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  1. This was in the Mail today, see how it develops. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9727215/Was-spy-camera-caught-Matt-Hancock-clinch-aide-hidden-smoke-alarm.html
  2. I wrapped it in muslin, hung it in the garage and durng prolonged periods of good weather I had it outside. Thank you. It was made from pork that was reared by a bloke I worked with, bought straight from him, cured at home. Shropshire living, haha. It was probably worth a lot of money once cured, it cost me about £40 to do once buying the leg and salt. Great with some bread, cheese, wine, ale. It was really nice, I'm thinking about doing another one soon after finding these pictures. As I was reading other recipes I seen one for goose pastrami and salami. Luckily I've just aquired some shooting with land covered in Greylag and Canada, shame I have to wait for the Greys as there are loads of them doing the same damage as the Canadas.
  3. Dont see why it would be an issue, shooting from an elevated position is good for the backstop.
  4. This was a cured ham I made a while back, 42 days cured in salt and 9 months air dried. It was brilliant.
  5. There is nothing wrong with the CF Switch passives, dont be put off.
  6. When the Drs said he could have a stroke at any time, I dont think they meant this, haha.
  7. Mr Hancock breaking guidelines on distancing, tut tut. He is an absolute ***** of the highest order.
  8. Ive always thought that. Even if something is farmed/bred for fur but treated well and the meat goes to human or animal feed and isn't wasted, I cant see the problem. Next there will be uproar about leather, fgs.
  9. Im off to the Broads in September, I shall be taking a few lures with me for Pike. Carp rods out overnight when we moor up.
  10. Such a great looking gun.
  11. Eh? (Edit, I get ya) Cheers. I was expecting Blazing Saddles.
  12. I've never handled one but I love the aesthetic.
  13. Do you have any pics, I love a 1911, would love to see it.
  14. The CF Switch aren't digital plugs, no batts.
  15. Ugly dogs, my mate has one. I really dont like dogs that have the moustache type muzzle, not mad on curly haired dogs either, I really do dislike seeing them. They seem to be everhwhere.
  16. Ah, it wasnt like thay when I applied. I dont know why they never replied.
  17. Pffft, I applied about 5 years ago, got an email back saying it was full and youll be kept on record for when spaces were available. Never had anything back. Is it quite expensive now?
  18. Is that the huge lake they took a pontoon on?
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