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  1. Hi sx3, You have to message through Gun watch , the seller is not a member on here so can't reply to you. scobydog
  2. Hi reggiegun,

    Just a heads up mate, you've put your address on the website when asking about the shirt, might be an idea to remove it in case any idiots see it and get some ideas.

    Regards Scobydog

    1. Hi, Cloudside near Congleton, only used it once as I don't really bother with clays but it was fine and out of the way on top of a hillside. scobydog
    2. I use the same on Canadas on the golf course, luckily they supply the cartridges so no cost, they are very effective on them through a tight choke. scobydog
    3. Hi, Great offer for someone this, if you are struggling with gear how about using a 2nd hand lightweight golf trolley to pull the kit around on, just a thought. Atb scobydog
    4. Hi Gerry 78, Used a 270 for years, shot Fallow, Reds, Sika, Roe and Wild Boar and foxes, the furthest was a Roe doe at @ 325 yards, nearest was also a Roe doe at 40 yards or so. no problem with any of them, used 130 grains, this is what the 270 was originally created for by the way. If set up properly they are amazingly accurate and as for the recoil stick a mod on and as said previously they are a pussycat. I sold mine to a member on here who uses it regularly still, I now have a 6.5 cm as I want to do long range shooting as well as stalking, that is the only reason I sold mine. Just go for it you will not be disappointed. Regards scobydog
    5. scobydog


      Hi Stephen, Don't bother mate, I asked and got a total no for the Goyt, when I asked why, they said in case I inadvertently transferred the disease they carry to another river. I used to watch the Herons taking and eating them on the far bank of the river near Bredbury. Atb scobydog
    6. No oil mate, they have shed loads of Gas though, most of which has been sold to the uk for the next 50 years. Brother in law works and lives there, great lifestyle and benefits, the trouble is most people there are in bed by 9-10 pm because they get up for work stupid early, hence very low attendance by locals. Too hot even now for athletics and football, stupid place to hold these kind of meetings. scobydog
    7. Hi dodeer, My shooting bud has 1, he has owned it from it being 1 yr old, only problem he had was going on holiday for 2 weeks and battery played up, had to take it to Jeep to get the limp mode taken off it, that was @ 5 yrs ago, nothing else other than consumable parts. Great drive train, seen it in places you wouldn't think it could go to, and towing a couple of ton of trailer and feed. Atb scobydog
    8. Bushnell Elite 4.5-30-50 for sale, comes with box and all original paperwork, full lifetime warranty, great scope for long range shooting, rmsd included in price, this is a mildot reticle and was made in Japan, any questions please pm me. £500, won't allow me to upload pics, can send by email or WhatsApp etc. Great with nv add on. Regards scobydog
    9. Yes, but not over decoys, just golf course clearance. scobydog
    10. Mates Labrador managed to open and eat an entire tin of Quality street including the wrappers, interesting the colours that came out the back end for a while and yes it was a choc lab. it was fine with no ill effects at all. scobydog
    11. I have the above for sale, it came on a rifle I purchased and is no longer required as I want a longer range scope, pics too big for here so can be sent by WhatsApp etc. Non illuminated ret, small mark on the bell housing from when I caught it with the zip on the rifle bag. £400.00 plus postage. scobydog
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