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    Boxing day shoot

    about time he manned up to her.
  2. mossy835

    Christmas presents!

    shooting stuff for me,and then from the grand kids.the rest i dont know.
  3. so why wales dont ask, and others do.
  4. mossy835

    LG TV

    the new sharp cost me £349 asda.very good picture
  5. mossy835

    LG TV

    iv had a lg tv for 2 1/2 years, it was on now and just went blank.stand by light comes on and thats it,is it knackared.
  6. mossy835

    Rough shooting gun

    on a long walk i take my 20 bore sxs ideal guns for it.
  7. mossy835

    LG TV

    thanks all. just been and bought a new one a sharp aquos,
  8. last year avon and somerset said to me when i phoned them about it. he said ignore it, so i did and got my licence ok,my doctor wanted £20 i never payed it.
  9. mossy835

    Does no one want a garden anymore?

    we go around new sites.putting in the cables for the phones and you wont belive where thery gram the houses in.and no gardens
  10. mossy835


    i like the look of the kofs shot guns,looking at 20 bore any one got one, what are they like any good.
  11. mossy835

    Cabinet Keys

  12. mossy835

    101 woes

    on the basc webb site, it says you can shoot on a foot path and across it, but you must be able to see people coming, and let them know your there, works for me,
  13. mossy835

    Problems with Neighbours (again)

    i cant see why people feed the in a built up area, you want to keep them a way not bring them in.
  14. mossy835

    Cabinet Keys

  15. mossy835

    Cabinet Keys

    hide them.
  16. mossy835

    Spaghetti Westerns

    could be a colt army fun line.
  17. mossy835

    28 bore v 20 bore

    the last 3 saturdays, i have been taken my 20 bore out on pigeons and find it nice and light to carry all day. useing 28 grams 5 shot snipe.and it brings them down well.good little guns.
  18. mossy835

    One for the Pilots - LAPL or PPL(M)?

    like my old boss said, he can swim a mile but not fly an inch.
  19. mossy835

    50 cal update

    if the guns have never been involed in crime why ban them.
  20. mossy835


    kofs 20 gauge sxe game
  21. mossy835


    im waiting for my rfd. to get some more in then i will go out and have a look.
  22. mossy835

    FAC - Medical Certificate Invoice

    now basc are ment to be on to this,a long time ago,have they fell a sleep.
  23. mossy835


    working near avalon guns tomorrow,so will pop in and have a look.
  24. mossy835


    yes i see they have them.off next friday may pop up and have a look.
  25. mossy835


    thats great have to a look in gun shop.