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Does anyone have any recommendations for a small air pistol ?

My local gunshop only has the "pro" stuff.


I don,t want a target pistol, scope or anything elaborate.

I would like a small, quiet pistol and cheap.

It should be able to kill a rat at 15 ft.

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:crazy: Probably opening myself up for abouse here but:-


I have found air pistols to be inaccurate and under powerd


I would not be confidant to be that close to a rat with such a wepon.... :angry:


Sounds like .410 country to me or air rifle......why not a gas gun....you can borrow mine if you like...


:(  :(

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I nearly had my own eye out using on of them on a farm yard floor it bounces off it like a ball. I shot a rat olny to hear the shot wiz passed my head a second later.

But 410s are good in rubish pits that they dump farm waste in.

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I was considering a pistol purely on size.

I will want to put it in my fishing bag, or coat pocket. Now thats difficult with a rifle. :crazy:

I,m still open to suggestions.


A few of the isloated lakes that I fish have a very (un)healthy rat population.

These vermin get very confident and come close, looking for bait, food etc. They soon run off if you reach for a catapult and a stone. But, if you sat there with a pistol on your knee........get the idea ?


Dead-eye, Whats a "gas gun" ?

Its not your paint-ball thingy , is it ?

I want to kill the rat, not paint it .:( :(

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I don't have a "paint thingy" I've only been paintballing once.


It is a pre-charged air rifle, much the same as a normal one, but not spring powerd ie. not noise/kick.......


I would have thought your old war service revolver would have done.................from the Bowa war!!!!!!!


:(  :crazy: They don't like it up 'em Mr Mannering :angry:  :(

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The best pistol for Ratting would have to be either the Sheridan EB20 its in .20 and kicks out 5+ft/lb so plently to kill a rat and at £105 not to bad price wise though does use CO2 carts which cost bout 70p each and last upto 40shots each.

But if you want to go with the spring HW45 in either .177 or .22 its £150 and is really accurate and kick out 6ft/lbs and personally would recommend this to anyone.

Hope this helps

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