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  1. Welcome to the inept club Spandit - I can't shoot a scatter gun to save my life.
  2. Less than 10p per round if you cast your own bullets. Say a light target load of Unique, 5 grains = 1,400 shots from a 1lb tub at £40 = 3p Primers £40 per 1,000 = 4p A home cast bullet - Range lead at scrap value £1 per Kg. (about 90 x 158gn bullets) A Lee bullet mould .357, double cavity with handles = Henry Krank £23.40
  3. I have a Westlake .357 muzzle loader, it actually shoots very well once you have your load sorted. I use Unique powder and hand cast soft lead 158gn bullets. This is a 6 shots at 20 yds with open sights off a sandbag rest. This is another odd muzzle loader - It's a 5 shot .32 target pistol. An my .36 duelling pistol:
  4. 😃😃 On a similar vein - Has anyone tried using heavy .22 air pellets in a .223 powered just by a 209 shotshell primer? Gives about the same power as a CB cap at around 15ftlb.
  5. Calls for a custom made ramrod to poke them out from the muzzle. A couple of screw eyes into the woodwork of the Sako would complete the package.
  6. For a bit of light reading and amusement it worth reading up on California's laws concerning "microstamping". The idea is that the firing pin and cylinder face is laser etched with the make and serial number of the firearm. The law was passed in, I think, 2010 for semi -auto rifles, they now want to extend it to all handguns. The consequence is - the manufacturers say the idea is totally unworkable and they will not comply. No new semi-auto rifles or new handguns are offered for sale in California... I believe Kamala Harris was/is a great supporter of the scheme. California bill aims to jumpstart 'microstamps' on handguns - ABC News (go.com) Microstamping - Wikipedia
  7. As far as I know NABIS is a self funding business set-up with their main customer being the various police forces. Mission creep and Empire building is in their blood, the scheme has been kicked around for years - by complying with these "requests" it soon becomes the norm. (2010) Police may want your spent cartridges for evidence - Shooting UK
  8. I would suggest looking at one of the sample packs to see what suits your rifle best. Pellpax Pellet Sample Pack .22 - Airgun Pellets | Pellpax .22 Pellet Sample Pack | Airgun Pellet Packs | Cheshire Gun Room There are several suppliers out there. I've used AA Field and JSB Exact that seem to go well enough. These were designed for just your problem - I've never tried them and they are now out of production. DEFIANT VINTAGE 5.60mm .22 Box of 500 pellets (pelletperfect.co.uk)
  9. 😳😳! OOPS! Specsavers here I come. Teach me to read the post properly. Yes, just needs a fettle up and find some decent pellets for it. Splendid rifles, I have two Mk2's.
  10. Your old Airsporter should be doing much better than 5"at 15 yards no matter how tired it is. I would expect 1" at 20 yds with decent pellets. These are/were good quality air rifles, the earlier the better and yes, fairly easy to strip and rebuild. It sounds to me, you have some fundamental problem with your rifle - at a guess I would say the loading tap is not exactly aligned with the barrel causing one side of the pellet to get scraped off as it gets on it's way. A photo or serial number would help date the rifle. I guess this is a .22, the .177 is quite rare and I believe, called the Airsporter club. from memory the MK1 can be identified by tapered barrel and one piece stock, no scope grooves. Mk 11 had straight barrel and three piece stock and small half moon scope grooves. Both had the cone shaped piston with leather washer and of course, the self opening tap when cocking. When you do decide to refurbish it, try and find an original spring rather than an uprated type, it will ruin the feel of the rifle with very little if any improved power. Part are available from: BSA Airsporter Mk 2 Airgun Spares I see these people do a service kit including mainspring and instructions for the MK2 for about £35: Mk2 Airsporter BSA - Airgun spares | Chambers Gunmakers - Airgun, Shotgun & Rifle spares. Parts for Air Arms, BSA, Crosman, Diana, Gamo, Relum, Webley, Weihrauch and many, many more Later Airsporters just became old air guns - "O" ring piston washers, Nylon piston heads, probably made up out of the same parts bin as the Mercury etc. The one on the right is a MK 2 dating from mid '60's, the other two are BSA "L" rifles dating from 1926-27.
  11. Surely that's assuming a barrel needs re-proofing after a threading in the first place.
  12. Nice job - I've 3d printed loads of my shooting related stuff. It's ideal for making "one off" or small runs where it would be impractical to injection mould something.
  13. First box of cartridges I ever bought, about 1964 for my Webley bolt action.
  14. Should be required viewing for all newcomers to the sport as part of their apprenticeship.
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