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  1. Depends what gas it is, I know industry wide changes have been made in my sector where the old type of gas 410a is being phased out for a new gas so the price of gas has gone through the roof. When it comes to cars I’m not sure why gas is used.....merely stating that they will have the correct training and accreditation’s to do the job, but in a money perspective I’ll give my 2p :- you’re not paying for gas......your paying for gas time labour tools etc. £45 is reasonable in my opinion. What does a slab of cartridges cost you? Bet you shoot more that one slab every two years and gain nothing enjoyment some empty plastic and maybe a few for the pot. It’s all perspective.....I’d rather pay £45 and not have to sit in the car with sweaty small and danglies 👍🏻 But each to their own.
  2. Hi Gustaff, im an hvac engineer and work alongside ac engineers in a daily basis, any one handling these gasses must have fgas qualification so if Halfords are offering the service they must be qualified and therefore I can’t see any reason why they would not be a safe bet, obviously there are unscrupulous people out there doing the do without the necessary qualifications but I’d say Halfords is a safe bet 👍🏻
  3. Welcome along rich, the forum is wealth of knowledge, dig in and enjoy 👍🏻
  4. Welcome along jake 👍🏻 Look forward to reading your exploits in the field
  5. 😂 I was just going to say about the charge back stuff, but then saw it had already been mentioned and discounted 👍🏻
  6. Jjsdad 👏🏻👏🏻 Exactly what I thought.....after all they are a cartridge developed for skeet
  7. I have a 2009 2 litre tdci titanium, had it since the end of 2014, bought it with 82k on the clock it’s now approaching 130k and the only things I’ve had to do are a dpf sensor and the timing belt and water pump (because it was due, not because it needed it) I run it on Pirelli scorpion verde mud and snow tyres and never got stuck anywhere, it’s been to Lake Garda in Italy and back faultlessly up and down the country on a regular basis faultlessly , I feel it drives like a car handles extremely well for its size, set the steering to sport mode and it tightens it up! Awd means you can throw it round corners and it grips....obviously I don’t condone or encourage “drive it like you stole it “ but you can 😂. One thing to bare in mind is that a lot of round town driving in a diesel can cause the dpf to get blocked up so give it a decent blast every now and again to keep it clear, apparently a common problem on the kuga, very expensive fix if the filter becomes blocked. I found that out before the garage checked the sensor and realised they’d Mis diagnosed the problem (thankfully)
  8. ** scroll to bottom for quick answer Grew up on a council estate , Hated school, left with mediocre exam results, have done many things, bar/ hotel work, cctv,data and summary of departure screens on train network, digital advertising screens in Euston station/stortinget station in Oslo/ gatwick airport/ westfields shopping centres/ and Belfast shopping mall, Data/telecoms engineer for eight years, and then moved to a totally different sector doing hvac (air conditioning and ventilation and extract) mainly in restaurants but can include any commercial or residential properties. Work silly hours to pay for the mortgage ,shooting and fishing and hopefully have something of value to leave my kids ** jack of all, master of none, trying to enjoy life and time with my family in amongst working way to many hours
  9. Simple, legalise and tax it like they do everything else. Caught under the influence whilst driving - life time ban caughy under the influence at work auto dismissal Under the influence and cause harm - double the sentence that you’d normally get
  10. Spr1985

    The War

    It was quite sad to read the opening post, I see where you are coming from, but cannot understand it. I’m 33 years old I wasn’t allowed into the army or the raf for medical reasons, but if I had been I’d still be repaying my debt now. The men and women that have given their lives in any uniform in any conflict during or before my lifetime did so to enable the freedoms that I enjoy today. The debt that I owe each and every one of them will be taken to the grave unpaid. A few days a year of official remembrance is a microscopic price to pay considering what these people did for us. The price that their families paid and the ultimate price that they paid is unfathomable! I choose to remind myself on a daily basis how’s lucky I am to have the freedoms that I have for the price that they paid. i come from a family with a large military presence : - grandad -Royal artilery Dad , auntie and 2 x uncle - Royal corps transport uncle and cousin - Royal Navy brother - Royal Anglian Viking’s thankfully I didn’t lose any of them but it showed me as a youngster and up to present why we must never forget! Never above Never below Always side by side! Until my dying breath I WILL remember them. To any of you that read this that have served, or are still serving now THANKYOU
  11. I can’t remember how to do it but know that on I phones you can acces the time and date stamp of a photo (but only on the handset used to take said photo) beyond that I can’t help.
  12. Hi jamie, yes you are covered. Im cpsa registered and had this exact conversation with a friend a few days ago picture of cover below
  13. It applies only to England, according to the basc response 👍🏻
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