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  1. Is this still for sale and how much do you want for it?
  2. I may be interested in the 28 bore can you post some pictures please and also what’s the LOP

  3. I used to find early the next morning you get a smaller rise of caenis and you can rise of few fish that will come to the fly properly, a small white cul de canard I found best, they were normally in close to the edge mopping up. There's nothing more frustrating than seeing fish rise everywhere that just ignore everything you try. You could always try stripping a sedge pattern but being honest I've not done much good in the evening and I have tried all sorts, the fish get too preoccupied.
  4. I would accept £800 for the gun if anyone is interseted
  5. I have been on a trek with them and it was quite good, give them a try it's not too expensive
  6. You could try something like coloured cones put slightly in the machines way so he has to slalom round them. One man then could follow the TM closure down setting them up either side at each cable, this would then be a physical reminder to the machine operator to check his bucket height. You would obviously need to make this clear to everyone at the start of work briefing.
  7. Thanks for the replies lads I will have a look at these options
  8. Can anyone recommend a good clay shooting ground in the Northampton area, ideally want one that opens on a midweek day. Thanks
  9. Black sheep is correct this happened to a friend of mine years ago and he had to produce diesel receipts to show it was not always run on red. This was a good 10 years back but I don't think much would have changed.
  10. Access to the gun cabinet means you can leave her to clean them
  11. You could try Fords of Winsford loads of choice and I would say competitive prices. I am no expert on the motor trade but I have bought cars from them and all went well.
  12. I wouldn't use my guns, the police would take them away and it would be a real struggle to get them back.
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