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  1. Or sloth. Now I’ve seen a sloth I can’t unsee it. Cracking looking litter 👌🏻
  2. Spr1985

    Good old DHL.

    I’m still waiting on my wife’s birthday (it’s today) present to arrive that I ordered two weeks ago with three day postage, I’m not one bit surprised after finding out the carrier is hermes
  3. The problem with range rover’s and high spec landrovers is that they’re generally stolen to order by professionals (not Toerags on a joyride) and they’re in containers and gone within hours. As stated above very “nickname” they’re up high on the most stolen list both in the top 10 most stolen in 2020. as a side note, purely out of intrigue are they asking for it to be running 24/7 or activated if stolen?
  4. Try and remember the good times, and memories made. they become a part of us and unfortunately when it’s their time they take part of us with them. Just remember you’ve done the right thing and right by your friend. chin up samboy
  5. Spr1985


    That or mark z is bored and fancied watching the world implode for a few hours
  6. Spr1985


    They’re all owned by Facebook mate and all run on the same servers/infrastructure so likely that the infrastructure has gone down taking the platforms with it
  7. I think you need to be a little more specific, are we talking kids playing with toys or are we talking kids/adults using larger “proper” drones above 250g? this link is for the civil aviation website that will give you all the information you could wish for regarding drones and the rules surrounding the use of them :- https://register-drones.caa.co.uk/drone-code/where-you-can-fly
  8. The only relevance of my post is re the spoonbill, I recently got my first wildfowling club membership and on my second visit to the marsh (Mersea area) had the pleasure of seeing a spoonbill fly over really low as we where slipping our guns to leave.
  9. Go onto eBay or similar and type in outdoor anti slip floor paint and then take your pick. Unfortunately I can’t recommend a specific brand for you
  10. Far from it walkedup! It was a great report and immersed me completely! Cracking pictures too. I really enjoyed reading it and as has been said above I’m sure your son will remember that day for a very long time 👏🏻👏🏻
  11. If it’s anything like the 1 or 8 day licence it will just be plain boring text. I’m quite sure that if you ordered the standard one where you get the little card with fish on you’ll also get a confirmation email which is sufficient proof until the actual card arrives. hope that’s of some help
  12. Put simply, yes. Define normal? take into account that it’s an open forum, that anyone can read. This person may have been doing research on the subject come across the post and felt the need to comment, they may have even joined the forum purely for the purpose of replying to this thread 🤷‍♂️
  13. One of the most amusing things about this forum…..post a thread and get replies saying “if you search the forum you will find threads covering this topic” post on a thread that covers “this topic” and get posts taking the proverbial for resurecting a thread that’s years old……it’s literally the definition of “catch 22” 🤣😂
  14. My apologies, I though I had responded to your comment already. I had a fantastic day and completely agree that fenny did his best to provide me with the best possible day, I’ll be going again at some point 😊
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