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Adjustable Picatinny mount.


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6 minutes ago, Biffo1262 said:

Has anyone bought one if these and what do you think of it or am I better off getting the ZB Pro zeroing universal mount at a stonking £100+ Inc delivery?


It depends on what rifle/calibre you intend to use it for. I would think that for air rifles or rimfire rifles, this would be okay, possibly for larger calibres too. I've never tried one though.

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My only issue is if the adjustments are lockable as they are pretty exposed.  It's for a digital day / night scope to able to return the digital ret back to the centre of the screen.  It'll be used on a sub 12 ftlb .22 PCP.  The customer reviews on the company itself are faultless.  Delivery bumps the price up a fair bit using DPD.  It's obviously a lot cheaper than the ZB Pro so something is going to be missing and it's likely to on the adjustments.  Silver and rose gold are also odd colours over black and NATO green.  These are aluminium but built for NERF guns so the micrometer settings aren't going to be as precise either.  Hey ho £100+ it is then.


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On 28/11/2023 at 17:59, 1066 said:

Have you thought about something like this? Adjustable height rings?
eBay item number:196056543335

Rings aren't used on this type of night vision.  They come with a fixed Picatinny mount.  The rest is digital so you move the rest around the screen to zero somit can end up off centre, hence the adjustable mount.  You centralise the rest and zero using the mount.  I did buy it and the build quality is superb.  It is so much simpler to use that digital adjustment.  Is it £100 simpler?  Not really but  the two types in the market are both £100.  Unless the Chinese rip off the design or they start selling a lot more if them I can't see the price reducing.  When you think this one mount is the same price as a half decent scope and actually dearer than the NV unit it is for it does seem to be an excessive price.

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Ahh got you, I understand. I do a bit of long range rimfire out to 400yds and adjustable scope bases are fairly common. I really couldn't justify spending £5-700 on a scope base so 3d Printed some offset inserts for standard rings.

WTC ELEVATION ADJUSTABLE SCOPE BASE | Warner Tool Company (warner-tool.com)

Cold Shot M.O.A.B. MOA Adjustment Base (Gen 4) (scopedout.com.au

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hello, looks ideal if you can buy for £25.73 plus post, plus a spray of black paint, look less complicated than the ZB mount, what is not to like, spring washers if there is no adjustment lock, how much is the shipping cost and if any import duty?

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