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  1. Good to meet you John, thanks for the personal delivery, Atb S.
  2. Like a lot of others it was years ago, early 80's when last in hospital for burst appendix. Fast forward to earlier this year I had a growth on my chest that had been looked at about three years ago by the GP, decided it was just cosmetic then but earlier this year I managed to catch it at work and tore part of it off, that caused a massive growth spurt, the lump tripled in size and gained depth in three months or so. Back to the GP who fast tracked me and it was removed last week at the day procedure unit in the Norfolk and Norwich, like the Op I was very apprehensive but everybody from reception onwards were first class, the procedure was thouroughly explained to me from the start and the whole job done in a couple of hours, hospitals are very different places these days. Atb Steve.
  3. Yes please, pm your details for payment, atb Steve.
  4. Yes please, if you'd like to pm your details will sort out payment, atb Steve.
  5. Strange, UKGov using the American style date format 04/22/2021 rather than the UK style 22/04/2021, Scammers all day long.
  6. That plate comes up as a green Polaris on the Gov UK website, showing as taxed until June but 'no details held' for Mot.
  7. No experience of FL2 but have Conti 4x4 Contacts on my FL1 and have not managed to get stuck yet, good mileage too. Atb Steve.
  8. Really lucky with the weather last Wednesday 15C here in Norfolk, one advantage of living out in the sticks is it's a 20 mile each way journey for the MOT, thats the ST2 legal again. Totally lost track of when the test was due with the six month Covid extension........
  9. Free to good home, a small chest freezer, full working order but not spotless externally, this has lived in my garage so the odd scuff and paint splash, I used it for dog food. Washed out when taken out of use and stood with the lid ajar to keep it aired, moving house in the next few weeks and now surplus to requirements, a shame to take it down to the tip.
  10. One of the safety boat outfits here in Wells had a landing craft, I think it was more of a novelty than a serious tool but I did some work on it for them when they had electrical problems, I can honestly say it is the most awkward thing I have ever worked on, it seemed like the engines which were two six cylinder Perkins had been bolted down then the deck laid on top leaving around two inches clearance. I did decline the offer of a trip out to sea on it.... You were twenty years ahead of me in HK, was there married accompanied for two and a half years and my daughter was born there in BMH Kowloon.
  11. It was always reckoned that Ton class sweepers would roll on damp grass, bridge wing lookout was bad for the nerves in anything other than a flat calm, it seemed to take forever to roll from beam to beam. Biggest ships were Leander class frigates, different world, 270 crew rather than 32 and they expected you to wear uniform, sweepers rig of the day shorts tee shirt and flip flops........... good times.
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