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  1. Just turned 17 cant wait to be 18
  2. I always knew crows were intelligent but thats amazing didnt know it was that far. seriously though if you do shoot till its dark make sure you have or know some one with a desent dog as birds can be a ****** to find as the sunsets Especially black Crows . Make sure you shoot one then pick it I know it sounds obvious but neaver make the mistake of marking a bird were it has fallen you will neaver find it in the dark. Anyway nice to hear you had a good shoot theirs no pigeons on the estate at the moment they roost next door which is a ******.
  3. LOL! Just a poor student at the mo studying Countryside Managment dads a farm worker so I guess ill being going into somthing like that. Would like to do somthing in wildlife maybe might go abroad had enough of new housing estates pushing out all of the wildlife! :<
  4. The first thing I learnt from the bloke I go ferreting with was how to chin a rabbit and it seams to be the most effective way. You can also strike the rabbits neck from the back with a desent Priest and it will break the neck. As for birds buy a good priest Not a man of the cloth! but a nice weighted one they will do the job properly, also give the animal a large forcefull crack over the skull the ammount of people I have seen "tap" a bird over the head and only put more suffering on the annimal. Neaver hope you will find a desent stick to do the job while you are out shooting if you wound an annimal they are very hard to find and your searching will only make the annimal suffer for longer. As the long as the animal dies quickly whatever way you dispach it you are doing the job right but I must admit swinging a live animal about dosen't look very nice.
  5. Well at primary school I was the smallest in the year and everybody call's me dave but now Im taller than the lot of them hence the name Big dave. And 15 because I was fifteen when I joined this site im now 17. Big Dave
  6. The gun I use most is a 20 iv had one since I started shooting. The 20 iv got at the moment was given to me and I dont see the point of selling it and buying a 12 even though most people are suprised to see a 17 year old shooting a 20 on the shoot I go beating on. Personally I mostly walk round woods roost shooting or carry the gun around all day without a slip on the annual squirrel shoot so I prefer a lighter gun to carry round and personally I have found that 20s are lighter on the hole their of course are exceptions. I have fired my dads 12 and found it heavy bulky and generally sluggish to swing, on the other hand my mates AYA which is a 12 seams to be about the same weight and I shoot well with it. Iv never really cared when buying a gun whether a gun is a 12 or a 20 just as long as it fits me and how it feels when its in my shoulder I find that most 20s tend to fit better and they seam to feel right every ones different I guess. If I was going wild fowling I would try to get hold of a 12 but I have found that most things die if you hit them in the right place weather your using a 12 or a 20. All the best Big dave 17
  7. Thanks Mate Very good information, I never thought shotgun ammunition was very technical but thinking about it its quite an interesting topic, Iv always overlooked the cartridges I put in the gun but you always put the trust in them to work properly and safely.
  8. Thanks Guys. It really had me confused I only really noticed it a few days ago but I couldn't find any information on the manufactures web site. I knew that rifle cartridges were loaded with powder of different burn rates as I did some realoading with my uncle a few years back. But I didn't know this was the same in shotgun cartridges I suppose different manufactures have different preferences when it comes to this sort of thing. I think express are loaded with vectan propellant from France I rember seeing this on a box of their cartridges once. Do Shotgun cartridges have different types of primers, flash hole designs ect? Sorry for all the questions!
  9. Yes the shot size is the same, you could be rite but they are both 28Grams maybe they are loaded with a different type of powder? I can't think of any other reason why they would want to make them different sizes.
  10. I had the best days pigeon shooting Iv had was on a very windy day a couple of years ago we were roost shooting in a wood after the big squirrel shoot on the estate. The birds were all over the place some seamed to be going supersonic were as some were coming in steady working with the wind in there face slowing up to roost, It was mad stuff one minute you were trying to shoot something going the speed of a snail and then the next minute something going supersonic it was so hard to compare how to tackle a certain shot, properly the most challenging shooting iv ever had. I always find shooting in the wind more exciting, as long as your wearing the rite stuff some jackets just seam to want to let the wind in making a good day into a miserable one.
  11. Hi Iv been wondering for a while now, what is the difference between different cartridge lengths? I know some cartridges are chambered for different guns like 3"Magnum and some old guns can't take modern cartridges due to length ect. But what are the advantages/Disadvantages of using longer or shorter cartridges when the same amount of shot and powder are used in both long and short types. I have noticed this with some express cartridges I was given at Christmas they are the same as some cartridges I had left over from the last time I shot, they are the same shot size and both are 28 grams but one cartridge is longer than the other.Both are plastic wad so why long or short cartridges? Sorry if this is a bit of a silly question but im a little simple you see! :*)
  12. Thanks All. Im still shooting but not as often as I used to be im at collage now so iv got hardly any free time so Im going to make use of this Christmas holiday and shoot as often as I can. Collage seams to drain everything time and money! mum and dad are doing their best to help out most most of the money iv got goes toward collage stuff so cartridge supplies are running a little low. Still I had a great Christmas I got everything I wanted including cartridges!! Nice to see all your names again its nice to see lots of new ones as well. P.S Big Dave was what I was called at primary school because I was the smallest kid in school I was absolutely tiny even the kids bellow my year were taller than me, thankfully Iv grown a bit now and Im taller than them! All the Best Big Dave 17.
