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  1. Huddersfield but the gun is now in arron wheelers gun shop brighouse
  3. Air Arms S200 in 177 with air arms 10 shot conversion 3 10 shot magazine, weihrauch moderater hawke sport hd 3-9x50 mil dot scopea few little marks but overall very good only shot out to 25 mtrs and its pellet on pellet if i remember right its doing 11.6 about 55 shots on full then drops about 15mm for 10 shots 300bar bottle tested till nov 2022 only been filled once since purchase bottle is full COMPLETE PACKAGE £525
  4. terence


    just comes up report or share
  5. terence


    How do you edit your add ive got a gun for sale and cant find how its done
  6. 243 parker hale screw cut stock was refinished by previse owner very tidy gun shoots well reduced £250 ovno
  7. ive got a bad shoulder so used 24g in semi could shoot a round and be ok most of the time then borrowed a barrette 686 gold e with adjustable stock had it set up for me can shoot 100 + on clays with no problem i use eley olympic blues
  8. very tidy 1100 26inch skeet barrel or 30inch full only 1 barrel to go with gun £350 ovno
  9. Had a go with a dt10 and a dt11 the dt11 is the smoothest gun ive ever shot also the most expensive at the moment im shooting a 682 gold e but i now want a dt11
  10. Price reduced £200 for gun mounts and mod no scope
  11. That's nice what's the black piece made of I knocked thorns off but will store them and se what happens thanks
  12. Hi was tiding a garden this morning and cut down some roses there was some fairley straight pieces about 25mm to 40mm thick and about 1500mm in length was going to make a stick for beating should i dry them with bark on or off and how long should i leave them before working on them Thanks for any replies
  13. Bushnell Trophy 3-9x40 mill dot some marks on tube but good clear scope £55 inc uk postage
  14. the only bin we saw was we you can sit outside to have a brew
  15. Went last week and thought it was a bit run down stands for holding guns broke we shot 190 cartridges count was 217 birds on cards that was our first visit but i would go again .they said pick up and take home but there was empty cartridges every where
  16. Berretta just dont suit me shot a few different ones from the 303 semi and o/u cant get on with them im shooting a remington 1100 ive shot these for about 10 years and shoot ok most of the time just saw a browning gold for sale and liked the look and feel of them shoot 24g due to kneck and shoulder injury
  17. Hi does any one shoot the above looking at one for clays do they cycle 24 gram loads thanks for any coments
  18. 2 ruger m77 mags in 44 £22 each or both for £40 collected or + postage
  19. My membership money was returned this afternoon
  20. what's the difference in waiting behind a group of 4 or 4 on there own
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