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  1. Very interested could you post more pictures of the stock. thanks Agriv8
  2. Pipes for me - held by holes the metal bowel for ash after finishing my grandad had a pipe rack which ranged from those for the garden - to the important posh ones for market day - often used as a pointer! Agriv8
  3. Exactly the reason I use my transit custom but it’s the thirsty old 2.2 reasonable ground clearance and with a bit of carful driving - no one expected me at the top of the snow covered hill for this days shooting ( didn’t even need my snow chains on ! ) - though cheekily one of the guns ( Toyota hilux ) offered to drive back down to pick my dog up !? 😉 it happily pulled a 2 ton trailer at weekend and 6 seats for shipping us 4 and grandparent about atb Agriv8
  4. Other options- Skoda yeti 4x4 is used by a couple of vets I know ran em into the ground! but used prices can be high for a good one ! 4x4 was only the 2.0 derv but suspect it will return better mph than the landrover Ground clearance can come Into play if driving down heavily rutted tracks a plus point for the landy is there is very little that you can’t fix yourself. a fault with my dads yeti was picked up on service ( under warranty) could you drop it back in it needs a new rear wiper motor ( dad said it never caused and issue ) the Skoda computer indicated motor was getting lazy!?!? All modern stuff heading the same way ! My dad loves his Skoda yeti 1.2 dsg I even carry an odbc reader with my tool box these days ! Agriv8 Edit to add Mag man - posted at the same time
  5. Fuel has peaked- but not sure if it will keep dropping in price. if you don’t use your low box on your landy the fiat should be fine off road ! Agriv8
  6. Glad it’s got a home to go to - I have walked some miles behind one of them in my youth earning money to get up to mischief! though it had a metal grass collector ! I’d have it just for the nostalgia. Agriv8
  7. 525 just gone for sale I wouldn’t class it as a starter gun but it’s in Essex. Agriv8
  8. Yep that’s the one Had me in stitches and so if it’s time ! anyone wearing red or walking funny !?? Agriv8
  9. I vote for Kenny Everett Round em up put them in a field an b*** the b****** I suspect link will be banned so search you tube Agriv8
  10. Just sat and watched as dusk turns of the edge of dark .22 zeros at my 15 yards before having a look what’s about Down The farm. Simon thanks for doing it for us lot. I as many do on here really appreciate it ! Agriv8 Ps I haven’t got a Guinea pig t shirt is that why I miss so many?
  11. Has dichy handed over the hold-all full of cash as a “charity donation?” To the prince’s charity? So they know where to deliver the invite to ? Agr
  12. Spent a bit of time with the film crew as my mate was assistant locations manager! they all seemed to spend a lot of time up there in the pub until they built the internals at an industrial unit in Leeds ! yes it was a long time ago ! Agriv8
  13. Dougy - tunnel paid for the hassle I can do without I must admit the verbal from Mrs Agriv8 if I do get my collar felt would be unbearable. I buy 1k cartridges every couple of months ! don’t want a van full might try calling eurotunel and see what they say. Still very undecided Will do more digging Agriv8
  14. Will be travelling with small gas bottle for pizza oven and declaring this with the tunnel peeps . Looks like as long as I don’t go too mad with the cartridges I’ll be ok re customs
  15. There is a French rfd local to the campsite - from the pricing I have seen for mid range clay shells there is a savings ! I only intend to bring a slab back ( this time ) maybe 1k next ! so any pointers if I need to declare these post brexit on my return to uk if not it looks like it might be doable ! Agriv8
  16. I can talk to tunnel people and see as always been helpful regarding the minimum! cost wine is cheaper maybe the same for cartridges the cleaver range are a good shell and red ! I can’t find anything regarding Customs and declaration from an personal import stand point. before brexit there are few posts in here re people bringing them back over the main parts are the firearms an issue not so the cartridges Agriv8
  17. So the family holiday is approaching and thinking about trying to bring a slab or two of cartridges back. travelling by euro tunnel and will of course take my shotgun certificate. Anyone tried recently is it still allowed? Do I need forms or to tell anyone? Thanks in Advance Agriv8
  18. Is it road legal ? sloppy steering issue likley picked up on mot ? suspension creaks are likley dried out rubber bushes ! Get someone to bonce the corners while you laying underneath! But chock thre wheels
  19. I have enough heavy stuff to out live me - but red as well those three crowns don’t half stop stuff Agriv8
  20. Only pulling you leg - you wear whatever you want but suggest on reflection of your opening post maybe not crocks with a burka or life jacket or both ! Maybe steer clear of a rucksack as well happy shooting WalkedUp keep it up Agriv8
  21. WalkedUp you still have not answered the burning question we’re you cautioned for the wearing of the crocs ? As for the account and rampant sexism I read as adding “tone” to the account. In a situation like this I would be watching fingers and triggers very carefully! Please can you write to the force to complain that the response team did not have :- one male officer with nail polish the correct percentage of officers from ethnic back grounds at least one officer identifying as a gender not the same as there birth certificate arive in an electric vehicle Agriv8
  22. Jaymo such a brilliant line needs to be repeated . Scary- I don’t think our rural force has that many officers never mind ones carrying arms. someone at head office needs to check deployment criteria. Turning this into a positive I would be enquire with your firearms certificate issuer on your version of events and there thoughts on how to avoid a further incident or issues if it has made it onto your firearms record Agriv8
  23. Alan have you a receipt for the bottle purchase or a picture it’s not proof but may help identify what’s gone wrong suspect they have mixed up the tags and the guy who got your bottle is happy to have got a free upgrade ! Keep us posted Agriv8
  24. I’d heard the forums chief technical officer of ginger watch ( preparation and application dept ) had received a communication in the form of ransom from an ancient tribe of throat warblers with photos of said officer in compromising position with the pigeon fancier association uk supplied by a past acquaintance! Agriv8
  25. Disco bob you be getting put on the naughty step for the shooting cats mention - just because it’s a robot doesn’t make it ok ? an early plea may mean you do a week or 2 in solitary confinement! watched ep1 and ok though the goatee !?? Agriv8
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