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Would I be ok feeding my ferret a pigeon a day or would I be better off giving it half, jil is 12 weeks and just wondering the quantities. I have been told, just vary it out a bit. Put in some and if it cleans up a pigeon and leaves a bit then thats a good amount. Should I feed her ever day?? Thanks I'm advance 

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Gereets should only be fed meat no dairy ext, I feed mine dry mix in the summer just to.keep.the flies down, eggs every Sunday for.protean boiled, I give the rabbit of fur some eat it some ain't bothered if there full they will.store it away so.aleays know when they have had enough, if your jill is looking ropey it's because its season time along with the hob starting to stink up drop me a mesage if you need any advise, this is a photo.of my pole jill that I am breeding from.this season 


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