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  1. And 20 days early as well, the guy was really pleasant and guess it was a simple renewal so box ticking exercise. Had to get the doctors form done but that was the only bit that took the time at my end. Once I had it and submitted the application I couldn’t believe how quick it came through
  2. I’ve just done my renewal with Herts and have to say 7 days from posting to dropping on the doorstep so top service
  3. 2 months can be a long time with a commercial vehicle, mine would do 5-10k miles in that time which is easily enough time for a problem to occur. With that if you only recently noticed the clunking it may have happened faster than you think. As for choice of garage pounds talk but also how quick they are to get things booked in is a major factor. Our main dealer even with breakdowns I can be a week or more which is useless.
  4. Assuming you reported the theft it will be no problem driving it to be fixed. It’s a common theft and I reckon you would only get sympathy if you were pulled over. The only thing to check is none of the existing exhaust can drop and get caught on the ground when you are driving
  5. Herts police have actually made progress on some local thefts! Funny they seized caravans at the same time....... https://www.hertsad.co.uk/news/three-people-arrested-in-connection-with-dog-thefts-1-6873788
  6. al4x

    hare coursing

    I don’t like to say fortunately but he was shot in the chest with a stone from a catapult, that’s when the police start reacting. We have them regularly and it’s only when they do something like this that the police really act
  7. Surely you can appoint a surveyor yourself, sounds like the bank are hedging their bets and think you are buying the whole block!
  8. If it has made it to Paris then it should be fast from there on. There are no customs and checks on the parcel should have been done in the origin country. Many of the carriers are working with massive volumes at the moment so that’s more likely to be the cause of the delay than anything else
  9. Never heard of that issue. We’ve a 2014 2.2 diesel and is a pretty reasonable car. Only issues have been sorted on recall all in all pretty economical and pretty refined and nippy. Does 45mpg on usual runs
  10. If it’s dropped out underneath then you have a leak, re fill with water and start up while looking for it underneath
  11. I’ve the 3D ones for my series 5 if you can get a set for the 6 then they are spot on. They are Mitsubishi supplied but I got them from a dealer on ebay
  12. al4x

    Watch Auctions

    Dreweatts are another one with regular watch auctions.
  13. But it depends how much it chops up the rhizomes and mixes them with the soil, as these spread massively in all directions you would then have to keep on top of any re growth.
  14. I bit the bullet with our neighbours one that has been invading and cleared the fence line it was coming through and dig over the soil. An entire recycling bin of rhizomes later and it’s still popping up in the lawn 10 feet away from the fence. Can only hope this will reduce over time but we shall see. Good luck and keep spraying it!
  15. Funny how it goes that’s the same as the mil’s last hayter that they gave away 2 years back as it was hard for her to start! Wheels and roller were fine though!
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