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  1. Maybe it's to prove your old enough to purchase an air rifle/pistol, I think John Knibbs will only send to rfd's. S
  2. Well done, sounds like a great day, sometimes persevering pays off.
  3. scobydog

    Wanted pard 007

    1 for sale over on Sd.
  4. Solaris srx, Purchased @ 6 months ago , been used 3 times. £120 posted, variable power model. Advertised elsewhere. Provisionally sold. .
  5. scobydog


    Got 1 from m/cr airguns on Oldham street, £18, similar year as you, my mate bought 1 at the same time , using it in his back garden and a neighbour called the plod, when they checked it they told him to get it sorted out as it was running at 18ftlb out the box. I think he got some sort of a fine of £1.00 for every ftlb over the legal limit, he was well peeved. S
  6. That's fine David. Regards John
  7. Hi, Will take some send some pics in the morning. Regards John.
  8. Got a 4 gun cabinet, foam inserts, ammo locking box, 11"wide, 9"deep and 57" high, 2 sets of keys good strong locks on it. Very good condition. £50 collected from near Stockport if you're interested.
  9. Adapter for nv 007, comes with case for pard and adapter, silicone grease spare o ring and carry lead.£50.00 + p+p. Provisionally sold.
  10. Nv007, @ 16 months old, works perfectly, it has a ant mass pigs ear soft rubber eye piece instead of the plain circular one. £300 +p&p. Comes with all original box, bag, Allen key and instructions. Advertised elsewhere. Provisionally sold.
  11. Hi Walker, Not yet but as soon as I hear it I'll put it on here. My wife's friend was approached and told to hand over her 13 year old Border terrier . She managed to run off away with the dog thankfully. That was Whitchurch @ 1 hour ago. S.
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