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  1. We spotted some pigeons in good numbers yesterday on a field of pea stubble so although we are a bit pushed for time this week we did manage to grab a short session today. All we had with us were a few cradles so the first challenge was to shoot the first one. I love this sort of challenge that relies more on field craft than 'gizmos'. After clapping off the feeding birds we stood simply at the edge of a wood - no nets - just using stillness of body not to give the game away that we were there - green works just as well as expensive camo if you stand still! We should (as always) have been a little more selective in the shots we took but with just 61 cartridges between us 26 birds hit the deck. Breasting out at home was done as fast as possible with the green bottles desperate to lay their eggs. A few pounds of meat for stews and the bbq is a very welcome bonus these days. We left the field with the pigeons still coming back so maybe we will get another chance this week - you just never know if the pigeons have read the script though.
  2. My Mrs invested £20 in bitcoin after Paypal made it easy to buy and I had to suffer daily reports of how much profit she had 'made', things are now happily quiet again. Meanwhile the gold that I buy her in various forms every birthday and Christmas has become a decent little nest egg over the years with the bonus that the items she wears daily she enjoys. A cashless society will be a very sad place in some ways some examples of which that have not so far been mentioned are The demise of the tooth fairy No more notes enclosed in birthday and Christmas cards from relations Village fetes Church collections
  3. I do not have enough fuel left to make it to either Mildenhall or Norwich unfortunately. I was hoping things might have caught up by now as no diesel in my area since last Monday
  4. first rule of databases - BS in = BS out
  5. Some petrol in Swaffham tonight but no diesel - just about made it home. Anyone know how much veg oil to add to some kerosene to make a few litres of diesel to get me out of trouble?
  6. I have compared my vanguard Endeavour ED binos against top of the range swaros. In woodland on a dull winters day or at last light there is a considerable definition difference as range increases, even to my old eyes. If I could afford the swaros I would no longer do so as for woodland stalking a thermal imager is now far more of a game changer at a cost of less than the price differential. On the one occasion I have needed support from Vanguard they very quickly sent me replacement parts FOC hence they get another shout out to let folks know that their after sales service is on a par with Swaros but without the apparent in built cost. I am with Nev though in that folk should always assess whether there is enough light left for sensible tracking of deer before taking a late shot even if their equipment allows enough light transmission especially if you do not have a tracking dog with you.
  7. here is the link for the NZ regs for those that are interested https://fishandgame.org.nz/game-bird-hunting-in-new-zealand/hunting-regulations/non-toxic-shot-regulations/ I do a lot of ratting on farms with my moderated .410 and sub cartridges which I can now reload myself once my stock of commercials is exhausted. I raised this issue with BASC, in writing and verbally to regional representatives when I was a member. Due to the very disappointing irrelevant response that I have received (they gave me details of a trial day for 12g and 20g steel cartridges) I withdrew my financial support of BASC, they have had their chance in my view and appear to care little for the less well off shooter who mainly does useful pest control.
  8. hare would be my guess - a scale would help
  9. My next door neighbour, an ex traffic cop - there is some karma for you, was done for 36 in a 30 last year, he took it on the chin, paid the hundred quid, declining the course offered with a smile - he is of an age where every day is precious. My best mate at school was killed 48 years ago by a car estimated to have been doing 35 miles an hour in a 30 limit but technology was not good enough back then for a conviction. In any case he has had to live with that decision for the rest of his life. Despite innumerable similar incidences countrywide since some folk refuse to acknowledge they are doing anything wrong speeding and change their behaviour in any way. That is their choice, I have made a different one.
  10. with all the anti-siphon now built in more likely to be spiked tanks
  11. Can get you plenty of baler twine - just tie ankles and knees - that should wear the little darlings out a bit
  12. 243deer

    black lab

    when I lived down in Kent I often met the ladies from https://www.labrescuekent.co.uk/dogs-needing-a-home/ at shows. They were very pro labs going to working homes and are not far from you
  13. good info here - https://www.wildlifeonline.me.uk/animals/article/squirrel-breeding-biology-gestation-birth-kitten-development
  14. As per smokersmith I just use a 6" boning knife
  15. An happy to 'recycle' your draw stock for you, will pay postage.
  16. cannot condone her actions but equally, if she is to be prosecuted, so should the foul mouthed people with their tirade of swear words in public.
  17. manufacturers just love fps figures - they know that just 1 fps faster than a competitor will lure some shooters into thinking it is a better cartridge and probably stating it is a better cartridge on social media. There is a great video of a pro golfer on you tube playing 9 holes with a 'set' of 4 clubs that cost £70 - his skill meant he came in under par, it is a salient lesson that skill matters more than kit. Sticking with the same cartridge allows your brain to adjust to all the variables. If most of us average shots were given plain cartridges and just told to use them the chances are there would be little difference in how well we shot. In practical terms I have ended up with a bag full of bits at times and despite variations in shot size and speeds I seem to shoot about the same on a sporting set up. For reloading I would pick a medium speed and just as importantly a progressive powder that keeps kick to a minimum plus I would only load 21g as that does for most folk and keeps the cost down.
  18. On the farm I do most of the humane dispatch and it does not cost me one wink of sleep, it is performing a humane action rather than letting animals suffer. I personally cannot think of any worse sentence than rotting in prison. I would happily be the dispatcher of these animals though. The public have never been allowed a referendum on capital punishment yet we live in a supposed democracy, it is time folk are allowed to have their say.
  19. I have mentioned exponential population growth on here once or twice but as you say it seems to go largely unnoticed and is a very inconvenient root cause to those who wish to pontificate over the rest of us. There is an obscene amount of funding available to report on climate change and its so called effects therefore you need a problem (bandwagon) in order for this funding to continue.
  20. yet my mk1 freelander with a td4 engine needed only one brake sensor and one pipe in 5 tears of ownership + it was going to need a clutch after 180k miles which is why I sold it on. Cost of depreciation was £850 over 5 years - not all LRs are bad
  21. I have 20 partridge to do tonight - they will be breasted out and vac packed 2 birds/4 breasts to a pack - might seem wasteful not to use the whole birds but 20 more will arrive next Monday, amazed that so few folk that go on shoots these days seem bothered about taking home free meat.
  22. oh - I thought from the title that this thread would be about folk that shoot vegans, my bad
  23. OK blindfolds on folks you will be doing a blind tasting of my hand made venison burger vs any commercially made burger, veggie or not. You will taste the difference although undoubtedly some of you, maybe even a majority, will prefer the concoction of chemicals brewed up by the food scientists as they are very good at what they do. Each to their own but personally I avoid commercially produced burgers and sausages. On a forum such as this I would have thought folk would be promoting healthy, fresh, countryside produced, meat. It makes me wonder how many of you have ever put on a pair of wellies
  24. The liver and kidney from a freshly grassed deer along with a fresh free range egg or two from my chickens is my absolute favourite breakfast yet a lot of my mates give me the offal - have never understood why
  25. Managed to slice my thumb open the other day, the only thing I could find to hand was some ptfe tape which worked admirably as an ad hoc bandage for a mornings work. The most important part of a first aid kit is knowledge.
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