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  1. al4x

    Brit shot dead in hunting accident, France

    It’s tragic and one reason I like a thermal spotter even more at night as people can’t hide in the background as they stand out very clearly even when partially obscured by hedges etc
  2. al4x


    Same here on my 3rd this one has been super reliable bought it with 50k miles on it and done 70k in 5 years average 32mpg and when I change it will probably be a new shape
  3. al4x

    X5's burning oil?

    In my experience it is down to harsh use when brand new. We’ve had it with leased merc vans, if they get driven really hard from new they just seem to use loads of oil. Up to 15l between oil changes apparently is within tollerance!
  4. al4x

    Extended Hedge Trimmer.

    Same here, never expected it to last but 3 years on and it’s looking a bargain. At £150 it was £450 less than the stihl equivalent I would have liked but just couldn’t justify. Does all I need and has seen a fair bit of work so far
  5. al4x

    Mechanic required Edinburgh area

    Ok I had a l200 same engine and sold it knowing it had this problem, seems a lot have rust holes appear on the sump. Milners sell replacements and they aren’t too bad to change so most garages should be able to do it.
  6. al4x

    Scope experts? Swarovski?

    I’ve had a z6i for years very fine reticle 5-30 x50 and it’s shot a lot. I had one without illumination and just couldn’t get on with it. Kept loosing the fine reticle at last light which is just not an issue with the illuminated dot
  7. al4x

    Alleged Russian assassins on TV

    We ship a fair bit to the USA and they have stopped a number of shipments we have going through with artworks by Russian artists. Seems they are going to embargo a lot more in a bit of a rush as fedex are very much making it up as they go along while trying to stay legal.
  8. al4x

    Not So "British" BT

    What will also **** you off is the fact she will pay more for her paper bill and not shopping around for the best deal. Then check her energy and I would guess she is on far from the cheapest deal as she has been loyal to a supplier. We’ve had to drag the father in law away from the likes of British Gas as he was being ripped off something chronic at 90
  9. al4x

    Nissan navara automatic

    The Isuzu was most likely overloaded and had a stock trailer on so was probably worked hard and it will happen if you abuse any pickup. Most Navaras seem to be rusting through and the hilux seem ok in the uk but they have a 3 billion lawsuit in the USA due to rusted chassis
  10. al4x

    Dacia Duster

    Why not just break the gun and have it in an unzipped slip
  11. al4x

    Nissan navara automatic

    You need to look at the snapped chassis group 2012 are now being affected and it could affect pretty much any d40
  12. al4x

    Nissan navara automatic

    Have they sorted it out? The new shape seem ok so far mostly but at least Nissan are sorting them up to 12 years old
  13. al4x

    Nissan navara automatic

    I would worry less about the gearbox than the chassis issue they have going on. Google Nissan Navara snapped chassis,
  14. al4x

    Possibly buying a truck

    Just avoid the Nissan if you are looking at pickups with that budget. If not look up rusted chassis on them and that should put you off.
  15. al4x

    Possibly buying a truck

    I’ve an l200 and it’s a fine family and shooting truck. Comfy enough, reliable get 32-35mpg we take it on holiday 2 dogs, and the 4 of us and no issues space wise.