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  1. al4x

    Smart meter?

    I opted for one, no more reading the meter and accurate bills. Really nothing to be too scared of
  2. al4x

    Need a new truck

    Had a new l200 barbarian for a week now and it is very nice. Work have supplied it but it’s definitely an upgrade on the series 4. I had the option of whatever I liked to tried the rest and this is slightly smaller than most and turning circle etc is pretty impressive for its size. Goes well and is pretty refined for a pickup. The best advice is to go out and test drive them and see what deals can be done. With lid and tow bar etc the list on this is 33k so getting a decent discount is always good! As said service intervals are 12500 or yearly
  3. al4x

    Stove fan

    I have to say we have a fan and it works well but we have a stove in an inset hearth. With your setup I wouldn’t bother as it won’t move the heat from room to room
  4. My other half last year witnessed and a nasty head on accident involving the car in front of her. Due to the fact it was on a corner she drove round it and blocked the road and went back to help. While there some impatient individual squeezed past hitting her car and drove off. That was witnessed and the police were naff all use, they sent him a similar letter and let us have his details and that was it. He denied it and we were given the option of passing it to our insurers to pursue. As it was minor we didn’t bother, the main thing in this case is find out what is being alleged as it’s most likely the other parties insurers will be in touch shortly
  5. al4x


    Very nice, mine is due start of January and can’t wait!
  6. al4x


    i’ve Had 3 so far and done 150k in them. The first had a knackered head gasket but I bought it with it and once replaced was fine. The next two no real problems at all. Springs need replacing at 60k but that’s the only large thing. I’ve a series 5 on order and can’t wait. A little poncy and not quite sure how we will lamp from it but where there is a will there is a way!
  7. al4x

    Petrol garden tools.

    Buy the stihl 1 shot containers unless you use a large amount. At 50:1 it’s 1 per 5l and they are pretty cheap
  8. al4x

    Petrol garden tools.

    Personally I have never bothered draining down. The chainsaw will get the occasional run and the strimmer doubles as a hedge cutter so that gets the odd bit of pruning to do. That way they get some fresh fuel at some stage and i’ve Never had a problem on first start of the season
  9. The outlaws have one on a 10 plate. It’s got 50k miles on it and they had to have a re built diff. Other than that it’s been ok, the only plus point is that was £500 for an exchange unit fitted by their local land rover specialist.
  10. al4x

    Breeding - first time

    I had a littler from my Gwp in similar circumstances. Great experience and the pup we kept is a bit of a star. Cockers are simpler as there are loads of stud dogs about. First thing is get any of the recommended health checks done for your bitch. If that goes ok then start looking for a stud dog, if registered the kennel club have a few tools to help with checking how related they are and also checks registered against dogs in the lines history. Once you have a stud then you wait till the deed can be done, make sure the bitch is well wormed and you need to do this far more than usual through the pregnancy. whelping mine was easy but you never know with a first litter. Once you have pups the first month is easy the second month hell and you will be glad when they go! I ended up making money and it was a really good experience but it is hard work
  11. al4x

    Gundog Insurance

    Pet plan as well, I had a sizeable claim a few years ago and it didn’t go up hugely afterwards. They do reduce the cover slightly as the dog gets older but on a percentage basis so you contribute more rather than bumping the premium up
  12. al4x


    It just shows the progress being made. I’ve an 09 plate l200 and with at tyres get 32-33mpg on usual running around which is 440-460 to the same sized tank.
  13. al4x

    Brit shot dead in hunting accident, France

    Shapes or heat sources, you can spot anything living with a thermal and very easily in the dark. Depending on the quality depends on the I’d, I spot with mine and shoot with nv, but the thermal is what will spot someone 500 yards away in a hedge behind the fox you are about to shoot
  14. al4x

    Brit shot dead in hunting accident, France

    It’s tragic and one reason I like a thermal spotter even more at night as people can’t hide in the background as they stand out very clearly even when partially obscured by hedges etc
  15. al4x


    Same here on my 3rd this one has been super reliable bought it with 50k miles on it and done 70k in 5 years average 32mpg and when I change it will probably be a new shape