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  1. Another thumbs up for the Quidenham Estate, our syndicate shot this at the end of June, no hospitality due to Covid but we all took a packed lunch, just like a shoot day. Atb Steve.
  2. Hi Terry where in Essex are you please?
  3. handy4454

    Night shifts

    Several years ago worked the three shift routine, 6 to 2, 2 to 10, 10 to 6 and with that you can get into a routine, biggest problem that I had was indigestion due to eating at odd hours, the shift pattern you outlined looks like a nightmare to establish any sort of routine, stock up on Gaviscon and the best of luck! Atb S.
  4. handy4454

    ferry err

    Ex RN, last sea draft was an old Ton class minesweeper, it was reckoned that they would roll on damp grass and roll they did, from bridge wing to bridge wing. You do get used to it but you walk a bit strangely for the first few minutes ashore. Skipper and crew on the ferry look well up to the challenge. Atb Steve.
  5. The Husky Club of Great Britain have a faceache page, the Kennel Club has a Husky section with info on the breed, could well be worth your while having a fish about on Google, atb S.
  6. OF, Retsdon, re training in another language I think it was Countryfile fairly recently they staged a One Man And His Dog type competition and the lad representing Wales worked a pair of Collies, one trained in English and the other trained in Welsh, he said it saved the bother of calling the dogs name as well as the command, Atb S.
  7. Same thing happened to me with house and contents insurance with the Co Op, got the renewal price, ran it through Go Compare and it was £54.00 less for a new policy. Rang the Co Op expecting them to say that they would price match, no chance at all so took out a new policy, last year they were only too happy to match the online price, as Vic said, the crazy world of insurance. Atb S.
  8. The do what you like command for my mine is 'get on', if she wanders too far a call or the recall whistle brings her back and 'heel' puts her back in do as you're told mode, lovely to see her flat out and stretching.
  9. +1 for the trimming of fur between the pads, my Goldie started to worry her back paws, small pair of nail scissors solved the problem and now trim the fur when clipping her claws. Atb Steve.
  10. Another sailor, nine years and you get to play with everything from.22RF to 4.5 inch, good life for a youngster.
  11. Its not the voltage that is the issue, when an alternator is producing 14 volts the current will be less than 5 Amps, with a faulty battery the current will be held higher than the good battery needs and that's when you get overcharging. Atb Steve
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