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  1. My keeper mate has the same problem on his 1.9 auto. They've told him to keep journeys of less than 6 miles to a minimum. Not the best solution. I have a 2016 2.5 it doesn't tell me when its on a regeneration but you can tell when the tick over goes up to 900 i then run it around till finishes usually around 10 mins bit of pain but really good trucks.
  2. 🤔 Perhaps they need to keep it over night to get the barrel at the right temperature. Then in the morning give them a flick to see if they ring. Then ask for the test fee. I will be interested in the results on there test certificate 😂
  3. I used some copper pipe fittings for the cross pieces. There 6ft long ally poles interlocking 36 ft that one you could go another two easily.
  4. Hi made mine from an old frame tent which lock together for a tenner from local gumtree. Then i used the material to make some pigeon bags and a 6x6 pieces for roofs on semi permanent hides.
  5. Oh dear hope you feel better now you've got that of your chest. I don't think anyone cares but im sure you'll get someone to bite.
  6. mellors

    FF6 swap

    I'm not sure that's the new control block on the new one I've just had. Just give him a ring he definitely won't over charge you.
  7. mellors

    Pcp o rings

    Hope it helps I've had kits from them before but didn't see they do individual seals before. Perhaps others have asked.
  8. mellors

    FF6 swap

    Have you rang nick tate.. Get a new control block for the side and then you have both.
  9. mellors

    Pcp o rings

    I have found chambers do individual seals in packs. Will order some tomorrow now sorted thanks.
  10. mellors

    177 slugs

    Can they be used in a sub 12 Point 22 pcp. If so are they any better ???.
  11. Update. After renewing my licence for the final two months before my 70 th birthday. 3 weeks later the form arrived to apply for a licence from 70 as i said i applied by post and it arrived today with the BE entitlement still on. This is the one you lose if you apply online. So if you wish to pull a trailer or caravan over 750 kg after your 70 do not apply online or you'll lose it.
  12. I've had the same problem with fiocchi 16 mm head cases. As said i think it's possibly the primer removal rod not locating or tipping when pulled down. I also have had no problem with the 8 mm head cases perhaps they move enough to accommodate the location of the rod as it comes down.
  13. mellors

    Pcp o rings

    Ok thanks. If i could get half a dozen of the seals i need for each gun I'll be set up for a long time as i have four sets of all the others after using the one's i needed from the kits.
  14. I agree but it turns me over. I'd take some in but it's being created by other powers. The system needs sorting soon. The world's upside down so many cashing in on depravity in third world countries created by greed.
  15. mellors

    Pcp o rings

    Thanks for replies. It wasn't the cost just i was ordering to get odd seals. The only ones i could find individually were the fill adapter seals. Each supplier uses different numbers for the same seal which i thought was strange so I've stuck with one supplier but they don't do separate seals. The most common one that goes often is the very tiny one on fill valve inside the axsor and the breach one on the air arms.
  16. mellors

    Pcp o rings

    Hi does anyone know of cheaper way to obtain these. They seem very expensive bought as a kit. Last one i had £14 odd for 11 o rings for my axsor and a similar price for the air arms.
  17. Blimey that's harsh. Only joined 6 hrs ago. Probably to sell up.
  18. mellors

    Rat poo

    🤔. Red cartridges.
  19. There's too much rape round the midlands this year with the prices going up and up. It's going to be very difficult to get on them.
  20. I thought politicians weren't allowed to say yes or no. Just watch yes minister. They obviously do.
  21. That's a shame the lee people are missing out especially with the .410 I've seen so many videos saying why not. Especially now the yanks are hooked on tss shot.
  22. Would a push in crimp starter and finisher save handling them. It looks like there's enough room. Then pull them out and change calibers when required. I'm trying a similar idea for 2 1/2 20 gauge i know you can shorten the the crimp finisher to do it but I'm not sure.
  23. Had this yesterday. Suppose prices will go up seems the trend with everything lately.
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