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  1. In my ruger 10/22 I found the eley 38g were the least accurate & also had 7 that failed to eject. I never had that problem with the old 40g so decided to do an accuracy test & found them to be the worst out of them, cci, rws & Norma. The Norma rounds I found to be the best & they had a real waxy type lube to them. May have to try & find some Winchesters to try out.
  2. That is ok. It is a bit far for me, but worth asking. Good luck with the sale. Regards, Dan.
  3. What is your location please ? As I`d be interested if local. Dan
  4. Yes they all have so far. I`m happy to introduce people with one functioning hand if it ever happens. Since I have been shooting I have seen one person born without a hand shoot & another that had a hook type arrangement that he rested the forend of his gun into & he picked his empties up afterwards. I`m not sure what the other person did as I did not wait around long enough in the que to find out. Dan.
  5. Can`t see what is so difficult in breaking the gun & catching the empty cases in your hand & putting straight into a bin. Whenever I introduce someone to clay shooting I always show them how to do that too. Dan.
  6. If these don`t go I will take them. Dan.
  7. I have seen a very good outline of a barn owl, that had also flown into a window leaving a very good silhouette.
  8. Apologies as I know this is a very late reply, but I missed this response & thought even if the op does not see it then it may help others. They are on facebook too. The address is Catwater Farm, The Causeway, PE6 0QL. The turning is easy to miss, but look out for a sign on the side of a building with "Route 47 Garage" in red letters & a crossed piston/spanner sign as that is the entrance to the clay shoot. Dan
  9. Thank you Steve very much appreciated. Dan.
  10. If I`m not too late I would like to take some too please. We had a donation of over 80 oak saplings wich we have planted around the site where I work & would like to continue planting as many trees as possible. Thanks, Dan.
  11. I would be happy to lend you mine if you still wish to experiment. I used mine for dispatching vermin caught in cage traps round the chicken shed. It is a Winchester I believe & I have some ammo, but am unsure what quantity is left. Dan.
  12. I also have had very good experience with them wether it was a small order or larger order, everything always comes well packed, secure & never more than 2 days wait so far.
  13. Get some off cuts of carpet & something along the lines of stixall or pink grip etc & that takes the noise away quite well.
  14. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Concealer-Pigeon-Shooting-Hide-Camo-Pop-Up-Quick-Set-Hide-4-Decoying-Decoys-New/193981488610?hash=item2d2a329de2:g:80oAAOSw~W9fByEa Hopefully done this right otherwise look this item no. up on the bay eBay item number: 193981488610
  15. I am about to do one of these speed awareness courses myself. I have to do it online due to covid over 3 hours & have heard mixed reviews, but if it makes people more aware then I think it will do more good than a fine & 3 points.
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