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Hi all, I don’t get out anywhere near enough clay shooting whether we are in a lockdown or not but even so, the gun is out of the cabinet most nights and I just spend 5 to 10 mins dry mounting it. Mounting it on stationary targets is one thing but wouldn’t it be better mounting on to a moving target. When looking into the Dryfire simulator I notice they do something called “Swing” which is based on the original idea of dry fire - a device to practise hold, target acquisition, gun mount, swing and follow through.it doesn’t give you any feedback and it presents the targets in the same way. At £250 it’s not cheap but is it seriously worth looking into?

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I don’t know a lot about the system, but with a lack of feedback I’m not sure it’s worth the money. 
I often practice my mount with an empty gun, and you can get immediate feedback as to whether you’ve got it right or wrong by looking in the mirror, or indeed at your rib. 
I genuinely believe a consistently good mount is the most important technique when it comes to good shooting; without it everything else is pointless. 
The best thing is it costs nothing. 

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I would like to think my mount is the best it’s ever going to be. If I think about how long in total I have spent in the last 12 months dry mounting on different objects around the house...even the fire alarm at the top of the stairs before I walk up to put the gun away. It’s just become second nature now, don’t even need to think about what I should be doing...and as you say it’s cost absolutely nothing

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I once bought a laser bore sighter, which is like a laser pen built into a dummy shotgun cartridge, to do a bit of 'indoor practice'. A mini-maglite works the same and will fit into the end of a shotguns muzzle.

I'd use it to practice my mount and swing by following the cornice along the ceiling I my living room with the laser dot. It actually helped improve my follow through.

It's obviously no replacement for a moving target though.

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