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  1. The Husky Club of Great Britain have a faceache page, the Kennel Club has a Husky section with info on the breed, could well be worth your while having a fish about on Google, atb S.
  2. OF, Retsdon, re training in another language I think it was Countryfile fairly recently they staged a One Man And His Dog type competition and the lad representing Wales worked a pair of Collies, one trained in English and the other trained in Welsh, he said it saved the bother of calling the dogs name as well as the command, Atb S.
  3. Same thing happened to me with house and contents insurance with the Co Op, got the renewal price, ran it through Go Compare and it was £54.00 less for a new policy. Rang the Co Op expecting them to say that they would price match, no chance at all so took out a new policy, last year they were only too happy to match the online price, as Vic said, the crazy world of insurance. Atb S.
  4. The do what you like command for my mine is 'get on', if she wanders too far a call or the recall whistle brings her back and 'heel' puts her back in do as you're told mode, lovely to see her flat out and stretching.
  5. +1 for the trimming of fur between the pads, my Goldie started to worry her back paws, small pair of nail scissors solved the problem and now trim the fur when clipping her claws. Atb Steve.
  6. Another sailor, nine years and you get to play with everything from.22RF to 4.5 inch, good life for a youngster.
  7. Its not the voltage that is the issue, when an alternator is producing 14 volts the current will be less than 5 Amps, with a faulty battery the current will be held higher than the good battery needs and that's when you get overcharging. Atb Steve
  8. Just a small diy shoot, good company and plenty of p--s taking, Lancs. would be quite a hike! Atb Steve.
  9. Change the pair together, if one of a bank of batteries is faulty it will keep the alternator kicked in more than is required and this will cook the new battery, atb Steve
  10. We are a small shoot of eight guns and we shoot on six Saturdays, first shoot is on 4th November, then roughly fortnightly with the keepers day on the 27th of January, this is one of the six days. Average is five drives a day usually finishing around 2.30 to 3.00, a couple of the drives are quite thick with bramble etc but it is not a hard day, bag is around the 50 mark. Looking for a beater to cover all the days, that's five days with a stick and one with a gun plus the last day of the season with a gun, this is a walk round and vermin day. A dog is not essential as we have a couple of the guns involved with gundog training clubs so we are always well covered. Anyone interested give me a pm, atb Steve.
  11. Had the same issue on a Punto, as you say a greasy film on the screen and no hope of demisting, the giveaway was damp on the carpet under the heater matrix. Crumbled a Bar seal pellet into the expansion bottle and it stopped the leak but be aware that leak sealers can totally clog a heater matrix with very fine waterways atb Steve.
  12. Watched an interesting interview on the local news this evening when the Assistant Chief Constable tried to pass off the theft of fuel, refusing to pay in shops restaurants and bars and generally intimidating and threatening behaviour as ' a few instances of low level crime' , the presenter ripped him to bits and rightly so. Lets hope our local MP can get some answers because our finest are certainly not worth their share of the council tax bill, more to follow on this one I hope. Another little mistake was managing to lose a Transit which was seen outside Dave Berkshire Motorcycles when a pair of KTM trial bikes went missing, the pursuit was deemed to risky to continue, what is the world coming to or have we already arrived? Atb Steve
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