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One for Miroku Matt perhaps…..


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Not being very familiar with over and unders, a little advice please! I needed to convert my Miroku to manual safety as it is to be used in slug shooting competitions where speed loading is very necessary for multi barrels. I removed the auto safety actuator bar and screw and the gun functions exactly the same with or without it. My question is, the aluminium floating box attached to the top of the trigger has to move side to side to allow it to fire the second barrel. Does this function occur due to recoil only, or is there some other device I am missing? If I fire(dry) the first barrel nothing happens unless the block is moved backwards, when it resets and fires the second (either barrel selected as first) I have also realised that with the stock on, by banging the butt pad the mechanism resets. 
Is this all normal operating system?

I have not yet tried with live ammunition as I am working on a few projects at the same time, but would like some re-assurance that I have half a chance of the thing working on the range!



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