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  1. Payment made as requested, would you please let me know when you post it, thank you.
  2. Pm incoming....
  3. If you're around Miami head for Lock And Load, just about anything you fancy a pop with including Barrett .50 cal. Well worth a visit, UK driving licence accepted as proof of Id.
  4. Be interesting to see if you find the same with Yellow Jackets that I did, rifle is the same CZ452 and zeroed at 70 yds with Winchester X 42 grain subs. When trying some Yellow Jackets they grouped well enough but an inch and a half low and an inch left of centre, two strings of five shots the same. CCI subs, 40 grain, shot pretty much the same as the Winchesters. Atb Steve.
  5. Decoy 1979,you have a pm re the 20 bore carts.
  6. Yes please, you have pm. Hi, you have pm.
  7. Just a random thought, could you use the individual blades from a set of engineers feeler gauges? They are spring steel rather than brass but are already shaped with a taper and a radius on the end. Tricky bit would be to hold three or four blades in a fixed position.
  8. Yes please, if you would pm payment details please, Atb, Steve.
  9. Anybody sold a Freelander 2 lately, am looking for genuine LR seat covers, rubber boot liner and a removable dog cage, Barjo or similar, am in Norfolk but could travel for the right items.
  10. Had forgotten about Canons Ashby, some really serious flintlock fowling pieces on display when last there around six years ago, lovely grounds with plenty of benches.
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