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  1. Ok Thanks I`ll be in touch as well if I find myself down that way. Dan.
  2. Do you travel up near Duxford area at all ? If so I`d take them. Dan.
  3. Do you have any rabbit traps in the collection ? DAN.
  4. Yes, Mike kindly held it for me subject to me paying for it tomorrow.I`m sure he`ll let you know asap though If I fail to follow through. Dan.
  5. Thank you for holding this for me. Dan.
  6. No problem, thanks for the quick response. Dan
  7. Can I take the self setting targets please ie the three disc target & the brown bird please. Dan.
  8. Here are the pictures as promised. Like I said if anyone can tell me more about this gun or point me in the right direction that would be great as I could`nt find anything looking on google or even on the fausti website. Dan.
  9. I can see why from the pictures of them lol. The shotgun is a joy to use but I have a enough already & it`s too nice of a gun not to be used, rather than stuffed in the the back of the cabinet. I`ve only taken it out for a sporting round of clays and a couple of times on a walk round a rough shoot. I should have pictures up shortly. Dan.
  10. Anyone in here know much about Fausti shotguns ? I have a 28g sxs single trigger ejector with 2/34'' chambers. It has FAUSTI STEFANO S.R.L stamped on the barrels. In the 4 years I have owned it, I`ve only shot less than 150 carts through it so I`m looking to sell that and my other AYA sxs. I`ve searched google a bit and looked at reviews etc but have`nt seen one the same yet & although their both great handling shotguns they are hardly getting used and I could do with thinning out my collection. I will try to upload pictures shortly. Daniel.
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