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  1. Personally I have a new L200 and apple play, I think it’s a massive step up as far as sat nav is concerned. Ok it uses data and you need to be in an area with some available but that’s the only downside. It’s always updated traffic comes up as do speed limits and camera alerts. It runs off the usual maps or google maps if you prefer. If you have Apple Music then it plays anything, you can use Siri from the steering wheel and ask it to navigate to wherever you are after. You can plan a route on your phone and when you plug it in and start up it’s ready to go. We have just had 10 days in Cornwall on holiday and music and sat nav use over that has been about 4gb so not massive and that’s intensive use. Total thumbs up from me
  2. Firstly had your son accepted the quote and paid any form of deposit? Secondly are they BAR registered, if they are then a complaint will actually get them asked questions. ultimately though he needs to move and it appears to be a busy time for it. A hire van is fine if all your belongings fit in a Luton van or you have access to the house you are moving into. Usually you don’t so everything needs to fit on one vehicle and be out by lunchtime
  3. Realistically it wouldn’t have helped in this case being armed. I’m not sure what he was doing being in the way but could he have been deploying a stinger? The travelling community don’t respect anybody and it’s nice to see them getting some well deserved flack in this instance
  4. You are in a hard place, my older Gwp has a slight lump under her jaw. She is 12 and I am lucky having an old school vet for a father who said just keep an eye on it. It’s of a size and location not to worry about. I think at this age it’s a very hard decision as you can get led down the path of spending thousands to get another 6 months to year. I wouldn’t put a dog through chemotherapy but that’s me. If this lump starts to grow we will consider removal but it’s shown no change in 6 months so far
  5. Have a 2014 driven by my other half like she stole it..... seems to stand up to it well. Economy is good (better when she isn’t driving) only issue other than servicing is we had a rear calliper seize last year that was a few hundred pounds to sort. But then 6 months later it was recalled due to the callipers and they replaced the other and refunded what we had spent replacing the one we did. Really that was very appreciated!
  6. I had a driver today saying he was going to refuse to drive a van without ac to Scotland....... I think I won the battle but we shall see if he turns up for work in the morning. London I get but a motorway trip up North where it’s likely to be 10 degrees cooler was a bit of a **** take
  7. al4x


    I’m glad we get on with our neighbours. We have had their scaffolding on our side and they have had ours on theirs. It makes it easier cheaper and also you can protect the other side far easier. We had plastic laid and the scaffolding netted and it made the job faster and wasn’t that much inconvenience. On another side we are doing a job for a very wealthy author in London at work. She has dragged her neighbours party wall agreement out for years. We are packing most of her possessions to keep them safe and she has cost them an absolute fortune in legal fees getting to this point. They aren’t speaking and current conversations seem to be via ourselves....
  8. They need to price again, a battery fencing kit can be had quite cheaply or you just buy the screw in insulators and a length of wire and then a fencer unit
  9. Personally I wouldn’t take a 4x4 I wasn’t prepared to damage and cover the cost myself
  10. Is that after the £50 if you use a recommendation link or would that be on top? You must be a very low user if that’s the saving as British Gas would add £23 a month to my £50 dd based on actual figures
  11. We are with octopus as well, have been since iresa went bust and they took on our account. For an energy company the customer service seems really good. Their app works really well and readings take longer opening the meter cupboard than entering. I think I could have saved £20 a year by switching this renewal so didn’t bother as it has been easy compared to previous providers
  12. I don’t know if you van is un insured by the driver whether they can claim from you. Depends if you want your mate to get the 6 points for driving uninsured and you to get the penalty for permitting. It’s a minefield, what I can say is all our company vans are any driver and on going if you want to lend vehicles that’s the best way of avoiding this.
  13. al4x

    Stolen dogs

    They were stolen the second certainly recovered from a “travellers” site.
  14. al4x

    Stolen dogs

    To be fair I reckon if they had been caught in the act they would have come off worse. The area will be Bedfordshire/bucks area and most likely do as you likeys......
  15. al4x

    Best 4X4

    They are at the commercial rate along with the hilux ranger and Navara etc
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