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  1. Looking for full kit pump preferred cash waiting earlier rifle as don't have a small fortune to invest but might be tempted
  2. Well if any one wants a spare gun I would be up for it used to average nearly a hundred a trip so am fairly clued up but ime in Suffolk now and I don't know to many people this way he who dares and all that.
  3. Hi Nick I am between Sheringham and Lowestoft all week if still no good then no problem and all the best with your search.
  4. Hi Nick I can meet up with you in the week to discuss what you need and where I can go my son and father are keen shots and we know what we are doing I am fully insured also pm me on here first many thanks Jason.
  5. its been taken out to cylinder cylinder obviously. Heavy fourten loads and full chock equals disaster but don't want that discussion just want to sell a nice little gun.
  6. Basically it will not ball the shot up when shooting 19 gram shells it throws beautiful patterns with this set up.
  7. Not many about these days mate and if there are they give nothing for them they are nearly as tight as the farmers I used to shoot thousands for a year lol. If I find a good one I will let you know ps if they pay 60 a bird that is a very good price.
  8. Hi I have a huglu side plate up for grabs nice little over and under shotgun
  9. Hi there back on the guns again after a break divorce etc now live in Suffolk.
  10. Hi I have recently relocated to Carlton Colville in Suffolk and am looking for pigeon rabbit shooting. I have many years experience in decoying and rabbit shooting and am fully insured. My son has just started age 10 and would sometimes accompany me so he can learn the ropes. Small or large farms are not a problem as is night shooting for rabbits etc. Please contact me first via this website if all are happy we can exchange numbers and have a conversation and possible meet up. All the best Jason Sellick.
  11. Hi there I have recently re located to Carlton Colville in Suffolk have many years pigeon shooting experience I am also fully insured and am looking for shooting your land live stock and crop will be fully respected at all times. My son has started to join me and would be accompanying me to be shown the ropes. My name is Jason so please contact me.
  12. Hi I am new to carlton colville just outside Lowestoft fully insured .22 rimfire and 12 gauge just started looking for a shot .
  13. Selling up due to not using these units 1xday night scope switchable between the two gen 2 tube good working condition I think used to be marketed by n/v scopes for over 2 thousand pounds I would like £700 for it, also envis add on gen 3 with everything you need except lazer £1000 pounds.
  14. I am looking for 10 shot hmr mags and 10 shot 22 mags for cz rifles any help apreciated.
  15. bluboy

    cobra merlin

    I am looking for a cobra merlin add on must be in good perfect working order with cage prefered money waiting.
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