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    Trout and sea fishing, shooting all types mostly pigeon, ferreting when I get the chance and flying my harris hawk plus the odd beer saterday night.

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  1. billm


    Thank-you guys you have gave me a lot to think about Ie firearms rated hope not if it is will havecto get it on my firearms certificate thank-you for working out it was a fx 2000. And I will take stock of and have a look and see what it says, if nothing I will put 150 in then try the chrono see what it comes out at. billm.
  2. billm


    It holds 8 pellets
  3. billm


    hi I have bean away from airguns for a few years and just getting back into it. I have acquired this pcp air rifle but don't know much about it. First of what make is it. Second what air pressure can it hold. If anyone can help me I will thank them now, billm.
  4. billm


    Gmac told they only have .177 i want ,22 but another good site changing 2240 parts to brass , way over the top price wise but it will look good when finished also want to see how close i can get to 6ft/ib without going over looked at them bit more like a rifle want to sick with pistol
  5. billm


    just been on T.R . ROBBS site great site, have contacted him about barrel
  6. billm


    thanks i will keep that in mind
  7. billm


    hi, trying to find a 14 inch barrel for my 2240 crosman pistol plenty in the us but cant seem to find one here the uk has anyone any ideas.
  8. I use them all the time and as you say up to 35m they will take some beating, another good one is their super dome field line not much between them but super H just shades the dome
  9. billm


    Hi, was wondering if anyone has a Crosman 2240 was wondering what they are like, they seem to have a good write up on the net, thinking of getting one, to do a bit of plinking in back garden. What do you think.
  10. like to change password

  11. Hi lads. I have a question need to no if it is legal to import the above pistol from the U.S , also is it legal to own one in the U.K.
  12. me and a couple of pics
  13. billm


    intrested whats the reg. billm
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