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  1. This is my gun. Gibby
  2. gibby

    Any thoughts?

    Unfortunately the mother has the choice in this matter. It can be changed at a later date though. The chap just needs to make sure he gets his name on the birth certificate. Gibby
  3. £45 Posted Great condition Comes with the plastic inserts and screws needed. Does not include the bases. Packaging states Low size as this is what I replaced the mediums with. Gibby
  4. gibby

    Leica Geovid 8X56 HD-R (Typ 502)

    £1500 if anyone’s interested. Gibby
  5. gibby

    Leica Geovid 8X56 HD-R (Typ 502)

    Hi Steve, I purchased these in March 2016 new. Gibby
  6. Selling my Leicas as I'm just not using them. In very good condition. Purchased new by myself. Comes with all the accessories and boxed. Will send special delivery. £1600 Posted Gibby
  7. gibby

    Aimpoint Micro H-1

    I'm selling my Aimpoint H-1 that I've never used. Purchased to go on top of a boar set-up but you guessed it, never got round to the driven stuff. Purchased new by me. H-1 2MOA Boxed. papers, tools and Aimpoint base. £425 and it will be sent next day delivery. Gibby
  8. Evening all, Stainless, 30mm, Low. No bases included in the sale. In their packaging, great condition. £65 posted. Gibby
  9. Does anyone know of any grounds open on a Sunday where you can button yourself for a practice? Gibby
  10. gibby

    TransK9 storage drawer

    PM sent
  11. gibby

    Mortgage help

    Self build mortgage expert is what you need. Buildstore is where we send most of our enquiries that need this that don’t want to do bridging. Not saying it’s a given but if you don’t want bridging rates, is your only option. But still expect c5% PA until complete. Yes there’s higher rates on bridging but it will be swifter finance and if you spend x and make 2x then will make the interest seem a bit more palatable. Gibby
  12. Agree. Would be just like deer management. No one goes and culls the whole population, but controls it. Gibby
  13. gibby

    Trans K9 Gun Drawers

    Has anyone purchased one of these and got any comments about them? Good or bad. Gibby
  14. gibby

    Tweed suit cost?

    Ive just purchased the new Musto Cairngorm lightweight tweed set. Nice colour with a blue window pane. Machine washable and play around with the discount codes online and youll save a few ££. CHO have the breeks on sale for £240. Ardmoor have the waistcoat for £270. The coat you can find for c£400 if you want to complete the set. Highly recommend the garb. Gibby