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  1. Where you formerly stuart.shot on here ? Dan.
  2. Is that for the horse, or the hip lol
  3. They certainly could do it & present good targets. Looking at results from the last 120 semi auto comp, it appears there were under 100 entries & they usually put you in squads of 5-6 shooters. You can book up your own squad & check what times are available that suits. I suppose we would need to find out if there are enough interested people wanting to do a pump shoot before we enquire wether they would host it. Dan.
  4. Sounds promising. The reason I mentioned the Sywell range in Northampton is I have attended x3 of their semi auto comps there & they do allow 3 shots to be loaded as they also present a variety of targets with some stands having all 3 birds in the air as soon as you call for the target. Maybe we could ask to do that there ? & the North/South shoot at that ground ? Personally I don`t mind where we go, I am just looking to devote more time this year into shooting rather than messing with cars & welding. Dan
  5. Yes I would say that is a good choice too. I shot there with a mate as he recommended it. Unfortunately about 30 clays into it, he became too ill to continue so I didn't get to see all the grounds layout or sample the clubhouse goods. Dan.
  6. Maybe one further north would be better so it is easier to attend for the northern shooters ? I would think a club like Northampton clay shoot would be a good idea, seeing as they do a twice yearly 120 semi auto shoot & present very good targets. Dan
  7. Not worth bothering with. I tried that avenue myself & sent in my details but it seems they have had alot of website problems and there is no one actively involved in the running of it. i had a few pms back & forth with someone on the committee who was hoping to maybe sort something out in future but i would`nt hold your breath. DAN.
  8. I`m certainly up for it, although I`m not sure who organises it on here? Just remembered the name of the clay shoot is Sporting Targets. It has been many years since I went there though. Dan
  9. I`m on South Cambs/North Hert`s border. I don`t mind travelling though for annual meet ups etc. Dan.
  10. Me too. As for the North/South clay shoot I think it was a clay ground near Bedford somewhere. I`m sure I have been to it & was`nt too keen on how artificial it all felt (although targets were super) the ground was all shingle walkway & conifer trees whereas I prefer the setting to be more natural looking.
  11. I think I saw an Ithaca on here that had a sort of heat shroud or part cover over the top that looked interesting along with some other trench clearing guns. I think historical items like that with the stories behind them are interesting & a joy to still be able to use. Like you say I bet there are some varied & nice guns tucked away. If a pump clay shoot does materialise I would like to come along. I have always been tempted by the north/south clay shoot but never got my butt into gear to attend. Da.
  12. I`m always up for a fun clay shoot. I must admit I`m a bit rusty at the old clays at the moment but I don`t do it to be competitive just for a laugh. It would also be good to see other pump guns & I always fancied having a go on a S.P.A.S even though they look impractical. Dan
  13. Looks like a good buy there & glad you enjoyed it. What interested me was the cheap price of it, as I thought to myself if I don`t get on with it I can move it on again without worrying what it cost.
  14. I think I will take to it naturally too, or at least I hope anyway guess there is only one way to find out.
  15. Will take a look this evening Impala59 as it`s an itch I would like to scratch. I still have it in the back of my mind I may not like using pumps as much as my semi autos & maybe I should try before I buy ? but I do feel a certain draw to them. Dan
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