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  1. Evening All, Im currently in the last year of my Explosive Ordnance Engineering Masters and have been given a thesis title regarding alternative shotgun shell casings. I’m currently looking to get some paper cartridges for development / reference purposes so that it can be part of my research. Does anyone have a box or two laying around or would sell cheap enough? Located South Wales - I have SGC and FAC.
  2. AYA No2 Sidelock - great gun. I got a very clean beautiful one for £650 luckily usually around £1500. I also just picked one up from an auction for a good price that I will tidy up and will use for rough shooting.
  3. Sorry all, SOLD to Moondoggy pending payment, will let you know if it falls through.
  4. Hi Both, moondoggy messaged me 20 minutes before Andrew. I have replied to both your PMs. First dibs goes to moondoggy - I will update you soon Andrew. Thanks
  5. As above, selling for my grandad. Boxed as new (box is ripped) but has only been taken out to take photos and have a look through. Never used or mounted. Can send photos. £160 Posted
  6. Selling on behalf of my grandad.As new, boxed Nightmaster 400 IR Torch Kit. Bought and never used.Comes with:NM400 TorchChargerBatteryHigh scope mountCleaning cloth (unused)O Ring and Spare Push ButtonTweezer Tool Looking for £55 Posted Photos available on request
  7. Any photos? Price etc? Not too fussed aslong as it’s a nice Sidelock side by side that needs a bit of work, not looking to spend much as I want it as a project!
  8. What have you all got? Looking for something as cheap as possible, as a bit of a project. i currently have a AYA No2 which I would like to refinish the stock, but before I continue I’d like a project gun to practice on. And I just love a Spanish side lock side by side.
  9. Looking to get the stock on my AYA No2 sidekick re finished. Is there anything you can advise me on? I'm after the finish you have achieved, with my AYA sporting a similar looking finish to what you started with. Great work and great looking grain!
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