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  1. Unfortunately I've seen first hand the awful death they suffer. If you want to get rid of foxes just shoot them. If by "gone soft" you mean not wanting animals to die in purposely atrocious ways then yes.
  2. It is stupid because the claim that it does any good for the countryside (yeah in a kind of in an inefficient way, 40 people on horse to catch what, maybe 3 foxes) is vastly overshadowed by the fact that when said fox is caught by the hounds it suffers an awful death, a bullet is fine, but being torn apart not fine.
  3. Fox hunting with hounds is stupid, if poor people did it it'd be banned in a week.
  4. I only need the rear sight blade and screws but I am willing to buy the whole thing if necessary.
  5. I honestly had no interest in black powder stuff before this video but now I'm considering it, many thanks for the video
  6. He did they they definitely weren’t black powder as they were ejecting casings
  7. I was talking to a friend that shoots at a rifle and pistol club in Somerset and he was saying that people there shoot standard pistols (sans brace and barrel extension), now the only way I thought possible to do this was via a section 7.3 or maybe zeroing a humane dispatch pistol with just a few rounds as I’ve got conditioned but he said they were mag dumping mag after mag, I was wondering if there are any exemptions that allow people to do this or has he misunderstood and they’re shooing air pistols or something??
  8. I've got two of my cabinets bolted together and the bolts have got 3d printed caps on to stop them scratching the guns, both cabinets are also bolted through the floor and into the masonry below
  9. If you want a cheap semi you might as well apply for a FAC shotgun, FAC shotguns are generally much cheaper than SGC shotguns due to the fact that there is very little demand in FAC compared to SGC.
  10. A&S have said nothing to me about alarms for more than 6 guns and I own more than 12 including section 5 pistols
  11. Would prefer something cheap, diesel, sub £1500, smallish, no worried about MOT as I will run it as a limited used vehicle and put red diesel in it. Current ideas are Rav4 or freelander, anyone else got any ideas?
  12. Actually I may have some good news, if it is true, apparently A&S got a kick up the *** due to the number of complaints about not processing grants, so things might picking up speed, but still, it going to be a fair wait
  13. I don't think you're being pessimistic enough I'm afraid, my fathers has been in for 8 months and I've emailed them several times and getting the usual response of "We're not giving time frames", in all fairness I'm 99% sure they aren't doing anything other than renewals at the moment. In my opinion if things do not change you wont be getting it back till late summer 2021 😞
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