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  1. i bought some of them 21gram they are good.
  2. mine renewal is in july this year.i will take my medical forms to the doctor in april so i will have a bit of time.
  3. good shooting the birds look in good shape.
  4. iv loads of birds here.but they are not decoying on rape.
  5. thats a nice day for you,nice the manager said carry on, that put the gamekeeper in his place.
  6. on the last renewal of mine, she said have you still got this gun. i said i got rid of it back to the gun shop, and i did send the form in she said ok, and that was that.so they dont know what you realy have most of the time.
  7. some times i wonder if they know, what guns we have.there records must be in a mess.
  8. such a shame he was very good.R.I.P
  9. i never could stand the man.glad he is out.
  10. same ones as i down loaded with avon somerset.
  11. well you gave it ago, well done
  12. nice report glad you had a good day,farmer very happy.
  13. had that with my lanber, so put paper in it, that done the trick.,
  14. i have a mossburg pump and love it,24"never fails
  15. the gp forms are on the webb site now. iv just printed them off.
  16. i phoned avon somerset police today, about my renewal they said send it 8 weeks befor, and you will get the new one befor the old runs out,so mine runs out 14th july.but for new apps.dont bother yet, and for variation,the same, they will take longer,
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