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  1. Looking for the above Art of Game Shooting features Tony Ball Anyone got a copy to sell drop me a PM Cheers
  2. Plenty say Scotland can make a success of independence but when asked how, bit like a Holyrood enquiry, there is no straight truthful answer forthcoming, funny that or is it because there isn't one? The SNP will do anything to cause divide and quite frankly they are a national embarrassment, all the promises in the election campaign, why have they not been doing it for the last 14 years? Shameful NS critised the UK Government for bailing out the Banks in 2008! Conveniently forgot to mention the two with the biggest issues were HBOS and RBS! I can not believe anyone falls for any
  3. What browning is it you are using?
  4. https://www.ogdensshootingsupplies.co.uk/heritage-leather-range/heritage-single-gun-slip Here you go
  5. I'm with this Have a bespoke leather one and the quality is second to none!
  6. button

    Beretta EELL

    Nice one 👍
  7. button

    Beretta EELL

    This one looks a cracker and am tempted myself but decided too far to make the trip from Fife down https://www.gunstar.co.uk/beretta-687-eell-sporter-12-bore-gauge-over-and-under/Shotguns/1295716
  8. The new addition to the family - Jet
  9. Out of interest did you have to send your cert to the seller or did your rfd just do it? Nice gun btw
  10. button

    Foxing DVDs

    Modern Foxing - The Warrener Foxing - Bucknell £23 for both inc postage
  11. Is that your petty attempt to put off potential buyers? Sure the OP really appreciates that
  12. Get some weights organised and use the down time to pump some iron,be a super fit dad that partakes rather than standing on the sidelines wishing you could
  13. Can understand the attraction with ASE, stunning guns
  14. Looks like somebody got out of bed the wrong side or were you just looking for yes and no answers
  15. 100% correct, and before you know it is just accepted and believed
  16. I have done this several times and not once have I been unhappy with what I've received Yes there will be bad eggs out there, but thankfully I've not come across them yet and until that time I will continue to have faith in people
  17. I've just reread, if you could send me details that would be much appreciated as I'm looking two for my xxv's I thought that one was overpriced when I saw it
  18. How much you looking to pay? I have seen one for c£100, believe it's made by Ogdens
  19. Morals of a skunk would be a step up from what we have now!
  20. She will be dreading him, all the attempts to suppress look to have failed and we might finally get the truth and see how rotten it is
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