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  1. As a Yorkshireman, I'll only shoot stands where the pair cross thus saving ammunition by killing two birds with one cartridge. I use a 12g and have a stash of them at home, whereas the missus uses a 20g and needed some ammo. I'll add that the £38 included the loan of the 20g gun too. But I don't think they bothered charging me for it.
  2. Am I right in assuming these prices are all clays only? I've not been shooting recently, so been out of the loop on current pricing, but I did take the missus shooting this week - 100 clays and 50 20g cartridges cost me £38 (non-member). Which I knew was reasonable, but it looks like a bargain compared to the prices posted here.
  3. Would you be happy to lose your family member over your guns? You really need to do what's best for that family member. Your family shouldn't have access to your guns anyway, so I would double down on the security of your cabinet and keys and take every precaution to keep everyone safe. It is something that you should and probably already do. I don't know your situation, and mental health covers a broad spectrum, but I'd speak to and take advice from the FEO. He may be happy with your current security, or he may recommend that you to temporarily lodge your guns and/or ammunition elsewhere. There will be a solution that involves the safety of your family and you still being able to hold a ticket. I wish your family member a speedy recover.
  4. Makes me wonder how many legitimately held guns are floating about that the police don't know the location of. What would happen if I sold a firearm which ended up being used in a crime, and the police think I still own it? The biro scribbles on scraps of paper stapled to SGC's are not a reliable record of sales and purchases. And it sounds like the police files are not any better organised.
  5. Maximum is 28g almost everywhere, and certainly at registered grounds. So that would rule them out at 29g. Shot size would be too large at most places too. They tend to stick to 7.5 as a maximum these days, even though 6 is still legal under CPSA rules.
  6. I've shot a few registered shoots there. It's a nice ground with some interesting and varied target presentations. I don't think they have the same presentations on non-registered shoot days, but I imagine it is the same setter. Expect some tricky battues, clever chondels and high towers targets. Judging by my scores, they are made from finest kevlar lined rubber. I've seen people complaining about the colour selection on some of the stands, especially the blue and green clays, but I've never had a problem seeing them. Hitting them is my problem. If you can get there on a Monday for the 25p clays, then I would say it is well worth the cost and drive out.
  7. +2 The FEO for West Yorkshire mentions the same things regarding social media. Someone on the UKGuns board on Reddit linked his Reddit account. It is a sad read through his previous posts, and he clearly identified as an Incel with a hatred for the world. The signs were there. The guy was clearly ill and shouldn't have had a ticket. Will more funding be allocated into the police firearms departments to help check eligibility? Probably not. Will more doctors suddenly turn conchie and refuse to sign anyone off? Probably. I was recently thinking of applying for an FAC. Maybe I should get a shuffle on before the goal posts change.
  8. A ricochet risk would also apply to lead though, surely? I know it would be to a lesser extent. Couldn't the course setter account for the risk when arranging the targets and archs of fire? I'm led to believe that steel has a much more predictable ricochet, and there shouldn't much to ricochet off at places such as Park Lodge. I hadn't thought of shooting in a quarry, I admit. That would obviously complicate things. But again, there is still a risk of ricochet with lead. I haven't shot at a ground that uses an old quarry (that I remember), so I am unaware of how it would be set up.
  9. What's the reason behind not allowing steel shot? Denmark has been lead free since 1996, and have had zero issues with steel shot. More benefits if anything.
  10. I bet that's a weight lifted from your shoulders! Make sure you get your renewal in within the next couple of weeks so it is ready for processing in 5 years time. 😉
  11. North Yorkshire police have just issued a statement via social media to make people aware of this issue. They are asking people to change passwords and be extra vigilante with home security.
  12. Where abouts is that one? I'm not too far from Harrogate myself.
  13. I bet that was a sight. I saw some jackdaws trying to chase off a buzzard recently. Jackdaws often scrap with the local redkites, so I assumed they now have an inflated ego.
  14. That was my sentiment exactly. Then was shown exactly that price - https://www.trulysimulated.co.uk/ I just cannot get my head around people charging that much. I'd be expecting a footman for the day. I'm struggling to see where the extra £400-£500 comes from over other sim days. Although they do seem to be creeping up in price.
  15. A pub discussion prompted this question, but what's the most you would pay for a simulated game day? Some are charging £700 for a day per gun (cartridges not included), and a couple of grand for weekend packages. That seems a bit steep to me. What would you expect at that price?
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