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  1. That's a neat job Fizz. 👍
  2. Made it all myself J. You can see a bit about the pressure sensor here:
  3. Thank you Jamie - I keep busy and always got a new idea to be working on. Sorry to hear about the scope but hope you learned something with the dissecting experience. Current projects include making a new scale from scratch incorporating several new ideas and designing a wireless target camera system for a local range. Also started doinga bit of benchrest shooting so yesterday designed and made a single shot adapter for my old BSA R10 air rifle. New scales - about half done: and 3d printed shooting specs: Regards Allan
  4. Unfortunately not got a cheap scope available Jamie but have you had a look at the original scope or are you being told it won't adjust. Could it be that it's just run out of adjustment, I slight bit of barrel droop with a break barrel rifle and you're into shimming/bodging territory. Failing that you could try unscrewing the turrets/adjusters as far as they will go then giving the scope a bit of a rap to free up the mechanism, you really have nothing to lose. The adjusters push down on a spring loaded tube, the tube may well be stuck if it's not been adjusted for ages.
  5. This is a ploy by NABIS to extend it's empire. I think an investigative journalist could have a field day digging into this organisation and it's funding, Private company/Public money/complete monopoly that all police forces signed up to. Remember this is the outfit that misinformed parliament in the recent High power and lever release rifle debate and also were behind the recent BBC production concerning antique weapons indicating that all the components to load cartridges could be bought online. It's also a fact that the number antiques firearms that have been linked to crime is actually falling from previous years. The four fatalities previously mentioned were over an eight year period. Among their advisors is Dr. Peter Squires, an avid anti-gun academic who is based at Brighton University. https://www.brighton.ac.uk/research-and-enterprise/groups/social-science-policy/research-areas/firearms-crime-and-gun-control.aspx https://theconversation.com/criminals-are-using-antique-weapons-due-to-a-loophole-in-uk-law-102666
  6. I was absolutely gutted when we lost our pistols, it was my passion and I would dearly love to see a return, even with just .22's. However, I think that some of these petitions are counter productive. Far from showing the powers that be there is a genuine ground swell of opinion is support of the cause, it shows how little support there is. I guess this petition will peter out at around 5-10,000 signatures and fade into the sunset. In another thread on this forum there's a post stating BASC now has 155,000 members, if all of these members signed, from just one organisation we would be half way there. This campaign needs to be co-ordinated at a national level and the associations really need to encourage their members to vote/sign. It's really not good enough to think why support .22 pistols when I only shoot driven game/wildfowl/clays what ever.
  7. Just think, next time there's some new legislation in the pipeline - banning muzzle loading revolvers, for example, 155,000 people wrote to their MP stating their objection, someone would take notice. Instead about 200 people write, the legislation goes through and we all move one step nearer the edge.
  8. 1066

    squirrel control

    It's all going to change come Brexit Squirrels
  9. Different sort of shooting specs I know - I produce these for precision pistol shooters.
  10. Excellent Mick. I've had good range in open country but always disappointed with the camera/lens set-up. Eventually found a Sony handycam in a charity shop that gives good results. It has 30x optical zoom with a good lens and AV feed so can be placed well back from the target so gives little distortion. It's entirely your fault I got started with 3d printing. I saw a little escutcheon that you made to fit round the display on your annealing machine and just knew I had to have a go. Mr Spandit did a bit of CAD for me so I thought I'd better have a bash at that too.
  11. How about Dave at "the shooting shed" in Binbrook.
  12. This is my latest project - printing eyepiece adapters for a spotting scope to fit a small USB web cam and linking it to a tablet. Replacement trigger for FWB 124 air rifle Lithophane photos Foresight elements for target rifle
  13. I know nothing about your particular machine but have been 3d printing for about a year now. All the "Prusa" style printers follow a similar format with individual variations. Your machine looks rigid and well engineered. I have a Tevo Tarantula, it was very much a cheap Chinese kit but has exceeded all expectations, the thing runs for hours nearly every day in my dusty workshop, it's been virtually trouble free and produces very expectable prints. Just some of my recent prints: Palm shelf and barrel extension/weight for a Lov 21 air pistol. Shooting specs Magnetic gun rack - sticks to side of cabinet or vehicle Insert for blackpowder shooting box. Loading tray for 45-70
  14. 1066

    New hobby 😬

    Speaking of which - I know where a good working AR88 receiver can be found if anyone's looking.
  15. I make these for precision pistol shooters.
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