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  1. Hi guys For sale I have a set of awsome night vision goggles/binoculars. If you know about night vision then you will know that these are the Rolls Royce of night vision goggles. They come with lots of extras as well. SDMS manufacture equipment for military and security forces. But these have never been used in action. I used these for a bit of foxing and they are also great at star gazing on a clear night. They reveal stars that you cant see with you naked eye. I got the flight case for them and cut foam to suit. The goggles come with 2x lenses, 1x magnification which is just like your normal eyes, this lens can be used for map reading for example. A 3 x magnification lens which is used for looking further away. They have a small built in IR illuminator which can be turned on independently, they also come with a torch type IR illuminator which has a focussing lens it also has its own carrying pouch. Also they come with a mockingbird IR strobe. You can program your own flash pattern into this unit. Its basically so other people with night vision can see you. The head mount is also included and is actually quite comfortable. A spare set of batteries is also included. Im looking for £2000 this includes postage to the UK. There are sets of these currently for sale on auction sites for much more money and they don’t come with half the accessories i have here. Im based in Coventry if anyone would like to collect. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tf0008whwqxwbto/AAArmpuURrp7A4Kj5n4I_X-_a?dl=0 Ive just added some more pics showing the image at night and the same image with a torch.
  2. Ive just found this while digging deeper. On a website about the history of .410 Cartridge’s.
  3. Ok, thanks guys. Yeah I’ve been thinking about leaving it alone to gain some more patina. The bores are nice and clean. So i will just pop at a few clays once a year with it.
  4. Hi guys Ive had this gun in my safe for a while now and I only just got round to digging for information about it. Its made by Midland Gun Company, Birmingham. Its a hammer action .410 side by side. I believe it was made in 1936 based on the barrel proof marks. I also believe the model is the “.410 3 inch model de Luxe” which was offered at about the same time. So really I guess if anyone knows these guns well and can shed any more light on it or correct me if i’m wrong then it would be great to hear from you. I have also thought about refurbishing it a bit. Maybe improve the wood work or possibly re-blue the barrels. If this is a bad idea then please let me know. Thanks Nick
  5. Hi mate, yeah im there. I was gonna bring Lewis with me as well and let him have a shoot. His license is in the post. The smoker sounds like fun. Ive only got 12g guns at the moment so you might need to watch your feet. 9:30 is fine by me. I will bring some big loads as well then just incase. I was gonna bring my hide stuff to. Start a watts app group if you like. 07711234510 thanks
  6. Hi mate, im interested in this as long as the pics are ok. I will PM you
  7. Ha ha genius. I like that, Basically is a top dog. See you Saturday mate.
  8. Hi Marsh Man thanks. People gave me a chance once upon a time so its only fair to pass it on. Marcus, thanks for your reply I have sent you a PM
  9. Hi guys, Im part of a rough / walked up shoot in Henley In Arden 5mins from the M40. Each season we put down 150 pheasants and 100 ducks. Basically we are after some beaters with dogs. This is due to a few of our own beaters retiring or falling ill. There will be the opportunity for an occasional day shooting and also shooting on the land out of season there are a few of us who shoot on the land all year round and have great days shooting pigeons and corvids. We still have 2 shoot days left this season the 12th and the 26th. So if anyone is interested it would be good to meet you and show you around the land before the season is finished. Thanks
  10. Hi guys I have for sale a magnetic high rib. Its 20mm high and is shown fitted to a 30inch length barrel, it will fit 30 inches or longer. It has a sticky rubber base as well as high strength magnets. It fits over bead sites without an issue. This was £245 new. Selling due to buying an actual high rib gun. Im looking for £180 ono. Postage to uk mainland included. http://www.highrib.co.uk/index.php/high-ribs https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2hdzl5gb9chogc8/AACuTumEirSO8amC-UZtcxlea?dl=0 Thanks Nick
  11. Large Tool Drawers https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2hdzl5gb9chogc8/AACuTumEirSO8amC-UZtcxlea?dl=0 Please double check the pictures with the dimensions on. These are heavy duty engineering storage drawers. Each draw slides out to full extension and can hold a large amount of weight. I believe its 75kg per drawer. The drawers can also be removed for easier transport. You may need a van or a pick up truck for collection as I think this is to large and heavy to fit in a car. Id like £200 for these Drawers. These are much stronger and sturdier than a snap on tool chest and bigger. These could also have castors fitted to them to make transportation easier.
  12. Right i have tried to use drop box for the pictures hopefully that works this time. Thanks. Let me know if pics can still not be seen.
  13. Hopefully ive sorted the picture out now. please let me know if they still cant been seen. Thanks Nick
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