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  1. Easily tuneable up to 230/240 bhp too if done properly. I've got the td4 version upgraded to 228 bhp, it is still good on diesel and much smoother than standard. s
  2. It's nothing to do with me, i'm letting you know you have to contact through gunwatch.
  3. You'll have to message them through Gun watch, they don't appear to be a PW member. s
  4. Just the full moderator fitted with the blue .270 baffle now £170. S
  5. If this was France (thank god it's not) no one would bat an eyelid at all, over there people in power are expected to have kept lovers and there wives seem to know all about them. S
  6. I know a chap that does pest control professionally and uses a .22lr and subsonics out of bedroom windows as the backstop angle is pretty near perfect, don't see why there would be a problem with an air rifle so long as the pellet doesn't leave the boundaries. S
  7. Fil is having it done on Monday morning , not worried at all . Just get it done, you'll be glad you did. Atb scobydog.
  8. Unfortunately it has to go as it is on my Fac which is 6.5 creedmoor. I used a 30 cal baffle as it proved more accurate than with the blue 270 baffle. The others are just spare baffles. S
  9. Hi, Selling my Wildcat moderator, it comes with, .30 cal Baffle, .270 cal Baffle, .22 cal Baffle. 2 rear bushes, both for heavy/varmint barrel profiles, 2 bridges, 3/8" unef and 1/2 "unf. None of the baffles have done more than 150 rounds in total. You will need a slot for a 6.5 Creedmoor Moderator on your ticket to purchase this lot. Face to face preferably, i can rfd to you at buyers expense. I don't want to split at the moment so please don't ask. Based near M/cr airport. £250.00 Advertised elsewhere. Any questions please pm me. scobydog
  10. 21 magpies this year and this little brood of Moorhens is 1 of the reasons I control corvids. S
  11. 1669 Another 1 this morning on the golf course. S
  12. If I could I would, we've decided not too bother now. Which is a shame as it's 1 of the last W and S air pistols needed for his collection. S
  13. Hi LB, Unfortunately it's the same problem with the parts when they go to the EU, got 1 quote from a dedicated firearms exporter of between £400 and 500 minimum 😕. Scobydog
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