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  1. I noticed those consistent centre to left crossers taken at 10 o’clock relative to the Gun.
  2. Congrats on the ton and also the triple 👍
  3. @Dave at keltonI’m up there now, fishing this week with my boys. They bought a fly each from House of Bruar as we stopped for breakfast and I was picking out a knife (Opinel no.8). I’m sure the flies are tied to attract the eye of my children as much as any trout! Day tickets are at the post office (now the Bettyhill store is closed). First come first served, on day of purchase only. Post office officially opens at 0800, staff arrive from 0740 and so start selling once it’s open. £25 per day for the river (upstream of the iron bridge ‘Naver bridge’), maximum two tickets issued per day. £5 per day for the estuary (below the iron bridge), unlimited tickets. At peak times there will be a queue in the morning! Locals can fish via club etc so it’s all holiday types camping out for a week’s serious fishing. I have lost two opinel knives in the last two years. Cannot believe the price of them now. Steel feels thinner too.
  4. I’ve used anything around, which is typically children’s paint or old acrylics. My decoys looked like they were in drag as the colours were hideously garish and application cack handed. Still worked a treat though.
  5. Just iron it out, so easy to do and you will get plenty more so worth learning. I used to iron out dents when I was a lad and I was still precious, but 20 years on I would just live with it. For a modern mass-manufactured gun these marks are the tales of a tool that is well used.
  6. I thought you were selling the Range Rover because you didn’t get out shooting as much anymore? Caveat emptor.
  7. I appreciate the response. My message was nothing against you personally, just the wider issue of youtubers using the forum to dump videos for exposure.
  8. I am in that half too. Doesn’t amuse me at all. Toilet humour is blank to me. It is not that I’m too classy, some smut tickles me always.
  9. Walking barefoot triggers it. If I go to someone’s house who asks me to remove my shoes I leave. I have no business with this foreign messing about with unshod foot becoming part of UK culture. Shoes off is a very weird thing, “I chose inappropriate flooring and so I expect everyone who needs (not wants) to visit my home to compromise instead”.
  10. My pain is in the arch of my foot. Behind the ball of my foot.
  11. Yes. I always wear shoes. Unless in bed. Proper soles and inner soles, good boots.
  12. Some members post videos and contribute to the wider forum, some just post videos. I do not watch the latter out of principle.
  13. My German friends had one, Kai was a professional forester (manages deer/boar etc) and loved it. It was ugly but perfectly effective.
  14. Good pictures. One rabbit looked to have Myxy?
  15. I don’t know its proper name, it is known locally as Gries Mountain. The form of it is lovely in real life.
  16. Good luck for the night.
  17. I hope everyone has made the most of this glorious weather. Up a friend’s shoot yesterday with the boys and they thought it was paradise, to be fair I do too. Ended the day with an hour on the first pigeons this year, shooting over pasture adjacent to standing wheat. Had a couple of nice left and rights but nowhere near enough action to make a day of it.
  18. Crikey. Wish I wasn’t 3 hours away, that would be a brilliant day out. My wife’s university friends are in Cambridge. Wonder if I could persuade her that we need to visit them? 🤔
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