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  1. Really persisting down here last night, just got 50 clays in this morning, then it chucked it down, and it's still chucking it down... ATB Tony
  2. www.iespell.com For those who like to correct their spelling, like wot I do..... Tony
  3. Having a bit of a clearout, BNIB Makita 5704R 190mm 110volt Circular Saw, brought yonks ago but never used. £60 Collection only, from TW13 area. ATB Tony
  4. Streamline efficient initiatives and grow extensible solutions to seize ubiquitous content...........................= Bollyox...
  5. TonySmith

    Tommy Cooper

    A man walked into the doctors, he said, "I've hurt my arm in several places" The doctor said, "Well don't go there anymore"
  6. Absolutely...is one that gets me going..!! and 100% of the verbal diarrhoea that Human Resources put out...... ATB Tony
  7. TonySmith

    Man-type stuff

    Just back from 3 days at Barkston Heath, Lincs, attending the British Model Flying Association Nationals. ATB Tony
  8. Thank you for your replies gentlemen, I will source some 24g (even though I have just brought a 'shed' load of quality 28's.. ) and have my gun mount revaluated. ATB Tony
  9. I have just had some Naga's delivered, and used them to make hot pickled onions.....should be lethal..!! grand jar opening is boxing day..... ATB Tony
  10. I copped my first real slap 2 weeks ago, a combination of bad mounting and some naff cartridges, really whacked the underside of my cheekbone. hurt for a few days, then eased off, thought I would be ok but today I could only manage 20 birds, that was enough, really painfull. Anyone know of any treatments to help the healing process along...? Bit miffed...I am going to buy my new gun next weekend.....and was hoping to have a 'full slab' session ATB Tony
  11. 34lb Mirror Carp,from Farlows Lakes, Iver,Bucks. ATB Tony
  12. Thanks to all for the info,much appreciated. Tony
  13. I am heading up to Grantham /Barkston Heath next weekend, can anyone recommend any Clay grounds / shoots in the local...?
  14. I don not have a problem with any accents, just anybody who uses the word 'absolutely'..in any accent........ ATB Tony( posh Cockney geezer).....
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