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  1. Pellpax sell them, the Masai mara uses the Benelli recoil system. That's all I know I'm afraid.
  2. My local council give 6 permits a year for a pickup, no trailers allowed on the back neither. The Haldex system on fl2s are fine if they're used and looked after. Most people don't change the fluid in them on time and wonder why they break, common sense really. It was originally developed for and used on the Audi Quattro rally cars very successfully.
  3. Well you learn something every day amateur thanks.
  4. Historically the Democrats were the racists, easy to find if you look. The 1st black congressmen were Republicans. S
  5. Should still be plenty of birds about as they have hardly been shot yet due to lockdown. Keepers might start culling cocks earlier in January to get numbers of them down a bit. Hope you enjoy your day.
  6. John Lydon outed saville in the late 70s or early 80s iirc, but it got banned by the BBC, surprise there, Not. S
  7. It will be interesting to see if the democrats implode aka the Labour party, the far left are not great friends of dirty grandpa joe. S
  8. On my 2nd X trail, now a 20 bore, 1st was a 12 bore. Great shotguns at the price and very easy to handle. My friend has just got 1 as well after trying mine out on the corvids. Know a couple of lads that have ATAs and swear by them too. Personally I think everything at a similar price point is going to be of a similar quality, so try lots before you make a decision. Good luck with your choice. Scobydog
  9. As for me well, I am what I am and what I am needs no excuses. I'm off now, too much good red wine. S
  10. And probably the Swedes as well.
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