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  1. I responded. Also i have responded to the hse asking why lead shot is so toxic and dangerous to the public and wildlife. When they haven't even looked at why various outbreaks at hospitals with lead water mains haven't been investigated let alone the the amount of lead water mains going to houses.
  2. Reading the the latest email from basc it looks like FACE are pushing to reopen the consultation. It's looking very likely that lead will go here before the eu with no chance of any input from the users here. Basc have obviously got an agenda what it could be I've no idea but there's obviously enough funds in the bank for redundancy and pensions so i assume that's why there not committing funds to a lost cause.
  3. "someone will be along to blame it all on basc shortly" . I doubt there worried a free motor electric or other they won't care. They only post on here to see what response they get. They never interact with what they post anyway.
  4. That's what it says if you read it. We've never had a problem.
  5. Yes 1000s of them. Kent 24g 5s. Also home loads but do not use the lbc 24 or any of the ribbed wads they fill up the moderater quickley. I use the bp 24. Read below.!!!.
  6. What's her email address All get is calls to ask my bank details so they can refund my over payment on my washing machine guarantee. Or pay pal is suspended. ☚ī¸.
  7. Well said. Often wonder where all the money and aid goes. Yet all the time the charities bombard the tele adds asking for more. I agree people are in a bad place over there but its so disjointed and so many so called charities and the wages they pay themselves is wrong. Bit early for sherry though.
  8. Nope waste of time and travel. Have fun.
  9. Dunno. But like the op says there on licence up there. Perhaps that's why.
  10. Dunno but but could be summat to do with the irish debarcle . Probably makron got some spare time on his paper round. Or queen Ursula poking the fire after some more 5 star travel
  11. mellors


    As said try some different cartridges my 20 gauge silver pigeon was awful with gamebore but fiocchi performed really well . I now only use steel reloads and it taken some time to get them right. I'd be very reluctant to have it bored. Finding the right person and the cost wouldn't be worth it.
  12. mellors


    For what reason would help. Or are you switching to steel loads. ???
  13. Your not wrong. No alternative no time no backing. The clocks ticking. Were doomed i tell you doomed. 😭😭
  14. It keeps saying rain coming. No sign yet 🙄. Decided to do some loading instead.
  15. She's out. Its too warm for doing fences. I'll make an effort later before she gets back.
  16. Gardener !!!!. Its not just mondays. Our gardener (me) mowed the lawns yesterday only to be told the fences need painting. 😞
  17. I don't anyone has many pigeons at the moment. They disappeared round here over 3 weeks ago. Time of the year hopefully they'll be back out to play soon.
  18. I've got a couple of farms I've shot for many years and I'm still not sure who's who. Pretty sure the eldest daughter is a male Russian shot putter or the woman that did the crimps on biakal cartridges she/him is enormous. But the pigeon shooting is good. Just accept it doesn't bother me.
  19. 😊. As I've said many times. Emperors new cloths. Most decoys do the job for a lot less money . Some days nothing works that's all part of the challenge.
  20. Some in sales still boxed. ÂŖ50.
  21. If only. 😊. Well i suppose something to do while its quiet.
  22. They worked well. Repaired 3 one to do then i have another set of poles.
  23. Ahhh. My bad should have explained better. I did say the same as when buying or selling.
  24. Lodged is the term you need. Write them on your ticket and inform with same details you do when buying or selling. He must do the same declaring them lodged. When they are returned all you need to do then is inform them with the sane list saying they've been returned. He must do the same saying he now has possession. If he is no longer keeping them then sold is the best term to enter. But be aware they may come back and ask why although there's no need to tell them. I did the same for my mate when he moved house and awaited a visit to check security.
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