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  1. They need to price again, a battery fencing kit can be had quite cheaply or you just buy the screw in insulators and a length of wire and then a fencer unit
  2. Personally I wouldn’t take a 4x4 I wasn’t prepared to damage and cover the cost myself
  3. Is that after the £50 if you use a recommendation link or would that be on top? You must be a very low user if that’s the saving as British Gas would add £23 a month to my £50 dd based on actual figures
  4. We are with octopus as well, have been since iresa went bust and they took on our account. For an energy company the customer service seems really good. Their app works really well and readings take longer opening the meter cupboard than entering. I think I could have saved £20 a year by switching this renewal so didn’t bother as it has been easy compared to previous providers
  5. I don’t know if you van is un insured by the driver whether they can claim from you. Depends if you want your mate to get the 6 points for driving uninsured and you to get the penalty for permitting. It’s a minefield, what I can say is all our company vans are any driver and on going if you want to lend vehicles that’s the best way of avoiding this.
  6. al4x

    Stolen dogs

    They were stolen the second certainly recovered from a “travellers” site.
  7. al4x

    Stolen dogs

    To be fair I reckon if they had been caught in the act they would have come off worse. The area will be Bedfordshire/bucks area and most likely do as you likeys......
  8. al4x

    Best 4X4

    They are at the commercial rate along with the hilux ranger and Navara etc
  9. The older l200’s had the same recall. It depends how worried you are but I never got the time to have it done. It’s all fine as long as you don’t test it!
  10. al4x

    Best 4X4

    That budget will buy a reasonable l200 B40 I think it’s 2.7t towing wise and no problem without weight in the back. Reasonable economy, and you don’t get hit for £500 road tax like most of the conventional 4x4’s in that price bracket
  11. Look at the 31 x10.5 I think it is, pretty sure they are a very similar size and in 15”
  12. al4x

    What strimmer to buy

    Will try that, it’s particularly bad if there are any nettles about. Great strimmer other than that but a pain to keep having to re set the cord when it’s broken off inside the spool
  13. al4x

    What strimmer to buy

    Do any of the stihl users find theirs melts whatever brand cord they use? The outlaws have one and it just seems to eat cord
  14. We’ve a 2014 plate one and it’s been pretty good so far. Had a couple of issues with batteries draining and a calliper problem on the rear but other than that a good motor. Economical goes well and she who must be obeyed drives it like she stole it....
  15. There are lots of these cideos cropping up at the moment with the fraternity who do everything possible to drive over fields lamping. We are having huge problems with it and some cropped fields are trashed. Police don’t have the resources to deal with it and you can’t confront them as they ram any vehicle that tries. Go round most of rural herts now and every gateway is blocked, most boundaries are ditched as they seem to like doing it most on the wettest nights going. In our case we know who it is mainly, where he comes from and it only goes quiet when he is inside. Clips they have put on Facebook include ramming landowners on a public road but the worst that seems to happen is they loose the vehicles they are using but another one soon turns up.
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