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  1. I'm looking for a cheap but usuable 12g over/under. Preferably 30" barrels, multi-choke, with ejectors. I may consider a SxS. I don't really want to spend more than £400, but might stretch for the right gun. I'm located in Yorkshire and can travel a reasonable distance. Let me know what you have please.
  2. Someone is dropping their guard near me. I could go months without seeing one, now they are out on a daily basis.
  3. Pros - more affordable than a house, usually in nice rural areas, usually have bar and restaurant plus other amenities on site, usually a better social atmosphere with neighbours. Cons - most sites make you vacate throughout February, high cost of fuel for cooking etc, badly insulated (cold in winter, hot in summer), most sites make you upgrade your caravan every 7 years or so, not as spacious as a house, lack of garage and garden.
  4. This. I find a pre shot routine helps me keep my concentration levels up, distractions down, and helps me focus on the next pair only and not my score or previous misses. I'm the opposite. When my mind drifts away from the task in hand, my concentration drops and my score lowers. I like to visualise each shot as I load the cartridge in each barrel, take a few deep breaths to maximize oxygen levels whilst adjusting my stance, visualise the break points again whilst mounting, then call pull. Hopefully muscle memory takes over from there. Although I'm far from the best shooter, I appreciate how much the mental game plays in clay shooting. It is similar to golf in the fact that a round can be won or lost in your own head, especially if you dwell on previous mistakes.
  5. Will this set a precedent for all the other terrorists that were stripped of their citizenship to apply to come back?
  6. LeedsZeppelin


    Same here, and I have two live catch traps set up in the garden. I've not caught a single rat in them - what are you using as bait? When I first spotted the rats I also noticed the doggo was sunning himself and watching the rats scurrying back and forth with very little interest! He would investigate and follow the trails occasionally. I've noticed the rats look to have disappeared now. They seem to have depleted at a similar rate to my stock of .22 pellets. 😉
  7. That's a good way of looking at it. I suppose it shows you are using the decoys efficiently.
  8. It sounds like they have a backlog of paperwork to get through, and are ensuring your ticket doesn't lapse before they get around to processing it. Unless your circumstances have changed which may jeopardise the renewal I wouldn't worry about it.
  9. I find this paragraph rather uncomfortable. Unless I've read it wrong, you (working on behalf of BASC) are suggesting that the entire membership, along with friends and family, should actively engage in arguments and flame wars on social media? Do you seriously believe that mobilising an army of keyboard warriors, many of whom will have questionable literacy skills and knowledge, can be anything but a bad thing? Is this how a 'professional' organisation wants to be represented? Unfortunately, a lot of people regard the shooting community as paranoid crackpot dinosaurs and this tactic will only cement that opinion. Hopefully I've read it completely wrong and it should read something like "we need all members to report any hate speech to our highly trained and dedicated social media PR team who will challenge these through the right channels, and follow up with methods designed to educate the public and show the organisation in the best light possible." But then again, BASC will have to dip into it's newly set up legal budget to do so. In regards to the Dave Taylor situation, I commend BASC for taking action against the counsellor and hope that the opportunity has been taken to educate people about shooting. Hopefully it hasn't been handled in a way that could be seen as petty retaliation.
  10. Make sure there isn't a space after the email address, especially if it is auto fill or copy and pasted. I've fallen foul of that problem a couple of times.
  11. If your into your phone apps, I've heard a few people having success with an app called 'Smoke Free'. Other than that, all I can offer is the best of luck.
  12. Certain life lessons have taught me that this is a good idea in general.
  13. I've heard a rumour that there is going to be simulated game days on the Harewood Estate in Yorkshire starting this year. The rumoured prices are around the £400 mark but will have a high standard of hospitality, and not your average pie and chips in a pub, straw bail shoot. Sounds like it's worth keeping your eyes open for.
  14. Just out of interest, what type of stone are the fountains made from? Is it likely to discolour?
  15. It looks like a thinly veiled attempt to pacify those that are upset by the legal cover being dropped. Will this 'legal fighting fund' be available to individual members who want to appeal against having their tickets revoked? It doesn't say, and because of that I suspect it won't. Only the gullible would believe that they are now under writing the members' legal cover with a rainy day fund.
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