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  1. On the plus side, you'll be in profit with the money you'll save from shooting! 😄
  2. I've been about half a dozen times this year, and the presentations haven't changed once. If I knew the grouse butt was out of action I would have shot closer to home, on a more challenging set up, for less money. I've heard Paintmine Woods mentioned a few times, but it's nearly a 2 hour drive for me which is just a tad too far.
  3. I visited Coniston this morning, only to find the grouse butt is now closed due to noise complaints from residents of Hellifield. Apparently, people have been using game loads which has added to the noise. A real shame as I dragged a friend along knowing he would love the grouse butt. We used the simulated grouse machine on the furthest DTL range, but it wasn't the same. I hope it's not permanent.
  4. Yes, I'm wanting polycarbonate protective glasses for clay use. As for fashion, as long as I don't look like Timmy Mallett or Dame Edna I'll be happy. How do you find Evolution glasses? Are they well constructed and easy to change lenses? Are the lenses of good quality and free of visual distortion throughout the lense?
  5. Can anyone recommend a decent glasses and lense set for £150 or under? I shoot all year round so being able to change lenses to different light levels is fairly important, but a single lense pair that I can purchase additional (and reasonably priced) lenses may work. Unfortunately I cannot justify paying Pilla or Randolph prices.
  6. If you don't mind your mates taking the ****, you could do a lot worse than a Suzuki Jimny. They can be quiet capable off road, can often be found with little to no off road abuse, and are cheap as chips.
  7. This week there has been a Hoopoe spotted in the next village down from me. Sadly, I haven't managed to see it for myself even after spending a few hours looking for it.
  8. I'm interested in the multi-tool, can you give a little detail on what tools it includes?
  9. Just out of interest, where do people actually go to pattern their guns? I've never seen pattern plates set up anywhere (admittedly, I've never actually looked for them).
  10. I overheard someone saying their shoot was going to have a 'compliments box', whilst someone else mentioned their keeper was refusing to do any different than previous years. The peg draw was discussed at great length as well. Some were doing a socially distanced peg draw, whilst other ridiculed the idea saying that they could tell you now what pegs people would be on if it wasn't done under careful scrutiny.
  11. Been a probationary member of a club will have no standing with the police. A gun club has little knowledge of who you are, they just give you a reason to ask for a FAC. Being honest about it will play in your favour. It shows good character. The interview with FEO is more about him sizing you up, and getting a feel for who you are and what makes you tick. S/he will have some sway with the Chief, but if the Chief doesn't want to give you a ticket based on convictions - you ain't getting that ticket. Fingers crossed that everything goes alright for you, but be prepared to be knocke
  12. Probably not the reply you wanted, but I will share this experience anyway. Last year a young guy started shooting at one of the gun clubs near me. He was a beginner and accompanied his friend who is an experience shooter. He was a much liked guy and a decent shot in which I had the pleasure of shooting with a fair few times. He enjoyed shooting enough that he rarely missed a meet, and decided to put in for his own SGC. The problem was that he had a DR10 on record, that he'd picked up a couple of years previously on the way to work in the morning after drinking the night before.
  13. 👍 I thought it would be something like that but I'd never heard the term before (that I recall, anyway).
  14. Thanks for the opinions all. As it will only be shot in a non-competitive manner, I am leaning more towards leaving the chokes as is. I'm not too fussed about it depreciating in value, but I'm now wondering whether I would be doing it for the sake of doing it. Please excuse my ignorance, but what are 'points of choke'?
  15. I completely agree. I won't bore you with my full opinion, but I will say that fuel branding is much like cartridge branding - 99% of the difference is marketing, and 99% of users will not notice a benefit from using the more expensive option. I do have a car that sulks if I put fuel with a low RON rating in though.
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