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  1. Circles,a lot of the posts turn into spaghetti junction mate?
  2. I totally agree mate ?seems many of the serious shooters have gone elsewhere,and the response given to new members posting a question they want answering is staggering!and if you give an opinion/answer that differs from there's well then your classed as the hostile one!! ******* laughable really,but hey Ho life goes on ?
  3. I understand people's concerns,but this forum is becoming pretty hostile!
  4. As Harnser says above that's probably the best route to go down. I work in Aldershot and live pretty local,shooting land and perms around these parts is very difficult to obtain,have you considered golf courses? Some good rabbit shooting to be had on these if you don't mind been limited time wise. Anyway it's a foot in the door and good starting point,just make sure before you ask you have some shooting insurance in place,because they will most definitely ask to see some. Good luck,BB
  5. Why? Surely a forum is there to provide answers to any questions,and for people to pull on experience of others. Or am I missing something?
  6. Attack! Oh please grow up,it's an internet forum,not the frontline. And Why do you feel the need to continue posting and dragging the thread out when a Mod has asked for it to be stopped? Any I don't take easily to your posts,but as you say keep YOUR mouth shut and move on.But as always your dragging it out again. Anyway chaps that's me done,it's getting Boring,I suggest you do the same! ENDEX!! From this callsign
  7. We can all turn!! Don't make statements like above and expect people to sit back and except you keyboard warrior tactics! And for the record I'm not accusing anyone of dishonesty,your own post suggested that. Mods I think this needs locking now,before I get banned!!
  8. That argument doesn't really hold any water,any anti could join this forum and do as he wishes,we wouldn't know until the damage had been done!!
  9. Anyway Dekers I'm going to terminate this now,I really don't like being associated with dishonest people(by your own admission)I have my Sgc to think about. There are times it pays to keep your mouth shut learn from your mistakes and move on? Try some of your own advice!!
  10. Don't judge others by your standards. Honesty is always the best policy?
  11. Interesting comment from a Sgc/Fac holder. Me,well I just prefer to be honest!!
  12. And I ain't interested in the **** you post, Anyway who made you a Mod/God!? Telling members to do one because you don't like what they post!
  13. TBH mate I don't see anything wrong with what you posted,but you seem to have ruffled a few feathers on here. Maybe the cracking shots on here who make a clean kill with every shot will go to heaven,looks like the rest of us are going to hell. Seems honesty and telling the truth are frowned upon.
  14. Farmer I shoot for had similar problems with them after deer,he dug a trench around the fields concerned and put massive logs that could only be moved with the telehandler at the gates/access points,extreme yes ,but it has stopped them. No point calling the police,if they bother at all its always way to late.
  15. I agree totally we have lost some proper shooting men along the way? Guess that's forums mate,some say on forums what they would never say face to face.
  16. There's a certain click on here that operate together and under the details in the post above. They are the reason many members have either left of been banned from this forum.
  17. ?Thanks for your kind words,now get back to the kitchen before your jam boils over,you tart.
  18. Yes I will have a glass of water mate,and reflect that the truth hurts some people on here lol
  19. Be careful what u wish for mate,you'll be singing Jerusalem down the WI before the weeks out lol
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