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    Jimmy Greaves

    Just heard he died today. Cracking bloke and a cracking player.
  2. Rubber push on stock extension?
  3. 🤷‍♂️There’s nothing to prevent anyone creating a shoot wherever they want, if they have the land, but if you want ‘extreme’ birds you’ll struggle without suitable terrain. You know all this of course, so I’m struggling to see where this is leading. Anyhow, our small syndicate has no hills; we drive birds over woods to gain as much height as we can. It is often the pigeons that are the more challenging birds! Our rough shoot is similar, with only slopes and even less trees. BIG commercial shoot is a completely different kettle of fish!
  4. If you’re properly on them, 32grm 6’s will do the job.
  5. Has someone killed your dog?
  6. 🙂 It’s often actually just about the ‘chap behind the wallet’ if truth be known, but the only difference between a normal driven shoot and an extreme one, is a matter mostly of terrain. Even if you’ve got the right birds, it means nothing if you ain’t got the hills or gullies. 🙂
  7. We’re discussing the role of the shooter on a driven shoot. He uses absolutely no field craft at all as he is stationed at a peg which is allocated to him on the basis of the number he drew, but you already know that. There is no field craft involved on his part whatsoever, unless you want to include remembering to bring a gun and cartridges. I have in no way diminished the work of the keeper, underkeepers, beaters and pickers up, and nor would I, because I am very aware of what their work entails and of the huge responsibility involved to ensure that those whom have paid extortionate amounts of money to shoot, have the very best of days, and on our local BIG shoot, they do. They wouldn’t return year after year otherwise.
  8. What exactly have I half understood? Unless you’re killing ‘stuff’ as part of your job, then you’re doing it for recreation. I can understand why you kill lettuces, but why are you killing ducks or deer, or anything else for that matter? Why do you own firearms?
  9. I agree, although clay days for youngsters with 20 bores and smaller can be cost prohibitive. Standard Clays are only 13 quid a box, and we only have one trap, but we soon get through them and plenty of cartridges when there’s four novices shooting, and all on 20 bore and .410! 😳
  10. BIG commercial shoot uses Motorola, but I can’t recall which model. We roam for the best part of up to 2 miles apart on the Fell bottoms at times. They are very good bits of kit.
  11. Eh? Driven shooting doesn’t involve field craft, it’s canned hunting! Anyone in any form of shooting can extend the range, but you’re making assumptions that ‘ a clean kill is unlikely’ and ‘wounding very probable ‘ because you simply don’t know whether that missed bird is actually missed or pricked; no one does unless you actually see chunks of feathers fly off or witness a leg down. I shoot and beat on several different shoots throughout the season, and see all manner of birds, guns and shooting, and I know for a fact that extreme driven days don’t have the monopoly on wounding. I see novices emptying a cartridge belt ( and more ) on a drive, at average birds with nothing to pick when the horn sounds, experienced guns with their 2& 1/2 inch chambered sxs shotguns having a pop at very very high birds with 32grm 5’s ( I know because I pick up their spent cases ) and I see everything in between. Our syndicate includes a bloke we have nicknamed ‘**** The *****’ because he has no dog but always at drives end has a pricked bird to collect. Our shoot can be described as many things, but ‘high birds’ rarely comes into it! If you’re in the business of killing stuff for entertainment then you’re in no position to criticise others, and if you can’t accept that then it’s time you manned up and admitted it. 😀Edited to add his name rhymes with the pudding Spotted ****, and his nickname is what Sleeping Beauty did to her finger with a pin!
  12. Not a grant I grant you, but was informed yesterday by visiting FEO, that Cumbria are running six months late for renewals. My renewals were submitted in July, so will be issued a S7 when my currents expire in October.
  13. 🙂 Not only do I genuinely not know, I genuinely don’t care. Dave Carrie, perhaps the UK’s most ardent extreme bird shooter, has conducted trials with cartridges, chokes and guns and put the results on YouTube if you’re interested enough to look. I have no idea how scientific or thorough they were, but once again, I don’t care. What I do care about is the criticism which this type of shooting attracts, from fellow shooters who are involved in exactly the same sort of shooting, namely the shooting of driven game for entertainment. It really is outstandingly hypocritical! Beggars belief! 🤷‍♂️
  14. I quite agree we’re up against it, but I’m not too concerned. There have always been those who oppose what we do, and no doubt always will be, but look on the bright side; when the vegans eventually get their way and domestic farm animals are extinct, there’ll be nothing but crops growing in our countryside, and the pigeon population will rocket…….but there’ll be no outlet! 😉
  15. 😂 My OH would rather watch a good film thankfully.
  16. He’s being paid by a company to promote a particular product. That’s all there is to it really. Saying that, they genuinely are good cartridges.
  17. Can’t help I’m afraid, but it looks very nice. If I had to take a guess I’d agree with Ditchmans first suggestion; the Germans do like deep engraving.
  18. Do UK game pattern percentages take into account such things as modern propellants, wads, larger shot, and tighter chokes as used by extreme bird shooters? I’m not an ‘extreme’ shooter, so genuinely don’t know. I do know there are cartridge manufacturers still developing and selling ‘extreme’ loads in lead, do UK game pattern percentages take these into account? I’d like to think I know my limits, but like anyone else there’s every now and then that ‘ I reckon I could get that one’ or the ‘ooooh, look at that one!’ which requires a bit of stretching when stood on a peg. It’s either killed or cleanly missed….or was it? It can’t be denied that those who do participate do indeed bring down some high birds, although no one knows how many are wounded to quietly sulk off and die later in the day to be eventually picked up ( or not ) but that also applies to any type of shooting, extreme or otherwise. We all shoot for enjoyment, and while we all miss and regrettably indeed wound, extreme ranges aren’t always the reason, so while we’re all in the business of killing for entertainment, sport, the challenge or whatever we choose to call it, we’re hardly in any position to criticise others who do the same. We can of course take steps to try to ensure we wound as rarely as possible, but there is no one on this forum who hasn’t wounded something they’ve shot, and not being able to recover it, who has then decided to do it no more.
  19. Like you say, they are a very sporting bird, which if we’re honest, is why we do it. We enjoy it. They are a pest species, which is why we are allowed to shoot them. We are only allowed to shoot them as part of pest control, and not for sport. But of course you know all that. Not having an outlet for the meat has absolutely nothing to do with pest control, whether it’s pigeons, corvids rabbits or rats.
  20. I can’t seem to get this through to folk, but THERE IS NO LEAD BAN! It is the killing of birds for sport that does our sport no good, and nothing else. You’re part of it. If you’re not happy with that then stop doing it. It’s not compulsory.
  21. Fair enough, I didn’t realise the gun in the photo was a boxlock. Nephews gun was the jubilee prestige. There’s only one n in pedant. 😉
  22. Fair enough. The only place I’ve seen one of those recently ( although black plastic ) is on a shotgun featured on TGS on YouTube regarding a Holts up and coming OU auction. They may have others?
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