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  1. I too held back for the same reasons. risk assessments for shooting I would suspect if completed centre around people guns and live ammo ! the getting of those to and from the drives I suspect is going to come under close scrutiny from Hse. Insurance and underwriters. In hindsight I am sure we would all make a different decision after ‘the event’ but at the end of that particular day it didn’t end in a ‘beer in the pub round the fire’ and that’s a truly sad ending ! Agriv8
  2. I had logged in to say the same ! But you have certainly expressed it in a better way than I would be able. It’s the like minded foke that make the a good excellent- Weather and views next. Adding something to the bag I am upset if I don’t - Regards Agriv8
  3. In that case Jonty thank you for the valiant work you do also ! hoping the anti shooting lot do not descend on this. As it looks like a tragic accident ! Wishing those injured a swift and full recovery as well. Agriv8
  4. Well done for staying calm. It’s a scary experience which I have avoided all but once ! Agriv8
  5. Welcome to the ups and downs of spaniel ownership. they may test you but still enjoying my spanner sprocker now 2 Mine won’t be with me beating this weekend as painters and decorators are in and I am not looking forward to the day 1/2 as much !!! Keep us updated Agriv8 and pip
  6. Jonty - not wishing to pry was that in an official capacity? I had a horrible feeling from the address that the address and description instantly had me thinking shooting party on shooting bus I believe gun on pegs has the shoot listed who from the bio seem like a genuine lot. deepest condolences for those missing loved ones after the tragic news yesterday ! Its only a hour away and visit forest of bowland regularly with family and mutt ! atb Agriv8
  7. Before you discont it a ****** removal isn’t as bad as it sounds! 2 Audis 1 vw 1 cmax 1 transit Have a look online again cutting a small square not as bad as it first seems But again cost benefit risk is a factor!
  8. You might be in look electrics pack on ebay say no coding EBay link so then just need metal work Agriv8 Several tow bar brackets on eBay Have fun Agriv8
  9. Modern cars with bulb fault detector are a pain. most cars now require a can bus trailer brain to run trailer electrics. there will be a plug on the car electric harness for this to plug in. Usually in the boot area but my transit custom it was under the near side front passenger step ! Usually when you have a can bus trailer ecu this will need coding to the car ecu ( local independent specialist may be able to assist) my last 3 diy installs I have managed to get hardware ( tow braket ) and electric harness / tow ecu from eBay and just pay for the coding at local trailer installer ! any Suberu dismantles may be a good start as well Agriv8
  10. Mate had 50 hull superfast 7.5 fibres through his yesterday as most of em zinged past my nose on the clay ground he doesn’t shoot owt else at clays ! superfast are punchy so should have no issue afaik in your hatsan so unless you are on a dodgy batch don’t recon it’s the shells a photo of the broken shell may help. where are you ? might be worth seeing if anyone local with experience could look it over ? Btw did it suffer from same problem before the strip down clean ? Atb Agriv8
  11. Are they short case 65mm cartridges ? my mates hatsan won’t cycle those ! But others have no issues. what other shells have you tried ? Agriv8
  12. Walked up are they reasonably priced ? What brands do they stock ? Mother in law lives not a million miles away so always looking for an excuse To escape! Oak ridge shooting ground good for a couple of hours but can prove expensive as a regular escape ! atb Agriv8
  13. Bottom 48 inch one please U2u on its way ta Agriv8
  14. Agriv8

    Chinese spies

    Humblepie we live in a democracy PW has like the rest of society vocal sections. Most of us sit on the fence most of the time. Governments like to push us about most of the covid response had been led by scare mongering get jabbed or die. Having heard first hand hospital’s decision on who will get treatment in intensive wards and who will not and likley pass away they have to do something! Me I am jabbed as the thought of passing this on to aged parents led me down this route. Travelling abroad also a consideration. Wife teacher and kids at school have brought this home twice ! Unfortunately democracy and liberty only usually questioned when we disagree with the gov pushing us about but like taking our taxes they will get it one way or the other ( unless you are Amazon Google etc etc ) Agriv8
  15. TC, All very true, but as discussed at length you can get away with anything if you use RED cartridges. I believe both Boris and Randi Andy both use Teflon coated ones ! Agriv8
  16. Will his wife be present at the meeting with drinks and cheese as a non elected paid advisor and was she taking the minutes ? Asked if I am allowed wine at next team meeting awaiting an answer ! Atb Agriv8
  17. No problem- resisting an inner erge to go with lines from the monty Payton dead parrot scratch ! Agriv8
  18. Walked up I am sure you are right about it being a sad RTA case seen a few blinded by headlights and hit stuff on roads - but just to be on the safe side are you anywhere near any of the current avian flu outbreak areas ? transmissions to other non water based species is unlikely but not impossible afaik ps not an expert just though worth mentioning! Agriv8
  19. Ps - just to add I know and it’s fantastic that there are many on this forum I have never met but who’s wisdom I will read and take note off ! to add I Recon a couple of those forty extra that are the stray pellets that do the business and save my blushes my shooting training has always been around safety and respect for one quarry. Agriv8
  20. London best - just as we all have our preferred shell we all have our preferred load for certain situation i ain’t going to tell anyone else how they should shoot of what they should use. Never pattern plated a game load so will keep our of the failing pattern discussion- but the same gun was smoking clays edge on to 45 + yard 28g 8 shot through 3/4 and full recon I could have got this past 55 easily if a presentation was available! But without the orange cloud .
  21. 30 g no 6 early doors moving onto no 5 when they start asking for clearance to land at local Airports! Agriv8
  22. Going to fess up here shoot before yesterday I had one of those AT days ! yesterday shot 2 carts got soaked but had my 11 year old lad and my dad beating and flanking with me .both saw me down my only addition to the bag ! my dad had my lad picking up for him as he marked the shot birds in the wood ! Big numbers shooting I am happy to leave to others - yesterday delivered shooting enjoyment in a different way ! Agriv8
  23. Ps 11s-is on our Yorkshire shoot was extended to nearly early lunch butties ! just about dried out the pint round the fire in the local pub at the end of the day - priceless. Me and the dog gave 110% so even took the ribbing about a safety catch left on incident ( it would have been low if it wasn’t ) for me my 11 year old flanked with his grandad ( my dad ) and walked with me on a couple of drives. Both my lad and my dad saw me drop my only bird of the day ! Agriv8
  24. Turning up one thing - that glint In his good eye . Been known to scare grown men !
  25. Sprocker for me 2 year old and finally started to listen some of the time. she’s a pet that works and just as happy curled up on the sofa as ripping herself to prices in the brambles as she has done today ! Agriv8
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