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  1. If you draw a blank try People Per Hour. Some good guys on there, but you'll have to weed out the wannabees.
  2. Yep it's yours! It's been faultless and great fun, but now I'm bored and want a new toy Have to say it probably is the most accurate semi-auto I've shot too.
  3. Well I got a bit confused with which bits came with this gun so when I checked this morning I realised I made a bit of a mistake. Here's what's included.... This Southern Gun Company V22 rifle is in good condition and comes complete with: 3 magazines, 1 x 10 shot plus 2 x 25 shot. Picatinny Riser Carry Handle / Rear Sight Magpul BUS The lower is a regular SGC AR15 lower and can also be used with .223 / 300 Blackout (and other) uppers. Fitted with a commercial buffer tube, CAA stock and A2 grip. I'll throw in a different Hogue pistol grip if wanted.
  4. Have you considered a Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) chassis system? The LSS is a very lightweight base (1.6lbs) for putting together a custom stock configuration. Plug in any AR15 buttstock and pistol grip to give a look and feel to suit you.
  5. I'll take this if you've still got it.
  6. I don't have any pics personally but take a look here....
  7. I've got a few Modular Driven Technologies LSS Chassis for sale, 1 * Remington 700 R/H Black and 3 * Tikka T3 R/H Black (both short action). They are available for £320 each (chassis only). If you wanted a complete, ready to shoot setup with collapsible butt stock, grip, (MDT) compatible AICS magazine, castle nut and receiver extension tube like in the photo below it's available at £460 These are amazingly light and sturdy and becoming quite popular.
  8. Selling my Viper, excellent / mint condition, full spec here. - £185.00 posted Also got a set of Q/R 30mm A.R.M.S mounts excellent condition - £105 posted A.R.M.S.® #35™ High Rings 30mm Track Mounting Rings that attach to A.R.M.S.® rail foundations that have stainless steel helicoil threaded holes embedded into the center channel of the rail between the Mil-Spec dovetail rails, allowing perfect solid alignment. 100% MADE IN THE USA. Height: 1.50" (Measured from the center of the optic to the top of the rail if mounted on a Sleeve Rail. If mounted to a #35QD, the hei
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