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  1. It looks like the BBC may have shot themselves in the foot by giving Mr. Packham a platform to spout off. This person failed to mention he was a paid advisor to a plastics firm when praising the company on "The one show". The ensuing legal pay-outs could cost the BBC (you and me) many millions. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/markets/article-7267577/The-BBCs-legal-battle-plastic-bags-firm-linked-Springwatch-presenter-Chris-Packham.html
  2. Looks like it's OK to wipe the record clean if you've committed murder or are a sex offender: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/criminal-record-disclose-conviction-wipe-erase-four-years-david-gauke-a9003811.html
  3. My brother died a while ago and he was a part time dealer in nuts and bolts - buying a random pallet and splitting it up into usable/manageable packs. When clearing out his stock I was left with stack of stuff that was really odd - I managed to sell of a good deal really cheaply but in the end a lot went for scrap, 6.8 tons, about half stainless steel and over a million pop-rivets. It really broke my heart to scrap stuff that was really quite valuable to the right person. I still have boxes of 1000 pop rivets etc.
  4. Yes, I remember them well. He was always in the entrance hall at the Bisley pavilion. He used to produce excellent .32 wadcutter bullets in either .312 or .313. Have you thought about getting a .395 mould made and cast them yourself.
  5. At times it looks like the medical profession are making it up as they go along too - only this week I read reports that the BMA are going against the governments wishes and deciding not to charge overseas health tourists. What if the BMA executive committee decide that they disagree with private firearm ownership - or once the majority of police forces fall into line, just decide to hike the prices to some astronomical level. Looking at the BMA guide prices they are already asking £133 for a 30 minute report. https://www.bma.org.uk/advice/employment/fees/fee-finder-what-to-charge-your-patients
  6. What a neat clean set-up.
  7. Hi What project are you asking about?
  8. Yes, I have a Siii 8-32 x56 on my 6mmbr - unfortunately they cost about £1,000 now.
  9. Far from being daft, if investing in a new club .223 rifle for target shooting out to 600 yards, it would be daft not to fit a 20moa rail. Cost and fitting would be about the same and they look almost identical. It would mean that you have a vast array of scope that would suit, rather than just a handful and would also be better optically. With any scope that will cover the required range, with a standard rail at 600 yards you will be far from optical centre and working with the last few clicks of adjustment available. With a +20moa rail you will be depressed a little at 100 and about 2/3rds up at 600. Far better all round. (In my opinion :))
  10. What about a fairly standard scope with a 20 moa scope rail - should cover 100 - 600 with .223 with ease. Or use Burris scope rings with the off set plastic inserts to give you 20 moa.. With you scope set up correctly I think you would only need around 15 -18 moa to get from 100 - 600 yards. I use a CZ 527 .223 from 100 - 600 with no problem with an old Kassnar scope.
  11. A couple of recent find, although not directly out of a skip. I was dumping some household rubbish at our local council tip when the chap next to me unloaded a very clean looking chainsaw. I asked him what was wrong with it - pull cord broken. It's done a heap of work and still going strong. I also picked up a "not working" Dyson vacuum - had a small toy car stuck up the tube, use it in the workshop all the time.
  12. 1066

    Sect 1 air rifle

    I'm very pleased with the performance of my old FAC BSA super 10 running at 29ftlb - very accurate with Bisley Magnum pellets., just about halfway between a 12ftlb air rifle and a .22lr.
  13. That's exactly the sort of thing we need show - it was only the photos of pecked lambs in the national press that drew any public attention to the recent problem and highlighted the narrow minded absurdity of Packham et al.
  14. I think you've hit the nail on the head there - Shooting not so bad, you just never admit that you enjoy it.
  15. My Packham says he's never been opposed to shooting - some culling is necessary to protect birds and magpies don't have any effect on songbird populations. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/entertainment/celebrity/why-chris-packham-is-in-favour-of-culling-sometimes/ar-AABDKtP?ocid=spartanntp
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