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  1. let them come in a bit more,i let them come in as close as they will.
  2. not many round here, but 32 6s should do the job,are you shooting to far,i bought one down yesterday 28gram 7/12down stone dead,i only use 28s 7,12.
  3. yes very sad, died today, R.I.P
  4. just up the road from me, 10 mins dennis will sort you out,
  5. are they a good shot gun,looking for a rough shooting cheap gun.
  6. never pay cash, i would have put it on a credit card, but then i would never pay that much for a shoot,
  7. i have a HGV medical each year.so every year my car licence goes up a year,as long as i keep passing medical each year i dont have to apply to renew my car licence,
  8. we are with sainburys they are very good.
  9. mossy835

    A real treat.

    happy birthday to you both, hope you had a good day, nice pictures jd.
  10. very nice pictures, and nice country side.
  11. that will never happen here, to soft,
  12. mossy835


    it was sad to have it put down,sad for the owner.it could have stayed on the farm out the way,
  13. very good write up. as said your boy will not for get that day,and a good day you had.
  14. i take my grand kids on the farms i shoot,cant you.
  15. i woul.d like to buy some of his decoys how do i get them.is there a web site,
  16. iv seen them i thought they were very good.
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