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  1. al4x

    Possibly buying a truck

    Just avoid the Nissan if you are looking at pickups with that budget. If not look up rusted chassis on them and that should put you off.
  2. al4x

    Possibly buying a truck

    I’ve an l200 and it’s a fine family and shooting truck. Comfy enough, reliable get 32-35mpg we take it on holiday 2 dogs, and the 4 of us and no issues space wise.
  3. al4x

    This can't be true surely....

    Just one tiny thing this isn’t the front near side tyre is it? Every pickup / 4x4 I have had has scrubbed this tyre, I think due to roundabouts. I swap tyres around to minimise the effect but it seems to always happen
  4. Silly question but why not just get a digi card and put it in.
  5. al4x

    German Wirehaired Pointers?

    It’s funny how much I like beating with mine, they have both been so different to more conventional breeds. We beat on a pretty large shoot with plenty of birds and there is no other dog that you can relax the more birds are in front of them. They literally stalk point flush and move slowly onto the next as you approach the flushing point. I do about 30 days a year and they love it, I then also have a dog that stalks with me and as for finding shot foxes well the older one will mark from the impact when I shoot with night vision. We have two young children and they are fantastic with them really have been a success and there is just something about a GWP that is a bit like an addiction
  6. al4x

    German Wirehaired Pointers?

    Can we mention cats yet......
  7. al4x

    German Wirehaired Pointers?

    I have two mother and a daughter that we bred. If you see the dtr deer tracking and recovery group with a stand at one of the game fairs with a picture of one that is one of mine. They are great fairly demanding but fantastic when you get a good one. Mine rough shoot and beat with me as well as vermin shooting. Beating they are supposed to be **** at but I love using mine. On a busy shoot there aren’t many dogs that walk steadily into a few hundred birds and not charge in but a pointer will. You have to watch breeding and temperament depending on the use you have in mind but 99% if people won’t need a hardcore German bred one and one that is less of a machine will mean you will enjoy it not hate it.
  8. al4x

    Estate agent fees

    At that point I would keep a record of the approach to ea3 and do no more. You will probably find no one will approach you and you are up by the fee.
  9. al4x


    I didn’t realise how short he is, we’ve a set of his overalls in at work and they are tiny. Worn for practice in China not even a race and they were sold for 16.5k
  10. al4x


    Only an amateur decorator here but having got really fed up of the trade gloss going yellow I have been using farrow and ball and it’s been great. Expensive but goes on really well lasts and stays white. Interior wood you have Matt or gloss options and really having used most things over the years I get a good long lasting finish. Goes a long way so I can just stomach the cost for how well it goes on
  11. al4x

    Shotgun security

    Ok I think it’s fine to say a little more on this. We have a property we let out has it’s ups and downs tennant wise. The latest has had a few issues but this came about when we had work needing to be done to the windows. Contacted tennant and fine builder can have access so the work started. Second day I got the call to say you know there is a gun in there, thinking probably an air gun etc I said take a photo and send it to me. Lo and behold looked like a 20b plus cartridges, so there started the moral dilema if he is a shooter do I report or not. Had a word with a mate in the police and decided really I had no idea when he was coming back or if it was legally held so had to. Called it in on the non emergency and they were pretty complacent and said I guess we need to collect it and keep it safe. Then we waited builder went home and about 5 hours later had the call could we give access to check it. I was still at work but my other half went over to let in a wpc who didn’t know one end of a gun from another. She was able to confirm it was real and I got the call from my other half to say she had carried it downstairs un broken and it was on the sofa waiting firearms to check it was unloaded but they were an hour away. So I talked my other half through opening it, then the ejectors popped and both squealed.... pair of snap caps flew across the room. After that said wpc was happy to take it to the local for safe keeping and that was the last from them. Tennant did come back and the letting agent had a load of grief about our builder stealing his antique rifle..... answered that quite quick with the reference number he could use to reclaim it. We think he has got divorced and moved out of the family house and that is where he presumably has a cabinet. Due to a few things we have just said we won’t renew the tenancy so hopefully things will work out ok with regard to him moving out but I am still staggered at the lack of urgency that this was treated and hasn’t been followed up with us at all.
  12. al4x

    Small claims

    The £70 has been added to the claim amount so he needs to pay that as well to avoid you letting the action carry on
  13. al4x

    Selling Defender

    They are making good money at brightwells and though not near to you it’s the easiest way to get rid at auction with no come back and no messing arround you get privately or on eBay etc
  14. al4x

    Any car (4x4) dealers on here?

    Best option is to sell privately, if you are looking for 11k plus vat it’s unlikely to come from a dealer. I was looking for one just like that but looks like we are buying a new house so the current one won’t be upgraded in the near future.
  15. al4x


    65 mph yes it’s 5mph over the limit on motorways but it is well within the vehicles capability.