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  1. Ferret if you know someone who has 1, put something dead at the other end to tempt it through.
  2. Hi, The above is free to anybody who wants it, it covers the Klf 220,300 2wd, 300 4wd and 400 4wd, series A9,B9,C8,B4. so the older models, strangely came with a Yamaha quad i purchased. scobydog.
  3. Bought a 2007 FL2 2.2 Diesel TD4 that had been chipped and remapped, it is a totally different vehicle to my mates, much quicker, mid 40's mpg on a run A roads and motorways, it also has a Graduated turbo fitted, all done at a L/Rover specialist. Cost a fair bit in total though for the previous owner. S S
  4. Lived in Greater Manchester most of my life, used to go to the city centre 2/3 times a week for a night out or wander around and lunch on Sundays. In the past 5 years or so i've probably been in @ 5 times, can't stand the place anymore, roads are atrocious, parking is extortionate and as Stephen says above parking wardens are on you like a pigeon on a pasty, just not worth it for the stress. S
  5. Wow nice car sir, takes me back to my early 20s, wish i had the spare cash i'd snap this up in no time. Good luck with the sale. s
  6. Had a similar problem when my extension was built , i used an acid wash i got from the builders merchant, if you go this route make sure the brickwork is really wet before applying it. It is Hydrochloric acid so be very careful with it. Good luck scobydog
  7. Read somewhere that they are 40% russian owned. Might have something to do with it, should nationalise it .
  8. No, got a great sds drill. Just don't want to go through the walls for hardwired lights.
  9. As in I can't be bothered drilling straight through the walls to get the wire to a socket for hard wiring a light. Small holes into a single brick are fine, have 2 from the former light so hopefully only will have to put 1 fixing hole in. Ordered 1 off Amazon, due tomorrow.
  10. Thanks for all the replies, it is for the back garden area, just don't want to drill through a wall for a hard wired 1, will have a look at the ones off Amazon. scobydog
  11. Hi All, Does anyone use the above type of light, are they any good, any recommendations for which 1 to buy . Tks in advance scobydog
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