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  1. Nice write up, shame about the soaking to end the day but I guess that’s all apart if the outdoors 👍🏻
  2. I’ve recently purchased a ranger wildtrack 3.2 manual. I can’t comment on its reliability having only owned it for less than a week but, what I can confirm is it’s absolutely lovely to drive very smooth with plenty of power and I’d highly recommend test driving one. one thing I will say is watch your speed 👀 I looked down earlier thinking I was doing 65/70 ish only to see the needle at 80 😐
  3. My wife just jumped out of her skin 🤣😂🤣😂
  4. Who ever told you they wouldn’t be allowed on the gun needs to review the cpsa (or the relevant governing body) rules as they are talking out of their backside. It is no different to having a hi viz replacement brad on the end of the barrel (where the rules are concerned) and therefore perfectly acceptable. They may be getting confused with camera’s/aiming devices....... the eye d rail is neither.
  5. Hi avb, if you have some drawings/ dimensions ping them over to me and I’ll speak to someone for you. No promises obviously but I can ask the question.
  6. Great video thanks for posting it 👍🏻
  7. Finding this thread very interesting, I’m 35 and obsessed with shooting, I’d be out all the time given the choice. most that I shoot with are younger than me barring a couple of older gentlemen. Unfortunately I can’t justify the costs of pheasant days etc and have hit brick walls for the last two years trying to get permissions, everything’s either tied up or the farmers want references from other local farmers so catch 22. My shooting is predominantly clays with the odd invite onto a small pheasant syndicate via an ex work colleague and a bit of pigeon shooting again from two good friends inv
  8. Hi, welcome along to the forum. I shall look forward to reading about your outings etc 😁 enjoy.
  9. I’ve had an all wheel drive Ford kuga 2.0 tdci titanium since 2014, it’s been up and down the country, green lanes, farm tracks, through floods and to lake Garda in Italy and back and I can honestly say it’s one of the best cars I’ve ever owned. Very reliable and cheap to service/ repair if required (even at Ford main dealer) it’s had Pirelli scorpion verde all weather tyres on it since the day after I bought it and I’ve never been stuck anywhere in any weather. Would highly recommend.
  10. I also received the email, I’ve only used them once as it was convenient, normally cheaper and far more convenient to buy at one of my local rfd’s and of course the added bonus of supporting local. edit to add :- I saw the email as a marketing ploy because business may be slow, I of course could be complete wrong
  11. I believe the guy who came up with the idea was interviewed in the last few years and stated that they’re dangerous and he wished he’s never come up with the idea....I’ll try and find the article and post a link.
  12. Great little write up 👍🏻 An enjoyable read. Good on ya for getting out
  13. Hi shearwater, I was reading the details on private registrations a few days ago as I’ve just purchased my first and will be needing to put it into the my new car over the next couple of months, I also saw the sentence you’re referring to and took it the same way, that is until I read all the bullet points again. Providing one of the bullet points is relevant then the no issues with transfer. as for the example you gave about it being on private land not mot’d/taxed etc....it is a legal requirement for a vehicle to be taxed , declared sorn or notified scrapped irrelevant of where it
  14. I’ve barely even dipped a toe into the vast variety of guns available but out of the 4 in my cabinet if I was forced to choose one I’d keep the same gun in both scenarios because it covers everything I’d ever need to use it for. Beretta a400 explor light 12g
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