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Spaces available on north Wales game syndicate

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Having lost a couple of members to illness and Australia we can take on two guns to our long established syndicate in North Wales near Bylchau. Walked up shooting, with some driven. A reasonable level of fitness is required. The shoot has a quad and established pens so very little work is required to keep it ticking over. Returns 30% unkeepered and is not in a shoot catchment. 
Its a very sociable shoot. With a free clay day, big Christmas meal and lots of shared drinks and food. The Christmas meal was genuinely one of the funniest nights I have in memory. 
£475 releasing 500 pheasant. 13 shoot days so £37 per day per gun. There are 14 members of the syndicate (when full) and everyone is welcome to shoot all dates. However turn out generally averages 5-8 guns. My PB on this syndicate a few years ago was shooting 14 head of game in a day. Land is cleared for centre fire. Foxing etc encouraged.

Message me for details. Ideal member would be fit, sociable, work a dog, be a keen shot and enjoy lamping. As long as you are a safe shot and enjoyable company then we would welcome you 👍




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Thanks JDog and scobydog. My expectation is that the places will get filled quickly, one of the guns has a friend who is keen and we have only released them today. The AGM is on Saturday so we’ve only had final confirmation of numbers from the team this week, some of the members have been in for 15+ years but ill health forces a move to “emeritus” status. 

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