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I have had a few issues with my FF6 remote/speed control. Nick has sorted out 3 replacement remote receiver units and now the 3rd one has failed after 2 outings. It won’t receive anything from the remote. The motor is fine because I can connect it directly and it runs at full speed. I think I’ll end up fitting a resistor or even a 6V battery to run it constantly at a reasonable speed.
Has anyone else had similar issues?


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I’ve had an issue where a once used ff6 (combo) model worked the first time I used it second time wouldn’t do anything and I know the battery is good as I swapped it onto magnet at it worked perfectly (you may have solved my problem as I didn’t even think of it being the remote)

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I've had the same issue recently mine was a break in the wire to the unit from the battery 

If the remote is lighting up it's working then check the wire from the battery to the unit wrapping it round the flapper when you put it away will cause it to break internally after a while. 

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11 hours ago, Si-Bore said:

One way to tell is to disconnect the receiver and plug straight onto the battery. If the receiver has failed (like 3 of mine have) then it will run at full speed. This is providing the remote hasn’t been damaged or the battery failed. 

This wasn’t the issue but it solved my problem, for transparency and honesty I have at some point disconnected the receiver box and reconnected it incorrectly red to blue and blue to red, they’re now re connected the correct way around and it’s working fine. So yes I’m a numpty 🤣 but thanks for posting as it solved my issue 👍🏻

edit to say - I realised this after checking continuity of circuits and battery power including remote battery with a volt meter 🙈

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