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HELP! BSA Scorpion SE reassembly instructions needed


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I've recently stripped down my BSA Scorpion SE .22 pcp as it is running a bit low on power and a new breech seal didn't make a difference.

Managed to fully disassemble ok but the reassemble has got me scratching my head a bit. I can't put the rear screw in, then the bolt otherwise to ball bearing detent won't go in and visa versa for the opposite way.

Any help; instructions/locations there of; or tagging people who are known to have worked on these or work for BSA would be very helpful and much appreciated!

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Xtx vidios are brilliant followed a few of his usually his strip down vid for finding a hidden bolt that requires 3 parts to be removed to get to the bit you need on a certain bsa ultra !

Suppose it means it gets a clean at the same time.


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If you lose the wee spring holding the ball bearing in for the mag catch just use a piece of rubber cut from a suitable O ring.  Put a  touch of silicone grease on it to keep it supple and it works a treat.  Also remember the hammer spring adjuster is held in place by two different size Allen bolts and only goes in the correct way round.  Small headed bolt to the top of the action and the smaller to the rear of the trigger assembly.

XTX videos are OK as far as they go but they don't cover FULL strip downs of each version i.e. the one piece lower action of the Ultra MMC multishot.  Best thing to do is exactly what have done.  Ask.

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