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  1. Looks like the op already has had someone weld inside there looking at pic`s, so they should be able to get them to fix that too.
  2. Think they may be out of business as I can`t seem to find any ?
  3. Where is the Royston one located please ? I live a few miles from Royston & my bottle is due a test. Unfortunately the local gun shop quoted £60 & said there is quite a wait at the moment as the bottles are rounded up by one person who then takes them for test before dropping them back.
  4. Hi Walker, I`m based in Cambridgeshire & if you do have time to knock one up I will cover the postage. Not sure where you are, but you never know I may be driving that way at some point. Regards, Daniel.
  5. Thanks for that info. I do the mix of the smaller bird seed,as It is the only feeder I have up at present. I don`t mind feeding all the other small visitors to the feeder as well as they are a joy to watch & knocking off the squirrels is a bonus. Maybe I should make the effort for 2 separate feed stations.
  6. Do you usually use this as is in feeders or mix it it in with other birdseed etc? Just interested in what others use successfully. I have just bought the bags of wild bird seed & peanuts from B&M`s mixed together & it seems to get everything feeding there, but if there is a better or lower cost alternative It would be good to see what other use.
  7. 1 today. Not seen as many about lately as I think due to me being away & no one else topping up the feeders they have searched further afield for natural food. Total 664
  8. I think I saw, or read about the Ukrainians also damming up a huge fresh water river wich supplies much needed water for their agriculture.
  9. Saw a recent workout video of Khan & he still has good hand speed. I think Brook may well be able to time that KO shot on Khan, but from the recent Gloves are off episode it appears Brook may well of let his emotions get the better of him. Will definitely watch though even though they are both past their primes.
  10. Do you come Cambridge way for work at all if so I`d be interested ? Dan.
  11. Guy on airgun bbs is looking for either ou or sbs stating must be 3.5" chamber. Dan.
  12. Thank you for telling me the definition. If a .410 smle pops up again I will get one. I had a shot with one & a Kar98 .410 at High Harthay clay shoot near Huntingdon before.
  13. Sorry for delay in replying as I`m usually busy on weekends. doesn`t the SMLE part mean short magazine lee enfield & thus refer to all models ? I`m not too clued up on them to be honest, but I do know my uncle has a de-act on his wall & the barrel finishes flush with the front of the foresight. I knew this wouldn`t be around for long. Dan.
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