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Any one used “we buy any car”

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Should be we buy any newish car .

My Audi they quoted £750 .

Yes it's old 2008 .

So I looked all over the net for a car the same year and trim levels as mine and the cheapest one was was over £3k up to £4k+ a little .

But it's because wbac are owned by B.C.A who also own the new selling platform cinch .

So what they do is cherry pick the very best cars that wbac purchase and sell them for profit on cinch and the older ones go through B.C.A

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I checked there web site for my truck and the quoted me £2000 booked the appointment and the guy said he was never busier  looked all over my truck and when i said i was quoted 2K i dont  think i will get that he said i was thinking £1000 or £1100  the computer came up with £500 i said i was hoping for more he offered to make a call and he came back with £500 i appeared reluctant but said okay 

As i was walking away i felt i maybe should of told him the MOT only had 10 days left and it needed both front links , Brake pipes and flex hoses , Exhaust near side link ,OSR sill ,3 tyres 255/65/17 , 2 rear shocks , 2 rear springs , slight play in both Ball joints , Diff leaking oil , Rear chassis split and i had the passenger step in the garage 

So £500 from them £50 back from the insurance and £282back in tax refund i did okay as if i sold it as seen i thought maybe they would of had some come back on me But i had a great 5 years with her LOL 

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