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  1. The racing driver that took me round was a friend of the ex’s family. But if memory serves me correctly they have what is called the “ring taxi” basically a passenger fast lap driven by a highly experienced local racing driver/track employee. When I was there it was Sabine schmitz, unfortunately she passed away a few years ago so won’t be her. I’d be very suprised if they no longer do it. just had a quick google and it’s changed a bit since I was there but this link will help 👍🏻 https://www.ringtaxi.com/en/prices-and-booking/
  2. He will have an awesome time, I went to a 24hr endurance race at the ring when I was about 21 ish to watch my ex’s brother race….had an awesome time and got taken round the track by a racing driver too. From what I remember most people out there speak very good English so he should be fine, always good to use a bit of the native tongue if possible as it goes a long way.
  3. Good on ya for getting out and trying something new! Glad to hear you enjoyed the experience 👌🏻
  4. It’s good fun, a lot like sportrap if you’ve ever shot that. Sporttrap is cpsa governed whereas I believe compak is bictsf and the two have some differences re rules and target presentations. I’d also hazard a guess at @TIGHTCHOKE being your man for a better explanation that what I’ve just written 🤦‍♂️ Give it a go what’s the worst that can happen 👍🏻
  5. Could you possible buy a dehydrated and dry out your own peas to add to your broth?
  6. For those that may be interested, the masts of the ss Montgomery (mentioned above) are due to be removed (I think next month) due to fears of them parting company with the deck/hull and falling onto the wreck below and triggering the explosives. It was in the radio earlier today. And reported in the guardian December last year :- https://amp.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/dec/30/navy-to-dismantle-sunken-warship-on-thames-holding-unstable-explosives
  7. 1 this evening eating the father in laws lawn Total 🟰 111
  8. I would agree completely, I can understand with the long journey’s plus the expense and then not performing as you’d hoped would leave a sour taste. I have the advantage of it being on my doorstep but the lack of knowledge and skill to put in a competitive score 🤣. I’ve done my fair share of travelling to shoot competitions and I stick to blaming my lack of skill (or the people talking behind me ruining my concentration 🤣😂) rather than the course/targets. I made the choice to attend and pay out the £’s and then I didn’t perform….that’s on me 🤷‍♂️
  9. Hmmm fair enough, everyone has their views/opinions I suppose. It’s the old “you can’t please everyone”. As I’ve said before I found it to be a good event with a good mix of targets and enjoyed it, I’ll be booking in again next year too.
  10. Any chance of some elaboration/quotes? I’ve shot it the last four years and other than the price increase at the last minute and the cost of the food offerings I found it just as good as previous years.
  11. Mr winser’s score of 191 was matched the same day or following day, Winser couldn’t make it back for shoot off so Sam green has won it
  12. Have you considered 5mm paracord? 70m roll on eBay is about £16/£20 in olive/army green
  13. I was thinking the same thing, I shot it on Monday c class 132/200. but not really seen any mention of it aside from a few posts on Instagram.
  14. I regularly shoot on a council owned tenanted farm, they have the same right as any other farmer to protect their crops. the later “former farms” if you mean a state owned/council owned farm having a change change of use then yes I can see what you’re saying. The likely hood is that if tenancies where not renewed they’d end up bulldozed and built on with plenty of lucrative brown envelopes being involved in the process. as for the the link you provided I’ve not read it (but I will). I believe that the majority of farming families would rather grow and give away than roll over to the government payday, it’s in their blood and in many cases going back many generations. I just can’t see it happening on any great scale……unless of course the government have an agenda and change tact going down the compulsory purchase route.
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