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  1. It’s to do with unladen weight on pickups, the Newer hilux and ranger I believe are restricted to 60 on dual carriageways and 50 on a roads but not most of the others it’s something like if they are over 2040kgs unladen then the restrictions apply
  2. Fuel wise you gain on road tax versus most 4x4’s as you pay the commercial rate. If you can get one as a company car the tax is £50 a month or so if you are a basic tax payer and that is a billy bargain while it lasts
  3. Same here had 4 L200’s now, does the work commute. Family car and goes shooting perfect for it. The current series 5 does all in a certain amount of comfort. Dogs bikes etc go in the back, never seem to have an issue parking but guess I have had trucks long enough to be able to park them
  4. We are with octopus as well and I have switched the outlaws and saved them a packet over British Gas. We are on the rolling tariff now as it seems to stay competitive enough for me not to want to bother changing. Customer service has been good and the app is dead easy to make sure readings are up to date and you know where you are. If you want £50 credit use this link https://share.octopus.energy/fun-river-729
  5. al4x


    Over 15k miles in my 68 plate l200 I have averaged 32mpg. That’s running it through a fuel monitoring app that is including about 1500 miles with our caravan on. General running around is 32 if I am in a reasonable rush and 35-36 if taking it easy
  6. Having had a day with Dodeer stalking and bought a few scopes from him I can say he is sound. I’m sure this will get sorted
  7. al4x

    best Rat poisons

    We’ve got the same issue, we poison and the blighters come from next door. It seems most poison these days takes ages to work 7-10 days taking poison before it stops seems about usual at the moment.
  8. The worst bit of this is it was diagnosed as a stroke. My older GWP had the same occur about a fortnight ago. It’s the worst thing I have seen, 6.30 fine 7pm peed everywhere head tilted and falling over. Vets as said and Ideopathic Vestibular Syndrome diagnosed. The key apparently is the eyes flicking to the side that the head is tilted. She had 3 days of not being able to stand or eat but 2 weeks on can do a slightly wobbly 2 mile walk and is eating well. Head still tilts but that is getting less. I hope yours continues to improve as mine seems to be. It’s far from nice to watch but apparently according to my vet worse for us than them
  9. al4x

    The R.S.P.C.A.

    Horses usually prefer being outside, obviously over winter if you keep them out they do churn up fields but as said this might not be the end of the world if it is prone to problems from too much grass. I actually am pleased at the response you got as it is relatively sensible. As an organisation we see one side on here, they deal with some awful cases but the day to day stuff they know when they can help or not. In your case lack of a rug is no issue unless it has been clipped and the alternative to a muddy field is usually being stuck in a stable for most of the day.
  10. al4x

    The R.S.P.C.A.

    I am pleased you got a sensible answer from them. Little things like saying no horsey jacket suggest you don’t know too much about them. Contrary to most of the horse world horses are designed to live out with no “jacket” on. with elderly horses if it is they actually live out better than in as being able to move about well stops their arthritis playing up too much. It sounds like it has shelter if required and you don’t know about food. Assuming food and water are supplied then at this time of year you have to expect some mud. Try talking to the owner, many here with dogs in kennels get similar reports to organisations from people without much idea.
  11. al4x

    Stuffed fox : wanted

    Get yourself onto the sale room.com and start looking at them. Loads get sold we move some really comical examples.
  12. Personally I have a new L200 and apple play, I think it’s a massive step up as far as sat nav is concerned. Ok it uses data and you need to be in an area with some available but that’s the only downside. It’s always updated traffic comes up as do speed limits and camera alerts. It runs off the usual maps or google maps if you prefer. If you have Apple Music then it plays anything, you can use Siri from the steering wheel and ask it to navigate to wherever you are after. You can plan a route on your phone and when you plug it in and start up it’s ready to go. We have just had 10 days in Cornwall on holiday and music and sat nav use over that has been about 4gb so not massive and that’s intensive use. Total thumbs up from me
  13. Firstly had your son accepted the quote and paid any form of deposit? Secondly are they BAR registered, if they are then a complaint will actually get them asked questions. ultimately though he needs to move and it appears to be a busy time for it. A hire van is fine if all your belongings fit in a Luton van or you have access to the house you are moving into. Usually you don’t so everything needs to fit on one vehicle and be out by lunchtime
  14. Realistically it wouldn’t have helped in this case being armed. I’m not sure what he was doing being in the way but could he have been deploying a stinger? The travelling community don’t respect anybody and it’s nice to see them getting some well deserved flack in this instance
  15. You are in a hard place, my older Gwp has a slight lump under her jaw. She is 12 and I am lucky having an old school vet for a father who said just keep an eye on it. It’s of a size and location not to worry about. I think at this age it’s a very hard decision as you can get led down the path of spending thousands to get another 6 months to year. I wouldn’t put a dog through chemotherapy but that’s me. If this lump starts to grow we will consider removal but it’s shown no change in 6 months so far
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