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  1. I've previously owned all 3 plus many others including pcps. I'm just getting back into shooting after a 5 year lay off. And just fancy a quality springer atm.
  2. Found this knocking around. Up for sale as i havnt owned a hmr now for over 4 years. Brand new and unused Pro shot 17hmr cleaning rod. Cost me £30 how about nearest offer to £25? Prefer pick up for this either at my gaff in Sudbrooke or somewhere in Lincoln.
  3. As per title really . After a hw97k or a hw77 failing that a AA tx200hc in .177 cheaper the better. Not bothered about scuffed woodwork. As long as it shoots well. Thanks for looking. I'm located in Sudbrooke near Lincoln .
  4. I use the 'waterproof' sealskins and do find them comfortable but they find arent they very waterproof at all.
  5. My swb 04 plate diesel grand vitara costs £66 to fill and i just get 400 miles per tank from driving mainly in 2 wheel drive with occasional 4 wheel drive in the mucky stuff
  6. Ive just replaced my old diesel freelander with a diesel 3 door grand vitara. The 'vit' is better on fuel at a genuine 35+ mpg as opposed to the freelander which really struggled to return 30mpg fitted with mud tires. It also doesnt have annoying electric windows allround that are very prone to failure like my freelander had. The vit is excellent offroad and has the advantage over the freelander in having switchable 4 wheel drive 4 wheel high and low (the low has already been very handy on some of the waterlogged permissions ive been on this week). The seats fold flat giving plenty of room f
  7. I already fish and shoot and spend a lot of time with my 2 Spaniels plus i enjoy going to gigs. I might slow up a bit on the fishing and shooting and do a little more hill walking as im selling my 4x4 and getting a smaller vehicle thats cheaper to runso will travel further afield.
  8. Pm's replied to will leave on here another week then its off on ebay.
  9. Pics.. looking a bit dirty as i use the truck daily for work and shoot a couple of times a week. Cleans up really nice and the tires are less than six months old.
  10. I was at Villa park watching a very poor Villa side get beaten by Man United..
  11. Hi lads sorry for late replys. Its a four door and dark red. Body work in vgc no dints. Im at the football today but will get pics up asap. Im in Horncastle halfway between Lincoln and Skegness.
  12. Up for sale is my td4 Landrover freelander. Since ive owned it ive had a recon vcu fitted bought from landrover city and fitted at my local landrover specialists along with brand new shield bearings as i was advised that the vcu was very 'tight' i also had fitted another front prop shaft as the fitted one was very noisy. All electric windows including the rear one work. The drivers side window has a new motor fitted and ive had a new solonoid and micro switch fitted in the rear door. There are a set of Insa turbo Dakar tires fitted which are very good offroad. I can also supply the original r
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