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  1. We had to use a router on 4g for the last year…. We were in a relatives barn while we sold one house and looked for another. We would have had BT but the only line in meant a cable 10ft up across the main house front so got vetoed. I tried 3 but couldn’t get it to work so went on giff gaff unlimited not as cheap but worked. Netflix and two children on iPads worked fine.
  2. Waze is definitely the way forward. Free and it usually has the mobile ones a few minutes after they set up, as well as all sorts of hazards and accidents as you can report on the app straight away
  3. Wd40 makes the plastic look good so it may not be untoward. Be interested what it’s like on fuel as I might have to get one when my l200 is up for renewal as you can’t get them any more
  4. They are built to tow so buy on condition. If it looks like an ex farm vehicle be a little scared but if it’s had usual use then I would take it as a £500 plus point as that seems to be the rate to fit a pickup tow bar. I’ve had a fair few now and touch wood never had gearbox problems
  5. Sounds like you are going for it. To be fair it sounds different to the trash you get at auction down south. If you are local to it and know the area that is half the battle. A lot of the rest is common sense when house buying and depends whether you are stretching yourself or not and can cover any unforeseen issues. We have recently bought a house as a long term project, I’ve done a few and I reckon had we let a surveyor near it most would have had a field day……But it’s the area we wanted and idyllic so we know we are prepared for what it has to throw at us. The worst so far has been leaky underfloor heating pipes….. but a few days with a sds drill and a plumber for 2 days has relaid the problem room and future proofed half the house. Put the effort in and it will be worth it
  6. On the upside it wasn’t a red light and a double whammy
  7. You’d be brave to buy one out of warranty!
  8. They have just billed our lorry for a few days at the non compliant rate and that would make you sweat..... they have repaid it once they realised their error
  9. Think it’s about 10p on my l200 if you take maintenance then that is usually a similar or higher charge on top
  10. One thing I find makes the difference is heated seats..... seems to work wonders
  11. We used to have trouble with our stihl of certain cable almost getting hot and then breaking. Since using stihls better quality the problem seems to have gone away
  12. Probably not records in that way, a few of the biggies have stopped trading in the last few years but that might be down to how expensive it got. I’ve seen bills for thousands to frame some not very big works. It’s just possible if they spent money on the framing then you could have ones worth some money. Some of the modern prints are going for silly money...... if you want to open your eyes have a look at Phillips auctioneers in London. Some proper varied modern “art”
  13. That’s not what we are seeing, we ship art and antiques from most of the major and minor auctioneers in the country and everyone I have spoken to can’t believe how well things are selling. We’ve never been busier, with these if you let me know where you are and what they are then I can probably suggest the best auctioneer option.
  14. Looking at that crud build up I’d think it was more related to the egr system as that looks like a build up of sooty deposits not burnt oil. If the turbo intake looks like that I dread to think what the egr setup looks like.
  15. Many thanks, that’s confirmed what I was thinking was the best way forward
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