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  1. In comparison in my defender 90 I went through a heavily churned up cattle field in winter wildfowling. I was on half worn road tyres & thought I may get stuck seeing the mud was halfway up the tyres. Luckily the farmer gave me his number in case I did need rescuing, but it coped surprisingly well. Dan
  2. I used to have a old p reg double cab pickup that I used for shooting & mild off roading. You had to get out & lock the hubs manually, but it was no match for the hills compared to the land rover defender I had. Dan
  3. As you say not AJ`s fault, but I believe the result would have still been the same as Aj. Hopefully we will see a good fight with Pulev as he will certainly come to fight, although if Aj beats him Pulev will then be labelled past his prime no doubt.
  4. Never had that trouble in the rematch though. I believe Aj truly underestimated Ruiz Jr wich was a big mistake having followed his career. Let`s not forget Aj was the first person to put Ruiz Jr down & also people saying Aj didn`t have good footwork & was too robotic & he came back & put on a great boxing show, but as usual with some people he was damned whatever he did. No doubt if Aj had tried to go toe to toe with Ruiz & lost you would have labelled him a bum, instead he executed a good game plan using his height & reach advantage & outboxed Ruiz Jr so no doubt you would now say he was running scared. I was rooting for Fury & I hope that they fight each other this year & we also get to see DDD brought along if he comes through his fight against JJ. All I can say is it looks like we are going to have a great british reign with out current crop of heavyweights. Ps Also looking forward to Aj vs Pulev too as Pulev has only lost to Klitschko so should also be a good fight.
  5. Good fight from Fury, so much for being pillow fisted lol. I can`t see why Aj would avoid him though ? by Furys own words, AJ gave him an *** whooping in a 3 round spar & Aj was still an amateur at that time. I also can`t see Aj standing with his hands down by his waist waiting to be hit & just looking for a big right hand all night. I hope AJ vs Fury happens as well as AJ vs Wilder. Whyte also is very deserving of his shot too but there will be no prize for it now though, the WBC are a joke & have held that belt hostage for too long.
  6. You have answered that yourself, they wait the period & then sell it on for a tidy profit. My ex boss has twice done this & I helped him on the one he is currently residing in, wich again he will sell on. Dan.
  7. I`m not far from you myself just down the road from Duxford. I have friends in Linton too. Dan.
  8. Where you formerly stuart.shot on here ? Dan.
  9. Is that for the horse, or the hip lol
  10. They certainly could do it & present good targets. Looking at results from the last 120 semi auto comp, it appears there were under 100 entries & they usually put you in squads of 5-6 shooters. You can book up your own squad & check what times are available that suits. I suppose we would need to find out if there are enough interested people wanting to do a pump shoot before we enquire wether they would host it. Dan.
  11. Sounds promising. The reason I mentioned the Sywell range in Northampton is I have attended x3 of their semi auto comps there & they do allow 3 shots to be loaded as they also present a variety of targets with some stands having all 3 birds in the air as soon as you call for the target. Maybe we could ask to do that there ? & the North/South shoot at that ground ? Personally I don`t mind where we go, I am just looking to devote more time this year into shooting rather than messing with cars & welding. Dan
  12. Yes I would say that is a good choice too. I shot there with a mate as he recommended it. Unfortunately about 30 clays into it, he became too ill to continue so I didn't get to see all the grounds layout or sample the clubhouse goods. Dan.
  13. Maybe one further north would be better so it is easier to attend for the northern shooters ? I would think a club like Northampton clay shoot would be a good idea, seeing as they do a twice yearly 120 semi auto shoot & present very good targets. Dan
  14. Not worth bothering with. I tried that avenue myself & sent in my details but it seems they have had alot of website problems and there is no one actively involved in the running of it. i had a few pms back & forth with someone on the committee who was hoping to maybe sort something out in future but i would`nt hold your breath. DAN.
  15. I`m certainly up for it, although I`m not sure who organises it on here? Just remembered the name of the clay shoot is Sporting Targets. It has been many years since I went there though. Dan
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