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  1. TwoSmokingBarrels

    Cheap Spanish Sidelock SxS

    Any photos? Price etc? Not too fussed aslong as it’s a nice Sidelock side by side that needs a bit of work, not looking to spend much as I want it as a project!
  2. TwoSmokingBarrels

    Cheap Spanish Sidelock SxS

    What have you all got? Looking for something as cheap as possible, as a bit of a project. i currently have a AYA No2 which I would like to refinish the stock, but before I continue I’d like a project gun to practice on. And I just love a Spanish side lock side by side.
  3. TwoSmokingBarrels

    Stock refinish and tart up

    Looking to get the stock on my AYA No2 sidekick re finished. Is there anything you can advise me on? I'm after the finish you have achieved, with my AYA sporting a similar looking finish to what you started with. Great work and great looking grain!
  4. TwoSmokingBarrels

    .223 ammunition for sale.

    I’ll have them as per PM
  5. TwoSmokingBarrels

    .223 ammunition for sale.

  6. TwoSmokingBarrels

    .224 Sierra Blitzking 55gr

    Cheers mate, thanks for the offer but not looking for anything else at the moment
  7. TwoSmokingBarrels

    .224 Sierra Blitzking 55gr

    Just seems to be a wait everywhere for them, checked some online stores and not all have stock or its a pre order basis, so they can't be keeping stock of them? Just looking for a quicker turn around and hoping someone has 100/200 I can buy to keep me going
  8. TwoSmokingBarrels

    .224 Sierra Blitzking 55gr

    Anyone got any for sale?
  9. TwoSmokingBarrels

    223 Sako/Lapua Brass

    As per title, looking for some 223 brass. If PPU would prefer new hoe we Sako and lapua brass is my preference
  10. TwoSmokingBarrels

    223 Reloading Items

    Great let me know what you got 👍🏻 Cheers
  11. TwoSmokingBarrels

    Savage MkII Magazine 22lr

    As title, preferably 5 shot stainless or wouldn’t mind a blues. Current 10 shot gets in the way Cheers
  12. TwoSmokingBarrels

    223 Reloading Items

    Looking for the following : Sako / Lapua Brass Part/Full Boxes Sierra Blitzking 55gn/Hornady Z/V-Max 55gn Lee Case Trimer (Quick Trim Die or Case Length Gauge) Case Tumblr Electronic Scales
  13. TwoSmokingBarrels

    Savage Mk2 22Lr Scope Rail

    Anyone for a rail for sale? The bases are just too far apart. Cheers
  14. TwoSmokingBarrels

    Mtm gun vice or similar

    Just bought one on offer from Uttings for £56, cheapest I’ve found for Ages!