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  1. Hey guys! I was hoping someone could help me out I've been doing some research on the UK gun laws for a short YouTube video I'm putting together I can't seem to find any up to date information on how many rounds would be allowed to be stored per calibre maximum I know that under a sgc license it's pretty much unlimited for certain ammo but I read there was a limit on rimfire, also another question I have is is it compulsory to keep your rimfire bullets locked away from where the guns are stored or can they be stored in the same place? TIA Lee
  2. hey guys wondered if you could help me im doing a youtube video on uk gun laws and im stuck as im having trouble finding any information on how much of each calibre you're allowed to keep and does the ammo have to be stored in a separate locked box to the guns, there is some information out there but i cant find a credible source . TAO Leesmithyt33 lee :)
  3. Hi all Thanks for having me A pal of mine and me got into shooting a couple of years ago - eventually got our FACs and SGCs just before lockdown kicked in 🙄 Some experience down the range and at the local clay shoot - none in the field though (apart from air rifles when everything was in black and white) so looking to pick up hints, tips and the benefit of your experience. Hope to compliment my love of cooking with some fresh game along the way! Take care all
  4. Hi all. I am going to be moving from Hertfordshire to Dorset ,How much hassle am I locking at? ,in changing location with my guns (FAC), what's the proses, moving gun safe, transporting guns and safe and location of safe in new home ,do you need to leave guns with FAD while paper work is changing and ok from new FAO . any info would be most great full Regards Steve
  5. I have been looking at cheap pcp air rifles around £300-£500 and was wondering if I could contact the supplier/company and ask if they would increase the power to FAC standard, I am a certificate holder for a +12ft/lbs air rifle. It would seem that this would be possible because if you look at American reviews of air rifles available in the UK they say they are pushing 20-30ft/lbs whilst ours are getting 12ft/lbs maximum. Thanks
  6. Any one got an FAC pump with a big magazine going spare? I'm running a Winchester 1300 5+1, but extending the tube would cost more than I paid for the gun and I am loathe to do that. Don't fancy the complexity of a semi-auto. Looking for 10+1 (or better) Magazine fed or tube, but must be pump 12 and slug and buck friendly (3" chamber). £300 tops, because I can work the Winchester, just never going to win anything. Maybe you have a tube extension that might fit and never got round to using? Thanks, RS
  7. hi all,can anybody tell me if you can put a section1 shotgun in a cabinet with my other 12g shotguns?or as it got to be in its own cabinet,many thanks
  8. Hi all, my name is Matthew and i am 25 from Northwich, Cheshire. I have been shooting airguns for at least 10 years, this includes target shooting and hunting equally. I have 2 plots of land that i have permission to shoot and I am going to take the plunge and apply for my firearms Certificate, for a .22lr and .17HMR. I currently own a Daystate Mk3 .177/ Stoeger X20 s2 .177/ Cometa 300 Nickel .22 I love the Daystate, the accuracy and precision is constant and reliable, however... i am also a massive fan of spring rifles. I guess they both have their pro's and con's. Anyway, thats my Introduction, feel free to ask me anything. Thanks
  9. Hello i am new to this and don't have great knowledge when it comes to guns. So would highly value anyone opinion. I am looking a Air Arms TX200HC and i live in Northern Ireland so all air Guns have to be applied for and put on license unlike e.g. England where you can buy sub 12ft lbs without a license. I have to get it on the license either way so would it be best while im at it to go FAC? or is 12ft lbs best? I think if the limit was 14ft lbs then not too many would choose 12ft lbs. This all arose as i searched to see what calibre was best .177 or .22 and i discovered that .177 has longer range and less bullet drop but lacks the punch of the .22 when hunting. But the .22 Has less range and more bullet drop. It would be ideal if i could get a .22 in FAC to do similar range and bullet drop as the .177 but still deliver the punch. I heard that some FAC air guns tend to make the bullet spiral which would not be good as i don't want to pay good money for TX200 (one of the most accurate springers available) And then ruin accuracy with pellet spiral. Power is pointless if you can't hit your target! Anyone with experience of any of this would be HUGELY appreciated!
  10. Now that I have my FAC, I need to decide on what exact guns I'm going to be on the lookout for. Always great to hear some suggestions Heres what guns are on the ticket: .22LR LB Pistol .38/357 LB Revolver .38/357 Lever Action Rifle .22LR Semi Auto Rifle 12 Bore Pump (Already decided on Mossberg 590...for now)
  11. Right guys so I had my interview 2 days ago and got my license today, bloody speedy service! Now, one thing I asked for was a shotgun for practical, I always wrote down shotgun slug cartrdiges. Its probably the only thing he asked about, and I explained how its commonly used in practical. Now far as I am aware the whole interview went excellent and we had a crack on. Now when I look on my license it says under ammunition 12 Bore - 800. I did put 800 like a tool even though I have a SGC >.< So the question is, am I able to purchase slugs then or would it actually say slug cartridges on license? Anyone here actually have them on their license?
