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  1. Once she stops being quite so obliging in the bedroom I reckon he will have a day of reckoning and realise what he has thrown away. The moment she stopped him shooting you knew she would be trouble
  2. His own designed gun bus from the Sandringham shoot. You’ve got to love his choice of transport
  3. al4x

    Pickup item

    Possibly try the local mailboxes branch they may do it cheaper. The problem is auction items are unpacked so by the time you collect pack them and send by courier the costs all mount up. It’s what we do and if it was one of my regulars I’d see what I could do. The best option is to look for a set more local to you but the internet has made it too easy to spot bargains the other end of the country lol I get it all the time.... but the wardrobe I bought from 200 miles away didn’t cost as much as you want to deliver!
  4. We have quite a few radials at work as my boss has a sideline making these.... sadly looks like yours is a little past it
  5. Just watch how fast you have to collect the items..... and that most things firearms related you will need to collect yourself.
  6. Works well in my experience.... the most expensive bit of foam you will buy but does what it should
  7. This has come up and I think I met someone on here who had this permission........ sounds unlucky but the local Facebook luvvies have really gone to town.... From the sounds of it a shot milky vixen got found. https://www.thecomet.net/news/crime/letchworth-foxhunting-allegations-shared-on-facebook-7852808
  8. It’s not expensive but mine does door mats, always has done 7 years old now and she does it less frequently but occasionally just destroys the mat....
  9. We have a tuning company across the road from us at work and they seem to be getting stacks in at the moment along with range rovers as being the local footballers cars of choice. From what I have seen the most basic would probably be ok for countryside use but otherwise the bling factor is unlikely to be that compatible with mud and hedges
  10. The main question is why does he want them? I like the look of them and there are a few small herds I know of as the local nature reserves like them for putting out on rough land but there are easier breeds of you are down south We have a few Southdown crosses and they are reasonably easy to keep and seem to produce nice lamb.
  11. Bear in mind it’s not summer and there are no leaves on trees the photos are 6 months out of date at least..... or they are someone else’s photos
  12. The big question in my mind is when the op said he took his “boy” for a walk was it his child or his dog he was talking about....... I took it to be dog not child Then things just went a little mental
  13. To be slightly controversial I’m struggling to see how a scotty was that intimidating to you. It’s got little dog syndrome and had you stood your ground and said hello to it odds are things would have changed quickly for the better. Weirdly my two just stand and look at little dogs with attitude and are far better than with little ones that run scared. We may be a different area but I usually find a quick chat with the owner lets the dogs get used to each other and it doesn’t happen the next time you meet them
  14. Also work on the basis that shipping it from Holland will be a pain in the backside. Unless the saving is massive it’s more agro than its worth
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