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  1. mossy835

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    the paper said today the baby is english.
  2. i never got a visit or phone call. just sent it.
  3. mossy835

    radio code

    ebay for a £1
  4. mossy835

    Blocked barrel with felt wads

    same as me years ago.when i had a escort semi.stuck wad plastic.
  5. mossy835

    Back To Weekly refuse Collections!

    take it with a pinch of salt.
  6. mossy835

    Decided to take the long way round

    i used to look after 50 bulls.we had one that would try and get you in a corner. you cant realey trust them.you do get some that are ok,there was one that put his head in a gate and bent it,
  7. mossy835

    Rabbit numbers in your area?

    yes bumpy i know mate, but have lots of fames to get round,with pigeons on rape witch seems a dead loss at the momment.will have to start soon or wait till next year.
  8. mossy835

    Rabbit numbers in your area?

    i have a few down here, but not been out with the ferrets yet.
  9. mossy835

    This Morning

    they all ways eat where you cant shoot.they seem to know,
  10. mossy835

    prince harry

    i see he came back to see megan on the 14th buy jet. and it cost the tax payer. £26,000.when are theses free loaders going to pay for it them selfs.
  11. mossy835

    Crow shooting £65

    i have one farm full of crows, they seem to love ie there cant wait till the young are on the branches, 85 last year in one morning,
  12. mossy835

    Doctor Refuses Medical Report

    the more that pay, and go against basc advice,then it could become law i never payed,and they sent me a letter.
  13. mossy835

    22lr and Horses

    i used to shoot round horses, you will be fine.
  14. mossy835

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    no sne should not be aloud to come back, she made her bed now lie in it,she wants to come back so the baby will be english.when born here.
  15. mossy835

    Prince Philip off the road for good

    well he should have been we would have,they may have said to him if you hand in your licence,you will not be done.
  16. mossy835

    what gun would you buy

    Miroku 7000 sporter grade 1. or Beretta 686 special.
  17. mossy835

    what gun would you buy

    my thoughts as well. thanks
  18. i had one and never missed a beat,
  19. mossy835

    what gun would you buy

    this is from a gun shop.
  20. mossy835

    Gordon Banks

    great golal keeper the best.R.I.P
  21. mossy835

    Doctor Refuses Medical Report

    lets hope avon and somerset dont go down that road.
  22. mossy835

    Laurona spares

    i went out and seen dennis, this morning im sure he will sort you out.
  23. mossy835

    Laurona spares

    phone uk gun repairs ask for dennis
  24. mossy835

    gauge reducers for sale

    1 pair 20 gauge down to 28 gauge.£50 posted, payment by postal order uncrossed.