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  1. Been a while since I was there so can’t recall prices. The cage is in the back warehouse, I buy the cheapest fibre 6s in 28-32gram I can so never recall brands. Was an ok selection from memory but not worth a special trip.
  2. Just a point of clarification that .17HMR is a rimfire cartridge. I take foxes out 120yd+ with my .17HMR. Even at that range it makes a mess of them, why?.... At 150yds a 17 or 20 grain .17HMR bullet has more power than a .22LR subsonic does at the muzzle. Would you shoot a trapped fox with a .22LR subsonic and expect it to do a humane job, yes. The only question is accuracy, especially in the wind. Can you put that shot on target into vital organs? That’s not a question for the internet or a ballistic table. You need to get on the range. My .223REM is much more forgiving but much noisier.
  3. One by my pal’s grandson on the shoot on Saturday. He was very pleased. 68
  4. Interesting to read, I’ve never ferreted. Know plenty of people with them but never had the inclination myself. Bet it’s exciting sport when the rabbits start bolting.
  5. Ideal, let me know when to collect and I’ll sort. After 20th is ideal for me as that’s pay day 👍
  6. I’ll collect the percussion trousers and jacket from Bromborough it that’s ok and they haven’t gone yet.
  7. At least 3 years. They still sell cartridges from the farm shop downstairs though.
  8. I’ve got a few. How many do you need?
  9. Seeing fat children makes me so sad 😔 Working in Liverpool you see so many young lives that are blighted by their dead beat parents before they have even got started, for all sorts of reasons but fatness seems so easily avoidable. 30 years ago when i was at school you would get one fat child per class. Now it is over half. We were swimming at Northgate in Chester recently and I felt so bad for some of the children. In the showers afterwards I noticed that my little sons looked like miniature prize fighters. We do not do anything special but we just don’t do stupid things. The boys eat chocolate etc and are not denied anything but they are not given copious junk. People feed their children chips etc or chicken nuggets rather than proper food. Gorging on highly processed empty calories. With the dogs mine are fed their kibble and kitchen scraps (egg shells etc). They work hard and if they get heavy I reduce their kibble. I feed each of them different amounts depending upon where they are compared to their ideal ‘fighting’ weight.
  10. This thread has made interesting reading. I knew many of the headlines but good to see it in a chronology.
  11. RSPCA prosecutes young lads for having skinny dogs or clipping a dog round the ear, but not old grannies for feeding their dogs to death.
  12. Lovely to see such excellent craftsmanship
  13. I had thought about that too but it was on the road and has a broken wing, looks bright eyed and, apart from the lack of life, quite the picture of health.
  14. Found this Tawny Owl on the road near my house last night. Apparent RTC. It was still warm when I reached it but very much dead. I have no use for it but happy to post it to anyone who does if they cover P&P.
  15. Very true. I say to my pals that if they see a bird and don’t shoot at it then it shows a failure of fieldcraft. Either their dog is working out of range of them or they aren’t showing ‘game-sense’. Game-sense is reading the dog and land, always putting yourself into positions to shoot if a bird gets up. Another thing I do is explain the principle of keeping in line. A wobbly string of people means no one has a safe shot available as much of the shooting window is blanked by people ahead or behind of the gun. Keep in a straight line and a team of 9 guns loses as much shooting window as a team of 3. I also state/joke that you go out of line you may get shot and I will have little sympathy, I’m not halting the day just to call an ambulance for some daft beggar who doesn’t know what a line is. Many of you would probably class me as a terrible shot if you saw me on clays, but on shoots I always seem to end up with a decent chunk of the birds because I concentrate and know my dogs.
  16. Great offer for a young shot 👍
  17. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2022-01-09/police-rescue-pilot-moments-before-metrolink-train-slams-into-crashed-plane All the stick they get and so little praise for daily putting their lives on the line in the service of others.
  18. It is not possible to get cold hands on my game shoot. Most seem to start the day wrapped up in 1000 layers and then end the day almost nude. I tend to shoot in just shirt sleeves with a thin waistcoat for pockets. Cold for the first 5 mins then warm for the rest of the day. I walk out on the marsh in just a shirt too with my coat and fleece in my Bergen, otherwise the pace is too slow and you miss the flight. However after an hour sat in freezing water on a cloudless night, having over topped your chest waders in the sea beforehand you do get cold to the bone. It doesn’t matter except for your fingers need to be able to move to shoot so I’ve discovered (from recommendation) disposable hand warmers. They are inert and can be left in the bottom of your bergen or poacher’s pocket for ‘emergency’ use. The Range sell them at 99p for two and after buying 6 before last season I still have spare. https://www.amazon.co.uk/HOTHANDS-Hand-Warmers-Pairs-activated/dp/B08GCT8SXZ/ref=pd_aw_fbt_img_2/261-7280840-3329954?pd_rd_w=CKOu3&pf_rd_p=853ebcaa-6b0c-4aea-9a26-e5bc3fbf7f83&pf_rd_r=SX2D93RDF7GF0YNYRJDX&pd_rd_r=4776f7f8-9c27-4377-b8f5-46a23d40c7b2&pd_rd_wg=SlQad&pd_rd_i=B08GCT8SXZ&psc=1
  19. It melts at just 1668°C so surely you could pop it into the oven and melt it down to cast into something useful 🙃
  20. Open to offers or can come and see it in the flesh before you buy.
  21. My friend was picking up recently and a dog had brought in a mangled woodcock. It was an unexpected addition to the bag and had been shot with the 38g n°3 full choke the gun had been using on the tall pheasants. It was not fit for the dinner table. You can have too much as easily as too little. A mid weight 28-30g of 5 or 6 shot will do pretty much any situation. Steel loads will vary.
  22. Glad you fixed it, for future reference Deva Arms near Chester are ok.
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