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  1. nice you had a few its not all about big numbers like some get, and nice you can still get on them its just getting out there.
  2. mossy835


    she came to my town to open a new bar,she was drunk and fell off the stool.
  3. been out today looking at 7 fields of barley on one farm, no flat spots and no pigeons about.
  4. theses were months ago, and still for sale
  5. are they a good shotgun to buy, any good or bad with them.
  6. take care hope all turns out good for you.
  7. last year i saved £130 on mine,
  8. my electric is £40 a month, gas £36 a month,
  9. not a lot for you, but that would have been a dream day for me.
  10. sent mine in 12 weeks befor, never waited for the renewal letter,sent in forms 2 days later renewal letter came,thats avon@somerset.
  11. was looking at them, shame to far.
  12. why would you want one.
  13. so sorry to here this, R.I.P Jake
  14. not seen any down here at the moment.
  15. so if all doctors was the same as mine, and filled in my forms in 2 days that would good.
  16. the semis and pumps i have had all had a crimp round the magazine.
  17. a mate of mine took his Huglu in to the gun shop.to have work done to it and it cost him £192.he is tying to sell it now.
  18. this post seems to be right on the button.
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