  12. Hi all, Im new to the world of shooting, having been down to a range in Cardiff for some target shooting and a hand full of clay shooting days, and now feel like it would be wise to invest in my own rifle +/ shotgun. I am at the point where I have looked at the law in detail, found a local range that I could become a member of, found what I could comfortably afford to buy and shoot, inc safes etc, have even found a few other uni students that are interested and actively shoot, and so are in the process of forming a shooting and conservation society (we have a meeting a welsh BASC rep in Jan 2016 which sounds good). Id ideally like to get to a point where I am a competent enough shooter to go stalking with a club . I am really looking now for info on what I should be doing when applying for my license, ie what should I be writing in terms of my reasons for a license? do I need to put the address and other details of the land that I intend to ( ad obviously have permission to) shoot on? do I need to have already been on a stalk prior to getting a license? do I have to buy the safe before the safety check from the police? among other basic firearms licensing questions. Id also be interested in any places around S. Wales, mainly swansea and cardiff, that offer stalking opportunities, in addition to any land owners who would be interested allowing us (8 so far) to shoot pest on their behalf? any and all help is greatly appreciated, Alex
  13. I have applied for FAC air (.177 & .22 with mods) and FAC Shotgun. FAC air because I have some nice woods to shoot in and I fancied a little more clout, nothing crazy, probably go for a secondhand HW80 in .177 running around the 18 -20 ftlbs mark. And secondhand BSA super 10 in .22 running nearer to 30ftlbs. Going to forget what I thought I knew about shooting rifles and go back to basics. My aim is to get the skills back and move up to a .17HMR in a years time, then progress to a CF once I'm ready. The FAC shotgun is for pigeons. I know it's not that necessary but in truth, I'd like to have a crack at PSG next year.......but that depends on my work situation (long story). Anyway, I fancy strapping a Hogue over moulded stock and a big mag tube on my 870 Wingmaster if only to make my brother jealous. The FEO from Avon & Somerset constabulary popped round my house yesterday and gave me the thumbs up. I got everything I asked for, with no weird conditions being put on me. Pigeons, avian pest species and AOLQ for FAC air..........same for the shotgun with the addition of usage for clays (yes my ground allows it), but I'll not show up with a mag extension on, and I'll pop the Mag plug in so only 2 carts will fit in. And so my journey begins. Going to learn all about rifle shooting, scopes, field-craft etc. With the ultimate goal of eventually being able to get out on the deer !!! that's a long way off. For now though, the rabbits, squirrels, pigeons, crows and magpies that frequent my permissions should sharpen their own skills while I'm waiting for the Licence to arrive.......mid December !!! I'm not complaining, A & S firearms team are snowed under...............I got my tiny victory. And tonight is my night off, I've got a bottle of Ardmore single malt and "A Bridge too far" to watch on DVD. The missus said I could have bit later too. Back of the ******* net ! By midnight tonight I should be half cut with knackers as flat as bats wings !!
  14. Just ordered a .22 Daystate Air ranger (40FPE) fac in anticipation of my ticket coming through . The gun shop says I should use standard daystate soverign pellets (15.9 gr) rather than heavy weight ones, to keep up the pellet speed. I realise that different rifles will perform better with different pellets but what do you think as a starter for ten for pellet choice?
  15. Just a few words to give some credit to Cleveland Police. Sometimes I hear horror stories of other forces taking an age to deal with things and forget just how lucky we are here. When my FAC was granted about this time a year ago, I had ideas originally of using certain rifles for pest control and had added a .22lr and .17HMR along with my target rifles etc. Anyway, the HMR was never purchased, the .22LR does everything I need up to maybe 120yds or so and is much quieter than my friends HMR. With thoughts to using the next rifle for both pest/vermin up to maybe 300+ yards and for targets as well I put in a variation to have the HMR removed and a .204 ruger CF rifle added in it's place. Put in a one-for-one on my current semi-auto .22lr for a bolt action so I don't have to go without a gun and upped my ammo amounts a bit and also hopefully have my ticket opened up. Posted on 17th, cheque cashed 19th and licence back in my hands with everything sorted by the 24th. One week from postbox to letterbox. Amazing. Very happy. Just thought I'd share. Seems not all forces are equal. I honestly have a huge amount of sympathy for those of you that are waiting months on end etc. I can barely imagine how frustrating it must be.
