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  1. gibby

    Sanding wood floors

    Thanks gents. Is it too late to say that I wasn’t in charge of the hallway? Gibby
  2. Evening all, Spent the weekend with a drum sander and am happy with the results but left with one annoying bit left. A narrow hallway where the boards have been laid perpendicular to the light coming in, annoying! The drum sander wouldn’t go width ways so had to go length ways to get the old stains out, but now left with scratched boards as I expected. Should I just use a hand belt sander to go with the grain widthways, or am I missing a trick? Also, any idea how to get carpet mastic/ glue off the edges with ease without gumming up the paper? Again, belt sander job or orbital? Appreciate the help. Gibby
  3. Glad you enjoyed. I haven’t shot there for a few years but always enjoyed it. Let me know when you’re next heading down and I’ll try join you.
  4. Here you go. https://m.facebook.com/littlletonclays/?locale2=en_GB
  5. Lloyd, not sure if you’ve shot there before, but Littleton shoot, just down the road from you by the motorway bridge in Hallen, well worth a visit. They do a Sunday shoot twice a month.
  6. gibby

    AYA No 1s

    1977. Fantastic condition. Shot them on the weekend, will get them cleaned tonight and some more detailed photos up. Gibby It was the pair from Keith. I've emailed them and all they could give me was the year unfortunately. Gibby
  7. gibby

    AYA No 1s

    They are engraved with Aguirre Y Aranzabel Eibar on the bottom of the action, yes.
  8. gibby

    AYA No 1s

    Good morning all, I've picked up a pair of AYA No 1s but can't quite figure out the engraving on them. They are certainly a lot better engraved than the standard no 1s, but don't match the De Luxes I have seen. AYA cant confirm if this is how they left the factory or if they have had any additional engraving done. Any thoughts? Gibby
  9. They are. See below. WW is the maker. 925 Birmingham
  10. These are the medium height for a 30mm tube. For picatinny bases/ rail. £70 posted. https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/product/burris-30mm-xtr-xtreme-tactical-qd-quick-detach-scope-rings/ Gibby
  11. A great addition to a boar set up. Fits on to a picatiny rail and allows you to remove your aimpoint with the pull and flip of a switch. https://www.larue.com/products/larue-tactical-aimpoint-micro-mount-lt751/ £70 posted. Gibby
  12. Set of 8 sterling silver shotgun peg selectors. Made by Whitehill Silver of Birmingham. 16g each in a leather case. £575 Next day delivery, insured. Gibby
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