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New Mitsubishi l200 2.2 engine

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Anyone bought or driven the latest l200

Thinking of upgrading my pickup soon 

I understand they are leaving the uk market at the end of this year but dealers are still offering the 5yr warranty 

plus 3 yrs servicing, looks a better deal to buy new than a 2 or 3 year old vehicle. 

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If you're a BASC member you can get serious discounts off Mitsi's (and other 4x4's) but I would be worried about the residual value of their vehicles when they leave the UK market?

I've driven the Shogun Sport with 2.4 which was very nice but not the 2.2 - which might be the same engine just down rated.

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They have dropped the power to 150bhp from 178 on the series 5 I believe.  It should be fine but I’d want to drive one first, my series 5 is due for a change in December and it will be a shame if all stock is gone and I can’t get another.

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I have a new Barbarian X which I bought using the BASC scheme and got it cheaper than any 12 month old ones with circa 5,000 miles on the clock which I was originally looking at.

Initially I had couple of issues but got them sorted and now I really enjoy it. Its very different to the Discovery Sport I had previously but as I said it's a great car. I do alot of mileage (around 30,000 miles a year) and it is comfortable enough and i get on average around 31 mile to the gallon

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