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  1. I picked 2 and the Badgers had another two. I have been watching the line into the wood for the last hour from the comfort of my bedroom. So far over 200 pigeons have gone into the wood. Last night it would have been 300.
  2. I just saw this over former RAF Binbrook. Perhaps Putin's Intel aint what it's supposed to be.
  3. We arrived back from a day trip by 3pm. I had an hour in bed then I set off to the wood opposite my house with two naughty dogs to roost shoot. The wind was blowing 40mph. I was in place by 4.20 and had the first shot soon after. The pigeons were numerous and tricky and I had to rein in some optimistic shooting. There were still plenty to shoot at. Had I taken a companion he would have had just as many shots as I did such were the numbers. The dogs picked 20 pigeons. There will be more to find in the morning.
  4. I greatly enjoy your posts. Twenty three in that wind was excellent.
  5. A very enjoyable session. Some of those pigeons were speedsters.
  6. Does filling up with £40 worth of fuel count?
  7. Bravo PC. I see you have extended chokes. Have you always had those?
  8. Six weeks ago I was driving quietly along a B road when I had to head towards the verge as a van was taking up more than its share of the road. I hit this pothole at 30mph or so causing the steering on my car to go out of alignment. This was fixed and I wrote to Lincolnshire County Council with pictures asking them to reimburse the cost.They have refused to pay quoting a statutory defence provided by Section 58 of the Highways Act 1980. Does anyone have experience in appealing against such decisions?
  9. Putin is a thug who cares not a jot for the opinions in Europe or anywhere else for that matter. One thing (amongst others) to come out of this is that Ukraine will not be left to fend for itself in the event of an invasion whether they join NATO or not.
  10. When you are sharing a hide and taking it in turns to shoot just make sure your companion can count to 2. I have shared a hide and sometimes my companions have taken several shots in succession. Their reasoning inevitably was that they thought I would miss when it was my turn.
  11. Agreed. This forum is guilty of promulgating the myth of WJ.
  12. An excellent post, more like ‘a book at bed time’ and a thoroughly enjoyable read.
  13. Not being negative, only realistic, you still have to get your guns fixed to an acceptable standard and Longthornes need to recover their reputation and manufacture guns worth their price tags.
  14. Yes I love watching pigeons on my 'days off' when I am not shooting. Last week I saw a great line into a field adjacent to one where I have permission. Taking the bull by the horns I drove to the estate office and asked to see the owner who I had met once before. I asked if I could shoot that particular field at which point he produced a map of the farm (2000 acres) with this year's cropping on along with a key to the barriers and said carry on. I don't need any more land and I will attempt to pass it on to you know who.
  15. The curse of winter rape shooting has struck me of late so I wanted to try something different. This maize cover crop is only two miles from home and in passing of late I have seen pigeon activity around it. There is inevitably a hill involved and I had to brace myself for the struggle to get to my chosen spot. The hide was erected in the top corner of the maize with guy ropes holding the thing together. I took only a handful of shell decoys and two floaters. A hundred birds got up as I approached my position and away they went to the large sitting up woods behind. I shot a pigeon after one minute then another after five and then nothing for thirty minutes when numbers started to return. Today I changed to half choke as I imagined that there would be long crossers and so it proved. In an hour and a half I shot and picked twenty one pigeons.
  16. Ordnance, I agree with you he was guilty of wrecking that car.
  17. Fair enough. Your revelations will cause untold damage to Longthorne's sales and reputation. It doesn't seem as though they are bothered about that.
  18. Good post. Get the photo printed.
  19. You should delete this post. You have resolved to take a clear course of action before the deadline which in my view is a mistake.
  20. I have one of these and appreciate it very much. Muncher, are you selling it to pay for new skirting boards?
  21. Yes he is or rather was a member. However it seems to suit him better to let me drive 300 miles per week looking for pigeons then turning up on a weekend to shoot them.
  22. Following Denning’s Law principles.
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