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  1. scobydog

    Clear out.

    pm sent re photon, re sent the pm gilly.
  2. scobydog

    New Project,shooting boxes.Day 4.

    Great job there, nice pics of the deer as well, plenty for you to go at, enjoy. S
  3. scobydog

    270 VS 308

    Which ammo you can get easier, both do the same job at the same distances, I've used a 270 for @9 years now and love it, it is a marmite round though and fully understand some people are bothered by the so called harder kick, I don't notice any difference having used a 308 a couple of times, but I can get 270 ammo all the time near me. s
  4. scobydog

    Water main

    I did my own, dug to 750mm, laid the new pipe on sand, had to dig under 2 garden walls in the process, put a new brass stopcock on the inside of the house, then the utilities finally came after @ 3 months to connect to the main on the footpath. Other than the initial inspection they didn't put a foot on my drive, this was to replace lead pipe. Most quotes I had were @ £1500, so a massive saving doing it yourself. We were sent a letter and diagram out explaining what to do, but I think you can also get it online. S
  5. scobydog

    Water main

    Just the flexible pipe with insulation Chris, the inspection guy was here literally less than 1 minute. S
  6. scobydog

    Water main

    We used this in the same situation Chris, Inspector was fine with it and didn't even give it a second look. S
  7. scobydog


    This , when Beretta got new machinery they moved some of the older but still very good machinery to Bettinsolis workshops, I think Bettinsolis are still hand finished.
  8. scobydog

    VW Touareg 3.0 V6 TDI Altitude 2007 4x4

    Hi Margun, need to put a price mate.
  9. scobydog

    Bettinsoli 12 gauge

    Now Sold, to the 1st person who viewed it. Regards Scobydog
  10. scobydog

    Bettinsoli 12 gauge

    Hi, No it is not steel proofed, but I have put quite a few 32g hull game no5s steel through it and had no issues at all , these are what I use on Pheasants, I wouldn't put high pressure steel carts through it though. Scobydog
  11. scobydog

    Bettinsoli 12 gauge

    Pics are now on the full view page.
  12. scobydog

    Bettinsoli 12 gauge

    Price drop to £100.
  13. scobydog

    Bettinsoli 12 gauge

    Forgot to add, 2 3/4 " chambers and chrome lined barrels.
  14. scobydog

    Cheshire police firearms department

    1st application always takes longer, could be a number of reasons for it, I've never had a problem and renewal turnaround was very efficient as was a variation I had done.
  15. scobydog

    Casterating working dogs

    I had my Spaniel castrated, he had 1 undescended testicle but after talking to the vet we decided to remove both, it has not affected how he works in any way, as most have said 12 months old at the very least. Atb scobydog