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  1. There is an allsport on the CG priceless just over £5k
  2. I was going to ask, if it was a private sale surely there is no need to go via an rfd? I may be wrong but would like to know for my own interest
  3. You prepared to do the Teague on their own? if so pm me a price cheers
  4. button


    That’s the one A lot of what he has put on of late has shifted quickly
  5. button


    He had one last week but sold very quickly Still on website
  6. button


    Try Graham Mackinlay he does a lot of Dicksons
  7. It was a nice 686 but its gone now
  8. I’ll take some will pm when in later
  9. button


    Not so far so until it happens happy to take a punt
  10. button


    Only done 1 or 2 f2f in last 15 years they have all been rfd-rfd transfers
  11. Shame budget not a big higher, as selling a nice Beretta
  12. Arrieta, been looking for a while, worth the wait
  13. Another one soon to join the collection
  14. I will get sorted when back home
  15. The 34" fits in assembled, with the flush chokes, but I have had to buy a specific gunship for it, stood next to the XXV, the XXV looks like it was made for a child, a very small one!
  16. You still looking to sell?
  17. Love it - great gun and it balances beautifully and if I come across a nice game scence engraved one at the right money that will be joining it I see John Jeffries who does Perazzi HPX is also now doing 33 and 34" Salvinellis
  18. If its fixed I think it would be trap spec, 3/4 and full
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