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  1. Rings aren't used on this type of night vision. They come with a fixed Picatinny mount. The rest is digital so you move the rest around the screen to zero somit can end up off centre, hence the adjustable mount. You centralise the rest and zero using the mount. I did buy it and the build quality is superb. It is so much simpler to use that digital adjustment. Is it £100 simpler? Not really but the two types in the market are both £100. Unless the Chinese rip off the design or they start selling a lot more if them I can't see the price reducing. When you think this one mount is the same price as a half decent scope and actually dearer than the NV unit it is for it does seem to be an excessive price.
  2. My only issue is if the adjustments are lockable as they are pretty exposed. It's for a digital day / night scope to able to return the digital ret back to the centre of the screen. It'll be used on a sub 12 ftlb .22 PCP. The customer reviews on the company itself are faultless. Delivery bumps the price up a fair bit using DPD. It's obviously a lot cheaper than the ZB Pro so something is going to be missing and it's likely to on the adjustments. Silver and rose gold are also odd colours over black and NATO green. These are aluminium but built for NERF guns so the micrometer settings aren't going to be as precise either. Hey ho £100+ it is then.
  3. Has anyone bought one if these and what do you think of it or am I better off getting the ZB Pro zeroing universal mount at a stonking £100+ Inc delivery? https://www.blaster-time.eu/shop/worker-aluminium-picatinny-adjustable-rail-riser/
  4. The simple answer to that problem is affix a diopter lens of suitable diameter to the eyepiece the same rating as your reading glasses. On my Megaorei M5 a 37mm slots firmly into the rubber eyecup. I used a +2 diopter to replace my glasses perfectly. Cost me less than £8 off Amazon.
  5. No issue at all on a private sale.
  6. If it gives unlimited visits then it's pretty good value. A once weekly visit to my local range is £13.50 (£54 four weekly) for none members and £8 per visit for members with an annual £35 membership fee and I don't get a key for that for access either.
  7. It is possible it may be the gauge itself. I have replaced three just recently where all have failed internally. The pointer is operated by a coiled hollow spring called a Bourdon tube. As the pressure increases the tube tries to straighten thus moving the pointer. Unfortunately they also tend to be affected by moisture and corrode internally. You can tell if it's the gauge as there is a tiny pinhole in the gauge casing open to atmosphere. It's there to prevent a build up of internal pressure should the tube fail. If air is coming out if that hole your gauge has failed and will need replacing. The good news is they are really cheap from AliExpress. They are usually 23mm diameter 1/8th BSPP thread. https://a.aliexpress.com/_msx2JRi
  8. I think Delrin would be more suitable than 3D printed and it's relatively easy to work with though a swing out one may take a little work. A push/interference fit should be relatively easy to make.
  9. Just use either of the email addresses on their website and put it for the attn of Dave Rose. He's still listed as a director and it was he who dealt with me over my design enquiries. He's very approachable. Good luck hope I hope it takes off for you they were very generous with me for gifts for my club.
  10. If they don't Dave Rose and Co are always up for new ides for products. I proposed two and they made both. Very accomodating folks and they are superb engineers. Sadly quality comes at a price but a price I am always prepared to pay.
  11. I don't find water cooling a problem as I simply use a Hozelock connector straight to an outside tap. The pump is a waste of time. The hoses are permanently connected so just sticking onto the tap really is nothing and the benefits far outweigh that slight disadvantage. Runs cooler and faster with less wear on the cylinder and motor. It fills far faster. I tried a 12v before I chose the New Warrior and there simply is no comparison. It's like owning your own dive shop without the cost and the hanging about. Sometimes my mates think it's a dive shop too. 🤣
  12. 15 minutes just to fill a rifle reservoir? That would drive me bonkers. My New Warrior tops up a 7 litre bottle from 190 to 300bar in 20 minutes and my 500cc 300bar buddy bottle is filled from empty in five minutes. There is a big difference in power between 12v and 240v water cooled compressors. I considered 12v then realised how slow they are so ditched that idea. The ideal solution is a 240v home based water cooled compressor capable of filling a dive bottle which the New Warrior 300 Standard is more than able to do. Used it for three years now without any hiccups.
  13. I believe any attempts to conceal you shoot might be misconstrued and invite further investigation. I make no secret of it but never shoot in my garden when neighbours are out in theirs out of sheer consideration for them. I live in a large end of terrace with commercial properties at ninety degrees to mine all with open rears, no boundary walls. We have disused allotments to the rear and in the last few years we have had a rat problem from the allotments. They burrowed in the land to the rear of the commercial premises and I've shot 20+ in my back garden alone. I was given permission to shoot at night on all the commercial properties. We haven't seen a rat in the garden or commercial yards for over a year so I have good standing with my neighbours. In fact one or two have come in for a shoot themselves.
  14. Open car parks aren't required to have a sprinkler system and are only required to have 15 minutes structural fire resistance. That was based originally the fire involving only a single vehicle. Unfortunately even though it is thought to have started in a diesel car, many new cars have Lithium 12v system batteries and add to that the Lithium batteries of any adjacent vehicles are also going to be heat affected and degrade. The design of these structures is surely now going to have to be reassessed in the light of increasing electric vehicle fires. The Fire Brigades Union and many individual experts are calling for a complete reassessment on the use of Lithium batteries. Personally I won't ever buy an electric car powered by Lithium cells nor will I ride in one. I also won't ride a Lithium battery powered bus. Hydrogen cells are the same way to go. This government and the car industry rushed into what is now determined to be flawed technology. The date for ending fossil fuel powered cars has already been put back and I suspect it will be put back even further until hydrogen fuel cells are viable alternative. In the meantime please do not park your Lithium battery powered vehicle in a garage attached to a dwelling or too near your dwelling (personal advice as a retired fire officer but well meant).
  15. 100% agree. If you aren't interested in the item then stay out of it.
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