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  1. Could I get a price on the drivers side rear bumper quarter panel and a price for the whole rear bumper please 👍🏻
  2. I’m booked on with my usual group.....I could t tell you what day though 🤣😂 I just agreed to shoot it and someone else booked it. It was a very enjoyable day out last year (my first time shooting it) had the pleasure of watching the shoot off at the end of the day and seeing James Bradley day take the win.
  3. Quite a few about round my way, below is the first picture in a panoramic of 3 (it won’t allow the other two to upload) they are all over that fresh drilling and also dropping into the corner and stunted patches of the adjacent osr field. I’ve spoken To the farmer and waiting on the paperwork I’ve submitted (licence insurance etc) to be checked and fingers crossed I may finally get a permission 😁
  4. I’ve a ranger wildtrack in orange not done much to it really, switched to the black wildtrack x wheels with bfg ko2’s black city bar upgraded all front lights to led’s soon to have Bonnet stone deflector and window wind deflectors fitted (once the weather warms up)
  5. As Per forum rules you’ll need to state a price mate or you’ll end up in trouble 👍🏻
  6. Hi, welcome to the forum. Plenty of knowledgable members on here so brace yourself for plenty of answers. 1, if your budget is £600 I would recommend considering the second hand market as well as the guns you’ve mentioned, a couple of brand examples that with a bit of searching you will find within budget beretta, browning, lanber. As for trying before you buy a fair few clay grounds have shops on site that enable trying it out before buying. 2, if it’s mainly clays your going to be shooting I’d be looking at “sporting” guns and if budget allows go for an adjustable comb. A
  7. I believe this is one of the known common problems with the rangers, have you checked https://www.etis.ford.com/fordservice/home.do;jsessionid=wFVMmmF3dBZ-O52vRqnWzFSYDfKPuL--AE70bXIN.ito034589 for any outstanding recal notices? If not it may be worth checking
  8. I had “ Pirelli scorpion verde” on my kuga well worth considering. They’d have been the next set of tyres too if I’d not changed vehicle.
  9. Plenty of second hand pcp’s for that money (I Have just bought a bsa r10 mk2 in .22 for £450) I don’t know enough about air rifles to recommend one though I’m sure other members will be able to advise 👍🏻
  10. 🤣 you never know he may still have some....may have even rebuilt the collection by now
  11. I’m gobsmacked, round where I live that would be classed as a small car and cost £15 inside and out
  12. Spr1985

    Email problems

    I can recommend proton mail as an email account provider, encrypted and secure....just don’t lose your passwords or all emails are gone for good with no way of recovering! As for the issue your suffering it I can’t help unfortunately
  13. I’m going to hazard a guess at it was filthy....I got charged extra once for it being “extra dirty” 🤣
  14. Isn’t that a professional valeting though? I’d expect to pay that sort of money for a proper valet with all the speacialist products and a gleaming finish. I got the impression from the op that it was a quick wash/clean up inside and out job/ roadside car wash
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