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  1. Personally I don’t have an issue with putting down animals by shooting. It does need to be done properly and most old keepers would have taken their old dogs for a last walk. min this instance they aren’t possible to re home and so once they can’t cope with a full day they have effectively finished their useful life. Though I couldn’t do it I wish I could when the time is right shoot mine as doing it in a wood when the dog knows nothing strikes me as much nicer than going to the vets they hate visiting
  2. We had a new one this year and fitted a Charnwood island 1 and I’m really impressed with build quality and controls. The one thing I had forgotten is don’t wait for a cold night to run it for the first time….. we did and the paint cures filling the place with smoke. Had I remembered I would have run it up in summer
  3. Does that cover Lepto as that is the one that seems to not last but be nasty if they get it
  4. It’s a **** time to buy, with that budget you are close to new pickup money but delivery times is the problem. My l200 lease is up in December and the first Navara they can get me is probably February, it’s driven the second hand market mad and the prices are ridiculous.
  5. Been there and had similar with one at work, in the end refunded £300 but that is only as the buyer started off on his own looking legitimate and when he turned up to collect it the rest of the family turned up in their transits children everywhere. The last thing we wanted was the lot of them back causing grief. In your case stick it out and make sure you did the change of ownership bit properly!
  6. al4x


    Right, it tested positive twice. Farmers don’t get the choice to argue with livestock
  7. Almost on this note but I’ve a fairly basic and fairly old pulsar HD19. We recently had an underfloor heating pipe water leak and it was close to finding the problem. It was easy to trace all pipes and in the end I had 3 areas I thought it might be. At that point I called in the experts and they did find it in one of the spots. In future had I got a damp meter as well and had I listened to the radiators I would have found it. ours was worse as it’s an old house and no proper Dpm so it was going straight to ground
  8. Have a word with Dreweatts auctioneers they have a regular transport sale. We move a fair few from sales that they have and as you say the values can be high with recent ones being high 5 figures though they tend to be the larger ones.
  9. We’ve gone fixed rate on our last purchase but the 5 year rates were so good it was pointless not doing so. Personally I can’t see rates climbing much and would have stuck with a tracker had it been much cheaper
  10. We had to use a router on 4g for the last year…. We were in a relatives barn while we sold one house and looked for another. We would have had BT but the only line in meant a cable 10ft up across the main house front so got vetoed. I tried 3 but couldn’t get it to work so went on giff gaff unlimited not as cheap but worked. Netflix and two children on iPads worked fine.
  11. Waze is definitely the way forward. Free and it usually has the mobile ones a few minutes after they set up, as well as all sorts of hazards and accidents as you can report on the app straight away
  12. Wd40 makes the plastic look good so it may not be untoward. Be interested what it’s like on fuel as I might have to get one when my l200 is up for renewal as you can’t get them any more
  13. They are built to tow so buy on condition. If it looks like an ex farm vehicle be a little scared but if it’s had usual use then I would take it as a £500 plus point as that seems to be the rate to fit a pickup tow bar. I’ve had a fair few now and touch wood never had gearbox problems
  14. Sounds like you are going for it. To be fair it sounds different to the trash you get at auction down south. If you are local to it and know the area that is half the battle. A lot of the rest is common sense when house buying and depends whether you are stretching yourself or not and can cover any unforeseen issues. We have recently bought a house as a long term project, I’ve done a few and I reckon had we let a surveyor near it most would have had a field day……But it’s the area we wanted and idyllic so we know we are prepared for what it has to throw at us. The worst so far has been leaky underfloor heating pipes….. but a few days with a sds drill and a plumber for 2 days has relaid the problem room and future proofed half the house. Put the effort in and it will be worth it
  15. On the upside it wasn’t a red light and a double whammy
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