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  1. Me and the wife haven't watched the news for @ 1 year now, don't see the point really, it's just the same stuff regurgitated day after day especially by the likes of the bbc and c4. Always was and always will be biased to their views and stuff everyone else. s
  2. Arts and crafts fire surround and insert for sale. The surround is oak and the metal insert is probably a more modern copy but still well made. 3 of the tiles have cracks but still look ok. £450.00 pick up only from near Mcr airport.
  3. Well done fenny, good shooting.
  4. Good man, i don't blame you.
  5. Won't know chamber until I collect it, probably a 3", to be honest I don't really want to go down the whole reloading route. Probably find some standard steel if they are available for a 10g.
  6. Fair enough, sounds like a no go. Tks for your replies.
  7. Hi Dave, These are factory rounds, definitely not reloads as I know he has never reloaded and only ever buys factory stuff. Regards scobydog
  8. Strong possibility i'll be purchasing a 10 Bore Aya double this week, it will come with what the owner describes as a shed load of lead cartridges. As i have no intention at all of doing inland stuff in Scotland, i would like to know if it is possible to open the cartridges remove the lead then replace with Bismuth shot. As the gun and carts are priced very reasonably the cost of the Bismuth shot is not an issue for me. The main questions are 1. can it be done, 2 can i increase/decrease shot size. Many thanks in advance for your replies.
  9. Not Orthodox but regularly go to the Synagogue. S
  10. Personally i think it's a great idea to label it Halal/ Kosher etc, the main reason for me is that they are both done under so called religious ideals and i can't stand religion of any sort. A good friend who i shoot with regularly is Arab and he said it's a load of rubbish this Halal/Kosher stuff as the blood can be drained after slaughter before it congeals under Islamic rules, the only reason they cut the throat is to allow the heart to pump the blood out faster and so no congealing. When he shoots a deer he doesn't rush up and slit it's throat, he'll leave it 5/10 minutes keep an eye on it with a round in the chamber to make sure it's dead then eventually make his way over to it and then do the bleeding process and say a small prayer at the same time. Oh and my Jewish mates virtually al eat Pork products !, usually bacon sarnies. s
  11. The Dublin regulation has just been suspended for Syrian refugees, they make up the largest section currently on the move. This was done by the Germans. s
  12. The rule is that asylum seekers have a right to have there case heard in the 1st safe country they arrive in, but they are not obliged to do so if they don't want to. S
  13. They weren't invited to join because everyone knows they would do a runner as soon as it kicked off. s
  14. Fantastic, 1st qualifier to ever win a major tournament, great final , well done to both of them. S
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