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  1. I`m actually a member of Eley.District.Wildfowlers.association. If you ever need more info, or if you have shooting insurance, then it`s possible to come out on a day ticket. Daniel.
  2. There is a manuarm .410 that has a similar style bolt straight down the side of it in the private sales page, that may be of interest ? Daniel.
  3. I know a large amount of land around the north herts/cambs border is shot by a local guy affectionately called peg leg. He has got alot of the local ground pretty much sown up, as since his accident he started off pigeon shooting and is now on the end of the line when the farmer needs him. He sells all his pigeon to the game dealers to supplement his income. I am hoping to try to get some permission again on land I let slip due to family commitments, but found he covers quite an area. Dan.
  4. Do it ! It`s certainly a fun clay shoot. I go with a group of mates & we just have a laugh & don`t worry about the scores. We also usually bring out .410 etc to have a warm up/down on the skeet range too. Dan.
  5. I use a aluminium boat when it gets deep for wildfowling between the new & old Bedford rivers in Welney. I wouldn't be without it, as it`s so light I just slide it up on the roof rack add a couple of straps & away I go. Dan.
  6. On occasion I have managed to turn all 3 into dust, but also turned just the one into dust 🙈 all part of the fun though & the chance to empty all 3 shots in quick succession Dan
  7. I can understand that, in fact this is most likely going to be my last one of the year. We split the cost down, by sharing the journey & going halves on a slab of cartridges. Dan.
  8. They are quite helpful & will probably able to get you in. I`ve even had last minute extras added to our squad, I`m sure you could even join us if needed. It`s just over an hour for our group too, meeting in Godmanchester. Definitely worth the drive for the fun of a 3 shot semi auto comp.
  9. Definately is fun ! They used to just do the one in September, but now do the extra one in October as well. Shame they don`t hold more & I`m not aware of anywhere else locally that does a sporting semi auto event letting you have full use of the gun. I`m booked to go out on the 10:45 squad. Dan
  10. I`m going. I try to go to all of them as it`s a fun shoot with up to 3 targets in the air. They do have targets suited for everyone & I struggled a bit on the last one, but then again I have only shot clays a few times this year. Dan.
  11. Tis in the sporting opportunities for free section....... however I doubt it will be so lol
  12. Cambs are quite reasonable. I was invited to do my renewal early by them & it was sorted in a few weeks & that even inc a mix up with details of my serial numbers they had entered incorrectly. For a first time application it may take a bit longer, but they certainly are helpful & as efficient as they can be. If you are concerned about the time being taken, just give them a call & ask how far along you are in the process. They have always been friendly & reassuring whenever I have called them. Dan.
  13. Don`t suppose you come up near Cambridge anytime do you ? if so I`ll take them. Dan.
  14. May have to look that one up sometime. Have you been to the Black swan ground ? £12 for a round of 50 & £20 for a round of 100 sporting. They also have a food van there & good quality targets inc a grouse butt dug into the ground. Dan.
  15. Our lab had cancer in his leg, wich was above where he broke it as a pup, although the vet said it was just coincidence the cancer appeared there. This was last September & we thought he was limping for other reasons. We had his rear leg removed & he seemed fine afterwards. Unfortunately he went off his food & seemed to struggle getting up/down the sofa & wasn't moving much. I took him to the vets where they did the ultrasound & found there was fluid on his lung as well as a cancerous tumour, so at 11 years old they advised us it was best to put him to sleep. We at least got another 9 months of happy times with him & he coped well on 3 legs & it gave him a shot at a longer life. My opinion is have the leg removed & give him a shot as you will be surprised at how well they cope. If the time comes where it returns, then have her put down knowing you gave her a chance. We didn't want to put him through the chemo etc at his age & on 3 legs, as It would have been too much. It is a hard decision to go through, as our lab was a family pet first & a shooting companion who we had from a puppy & before our kids came along. Whatever you decide & however much it pains you to do so, you have to put their quality of life first. Dan.
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