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you do know there is a different proofing for HP / high performance ?  cartridges too.

and also the chamber for 70mm has to have a minimum chamber of 70mm +2mm to be labelled as 70mm.

your 75mm (76mm really) would have to be 78mm minimum. just to fire HP steel for maybe an extra 30fps tops and tested for 1370bar...


i think it may be cost prohibitive foe little gain , i`m afraid. if you were to save that money, fire non HP cartridge (really easy to do), if you want to take ducks or geese, buy decent nontox. but check its standard proof, not HP. hevishot is standard proof, and knocks the socks off steel, (geese), if need be.

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34 minutes ago, Salmo said:

It’s for driven stuff ( high ) and I’ve always wanted an ASE 

Steel is self limiting within the terms of CIP. If you want high and driven which means that you're prepared to pay big time, make haste slowly, leave the ASE as it was made and think Tungsten.

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