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  1. I contacted them via email. They were very helpful and quick to respond. It’s basically been out of production since the 60’s 😂 I guess Beamish museum would be the next place.
  2. Hello all. A farmer friend asked if I could help with finding some parts to repair a Cash X bolt gun. If anyone can offer advice as to where to look for spares for this model please let me know.
  3. Hey folks. Do UKSW still offer discount to PW members?
  4. Price is £1099. It hasn’t updated on the PW listing. 🤔
  5. As tilted. 4-16x44 FFP. It has only been used 5x on my air rifle for target plinking. I require a closer range focus for my air rifle use. The scope is as new and boxed. £320 plus postage. Great saving on new price of £420. https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/vortex-diamondback-tactical-4-16x44-ffp-non-illuminated-riflescope
  6. Does anytime know the difference between the 2 above cartridges. Both Fiocchi and seem to be the same spec.
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/191261874605
  8. Thanks Figgy. 👍🏽
  9. Looking at a set of these. SGC have them at a great price. I’m looking to order the 26ED as an all round brightness reducing lens for field. Has anyone got a pair that they can offer feedback on please? Thanks.
  10. Has anyone tried the Jack Pyke pro sporting shooting glasses? Looking for a reasonable but low cost option until I’ve decided which way to go with them (after trying in some Pilla etc). I was looking at the beretta Puull set but there’s a good price difference and they wouldn’t be Suitable to be a stepping stone for now. Thanks, Si
  11. I couldn’t find much on that model when I looked.
  12. Hey folks. My friend has a W&S 1790 O/U and needs to remove the stock from the action. Does anyone know what tool is required as he can’t work it out and I haven’t got it to look at? Thanks Si
  13. Yes I did see that thank you. I bought the one above. Excellent condition and nice guy to deal with.
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