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  1. Tis in the sporting opportunities for free section....... however I doubt it will be so lol
  2. Cambs are quite reasonable. I was invited to do my renewal early by them & it was sorted in a few weeks & that even inc a mix up with details of my serial numbers they had entered incorrectly. For a first time application it may take a bit longer, but they certainly are helpful & as efficient as they can be. If you are concerned about the time being taken, just give them a call & ask how far along you are in the process. They have always been friendly & reassuring whenever I have called them. Dan.
  3. Don`t suppose you come up near Cambridge anytime do you ? if so I`ll take them. Dan.
  4. May have to look that one up sometime. Have you been to the Black swan ground ? £12 for a round of 50 & £20 for a round of 100 sporting. They also have a food van there & good quality targets inc a grouse butt dug into the ground. Dan.
  5. Our lab had cancer in his leg, wich was above where he broke it as a pup, although the vet said it was just coincidence the cancer appeared there. This was last September & we thought he was limping for other reasons. We had his rear leg removed & he seemed fine afterwards. Unfortunately he went off his food & seemed to struggle getting up/down the sofa & wasn't moving much. I took him to the vets where they did the ultrasound & found there was fluid on his lung as well as a cancerous tumour, so at 11 years old they advised us it was best to put him to sleep. We at least got another 9 months of happy times with him & he coped well on 3 legs & it gave him a shot at a longer life. My opinion is have the leg removed & give him a shot as you will be surprised at how well they cope. If the time comes where it returns, then have her put down knowing you gave her a chance. We didn't want to put him through the chemo etc at his age & on 3 legs, as It would have been too much. It is a hard decision to go through, as our lab was a family pet first & a shooting companion who we had from a puppy & before our kids came along. Whatever you decide & however much it pains you to do so, you have to put their quality of life first. Dan.
  6. Will do. I get a guaranteed yearly, incremental pay rise & as they have a good pension I will put it towards that. I wish the other guy was`nt so loyal to the ex-boss. When the boss started his co. it was during the recession. He had started up the co. & offered this guy a job self employed & agreed on £10 ph & has`nt given himself a pay rise in all the years he has been there. He is afraid that the boss will tell him to leave & he is afraid he won`t get another job due to his age. I told him experiance counts for alot & as he does`nt drive, he should get a job in bedford to save his wife driving 25 miles each way to drop him off & then collect him again. I told him he is being used, but he just won`t have it. Dan
  7. I did just that over 18 months back & It was the best decision ever. I worked as a structural & architectural welder (boss had free yard etc due to the FIL being a famer) & he was always busy with work through word of mouth. I started off on £8 ph as I was learning the trade (started off with nvq certs in welding wich I went to college & paid for myself as I wanted to learn how to weld my defender) & through the years talking to various people learning what they earned, I asked for a pay rise wich I got. Over the next year I gradually was getting my pay upped 50p ph every 4 months or so, but when you find some people doing the same work or even less than I was I decided to vote with my feet. There was even one guy on a site in Bow, who my boss had sub contracted work to, that couldn't even weld & was getting £11 ph. He told me the closest he got to the welder was carrying it for the other guy & there was me dropping in supplies to him, driving back to workshop over an hour away fabbing bits up from drawings & delivering them back to them & helping with the install. I was working on avg 57 hours a week & had offers from other employers in the welding trade. In the end I told my 2 other work colleague I'm not settling for this & was going to look for another job, wich they didn't believe & I told them " I`m not one of these people that moan about their work & are still there years later" got the job & quit. Got to say it was the best decision ever as I spend more time with my kids, work 36 hours a week and finish 4pm everyday without fail & earn better £ with an extra 12 days holiday a year & better pension. Dan
  8. It does say officers are following up on the cctv footage of the attack, so I presume it was on board footage. Hopefully they are caught, before they do it again. Dan.
  9. Ok Thanks I`ll be in touch as well if I find myself down that way. Dan.
  10. Do you travel up near Duxford area at all ? If so I`d take them. Dan.
  11. Do you have any rabbit traps in the collection ? DAN.
  12. Yes, Mike kindly held it for me subject to me paying for it tomorrow.I`m sure he`ll let you know asap though If I fail to follow through. Dan.
  13. Thank you for holding this for me. Dan.
  14. No problem, thanks for the quick response. Dan
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