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  1. I know rough shooting with a limit of two people is acceptable if available locally, but I thought driven shooting or shooting in a team was now off the cards in England?
  2. I'm seeing a lot of driven game opportunities advertised for the last few weeks of the season, but I thought they were not allowed due to current restrictions? Some are even advertising for full teams. Are these keepers flaunting the law to minimise financial loses, or am I missing something?
  3. If you shop around the different shooting grounds, that price could start looking expensive. The ground I usually shoot at is priced at 22p per clay for ESP, albeit it is a different part of the country and doesn't have the facilities that Bisley offer.
  4. I've been playing that on guitar for longer than she has been alive, and she is still way better than me. Just to rub salt into the wounds she can also play on multiple instruments. Big thumbs up from me.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, that has given me a few others to look at. I've been after a Model 23 for a while, and thought i had bought one twice already but both deals fell apart. I've missed out on another due to not being able to travel, and seen some that looked promising but ended up being dogs. It has been a stressful search, hence why I am broadening my options. I could go to about £2250 if it was really needed and the missus isn't looking, but that would be the top of my budget.
  6. I just prefer having such features as ejectors, multichokes and single selective triggers. I also prefer the feel of some kind of pistol grip as opposed to straight stocks and I've never liked splinter forends. Out of interest, what would you say the benefit of a double triggers is?
  7. I'm still on the lookout for a side by side. Preferably with single trigger, multichokes, steel proof, ejectors and a pistol grip/POW stock and decently sized forend for my fat fingers, such as a beaver tail. Anyone know who are making such guns, preferably in the £1000 - £1500 bracket?
  8. Depends how water proof you want them - rainproof or submerge proof. I like Sealskinz, but with the fold back fingers they ain't completely waterproof, but definitely rainproof and windproof. I did shoot in a blizzard earlier today and my hands kept warm and dry.
  9. It's crazy that the government feel the need to bring in a new tier, yet still are allowing recreational activities. It stinks of those making the rules trying to keep their lifestyle as normal as possible, and ****** anyone else. I think the shooting community needs to self regulate this before it becomes a negative PR issue with our sport. I'm amazed DDPCSC are still running this event. No pun intended, but they could be shooting themselves in the foot by not postponing.
  10. Limit your squad to a maximum of six, don't mix with other squads, and limit the amount of people in the clubhouse/shop. It's common sense really. They cannot claim everyone at the shooting ground is one group or they would have to say the same for everyone in a supermarket.
  11. I didn't realise shot towers were still in use. I'd always thought that everyone moved over to the Bleimeister method yonks ago.
  12. Anyone know anything about these guns? I saw a rather nice barely used one for sale at an RFD today, but cannot find much info about them. It's a colour hardened boxlock side by side with 30" barrels, ejectors, multichokes, single trigger, and a pistol grip/splinter forend combo. Are Webley & Scott still making decent guns?
  13. I'm not sure if this scheme is still active, but should be implemented by grounds instead of sending them to landfill. On a similar note, one of my local grounds has been using the spent cartridges to fill large sacks, putting the sacks in wire cages, and placing them near the stands to act as windbreaks. It's made a big improvement on what was an open and windswept ground.
  14. They shred the cartridges into tiny pieces, then use magnets to remove the metal from the plastic. I saw a video about a shotgun cartridge recycling scheme that collected empties from shooting grounds (for a fee), than recycled them into park benches etc. I'll post a link if I find it.
  15. On the plus side, you'll be in profit with the money you'll save from shooting! 😄
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