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  1. North Yorkshire police have just issued a statement via social media to make people aware of this issue. They are asking people to change passwords and be extra vigilante with home security.
  2. Where abouts is that one? I'm not too far from Harrogate myself.
  3. I bet that was a sight. I saw some jackdaws trying to chase off a buzzard recently. Jackdaws often scrap with the local redkites, so I assumed they now have an inflated ego.
  4. That was my sentiment exactly. Then was shown exactly that price - https://www.trulysimulated.co.uk/ I just cannot get my head around people charging that much. I'd be expecting a footman for the day. I'm struggling to see where the extra £400-£500 comes from over other sim days. Although they do seem to be creeping up in price.
  5. A pub discussion prompted this question, but what's the most you would pay for a simulated game day? Some are charging £700 for a day per gun (cartridges not included), and a couple of grand for weekend packages. That seems a bit steep to me. What would you expect at that price?
  6. Have a look at the Sealskinz Solo. They might fit the bill. I think there is a sale on at the moment too. Or, as others have mentioned, Mac Wet. I tend to use Mac Wet during the warmer months.
  7. Whilst I understand the corporate customers and taster sessions bring in a fair chunk of money for some grounds and clubs (as well as a good way of getting new blood into the sport), I absolutely hate sharing a ground with them. A couple of years ago I visited a ground that I had eagerly being looking forward to visit. Upon paying after my session I was asked how I'd liked my days shooting, to which I replied that I'd just shot my personal best - a mid-90ex100. "Oh, we have made it easier today for the corporate guests" was the reply. It showed as every presentation was a simple and easy shot with nothing challenging at all, which somewhat spoilt my trip. I'm not into vanity shoots. I like it when grounds keep corporate guests and regular shooters on different sessions. Even better if lessons are separate too. I started shooting mid-week a couple of years ago and never looked back, although I do enjoy a Sunday morning shoot too. I've met some great friends at shooting grounds who started thwir shooting obsession from a corporate day, some of them being excellent shots too, so I know it brings people to the sport, but I'd rather keep the rowdy and sticky fingered stag-do shooters as far away as possible.
  8. I see this often, and cannot understand why they bother. It always looks to be novice shooters too. It looks like far too much effort to me when they are trying to contort themselves to get the right angle, whilst simultaneously bashing their muzzle on the cage.
  9. I have come across these, and they can be tricky to see. I cannot help with what lense colour best picks out these clays though. I was at a CPSA registered shoot recently where someone was complaining about them. Someone else in my squad pointed out that he failed to see the lime green and blue clays, whilst another pointed out that bright orange can blend into an autumnal backdrop or dying grass. We quickly realised that black, brown, white, orange, blue and green clays can all be problematic, which left us stumped for a universally colour clay that everyone can see.
  10. I think the post about littered cartridges etc, was about Parklodge, not Yorkgate. Phil and Pauline have kept their high standards. I was there this week and Phil and his staff are still walking the line with magnetic stick in hand taking care of the shooters. In fact, it has never looked so good. Rumour is that the sale is in the final stage with the solicitors, but I don't know who is taking it on or when. I heard someone saying that the new owners are planning on turning it into an activity centre, but I assume that's just speculation. Whatever happens, I'm sure Phil and Pauline will be missed and I hope that the new owners carry forward the club ethos that has been built under Phil, and Bob previously.
  11. That's exactly what I would advise. I'm not convinced there is that much difference in performance with modern cartridges that an average shooter would notice. Especially at skeet distance. The only noticeable differences would be recoil and possibly speed, that's why you should try and stick to one cartridge you can find a steady stock at a reasonable price. Once you switch around, that difference in recoil can play mind games with you. But cheap and plentiful will do for all but the most professional of shooters. A cheap cartridge will out perform an average shot.
  12. I don't begrudge whoever is working on the accommodation side on a Sunday morning when they are dealing with all the complaints about noise from the shooting ground waking them up. Which will happen on a weekly basis.
  13. I use Podcast Addict. It does have it's flaws and can be clunky in places, but has worked the best for me. Edit - it does allow you to skip backwards and forwards too.
  14. I can't remember the last time I saw a modern gun that doesn't have them. It is also arguably quicker to eject into hand than use extractors. Especially when your fingers are cold. As much as I respect others who wish to do this, there has to be a level of mutual respect shown to other shooters and care in where the empty cartridges are going. Last year I was squadded with a game shooter, shooting in a rhythm much like yours. Whilst buttoning, I was hit twice in the face by his ejected cartridges and he was blaming me. I guess he expected to press the fixed button box then immediately run and hide. He had no intention of ejecting in a safe direction, to be careful of who was around him, or of picking up after himself. That was the only round I walked off half way through because I couldn't stand another minute being with a ***** of a shooter. I'm sure you have more sense and respect than him, but he is why people look down on others who eject cartridges.
  15. You're not wrong. But that's modern shooting for you. A clay shooting instructor doesn't teach you how to shoot, he teaches you how to break clays. If you people watch at a casual Sunday morning clay shoot, you can usually be able to tell who had their start in game shooting as opposed to clay. Maybe this is what the OP is noticing. Often you'll see a game shooter calling pull whilst he is still loading his gun. The clay shooter on the next stand is still on step 2 of his 48 step zen-like pre-shot ritual. Even with no intention of doing any game shooting, I have fallen foul of not being able to shoot gun down proficiently. My first attempt at FITASC must have resulted in more penalties than kills.
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