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  1. scobydog

    ashers bakery

    Absolute waste of public money, that 250k should have been spent in the Nhs in N Ireland instead.
  2. scobydog

    Police chief. ?

    +1, COWARD, should have his knighthood removed for being a complete a hole.
  3. scobydog

    Hatsan 30 " barrel

    Hi all, I am looking for a 30" barrel to fit a Hatsan escort magnum semi auto, preferably in camo, please pm with any details. Regards John
  4. scobydog

    Partridge pens

    This ^^.
  5. scobydog

    Busy Farmers?

    Farmer close to me has done and wrapped his 3rd cut over the weekend, the lads were moving it all to the yard until @ 2am today, can't say they don't graft when they have to.
  6. scobydog

    Busy Farmers?

    Saw a contractor out on the farm near Southport seeding the ground in the dark @ 7 45 last night.
  7. scobydog


    Hi Scully, the farmer has a gamekeeper friend from Allendale way who often does a bit of trapping on his farm early in the year, he has pretty good results on the magpies and crows, then you don't see him til the following year, just too busy I suppose. Will be back up in a couple of weeks hopefully to give them another bashing. Atb scobydog
  8. scobydog


    Had a good day yesterday my mate and I got 97 on the rooks and crows, farmer was very pleased, not a single magpie seen, glorious day bright sun and just the right temperature with a bit of wind . scobydog
  9. scobydog

    CORBYN's Leaders Speech

    My wife has a student placement who thinks nothing of spending £300-400 a month on her nails, at least £200 on hair and quite a bit more on make up and as for clothes what she spends makes most peoples shooting allowance seem absolutely pitiful, when my wife asked her about how she manages to pay for it, she explained she was using her student loans and bank of mum and dad, apparently she then complained that she would never earn enough to buy her own house as they cost too much, when my wife explained she could have a mortgage for a small house for less than the cost of her nails being done monthly she said I don't want to live in the said area I want to live in Wilmslow nearby. Good luck with that was my wife's reaction along with a big sigh.
  10. scobydog

    fungi ID.

    Horn of plenty aka black trumpet, quite rare to find these days.
  11. scobydog


    Beautiful part of the world up there, shoot regularly over Skirwith way, will be up on Saturday actually on the rooks, crows and magpies, sounds like good fun Scully glad you had a good day. scobydog
  12. scobydog

    Jammed door lock

    +1, done it this way several times when doing locksmith work, do it yourself as a locksmith will do the same and charge £££.
  13. scobydog


    Hi Rewulf , Waitrose is owned by an employee partnership, so every employee gets a dividend if profits allow it, morrisons is part owned by the Morrison family and rest is shares I believe. scobydog
  14. scobydog


    Where I live the older folk tend to use Waitrose and Morrisons, younger folk the Aldi and it is quite noticeable that this happens, as John said different areas different standards maybe with respect the cleanliness etc of the stores. Never use Tesco other than for fuel, the nearest is a massive store and the car park is always very busy. The Sainsbury's is about 5 miles away and seems to be busy only at weekends. My only wish is that we had a good green grocers locally that would be great. scobydog
  15. scobydog


    Just checked and both the original Albrecht brothers are now dead so I will change that to Germanys wealthiest family, John above pointed out the state of his local morrisons, whereas my local one is spotless, no rubbish in aisles no pallets in aisles (unlike Aldi/Lidl), staff are friendly and courteous and always smart, outside of the store is regularly cleaned and kept very smart. Still prefer Waitrose above all the others though, did once try a Lidl and it was genuinely the worst shopping experience of my life, never ever again will I go into one of their stores. scobydog