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  1. You'll have to message them on gun watch, doesn't appear to be a Pw member.
  2. When I was a locksmith virtually everyone on my small street wanted a lock doing. When I said well I'll do the lock at cost then half price for the labour they nearly all said they thought I'd do it free as a favour. A couple of times I let people in to their homes when they had lost keys etc and seemed a bit shocked when I gave them a bill. Usually with a oh I thought we were mates, didn't like it when I said no your just neighbours.
  3. Have had both, use the 20b for almost everything these days, only have semi auto 12b for geese this is for the heavy loads I use in it. Never felt inferior with a 20 g on any other shooting I do. Absolutely cracking for a day on the corvids the 20.
  4. Got 2 De walt batteries and the charger. 1 is ni cad 1 is li ion. Both charge and work perfectly, they come with a carry case, drill has given up the ghost so bought a new 1 with different fitting. £20 collected nr Stockport. Social distance meet only.
  5. Got a 4010 on the golf course where I do pest control, very capable machine, it really does go almost anywhere and is better in the deep mud than J D Gators, 2 of which it has outlived. Can't comment on the Kubota as never been in 1, but the oldest tractor on site is a Kubota, so reliability is definitely there.
  6. Ahh makes sense now, on a nice red myself at the moment 👍.
  7. On Sale golf club too, noisy little **** when they fly around.
  8. Wouldn't move next to a motorway enfieldspares, if you chose to do so that is your look out as far as I'm concerned.
  9. Fair enough, I have lived right in the centre of Manchester in the 90s, sold up when I realised how much I could make on the apartment. Would never do it again though, much prefer my current area.
  10. I would expect nothing less, but why you'd want to live in a modern city God only knows.
  11. I live very close to what was Woodford aerodrome, never bothered me, quite liked the sound of the Jets. Shame it's having a few thousand houses built on it now.
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