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  1. I think the simple answer to this question is, you’re paying for the name. matalan/primark jeans £15 - Armani jeans £250 baikal 12g £500 - kriegof 12g £20k
  2. Welcome to the forum, many moons ago I lived round that way, born in Grimsby, lived in south killingholm and Barton. Enjoy the forum it’s rammed full of useful info 👍🏻
  3. Spr1985


    Yes, I saw a clip else where of him talking to a journalist about it and said it was no different to kissing his dog. She very swiftly moved it on away from that discussion, only after un screwing her face 🤣
  4. Nicely done jdog 👏🏻 Well worth the morning walk.
  5. I had this exact call today at just gone 9am from a London 0208 number. Saying a warrant would be issued and the police would come for me shortly 🤣
  6. May be completly wrong here but a guy I shoot with has this issue with his browning (I think Xs pro) and after lots of watching very closely and testing by his son they worked it out to be that he wasn’t fully releasing the trigger between shots, meaning on the second pull of the trigger nothing happened.
  7. I’m in agreement with the above, get yourself a lesson or two. It’s exactly what I did when I first started and it did wonders for me. It’s all well and good practising but if you are practising the wrong things with bad habits you will only succeed in ingraining Those bad habits which will eventually lead to stagnating and not progressing further or worst case scenario a loss of your love for shooting. The price of lessons is not huge even with world champion shots. And you’ll likely learn more in one lesson than you will from a few practice rounds on your own. 👍🏻
  8. Now that’s my idea of a good morning out! The only way to top it would be a couple of pigeon for the pit. Well done 👍🏻
  9. Spr1985

    PS4 Games

    I saw what was posted....the gentleman was asking if it was the newest call of duty with a screen shot image of modern warfare.......mystery solved 😉
  10. Have you searched the engine bay with a torch in the vicinity of where it should be? I had this exact problem on my ford Kuga (including the annoying bonnet wobble) and when changing the air filter I found the stopper lodged down the side of the filter housing......might be worth a poke about just in case 👍🏻
  11. Great write up, and sounds like you both had a good outing 👌🏻
  12. Could I take you up on one set please, if you’d like to send me a pm with payment details I’ll reply with address etc and make payment. thanks scott
  13. Hi samboy, open your email click the relevant tab to compose an email, enter the email address and type what you need to type once you have done that look for a paper clip icon or an icon that looks like mountains, click on that and it will allow you to add the photo as either an attachment (via the paper clip) or as a displayed photo (the landscape/mountains icon) hope that’s of some use to you. 👍🏻
  14. Hi, maybe you could ask a friend/ relative to print it for you?
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