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  1. scobydog

    PETA pillocks

    PETA= People euthanising tame animals.
  2. scobydog

    Heads up Velo South disruption

    Yes the same one John.
  3. scobydog

    Heads up Velo South disruption

    That was the Birmingham velo, returning in spring 2019, despite a massive number of complaints from residents and business owners, but hey lets not get in the way of a money making scheme for Seb Coe and his mates.
  4. scobydog

    Homeless crisis?

    We have it near us, a village with @200 houses is having an estate of 3000 minimum over 10 years built around it, they start at £1/2 million and rise from there, thing is they're selling like hot cakes especially the more expensive ones.
  5. scobydog

    Homeless crisis?

    See where your coming from, but the developers will do it anyway if no one else does. +1
  6. scobydog

    Homeless crisis?

    Oowee, it isn't just Tory voters by along way, I lived in Gorton M/cr for a while and nobody wanted extra building on some un used land next to some footy pitches, iirc it was for less than 100 houses, that is a staunchly Labour area.
  7. scobydog

    Homeless crisis?

    Fair enough, one of the things I think the Govt could do is buy up large empty warehouses/ office buildings and turn them into 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments for people / families living in hostels and cheap private hotels, that way give them some semblance of normality in their lives. Around me large office buildings on industrial estates are being converted to apartments at £200k plus each, if the councils/Govt got in 1st that would be a relatively inexpensive way of housing people, obviously just my opinion.
  8. scobydog

    Homeless crisis?

    Is this social or private housing ?
  9. 1 of my regular shooting buddies is Arab, at the range I use there are mixed race, Chinese and Asian members, not many but there are some who attend regularly, there are a few ladies as well including my 2 girls but again few and far between which I think is a great shame. I think it has always been seen as a wealthy persons sport in the past but times are changing slowly, like Tom above I am a Manchester lad and my mates took the pee a bit as well at the beginning, now they don't blink an eyelid when I mention shooting.
  10. scobydog

    Avon 'Skin so Soft'

    The blue one, dry oil spray, works fine on me too.
  11. scobydog

    upvc door and window, free

    After converting the garage I have a upvc door with frame and a large window free to whoever wants them, collection only from sk12, the window is very heavy. Door sizes including frame are 2100mm high by 900mm wide, window is 2290 wide by 1310 high. Please pm if interested. Scobydog
  12. scobydog

    English Springer Spaniel.

    I have a Ess dog and think they are great, I do rough shooting a bit of wildfowling and pigeons/rooks and crows, he is fine on all of them, he is of the calmer bred ones so great with kids and other dogs as well. only difficult bit of training was to get him to pick up runners, now sorted that one. For what I do a Springer is good enough for me, my friend does all the same and uses a Lab equally as well, so it depends on what you are happy with. Like Dave says many blame the breed not themselves or their training methods when it goes wrong. Atb Scobydog
  13. PS,

    He's been there 15 years as a worker, teaching.

    1. Hi Andrew,

       My B IN Law works there and has just come back for his 6 week break, what is it you would like to know and I will ask him.

      Regards John

      1. scobydog

        Clear out.

        pm sent re photon, re sent the pm gilly.