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  1. scobydog

    School children on the streets protesting

    52% is conclusive when the remoaners only got 48%it is a 4% swing or is that not conclusive enough for you.
  2. scobydog

    Good gunshop

    Another 1 for Malmo, great place and well worth the extra 15 mins on the m6.
  3. scobydog

    Country file tonight

    Whilst I agree fully with your post i'm afraid you cannot murder Hares, you can only murder a human being, (Pedantic of me I know), but for me using the word murdered when culling is more appropriate just makes it sound too emotive, but that is my personal view. I have a farmer who has already said if anyone comes on doing the same on his farm he wants the hares shot off asap, he likes to see them and we have a self imposed close season, with just the odd one shot in winter time the numbers have flourished, but if we don't do it he will get someone else on to it. I don't shoot them anymore but will have to start again if he gets any (visitors). The police need to be more proactive and seize all equipment including the dogs whenever they catch these people. s
  4. scobydog

    FAC form advice

    Take no notice of naysayers, if you have good reason apply for what you want, I got 3 centrefires on my 1st application, had good reason so no problems with the FLD. s
  5. scobydog

    Suzuki jimny £995

    Hi Lloyd, Think he means the Lambda sensor in the exhaust system, easy fix if so, at your local garage. Atb scobydog
  6. scobydog

    White Stuff!!

    5" here, roads were gridlocked earlier, wife had to abandon the car as everyone had forgotten how to drive for some reason, roads just slush now but footpaths etc still covered in snow.
  7. scobydog

    Jack Shepherd Fighting Extradition!

    Apparently the jail he is remanded to is the most notorious in Georgia, rape murder etc are quite regular events, even some of the guards have been caught raping the inmates, hope he enjoys his stay, not. S
  8. scobydog

    FIrst time fac holders

    If someone passes all the checks and has good reason I don't see any problem, I got 3 c/fs on my 1st issue, 22 hornet for foxes, 243 for deer and 270 for deer. S
  9. scobydog

    Does the the team think..

    We are mammals who are born omnivores, your body can process natural fats and proteins as found in plants and animals that you would be expected by nature to eat in reasonable quantities, I think the main problems now come from man made proteins and fats and the additives put into things like cakes, biscuits, margarines, fast foods etc. Just my opinion.
  10. scobydog


    pm sent.
  11. scobydog

    Can you identify the car?

    Could be a 20, similar rad to a 7 and later ones had a split bumper and front split windscreen the 7 had it's badge on the grill not the cowling like this 1, the side windows are out of proportion for a 7 and there is definitely 2 rear doors on it.Just waiting for F in law to get back, he's in Qatar at the moment.
  12. scobydog

    Nigel Farage

    Cameron left because he was a staunch remoaner, and didn't think it was right to carry on after the vote went against his belief that we would be better off in the EU.
  13. scobydog

    Can you identify the car?

    Not a Chummy they didn't have a front split bumper, and if you look closer it appears to be 4 door.
  14. scobydog

    Can you identify the car?

    Wrong Windscreen and radiator for a Austin 10, the 1 in the picture, will ask the F in Law, he used to run the Austin owners club.
  15. scobydog

    Can you identify the car?

    Austin 12 Clifton tourer by the look of it, too big for a 7. Bus looks like a Little Dennis.