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  1. This would back up what you’ve said,
  2. I think something a bit more untoward has happened, seems odd (to me) that the president would call an urgent meeting of the defence Council for an explosion at a fireworks factory
  3. Wife just saw it on the news, saying it was a ship carrying a shipment of fireworks (I think not) and that it took windows out of houses 1.5miles away from blast site
  4. Just as a clarification (certainly not a dig Terry)for anyone that may be interested in a lesson/gun fit with Ben husthwaite, I’ve had a lesson with him including a gun fit and balance it was substantially less than the circa £200 mentioned in fact sub £100. All adjustments that Ben made whilst fitting my gun where temporary and fully reversible. due to being extremely new to the game he also advised that it would likely need re fitting once my style mount and consistency had all come together (I’ll be going back for this) I’d recommend him without a second thought and think he is great value for money. Also I can confirm that the balancing method used does not leave the gun handling like a “weavers beam” I’ve had far more experienced shots than myself say how well it handles(again all adjustments are temp and I’m sure Ben did say to have a gunsmith make them permanent once final fit is achieved) The best for last - well done on making the video vinnie! Far more courageous than me! (Face for radio here 🤣) as quite a new shooter I found the video clear, concise and informative and most of what I saw fell in line with the majority of information that you find on the www. 👍🏻👏🏻
  5. Spr1985

    Urban foxes

    Fair play after having re read it and the point that was made further up about it being titled “guidance” I can see it from both point of view 👍🏻
  6. Spr1985

    Urban foxes

    Oh my apologies, Shall I assume that you didn’t read the sub heading “you must:” which at point three clearly states “humanely kill any fox you catch whilst it’s in the trap or snare” it is quite clear to me that if you capture a fox in a trap or Snare that you must humanely despatch it 🤷‍♂️
  7. Spr1985

    Urban foxes

    I was having this discussion recently with someone and had the link to hand so :- https://www.gov.uk/guidance/foxes-moles-and-mink-how-to-protect-your-property-from-damage#foxes also a screen shot from just now for ease
  8. That must have been rather frustrating! Although always another opportunity 👍🏻
  9. 3 off a stable yard/ paddock Monday evening total - 867
  10. Another vote for opined, I’ve used them a fair few times and as stated above always a good saving against most local places and always good service
  11. Your sister is quite correct noise disturbance is a civil matter and the police won’t do anything about it unless a breach of the peace occurs (comes to blows literally) these things are dealt with via the local environmental health department (or at least it is in Essex) they normally have an out of hours number and team that will go round and deal with the issue, in my experience quite quickly. Well worth giving them a call and reporting the problem.
  12. Starkey headsets are worth a look, they have a huge range and I do believe offer a “try at home” 30 day no quibble returns policy edit to say would be postal because of where they are based
  13. I was given a box of empires to try and I will point out straight away that I’m far from a decent shot but these 3 pheasants lost a discussion to empire’s 32g 6’s.... if you are of the mindset of buying British/ local or supporting small businesses (or all of the above) then I’d say give them a try and make your own minds up based on the quality of the customer service and the product
  14. Massive well done on all counts! Turning bad experiences into positives and achieving so much in such a short time is awesome 👏🏻👏🏻
  15. Ahh I see, I’ll keep my eyes open amongst fishing friends etc and if anything pops up I shall let you know
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