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  1. Hi Rewulf, It is a Reflex that comes back over the barrel. scobydog
  2. Hi Rewulf, From what the previous owner told me and what I know I have put through, it adds up to @ 1000 rounds, which is still low for 1 of these , all factory no homeloads as neither of us reload. Here is a pic of the crown as well.
  3. Got 1 on the 22 rimmie, good little mod works a treat, had a sak before but that was a bit louder.
  4. Wouldn't trust anything the bbc said, I would also like to see the evidence of the threat of the crash as well or is it more fake news.
  5. Well done Turbo, I have also complained both to itv and Ofcom, doubt it will do much good but one can only try. scobydog
  6. A lad on Stalking directory has started a petition to have the General Licence reinstated, (sorry can't do links), it is being checked at the moment to see if it meets the petition sites standards, please sign it to make those in power know how we feel when it is up and running. Atb scobydog
  7. Hi, Selling this Bushnell Forge 4.5-27-50 long range scope, Brand new in box, not been used, took it out to check it and put back in box. It is Terrain colour and Moa ret with moa turrets, whilst waiting for this to arrive I bought a S &B Klassik , as a result this is for sale as I don't have a spare rifle to put it on. £650.00 Including Rmsd, Bank transfer or cash please. Any questions please pm me. Sorry, tried to put pics up but they are too big apparently. Happy to send by Whats app etc or look on Optics Warehouse website for details.
  8. This, as in the ridiculous roundabouts in Poynton, where they used setts on the edges of the footpaths/ roads, roads that have large class 1 hgv's trundling along them and taking quite tight turns on the roundabouts. This has resulted in them having repair work done every single month since initially being laid a couple of years ago, total waste of money.
  9. And me, well said Walshie.
  10. From what you say you have good reason for the calibres stated, there should be no problem, as said if you don't ask you don't get, btw I got 3 c/fs on my 1st application I had good reason like yourself so no problem. Good luck scobydog
  11. Price drop to £450, if no sale at this price I will chop it in against a 6.5 creedmoor at my rfd.
  12. Best job, working on our farm. Easiest job, civil servant, proper gravy train that was.
  13. Just watched a bit of Hagler vs Hearns , 1st round was absolutely brutal, don't think many of todays boxers would have lasted that 1st round let alone any others.
  14. Book a stalk or 2, get written confirmation then apply for a Fac for a suitable calibre, keep receipts from stalk as proof for the Feo just in case. Dsc 1 is up to you when you take it. Good luck and enjoy the stalking.
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