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  1. al4x

    Help with Petrol Strimmers/Brush cutters decision

    I have to say I have had a multi strimmer, brush cutter and hedge cutter from screwfix £125 or so on a special offer. 3 years later it’s still going well, starts easily and has had a fair bit of abuse. The mother in law has a stihl and yes it is a heavier duty machine it was twice the price
  2. al4x

    Which soft roader

    Ahh we have a diesel, so 7 seats and a spare, the rav you just used to get a can instead of a spare
  3. al4x

    Which soft roader

    My other half has had a rav 4 and now an outlander. The rav was fine economical and reasonably nippy. Fine for 2 children and 2 dogs. The outlander is more refined and works well for us as it’s a little bigger than the rav. As you’d expect with jap no problems really to speak of other than usual servicing
  4. al4x

    Non commercial pickup insurance

    Direct line, admiral group and lv have all insured mine over the years and that’s social domestic and commuting and reasonable prices
  5. al4x


    The outlaws and a few mates have them. The outlaws needed a diff rebuild last year at 50k which seems fairly common. Not that expensive, a mates has had a few electrical gremlins they have been a nightmare used to just refuse to start from time to time. I believe in the end they changed the dash as it was probably linked to the electronics thinking the steering wheel lock was on. That was reasonably expensive but his only real fault. They seem fine really and hold value well
  6. al4x

    Black Fence Paint

    Sadolin do a stain/ paint that seems to actually last on rough sawn wood outside. Not the cheapest but stays on
  7. al4x

    A very scary moment yesterday

    It’s unusual to have total failure these days and on that age truck. I guess a pipe has burst but it’s usually an easy fix. The new barbarians are very nice but hell they have a lot of lights just about everywhere if you ever go lamping!
  8. al4x

    Nv help🤔

    If zero is fine using the archer on paper at the range you are shooting then it’s down to you. If you are zeroing with it off then try again. Personally after 5 misses i’d Have found a target to shoot at to see what was going on
  9. al4x

    Good Dog Insurance ?

    Pet plan were good when I claimed, having paid in for seven years we had an incident beating and they paid out fine. And paid out for two other operations and drugs while sorting the problem. Had I been paying it would have been painfull. What I have been impressed with is the premiums haven’t gone up much and that’s considering the dog is nearly 11
  10. al4x

    Range Rover

    No.... but i’m Guessing one is a spare for when the other breaks...... Ultimately they are a luxury car and with big bills and you won’t hear about the reliable ones. As ever but on history and condition and budget plenty for repairs
  11. al4x

    L200 K74 issues

    I think these have an oil cooler which might be worth a look
  12. al4x

    CIL levy

    All you can do is get back to your planning consultant on Monday morning. It looks like being agricultural doesn’t exempt you unless you meet certain criteria so best to do more homework before you argue it too much
  13. al4x

    Recommend me a vehicle.

    I find my l200 rows ours fine and much preferable to the outlaws discovery which I used to hate towing it with. security is the issue though you can get central locking kits that lock the tail gate on the l200 but not sure i’d Be happy with that with thousands in the back
  14. al4x

    Our new attack dog

    Ahh a poo cocker make sure you don’t get it too dirty when you take it shooting!
  15. al4x

    Archer NV

    The key to it is the rear focus ring on your scope, wind it out a load and try again!