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  1. That's exactly the sort of thing we need show - it was only the photos of pecked lambs in the national press that drew any public attention to the recent problem and highlighted the narrow minded absurdity of Packham et al.
  2. I think you've hit the nail on the head there - Shooting not so bad, you just never admit that you enjoy it.
  3. My Packham says he's never been opposed to shooting - some culling is necessary to protect birds and magpies don't have any effect on songbird populations. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/entertainment/celebrity/why-chris-packham-is-in-favour-of-culling-sometimes/ar-AABDKtP?ocid=spartanntp
  4. Yes, you're right, I see that now. Apart from being chopped up with what looks like an angle grinder it seems to have taken a good hammering judging by the heavy dents in places.
  5. Rather odd that the trigger is fitted backwards.
  6. That looks the business - is that a Dolphin stock? Here's mine with Lilja barrel, home-made tuner and PH moderator.
  7. I've got one with a Lilja barrel too although not wearing it in this photo
  8. In the 1970's an ex-police superintendent called Colin Greenwood wrote an excellent book on gun control - he wrote in depth about the variations in costing between different police forces. How some forces, supposedly doing the same job arrived at different figures, often 20-30 times as much as other forces, things like the cost of maintenance and deterioration of the building being factored in and charged to the firearms department. The cost of issuing certificates should be looked at vary carefully by an independent body before accepting their own figures. I note that policing the Eco demonstrations in London a few weeks ago cost £7 million, who pays for that?
  9. What an articulate and well reasoned letter. Make no mistake, we are under attack from all quarters, this is a major coup for Packham and his band, even when the general licences are restored we will have lost ground. NE/DEFRA or who ever ends up issuing the licences will almost certainly give a nod to the antis and so the ratchet jumps another click. We have very few friends in the media, certainly few who are willing to put their head above the parapet and those that do often give the impression we are all landed gentry. What about George Digweed MBE, as an ambassador, 26 world titles and regular field shooter.
  10. Thing I remember most about the old Eley paper cartridges from the 1950's was the smell - I caught a wiff recently when I shot a couple of old .410 "fourlong's", very nostalgic.
  11. Your 8 South East MEPs represent you in the European Parliament. They scrutinise proposed European laws and the budget of the European Union, and provide oversight of its other decision-making bodies. Catherine Bearder (Liberal Democrat) Nigel Farage (UKIP)…………...Against Keith Taylor (Green) ...............For Nirj Deva (Conservative)………….. Richard Ashworth (Conservative)……...For Daniel Hannan (Conservative) John Howarth (Labour) Janice Atkinson (Independent) ……………..Against
  12. 8 pumps would give me 750 fps with .22 Eley Wasps.
  13. I had a Mk 1 Innova .22 on FAC for many years - No blow off valve and maxed out at around 18ftlbs. It had laser like accuracy.
  14. The Gun Control Network (GNC) is a very small band of rabid anti-gun campaigners. Their membership numbers are unknown but believed to be less than 100 and may be as few at 10, they do however have a sympathetic ear from the media who are only too keen to give them space to air their unsubstantiated and skewed ideas. Professor Peter Squires from Brighton University is another leading member of the GCN and also an official adviser to NABIS the police ballistics laboratory and other police and government firearms related committees . I believe the shooting organisations and shooters in general don't take these people anything like seriously enough - they loudly spout their distorted views but rarely are they challenged, they should be jumped on by the paid representatives of our associations and shown up for the bigots they are at every opportunity. Here's a little light reading to give you a taste of their stated aims. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/2292879.stm https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm199900/cmselect/cmhaff/95/9121409.htm https://www.everything2.com/title/Gill+Marshall-Andrews
  15. Oh no - I'm not going to need to stamp serial numbers on all my bullet mounds now am I? (Unfortunately I don't have any head moulds)
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