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    black lab

    when I lived down in Kent I often met the ladies from https://www.labrescuekent.co.uk/dogs-needing-a-home/ at shows. They were very pro labs going to working homes and are not far from you
  2. good info here - https://www.wildlifeonline.me.uk/animals/article/squirrel-breeding-biology-gestation-birth-kitten-development
  3. As per smokersmith I just use a 6" boning knife
  4. An happy to 'recycle' your draw stock for you, will pay postage.
  5. cannot condone her actions but equally, if she is to be prosecuted, so should the foul mouthed people with their tirade of swear words in public.
  6. manufacturers just love fps figures - they know that just 1 fps faster than a competitor will lure some shooters into thinking it is a better cartridge and probably stating it is a better cartridge on social media. There is a great video of a pro golfer on you tube playing 9 holes with a 'set' of 4 clubs that cost £70 - his skill meant he came in under par, it is a salient lesson that skill matters more than kit. Sticking with the same cartridge allows your brain to adjust to all the variables. If most of us average shots were given plain cartridges and just told to use them the chances are there would be little difference in how well we shot. In practical terms I have ended up with a bag full of bits at times and despite variations in shot size and speeds I seem to shoot about the same on a sporting set up. For reloading I would pick a medium speed and just as importantly a progressive powder that keeps kick to a minimum plus I would only load 21g as that does for most folk and keeps the cost down.
  7. On the farm I do most of the humane dispatch and it does not cost me one wink of sleep, it is performing a humane action rather than letting animals suffer. I personally cannot think of any worse sentence than rotting in prison. I would happily be the dispatcher of these animals though. The public have never been allowed a referendum on capital punishment yet we live in a supposed democracy, it is time folk are allowed to have their say.
  8. I have mentioned exponential population growth on here once or twice but as you say it seems to go largely unnoticed and is a very inconvenient root cause to those who wish to pontificate over the rest of us. There is an obscene amount of funding available to report on climate change and its so called effects therefore you need a problem (bandwagon) in order for this funding to continue.
  9. yet my mk1 freelander with a td4 engine needed only one brake sensor and one pipe in 5 tears of ownership + it was going to need a clutch after 180k miles which is why I sold it on. Cost of depreciation was £850 over 5 years - not all LRs are bad
  10. I have 20 partridge to do tonight - they will be breasted out and vac packed 2 birds/4 breasts to a pack - might seem wasteful not to use the whole birds but 20 more will arrive next Monday, amazed that so few folk that go on shoots these days seem bothered about taking home free meat.
  11. oh - I thought from the title that this thread would be about folk that shoot vegans, my bad
  12. OK blindfolds on folks you will be doing a blind tasting of my hand made venison burger vs any commercially made burger, veggie or not. You will taste the difference although undoubtedly some of you, maybe even a majority, will prefer the concoction of chemicals brewed up by the food scientists as they are very good at what they do. Each to their own but personally I avoid commercially produced burgers and sausages. On a forum such as this I would have thought folk would be promoting healthy, fresh, countryside produced, meat. It makes me wonder how many of you have ever put on a pair of wellies
  13. The liver and kidney from a freshly grassed deer along with a fresh free range egg or two from my chickens is my absolute favourite breakfast yet a lot of my mates give me the offal - have never understood why
  14. Managed to slice my thumb open the other day, the only thing I could find to hand was some ptfe tape which worked admirably as an ad hoc bandage for a mornings work. The most important part of a first aid kit is knowledge.
  15. Filled up at my local rural garage this evening, as I do every Friday, no q, no shortage. The garage is there because locals support it despite them having to charge a penny or two more per litre than the supermarkets, like Scully, my ancient L200 makes me a good customer
  16. Would it be possible to start a panic buying rush on pork, we could do with higher wages in my industry
  17. You can use any fresh tuna recipe you can find and fancy. They cook in a very similar way, as GC says - do not over cook it at all costs
  18. I went for the electric chinese pump, it has been very good so far. Overall with adaptors and air driers it cost me around £200. Dive bottles come up cheaply on a regular basis - I have 2 x 3l x 300bar - you need to take your time filling them 10 minutes pump 15 minutes cool for the pump. When filling I put the cylinders in a 600l metal tank I have in the garden for collecting rainwater. I prefer the 3l as easy to chuck in a rucksack and tote round if you are likely to get a lot of shots, when ratting for example.
  19. I know that they are very seasonal - and early - but I have always liked Discovery as long as they are just ripe. Used to work on a farm that grew them for M & S but we always had to harvest a tad early when the pips were not fully brown.
  20. 243deer

    Brexit bonus

    The only real long term solution, never mentioned in the same breath as climate change as it would not generate any income for the scientific community.
  21. There are many steels out there these days that are absolute rubbish and create a serrated edge if you look closely, the ceramic jobbies seem much better. I was taught to use a steel by a chef who did not want me to ruin his knives when I borrowed them so steel point down on the edge of a board and the sharp bit of the knife downwards and always upright, adjust the angle of the steel to get the right edge. The local butcher used to do a bit of theatre flashing his knives across the steel in mid air but then his steels were a couple of feet long.
  22. Illegal immigration has been going on for years through Dover. There is a big laybay near Lydden Circuit just past the Shepherdswell turning, when I was a lad we used to see plenty of asians that were dropped off from artics there subsequently walking down the A2.
  23. 243deer


    did you have to spoil my Sunday morning mentioning that things name, and I do not mean Bidon?
  24. I guess you will just have to buy another gun as part of your recovery process, get well soon
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