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  1. Interesting - So, are you saying something like a Colt Python, designed in the mid 1950's, now around 70 years old comes under this 50 year rule and something like a .44 Auto-Mag designed and produced almost 50 years ago will also soon qualify? and of course, a Colt 1911 at well over 100 year old would qualify as a curio or relic?
  2. Hi William Bonney - I see this is your first post on this forum so welcome, although I think an introduction in the welcome page might be in order. The Winchester 1887 was a poor design in the first place but you are correct, as with other pump and semi-auto shotguns they could have been held on a shotgun licence prior to 1988, after that date the magazine capacity was limited to 2+1 unless held on a FAC certificate.
  3. Need a variation on your certificate with authority to acquire. I have a spare barrel for my Saki Finnfire.
  4. Obviously not what you're looking for at all, but I've been pleased with some little plaques I just had engraved, very cheap and quick and very helpful. Ideal for club trophies etc. Work out at about a quid each. Inlet into some scope mounts I'm making for BSA Martini Internationals.
  5. The PWM controllers normally work well - I've used several different types in my case annealing machines. However with your little 3v motor you may find that there's not really enough load to modulate properly. If minimum speed is still too fast you might try putting something like a car stop light in series with the motor to give it something to work with.
  6. A credit to you both TT - Great job.
  7. Left hand scopes do exist but you will need to track them down. I know Kahles do one and I think S&B also do one.
  8. Miniature rifle covers .23 and smaller, and although it's not actually stated in the rules, it's implied to refer to rimfire only. So long rifle, long, short, CB, BB, 6, 5, 4mm Flobert.
  9. If only there was one All the Martini's were single shot. The BSA Century was a sort of semi "match" rifle, fairly standard bolt action with a 5 shot magazine produced from mid'50's to early 60's - not really competitive against the Internationals and Anschutz 54 of the same period.
  10. Probably - if you could prove your Ma was gipsy Lee and your 7x grandfather was court jester to Henry VIII.
  11. This exemption is used by the "Showman's Guild" for fairground shooting galleries.. Showman's Guild rule 22. Page 45.. Just says that nothing larger than.22, not less than 18 feet long and sides must have 1/8 sheet steel sides and sufficient backstop to stop the bullet.
  12. Not off hand - The Martini's are, of course, all single shot. What does the BSA mag fit? Century, Sportsman 5?
  13. Although I feel your pain, It makes a change to see the boots on the other foot. Almost everything shooting related we buy here is at an inflated price, powder, bullets, reloading tools, rifles etc. Maybe 10 years ago you could hardly give these BSA Martini's away, now though people are beginning to value them and prices are creeping up. This rifle is a Mk5 of about 1980's vintage, the last of the BSA Martini Internationals to be made - I paid £100. Up until around 25 years every town had a rifle club, often several clubs in the same town, almost all shooting standard prone target rifle with a sling and aperture sights, most shooting in local and national postal league competitions under strict NSRA rules. A great majority of these club shooter were using BSA Martini action rifles, - The earlier 12, and 12/15's were very common club rifles, more affluent clubs may have had the MK2 internationals - Many serious shooters opted for the MK 3, 4, and 5's as they became available. I would guess that the BSA Martini accounted for around 80% of all rimfire target rifles used in competition at that time, the remainder were made up a few Anschutz 54's, Finnish Lions, Russian Vostok CM-2's, the odd Unique etc. Although many of these clubs still exist but a great many have closed down, flooding the market with these old but good quality target rifles, many were scrapped and just barrels salvaged and fitted to various sporting rifles. Quite typical - Ruger precision rimfire Midway USA £300 ($390) same rifle Brownells UK £670 ($867) https://www.brownells.co.uk/RUGER-PRECISION-RIMFIRE https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1020908991
  14. I does if it's sec 1 firearm barrel.
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