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  1. may have been used in a crime,,chopped up and put in the canal.
  2. you dont need a licence for pigeons, just make sure you do all you can to keep them off.if they keep coming back then you can shoot them.
  3. mossy835


    sorry to hear this, you have lost your best friend.
  4. the goverment wont lose out we will.
  5. so i ha a winchesther 101.a morku 3,000.and armsan A620.will all theses take steel shot.
  6. when i moved my was up the same day.
  7. im out to day on the peas,farmer has hundreds of acres of peas, he has had bangers out all week,but as we know it keeps them off for a while and they keep coming back.
  8. i bought a spring are they easy to fit or, a garage job.looking on you tube you have to take half the car apart,
  9. iv not put in for one yet, waiting to see the out come.
  10. mossy835

    Air Rifle

    pop down to the gun shop at helston,the one with the tanks out side,he got lots off of cauld rose.is that far from you.thats a big place.
  11. this is a good post, just what the antis like.and its not helping us seing heaps of dead pigons.on forums
  12. the police are not all on the same page.
  13. my mate put in for a .22 rifle. and sound mod.this is first time for him, he put down for a mod on the forms, it came today it had the rifle on it, but no mod writing on it.so i said to phone them because it should be on there, or he could not buy one.
  14. so can it be used now.if peas are being hit.
  15. i shoot on a big farm they have over 1,000 sheep, soon as the young are born some are attact by birds.
  16. he has done enough damage dont help him do more.
  17. and in england they would still want it bolted to the wall.
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