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Strange morning

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Wasn't sure about going today as "the big storm" is forecast.

Looked out the window about 0730, coming light and weather fair. Quick pack of car and on perm just before 0900.

Monday farmers working every field and 100s of birds flying.

Today not a bird in sight anywhere. Legs not very strong today and a hospital appointment at 1600 so I knew it wouldn't be a long day.

Decided against any of my permanent hides or walking so set up on the edge of the farm machinery,  car just a few feet away.


I'd taken 12 half shells and springy sticks. Set up a rough pattern in the freshly seeded field, seeds and acorns all showing.


This is where it became strange, first bird in, small single magpie.

Next a buzzard, probably a 3 foot wingspan, dropped onto my decoys and tried to take one. Flew off fast once it realised.

After that it was steady crow after crow, odd singles and sometimes as many as five at a time. All committed and landing into my pattern. I hit two and as reloading a third landed, unfortunately too slow to hit it on the ground I hit it going away and  it's mate as it came from behind me.

Packed up around 1130 for around 30 shots fired and 12 crows, 1 magpie picked. 


2 crows added to pattern. 1 magpie out to right. 20231018_104354.jpg.a64db0edb8c03c5eebe072acbfbe3b65.jpg

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