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  1. First box of cartridges I ever bought, about 1964 for my Webley bolt action.
  2. Should be required viewing for all newcomers to the sport as part of their apprenticeship.
  3. Just 3d printed a bolt tool for the P94S. This tool makes it simple to cock and de-cock the bolt and also strip the bolt right down.
  4. I've fairly recently retired (3-4 years ago) from working for 30 years in the driver education industry, covering learners, advanced, speed awareness and police driver improvement courses, Insurance/medical assessments. Any specific questions about driving tests, driving instructor qualification/grades etc. please ask, I'll help if I can.
  5. I can't believe one or two of the replies here - Same old story, it won't effect me and I can't see why anyone would want an antique gun so go ahead and ban them with my blessing. Giving present owners the chance to list them on FAC will not be like just applying for a variation - there will be all sorts of strings attached, just as in the Brocock airgun debacle. These were put on FAC to save the government paying out any compensation with so many strings attached they became worthless with tens of thousands of owners were totally unaware they had become criminals overnight. The whol
  6. How about a heavy duty flexible drive and run it off your lathe spindle?
  7. I appreciate it's not an ideal design, but it is quick and easy and a spare target frame takes seconds to fit and costs a couple of quid. If it becomes a problem I'll change it to an open frame. Ideally 90 degrees is what you want - Unfortunately the arc on the windscreen wiper motor I used is about 100 degrees. The system could run on an Arduino or a Pi processor with a bit of modification. This one just uses programmable timer - this one has a two channel radio remote but I also have a 6 channel one I could use if I needed more timings. If you need several different timings o
  8. The backing is ply and the batten is glued all the way. I thing you could cut out a circle the size of a small plate and it would still hang together. In fact I might do that before I try it this week at the range.
  9. I've just finished this turning target system, designed for ISSF (Olympic) style pistol shooting training. It's portable and runs on a 12v motorcycle battery.The ISSF pistol shooting is all one handed, open sight competitions. The centrefire match is for any centrefire pistol over .32. Total of 30 shots (in 6 strings of 5) on a static target at 25m (27yds)then 30 shots (again 6 x5) on the dueling target. 3 second face time, 7 second edge time. pistol must be returned to 45 degrees after each shot.Any other edge/face time and number of exposures can be programmed and has a wireless remote contr
  10. Just knocked up a couple of hundred 158gn bullets from scrap airgun pellets from our 10m range. These are for my .357 Westlake revolver and my .357 Winchester rifle. I size the revolver bullets to .356 and the one for the Winchester are shot as cast, just lubed with Alox.
  11. .38/357 is probably THE easiest to load for and also one of the cheapest, especially if you cast your own bullets - I would guess I load .357 for my Winchester 94ae for around £8-9 a hundred. If you don't over crimp your rounds and use typical "cowboy" loads the cases will last for ages, dozens of reloads. A tub of Unique powder for £40 will make 1,500 rounds at 4.5 grains each giving around 1,050 fps with a cast lead 158gn bullet. Primers £42.50 per 1,000.
  12. +1 for Sussex. Variation in Thursday, all sorted and back by the following Tuesday.
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