat and the weight of the cut. I did a 6kg beef brisket and a 6kg pork shoulder at the same time in my offset made from oil drums (thin metal) and it took about 16hrs to do the two at the same time. Probably about 12hrs for a large brisket in mine without anything else in the chamber @120c. @Walker570 is yours oil drum or thick steel?
  9. Fair enough, as long as theyre consistant I'll be happy. I've got a murder of very wary crows to sort out from a distance.
  10. Any others worth a try in your experience? I see the V Max mentioned a lot.
  11. Awesome, needs some after pics of those. I split a load of wood yesterday for a brisket smoke at the end of the month.
  12. Those Bergara look pretty nice. I'll be going semi auto for the 22lr I reckon. Maybe something cheap and fun like a Chiappa M4 or similar. I am liking the Howa the more I look at them, need to get some stalking booked in around the Shropshire area when I pick one up. FEO said the FAC should be with me within 2 weeks as they had some system issues. Not long now.
  13. Haha, I thought it may be the case, didnt want to say.... I've not looked into the WMR, will get on youtube later.
  14. I had a heavy on my old 22lr and never found it a problem. I suppose everyone is a bit different, I see lots of people on here asking about reducing recoil when theyre only firing 28g, it honestly doesnt bother me shooting 36g, 42g plus all day. Each to their own.
  15. I dont mind a heavy gun tbh, the varmint version of the 455 is about 400g or 500g heavier than standard. I'd prefer the heavier gun for steadier aiming when walking and shooting and carry weight doesnt really bother me. I think the Anschutz is more than I want to spend.
  16. Will takena look at those loads. The Royal is nice but it adds a fair bit to the price.
  17. Will have a look at the Mauser. (Edit - just had a nose, looks like it may only come in synthetic, not really into synthetic, thanks though. Im probably going to get the 455 Varmint.
  18. Excellent, im doeting at the min so I'll have to budget for a pie at the end of the week.
  19. Pangolin

    THEM !

    Agreed, the acting was great, the guy that played Henry was British. Tap dance man was also brilliant. I think the extreme hate from the white people was just to mirror the views of the founding settlement, it wouldn't have had as much impact if they weren't so extreme. I assume you have all watched Get Out, I loved that.
  20. Pangolin

    THEM !

    I finished it all last night, had it on whislt painting models, blitzed the whole thing. The Tap Dance Man was a good character, well played.
  21. That sounds like a great time.
  22. Thanks for the opinions, looks like I'll be getting a new CZ. I'll get a selection of ammo to try out, see what works well with it. Looking forward to the extended range of the 17 as only owned a 22lr previously. I must say that Shropshire/West Mercia did a great job with the application process, applied on 23rd March and had my interview on 26th April. They did an equally fast turn around last year with my SGC. Hopefully other departments follow suit. The keeper next to my perm said the same, he has a range of calibres, he finds himself using the 17 a lot.
  23. Maybe I'll ask father Christmas haha. I'll save up for the 243 over this year, the 17 will be getting the most use for now.
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