  13. Hi not sure if any one remembers me its been so long since iv been on the site I really cant remember the last time I logged on to this site. I haven't had a working computer for along while but im back now and its great to see some familiar names and loads of new ones to! All the best BigDave Now (17!)
  14. Iv had 3 of mine iv got a week break then 2 a day for a week from then on ******! Oh well just want to get them over with really iv got a place at collage. :(
  15. I totally agree Personally I think that at the least location and date of birth should be known what have people got to hide? Its nice to know were someone is posting from that way we can share are experiences knowing were the person is posting from, and it might put off any timewasters from joing. You lot are great but in the past weve had some total ****** on this board prettending to share are interests only to post a lode of **** about us, surley every deterient helps?
  16. Nice Dog I love GSP'S and those Canada's look pretty healthy, How do you get that close to them? I went pike fishing once and one ran after me full pelt hissing!
  17. Well my first hunting experience was a rabbit with a catpult, I musy have only been 5 or 6. I coverd my self in camo face paint and stuck leaves in my hat I rembered what my dad said if you want to get close to an animal go with the wind in your face and move slowly and quietly. Id been stalking rabbits all day and they had all run off and none in catpult range when I descided to lay up and wait and I waited for what seamed like 2 Hours till a big buck rabbit poped out of his burrow a few meters away, I drew back the catpult loaded with the biggest roundest stone I could find I wasnt expecting to hit the rabbit but I hit it head with a load smack noise it rolled over on to its back and I ran over as fast as I could and rembered what dad had showed me hundreds of times before and broke the rabbits neck. I took him over to my dad in the field oppisite were he was rolling with the tractor he showed me how to gut and skin the rabbit. I will neaer forget that day. P.S The funny thing was I never got anouther rabbit on my own out of hundres of trips till I got my air gun 3 Years later. My first phesant was on the estate beaters shoot with my first shotgun a Investarm I got from the C.L.A game fare another good day. Also the first time I tryed my lincoln premier I got an over and under on 2 tree rats that ran out under the gamekeepers feed hoppers full pelt. The best shots I have ever made shame since then I just seam to get worse! :yp:
  18. I have found this two whilst using my air arms s200, You will find if you come back with a good dog as soon a possible you will find many of the rabbits have hit if not droped on the spot will be a few meters from were there shot. The dog will soon find them dead, if you come back as soon as possible or leave the dog in the car, whislt shooting, providing the rabbit is not to close to its home(If if does reach it burrow it will expire under ground) then you should find it and save it from being fox meat if not then it must have made it underground. P.S I found if at close range use a holow point pellet or a flat one there not as accurate but if you hit any were behind or near the eye it shoud roll over and at the most kick but it will stay were he is as the pellet goes into the brain and does not come out delevering all its energy delevering a massave shock (Of course things are never certain with all live quarry you can shoot a pigeon with a shotgun only to watch it carry on flying then drop stone dead a few yards were you hit him in the air) I think teal is right about overkill I have experienced this before, But dont worrie if you hit a rabbit in the head it wont last long you can be sure of that. Another possibalty is that the rabbit has seen you before the pellet strikes if this happens its body is pumped full of adrenaline ready to make a run for it. And even if its dead, its body will still move even enough to kick its self out of sight. I have neaver heard of anybody say this about rabbits but if it can happen to deer then im sure the same applies.
  19. 416 Rigby side by side Double Rifle, I think Holand And holand made one it was at the CLA Game fair bit out of my price range!
  20. Thanks Guys the cylinder is now compleatly empty I might take off the valve if this is possible and have a look at it. The guns about 2 years old its been into the gun shop a while ago to be check and it was fine so if theres somthing wrong its proberly just happend. Thanks Again P.S If it does need a new valve is there anywere I can get one from?
  21. Sorry to hear this are thoughts are with you, All the best mate he sounds like a great dad will be a great loss.
  22. Sorry To hear about your friend Red Hope he gets better.
  23. Right iv had my air arms s200 for a while now and the ball on the valve has just started leaking. This has happend before but I taped the ball lightly and a small amount of air blew a small object out of the valve and the problem went away untill today, Iv tryed tapping it and it dosent work i dont want to damage it can I get a new valve for it? I think the valve has had it. Thanks
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