  16. Hi chaps in need of a morale boost as some of you guys know i have a very small permission which isn't good at all to be on. The land owner will only allow me to shoot over it which is great and i feel privileged but can be lonely at times i wouldn't mind if i was busy but the rabbits over there don't exists anymore. So as you can imagine i have been looking about to join people on other permissions hopefully find some nice land owners/shooters who don't mind me having a shoot with them or lamping buddy but of course i wouldn't ask for this until they know me well enough. That said i have knocked on more doors than i can remember rang so many golf clubs and to no a vale the land owner said they would happily give a reference to anyone who asks about me as he knows me well but because i haven't had a chance to meet other people mainly due to the fact i am the only shooter allowed over there no one knows me. So getting out with people or gaining new permission is ridiculously hard and this shooting game works as we all know unless your a friend of a friend or know someone close to the land owner/shooter you might as well go whistle as in this area Essex land is so precious and hard to come by because is so heavliy pressured by everyone here. Of course i will keep looking and i have meet some nice chaps (farmers) but everwhere i go they dont know me and of course they already have a group of people shooting who keep it to themselves which is understandable around here and concidering i wanted to get into a little bit of gamekeeping which life hasnt taken me that way i am doing badly on the shooting front lol. So chaps i am asking you to give me a morale boost to make me feel better and to keep knocking on them doors maybe share your past experiances on how you struggled to get your first permisson and if you didnt struggle and strolled into having a place to shoot please dont let me know it will only depress me. Up for a laugh. Nick. P.s. If you know anyone around the essex area looking for a shooting buddy / shooter please PM would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Anyone know how long the wait is up to now? I'm going to put my application in this week. Im expecting it to be months, but has there been any decrease in time since Christmas?
  18. Hi all, like so many others I'm looking at gaining my FAC. Here's my question, when I've sent in my application and the land I've asked for clearance on doesn't for whatever reason meet the criteria. what happens then? do I lose my fee? do I get time to try and find somewhere else? Thanks Adrian
  19. So, after months of putting together an application (time spent working to get permissions and club membership etc) and then having put in my application for FAC and SGC about 6 weeks ago, it's finally here! Interview went well, had to fire in a couple of reminders to the FEO to push it along at times but it was well worth it. I now have my tickets, some slots to fill and a massive smile on my face. Well done Cleveland Police. I've heard horror stories about poor guys who've waited months and months before so it was a relief to have this go through so quickly. I've been insufferable since the interview, waiting for the post everyday like an expectant dad lol. Still, it's here now and I guess I need to start shopping
  20. Good morning all I have been asked on several occassions to clear the odd fox as 1 off jobs, I currently use .17HMR but need to get a bit more distance and puch so I have asked the FEO for a .22-250. He has come back to me and agreed in principle however the catch is that I need to provide a farmers/land owners letter to say I have permission. Now the for the tricky bit the land owners concerned wont do this as it is one off jobs so I'm in a bit of a pickle can anybody advise or suggest any possible solutions. I have the chance of some good land to shoot over if I can do these 1 off jobs that have good potential to become regular permissions but without the right tool for the job i'm stuck. Look forward to your sensible replies ATB Brad
  21. Hello guys this is my first ever forum and he only one im on so no idea what to do really? Anyways, im 22 from manchester been shooting air rifles for 3 years only targets tho and really looking to get into the field sports tho dont want to pally for fac and Sgc if i dont really like it.. Im here hoping i can join a few of you guys on shoots? Day and night to get a really feel for the country man sport.. I am willing not to shoot and only collect game/vermin set up decoys and watch till your happy with me joining in.. I play fair il pay my way in cost and may even buy you a good ye old cuppa.. Willing to pay you to shoot with you (small fee) be honest if you want a helper im free if you fancy teaching a young fellow a trick or two il pay for the service.. Thanks for reading ( feel rude talking about money online ring me *****************************
  22. Hey there, I'm looking into gaining my own permissions but I would really prefer to tag along to a shoot with somebody from here that can show me a thing or two.. Any offers or advice just drop a comment. Am willing to set decoys ect and pay my own way maybe a little more to go with a certain person/s that can teach me the art of this great sport Also im new on here so any regular people from this site i would love to get talking to for future outings
  23. hi just wondering have got a air arms s510 fac version and was wondering if i shot at woodies sitting on a telegraph line and missed and hit the telgraph line, is there any chance i could bring it down, any body hit it before
  24. Hi all, I'am concerned about potential conditions coming back on my FAC do I email BASC ahead of being told about the conditions on the license so I can understand what my reply could be and get them mitigated or do I wait or do I just accept them? Secondly - If I do get accepted I need some rifles and would like to know somewhere well recommended north of Bath/East of Bristol to go and look at some - Where is any good and o they p/x? Thanks in advance. PUSC
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