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  1. I’m going to get shot down for this but I use HP steel in any of my guns. Only one is fleur de leys stamped. I use 3.5” mammoth on a big old semi auto for geese. I didn’t know not to and have been doing it for so long that I don’t worry.
  2. I have a young family and my own business. I am tired but very happy. Yes it is hard work but I live to please myself and have the support of a lovely wife. I am far less successful than I had expected to be and far below the professional and financial metric set by my father, but I am proud of my business and my family. No troubled year can chip away at that. Stress is all relative. This last year has not been stressful for me. My most stressful day was New Year’s Day 2014 when I was in A&E with my wife, we were newly weds she woke up to what turned out to be the start of an unexpected late miscarriage of our first child. In A&E I bumped into my sister as my mum had just had a stroke and had been brought in by ambulance. I couldn’t stress my wife or my mother by alerting each other of the other’s situation so had to keep quiet from my closest confidants. I am sure others have been in much worse situations, losing children or family, but for me that is the metric that all other stress is measured against and a fuel shortage etc barely moves the needle from 0.
  3. Slow race horses or greyhounds get shot. How is it any different?
  4. Just for clarity I didn’t mention hanging, I believe that was Clangerman. I do not hunt but fully support hunting and would hunt if I had the means to. My knowledge of hunting is second hand from my wife’s grand father, the late Master of the Royal Rock pack. Terrance shot dogs that were not fit for purpose. Same as the old boy keepers I know. And the same result as being destroyed by lethal injection at the vets or shot by the knackerman. I have no objection to that as these hounds are not pets, they are working dogs akin to livestock or horses.
  5. This vile beast has gleefully murdered a man whilst he was on the phone to the police. Jackson had been married many times and now she is claiming to be the victim. It will be very interesting to see what way the courts go on this. From the evidence so far and her initial own admissions I would be happy to this murderess swing. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/penelope-jackson-trial-stab-victim-feared-wife-would-mutilate-him-tp0037j92 https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/metro.co.uk/2021/10/11/somerset-woman-who-stabbed-husband-told-999-handler-he-was-total-st-15402241/amp/
  6. A simple but expensive rule is that if you have a gun you shoot well with do not sell it until you have a gun that you shoot even better with.
  7. Sad news, never fun. Hope Bob had a good life and caught many rabbits.
  8. Excellent, they look to be happy wee mites.
  9. We have a 3.5 tog quilt / oversized napkin and sleep with the window open as my wife finds me very hot blooded in the night. We went to stay with a friend’s family in Ireland and their mam had put an electric underblanket on our bed without us knowing. It was like being on fire, had partaken in a few whiskeys and the fire was roaring so couldn’t work out what was wrong. Slept on the floor like a dog and found out in the morning.
  10. Hi Clangerman, we agree on many things but I do not fully understand here. I feel like I am only getting half the story at times. Please can you explain? If it relates to other things to do with hunting then it may be better we start a separate thread on hunting in general? There is too much conflation of other issues as well as the subject of this video. I do not hunt, due to lack of means, so whilst I would have no qualm in defending hunting I probably am not knowledgeable enough to do so adequately.
  11. Some one rear ended my Range Rover. I was on my way to a meeting so checked she was ok, exchanged details and made sure her husband knew where she was to come and collect her. There was almost no damage to my car but hers looked written off. By the time I finished my meeting her insurance had been in contact, arranged everything for my car and was on route with a hire car. It probably cost them £3-5k in total, if they hadn’t have been proactive I would have just forgotten about it but was amazed how quickly the costs mount up.
  12. We would be in a much better position in this country if the only option to get rid of a dog you have bought was to shoot it in the head yourself. At least the hunt are responsible dog owners, not passing on problems for other people to sort out. I have dipped in and out of this thread because I genuinely find the hysteria and hypocrisy quite perplexing. I am not judging people for those views, or wishing to convert them, but just fail to comprehend how they hold such competing beliefs.
  13. Some great shooting, it looks like on the very long shots you give some elevation and lob the shot effectively.
  14. OK Mr Stielberg 🤣 I like your videos but would object to the basis for selection of the method of control of a pest species being primarily on its cinematic beauty.
  15. That is a lovely lovely gun. I’m not sure if the market rates but £1000 for that beauty is good value to me.
  16. We have a set of these for surveying at work, not intended to work off just give emergency access if you turn up somewhere after 2 hours drive and there are no ladders to get onto a roof or ceiling void etc. Handy to have in the boot, but even though I’m relatively slim and under 100kg these are grim to use.
  17. WalkedUp


    £1500 for that hunk of junk?! There are some interesting guns on that link, for me the SPAS is the second worst there (in terms of gun and price) only the A5 being worse value. The MP-A taking bronze. Actually the SPAS is the gold position. Even at £1000 for such old technology and ugly lines, I would take the A5 over the SPAS. I don’t mean to cause offence, each to their own but that is a truly shocking cost.
  18. Not a problem, I understand and honestly no issue either way.
  19. I take it our previous deal over PM is dead then🤣 Honestly no worries.
  20. I suspect that he does not follow the hunt. The issue is the probable misuse of the word “hunt”, which in English means to pursue or chase, and so is used for hunting with hounds. To shoot live quarry is not properly referred to as ‘hunting’. A ‘hunter’ is a horse not a person. However it is a very common mistake made on the forum.
  21. I hope Wilder is ok, he really took some punishment towards the final rounds and fought on. A true warrior beaten by a superior opponent. I hate the build up, trash talk, costumes and hype. But love a good hard fought fight.
  22. Pleased with my bitch today. My pal dropped a nice cock crosser, which I thought was dead but he had not picked up with his cocker. I walked over with my two and saw the bird heading to the boundary of the shoot running hard. Sent the bitch and she picked it’s scent to follow the trail, then when she had the awareness to look up and see the cock running ahead you could see the afterburners switch on. It was pure acceleration as she swallowed up the ground. The cock had less than 5 yards to freedom and she had the best of 100 but it was no contest, she looked like a matt grey tigress as she bowled him over against the stock wire and hedge with no thought to her own stopping. He came back neatly head up and she looked pleased as punch. This bitch not had any attention from me due to the boys and so I feel bad on her not having the opportunities or training my other dogs have been afforded, but I was proud she showed her worth again.
  23. Pheasant are not in season in August! That is up in the Peaks not far from Kinder Scout.
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