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  1. scobydog


    pm sent.
  2. scobydog

    Can you identify the car?

    Could be a 20, similar rad to a 7 and later ones had a split bumper and front split windscreen the 7 had it's badge on the grill not the cowling like this 1, the side windows are out of proportion for a 7 and there is definitely 2 rear doors on it.Just waiting for F in law to get back, he's in Qatar at the moment.
  3. scobydog

    Nigel Farage

    Cameron left because he was a staunch remoaner, and didn't think it was right to carry on after the vote went against his belief that we would be better off in the EU.
  4. scobydog

    Can you identify the car?

    Not a Chummy they didn't have a front split bumper, and if you look closer it appears to be 4 door.
  5. scobydog

    Can you identify the car?

    Wrong Windscreen and radiator for a Austin 10, the 1 in the picture, will ask the F in Law, he used to run the Austin owners club.
  6. scobydog

    Can you identify the car?

    Austin 12 Clifton tourer by the look of it, too big for a 7. Bus looks like a Little Dennis.
  7. scobydog

    Get your dogs insured.

    Sorry to read about your dog's injuries Jdog, my vet said he has seen a large rise in dogs injuring themselves in modern houses due to laminate flooring and highly polished hardwood floors being popular at the moment, just a thought for anyone with these type of floors. Regards scobydog
  8. scobydog

    Does any one here shoot Jays?

    Shot 7 this year, a lad I know that does fly fishing always takes the blue feathers for his fly tying, saw one that had a young chick in its beak earlier this year, that was in the back garden, one of our shoots has loads of maggies on it and a few months ago I shot 7 in 1 outing.
  9. scobydog

    Do English people actually want to work?!

    My father in law worked at Porsche in the 70s/ 80s as head of one of the departments to do with machine tooling, they had people from all over the world and the meetings were held in English as this was most peoples second language who worked there.
  10. scobydog

    Do English people actually want to work?!

    My wife's company have this problem quite regularly, the work is boring but very easy , they have never had an English person last more than 1 day, whether from the agency or job centre. They would earn @£1800 a month after deductions for unskilled labour + any amount of overtime they want, the only ones who stay are eastern Europeans, they even have signs up in Polish and Slovakian. Now I appreciate not all English are lazy but I think some believe they should earn more than others just because they are English. I left school 35 years ago and know people who I went to school with that have never done a honest day's labour in all that time, some now have grandkids who are seeing that the dole can be a lifestyle choice rather than a last resort.
  11. scobydog


    Just a word of warning, out with the lads yesterday and 1 slipped on a hidden wet rock, dislocated and fractured his ankle and also tore some tendons, now in hospital in North Wales waiting to have a metal plate screwed into the ankle area, he was wearing wellies when this happened. One of the lads with us is a former army medic and said if he would have been wearing boots that lace up he would probably been ok but as the wellies have very minimal side support it allowed the ankle to turn and twist the wrong way. Even without taking the wellie off you could see there was something seriously wrong there. So always wear appropriate stuff for the terrain and weather and be safe. Atb scobydog
  12. scobydog


    Get in touch with Edinburgh rifles off here, I think he can source a drop in barrel from Lothar Walther for sub £500 if that is not too expensive. scobydog
  13. scobydog

    Second hand rifles

    Bought all mine 2nd hand, looked down the barrel to check the rifling and a good look at the mechanism if it looks good I buy it. Got a 270 Parker Hale a while ago used by a hobby stalker for 25 years, he used it twice a year on deer and a couple of times a year to check zero that was all he did with it, they have a sloppy action as normal but once a round is chambered it was tight as anything else. I put @ 250 rounds through it during the past 8 years, he did roughly the same in 25 years so even being generous lets say 600 rounds from new, over 33 years, now sold it to a mate and still as accurate as the day it was made. Now got a Remmy 700 223 and a cz 22lr and both shoot raggy holes at 100 yds at the range, both 2nd hand rifles and way cheaper than new. scobydog
  14. scobydog

    Getting a gundog trained

    Retsdon, 10k plus is getting more and more common for the best sheepdogs these days, farm we shoot over, his new dog was 9k, he says it is the best dog he's ever had.
  15. scobydog

    There's something wrong with this...

    It is very much the same, buying up small areas kicking out locals putting up new buildings and then selling the new properties at vastly inflated prices to wealthy foreigners, also using Krakow as an example, I personally know 3 very wealthy property investors who bought large blocks of flats and apartments after the place opened up, kept them for a few years renting out to tourists etc then when the time was right rented them to locals at vastly inflated rents paid by the authorities. 1 of the guys had over a 1k flats the last time I spoke to him. Now shacked up in a nice place near there with a Russian girl half his age. The point is it happens worldwide and poorer areas of Britain are flavour of the month at the moment, the liebour council should have invested properly in the upkeep of the properties and not sold them off, instead they would sooner spend 35k a time on so called street art. scobydog